Evo Payments International Acquires Encore Group

Evo Payments International acquired the Encore Group. The Encore Group, consisting of existing EVO strategic partners Encore Payment Systems, Prodigy Payment Systems and Momentum Payment Systems, is headquartered in Addison, Texas and provides payment processing solutions to small and medium sized businesses located throughout the United States and Canada. EVO has grown significantly by introducing leading payment solutions to the market, as well as acquiring domestic and international businesses. The Encore acquisition enables EVO to leverage Encore’s proven North American sales distribution strategies to drive further growth in EVO’s new international markets.

Encore Payment Launches Small Business Card Security

Encore Payment, a PCI DSS third-party compliant agent, has designed a specialty team dedicated to helping merchants understand PCI and allow the opportunity for their merchants to become PCI compliant. With this, it will offer merchants a solution for PCI compliance for their businesses through a simple and guided process. Encore’s compliance team helps merchants to become compliant, scans computers for any data vulnerabilities and will cover small businesses who have completed the compliance process with up to $10,000 in fine reimbursements from a security breach event. Encore’s PCI compliance program assists in making businesses compliant and secures the merchant’s reputation and customer trust.

MRC to Host 2nd European e-Commerce Payments and Risk Conference

The Merchant Risk Council (MRC) has announced their Second European e-Commerce Payments and Risk Conference to take place in Barcelona May 18-20. Targeting European and global merchants, solution providers, payment processors, and other industry stakeholders, the event will discuss the newest breakthroughs and innovations in reducing online payment fraud and improving risk management strategies in today’s ever-changing world of technological advancements. Sponsored by Chase Paymentech and Kount, the MRC European Conference boasts more than 30 hours of educational content and over 35 speakers from companies including Eurostar, HP/Snapfish, Amazon, Best Buy, Lego, eDreams, Microsoft, Visa, Symantec, and many more.

Encore Selects PAX as Preferred PIN pad Provider

TX-based Encore Payment Systems has tapped PAX Technology as a preferred provider of PCI PTS compliant PIN pads. With this, the “SP20” PIN pad will now be included in the Encore “Clear Advantage Secure Payment System” payment system for small to medium-sized businesses, allowing a variety of different payment processing types. The “SP20 PIN” pad is rugged, provides a privacy shield and easy to use PIN pad. It is PCI 2.x compliant, making it a secure and compliant solution into the year 2017 and easily integrates into existing POS terminals allowing merchants to become compliant with as little change as possible.


Trintech Group integrated financial governance, risk management and
compliance software solutions has embedded the Fujitsu “Interstage
XWand” XBRL processing engine into its “Unity Xtensible Financial
Reporting” (XFR) software module. With this, Trintech hopes to extend
clients’ abilities to create, manage and validate XBRL-compliant
financial statements, which the Fujitsu “Interstage XWand” software
helps companies create, validate, report, collect, and analyze. XBRL is
a standard format for disclosing financial information within financial
processes for which “Interstage XWand” is designed to boost automation
and transparency throughout the entire financial reporting cycle.

Cardholder Backlash is Bigger Than Expected

A new survey shows 21% of consumers said they were treated unfairly by
card companies and 32% have paid off and closed a card since January
2008. The research also found that half of those that canceled did so in
direct response to the actions of credit-card issuers, such as cutting
limits, hiking rates, or imposing fees. Consumer Reports says its poll
reveals only 41% said they were highly satisfied with their card issuer,
making credit cards one of the lowest-rated services the firm covers.
The survey also found that 45% of respondents say they are charging
less, 43% say they are spending about the same, and 11% are charging
more than they did a year ago. The surveys found that one-third of
Americans say they don’t own a credit card. Of those Americans who use
them: 54% pay their balances in full each month; 13% carry balances over
$10,000 (Median $17,366); and 33% carry balances up to $10,000 (Median

Encore Payment Systems Offers an iPhone App

TX based Encore Payment Systems has introduced the “Encore Payment Systems iPhone Mobile Application” that gives small business merchants, independent
contractors and mobile merchants the ability to utilize Encore’s payment processing
solutions without a need for hardware processing equipment or a dedicated internet
line. Using the application, merchants can type the card information into the
phone and the credit and debit card transactions are processed as
“card-not-present” or “offline-debit” payments. Currently, receipts can be emailed to the
cardholder however future enhancement plans include the ability for the merchant to
print a receipt on the spot. The application is currently available through Encore’s sales team and
is set up via a one-time installation process through a web browser. Upon
installation the application icon is available on the home screen of the device for
convenient future use.

CO-OP Revelation Offers Usage Analytics

CO-OP Financial Services has released “CO-OP Revelation” which features “Usage Analytics”, allowing
credit unions view, analyze and manage card usage information on all its members.
Cardholder behavior can be determined based on merchant type, network, and type of transaction.
CO-OP Financial Services has also licensed Saylent Technologies’ “Y-Debit” card
portfolio optimization solution as the platform for “CO-OP Revelation”. “Usage Analytics Plus”
and “Business Analytics”, two additional tiers of “CO-OP Revelation” which enable even greater usage segmentation and further enhance
targeted marketing, are scheduled to be launched in the very near future.


Chrysler Financial has selected Trintech Group’s
“AssureNET GL” to automate the review, approval, and status tracking of account reconciliations and manage
the accounting close process and “ReconNET” for high volume transaction
matching. “AssureNET GL” standardizes account reconciliation processes across an
organization, controls the entire close process, verifies work in remote
locations, and increases workflow efficiency. “ReconNET” automates complex
daily, monthly, and periodic processes, including daily verification of
deposits, payments, and reporting functions, to help companies mitigate
risks, reduce errors, and increase accounting controls. Trintech Group is a global provider of
integrated financial governance, transaction risk management, and
compliance solutions for commercial, financial, and healthcare markets