NDB Advisory offer Fixed Fee PCI Pricing

PCI DSS consultants from NDB Advisory, a nationally recognized, boutique PCI DSS advisory firm, is offering competitive, fixed-fee engagements for on-site assessments conducted by lead Qualified Security Assessor. PCI DSS consultants are an important component of helping organizations comply with the standard. What separates NDB Advisory apart from other PCI DSS consultants is the experience of their consulting team, which adheres to an efficient, proven, and cost-effective methodology for PCI DSS compliance that consists of PCI DSS Readiness Assessment; Policy & Procedure (P&P) Analysis and Development; Remediation Activities; Vulnerability Scanning Services; Penetration Services; Assessment | on-site Fieldwork; and Issuance of “Report on Compliance” (ROC) and any other necessary reporting deliverables.

Prime Factors Introduces Tokenization Module

Prime Factors added tokenization to its “EncryptRIGHT” product suite, which substitutes a surrogate value for sensitive payment information without changing existing applications. If systems are breached, the attacker cannot use the payment data for fraudulent transactions. The “EncryptRIGHT” suite follows industry best practices for token generation and secure storage, supporting random tokenization and tokenization by encryption. Token generation uses a FIPS 140-2 compliant random number generator. Tokenization by encryption uses EncryptRIGHT’s key management and encryption to generate tokens.

TransCard’s Prepaid Continues Expansion

The TransCard turnkey Community Issuer Prepaid Program has been adopted by 29 issuers of all sizes in 18 states, ranging from one branch issuers to issuers with hundreds of branches. The issuers who have already launched payroll, GPR or gift programs, include Central Bank of Kansas City in Missouri; Home Savings Bank in Ohio; Central Bank and Trust in Kansas and St. John in Kansas. Particularly receptive to our roster of prepaid products are businesses looking to reduce payroll processing expenses by eliminating paper checks and consumers who are being priced out of traditional checking accounts by the major issuers. GPR cards are also being marketed to students and millennials, who are attracted to the mobile and online features of these “virtual checking accounts.”

Ceridian SVS UK Partners to Launch the Animal Gift Card Program

Ceridian SVS UK partnered with Animal action sports brands to improve on existing consumer offering through the provision of gift cards. This is to adapt to classic closed-loop (single brand) card systems with a single brand, private label, open-loop system that can be operated in any of the Animal stores, regardless of its business operation model. SVS created an open loop product that can only be used at UK Animal stores and carries only this retailer’s brand.

BMO Offers Consumers Tips Avoiding Personal Debt Ceiling

The outcome of the debit ceiling agreement has wide ranging consequences with the potential to have a significant impact on the global economy and stock markets. A BMO survey reveals that one in three Canadians are living at or beyond their means, with 27% living paycheque to paycheque, up 10% year-over-year. With this, BMO is recommending consumers spend less than they make; pay down credit cards; Set up a Tax Free Savings Account (TFSA); and develop a fall back plan in case you are unable to meet your financial obligations due to unexpected circumstances, such as loss of work, or damage to personal property, including your home or vehicle.

NCR and Scopus Tecnologia Accelerate Growth

NCR announced a new strategic alliance with Scopus Tecnologia that will accelerate its growth in Brazil. The agreements will enable NCR to leverage Scopus’ deep technology knowledge and geographical presence, improve manufacturing productivity and deliver innovative products more quickly to financial institutions across Brazil, the world’s fourth largest ATM market. According to Retail Banking Research, the ATM market in Brazil is expected to increase by 27 percent by 2015.1 The agreement from Banco Bradesco will accelerate NCR’s growth in Brazil and enhance the company’s position in the market. Through the preferred ATM provider agreement, Banco Bradesco will benefit from NCR’s innovative ATMs and financial self-service technology, which includes multi-function and cash dispense ATMs.

Heartland Payment Launches Wireless Printing

Heartland Payment Systems’ Campus Solutions introduced its W’PA wireless printing solution. The W’PA solution eliminates an institution’s dependence on equipment purchases/leases, hardware and software licenses and maintenance and server integration fees, while offering its student community enhanced convenience and cutting-edge printing technology. It lets students upload documents for printing wherever Internet service is provided. Printing kiosks can be placed virtually anywhere on campus to meet the needs of the school community ” students are no longer confined to computer labs or libraries. Once registered, students simply visit their preferred W’PA kiosk, log in and select a method of payment to print their documents. Supporting multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, Lenox and Unix), W’PA offers students the option to print their documents in black and white or color, as well as double-sided prints.


Responding to consumers’ desire for a simplified credit experience, Citi Cards is introducing its “Simplicity Card,” boasting a single rate across all purchases, balance transfers and cash advances, no late fees and no penalty rate. Designed based on direct feedback from clients on what they want and need in a credit card, the Citi Simplicity Card also offers customers No Waiting for Live Help; lets users customize their payment due date and set e-mail and text payment notification alerts based on their preferences and needs; and charges No Annual Fee. This is in response to findings showing over 50% of consumers paid a bill late in their lifetime, mostly for having forgotten the due date. It also lets users adjust the payment due date to better suit their needs as well as the option to enroll in Citi’s alerting services, which send a reminder of upcoming payment due dates via email or a message to their mobile phone.

USA Technologies Addresses Shareholders on Performance

USA Technologies issued a letter to its shareholders reflecting on having achieved record revenues for the quarter ended June 30, 2011 and record revenues from license and transaction fees, cashless transactions processed, and record new customers. Moreover, USATech unaudited total revenue for the quarter totaled approximately $22.9 million, an increase of 45% compared to $15.8 million a year earlier, compared to the fiscal year ended June 30, 2006 figure of a mere $6.4 million. Additionally, the unaudited June 30, 2011 quarter total revenue is up approximately 53% from the approximately $4.5 million in total revenue earned for the same quarter a year ago and doubled the 1,050 customer clients from 2010.

Electronic Payment Exchange Visa-Certified in P2P Payments

Electronic Payment Exchange (EPX) full-service payment processor has embarked on the P2P payments market, having completed the Visa certification for processing Visa Personal Payment transactions, through which EPX can now facilitate person-to-person payments. Visa Personal Payment transactions eliminate the inefficiencies of cash and checks for payments between individuals by enabling Visa cardholders to send person-to-person payments to a recipient’s Visa account or personal bank account. Through Visa and participating financial institutions, cardholders and the financial institutions’ customers can direct payment from their respective Visa accounts or personal bank accounts via an Internet-connected device or mobile phone.

Ink from Chase Unveils Accelerated Rewards Program

Ink from Chase business card portfolio launched its new rewards program and enhancements to the Ink Classic and the Ink Cash cards. The rewards program offers new customers rapid accumulation of cash or points customized for the small business owner, featuring five points or five percent cash back per dollar spent on office supplies, telecommunication services and cable services. With “Ink Classic,” the new points program will allow customers to earn points quicker with five points per dollar spent on the first $25,000 in annual spend on office supplies, telecommunication services and cable services; two points per dollar spent on the first $25,000 in annual spend on fuel and lodging; and one point per dollar spent on all other card purchases, with no limits. Meanwhile, “Ink Cash” will allow customers to earn cash back as with five percent cash back on the first $25,000 in spend annually on office supplies, telecommunication services and cable services; 2% cash back on the first $25,000 in spend annually on fuel and dining; and 1% cash back on all other card purchases, with no limits.