DATAMATX eBilling Gains PCI DSS Compliance

DATAMATX, a full-service provider of printed and electronic billing solutions has validated compliance with the highest requirements achievable by a service provider for securing customer data based on requirements set forth in the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard v2.0. Full compliance was awarded as the result of onsite assessments and extensive testing performed by an independent certified PCI Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) working under the established PCI DSS requirement standards.

Kofax Introduces Mobile Capture Solution

Kofax launched its “Kofax Mobile Capture” solution that extends capture enabled BPM capabilities to smartphones and tablet computers. This allows customers to use cameras in those devices to capture images of documents, photographs, audio, video and data and then pass that content to Kofax workflows that manage it into enterprise applications and repositories. This is in response to extensive requests from Kofax customers wanting to leverage mobile devices to initiate business processes at “the point of origination” where customer facing engagements actually occur and add these devices as another gateway into their Kofax solutions. The “Kofax Mobile Capture” solution supports Apple iPhones and iPad devices and Android phones and tablet computers.

RagingWire Completes PCI-DSS Validation

RagingWire Data Centers has validated compliance with PCI DSS, for which the assessment was conducted over an extended period of time. RagingWire’s PCI DSS compliance assessment encompassed its two Sacramento data centers (CA1 and CA2) which total over 500,000 square feet of data center capacity. RagingWire makes all auditing and compliance documentation and reports available to customers upon request. RagingWire plans to begin the PCI DSS assessment process at their new VA1 data center in Ashburn, Virginia, upon its completion during Q1 2012

VSoft Wins Outsourcing Processing Contract

Alloya Corporate FCU (“Alloya”) and VSoft Corporation (“VSoft”) forged a strategic partnership that outsources the corporate’s back office item processing services to VSoft. VSoft’s willingness to hire the employees affected by this transaction was an important consideration in the decision to move forward. This development assures future product enhancements and ongoing high service and satisfaction levels for credit unions, while keeping Alloya’s costs and capital investments down.

BilltoMobile Launches One-Click Payment

BilltoMobile made available one-click processing for Mobile Web transactions on its Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) platform. This simplified payment flow makes it faster and easier for consumers to make purchases from their mobile phones without sacrificing security. BilltoMobile’s deeper integration with US carrier networks enables it to identify a wireless subscriber’s phone number when they make purchases through Mobile Web on their handsets. In a one-screen user flow, a user is asked to accept the Carrier’s Terms of Use via an opt-in check box and then to opt in a second time on the same screen by confirming the exact amount to be charged to the network-identified phone number.

PrepaYd Wireless Opens Retail “Express” Location

PrepaYd Wireless subsidiary of PrepaYd Nationwide Wireless Service Provider, opened its first retail location January 7th 2012 in the Westminster Mall located in Westminster, CA. The company offers Nationwide Wireless Coverage with no contract and has a free phone offer for new subscribers. The company has three Unlimited plans which include all sales and usage taxes. Unlimited Talk and Text for only $35 a month, Unlimited Talk, Text and 3G Data for only $40 a month and Unlimited Talk, Text, 3G Data, GPS and Picture Messaging for only $45 a month. The company is testing retail distribution with what it calls an “Express” location, which is a standalone, custom built 35 square feet Retail Cart. PrepaYd Wireless is not offering “Express” locations to the general public and is in the live testing and further developmental stage.

TransFirst and Equinox Payments Expand mPayments

TransFirst, a leading provider of secure transaction processing services and payment enabling technologies, and Equinox Payments, a leading payment terminal and secure applications provider and portfolio company of The Gores Group, announced that TransFirst has completed Class A certification and will market Equinox’s high security M4230 mobile payment terminal to TransFirst’s more than 170,000 merchant and financial institution customers throughout the United States. The high-performance, PCI PED-approved M4230 features long-range GPRS with dial back-up, rigorous security, 32-bit multi-application processing and 24MB of memory that is two to three times larger than similar products to value-added merchant, processor and third-party applications.

NeoMedia Labs Expands Mobile Barcodes Advertising

NeoMedia Technologies global mobile barcode management solutions partnered Nutrimix Labs to launch its mobile barcode enabled advertising campaign. Featuring a QR code, the campaign will run in fitness magazines and allow users to scan the QR code links through to a Facebook page where fans of the products are invited to ‘Like’ the Interactive Nutrition page. In return those who ‘Like’ the page will receive exclusive information on forthcoming promotions and special offers.

Target Suspends Efforts to Sell Credit Card Receivables

Target Corporation has temporarily suspended its efforts to sell its credit card receivables portfolio, however remains committed to selling the portfolio on appropriate terms, but based on discussions with potential partners the company has determined that it is not in its best interests to finalize a transaction at this time. Later in 2012, the company expects to re-engage in discussions with a limited number of potential partners, and expects to be well-positioned to streamline those conversations based on the groundwork established in its 2011 efforts. It intends to retire the 2008 receivables financing provided by Chase Card Services, which will allow Target to market the portfolio when the company resumes partner discussions later in 2012. Target will pay Chase approximately $2.8 billion to retire this financing.

Keynote Study Gauges Credit Card Issuer Websites

Keynote Competitive Research Industry Study examining the business and technical effectiveness of U.S. credit card websites concluded U.S. Bank took first place for Overall Customer Experience, while in the Technical Quality portion of the study Citi came in first for Responsiveness (Speed) and U.S. Bank took first place for Reliability. The entire study is available for immediate purchase. Winners of Keynote Competitive Research studies are invited to participate in the company’s Online Excellence Program which recognizes the “best of the best” websites as ranked in the studies. Keynote performed 6,000 total measurements for each site, for a total of 48,000 total measurements, from 12 locations in the U.S. U.S. Bank placed first in Customer Satisfaction and Online Adoption.

Incapsula Simplifies PCI Compliance for SMBs

Incapsula cloud-based website security and performance service and the only PCI certified cloud WAF & CDN for small and medium-sized businesses, announced new PCI compliance capabilities to simplify audits. Incapsula’s PCI offering now allows e-commerce sites to seamlessly audit and prove their compliance in a single click via Incapsula’s PCI dashboard. The PCI offering is available direct to merchants and through both PCI and e-commerce service providers.