Biometrics Among Top Factors Driving M-Payment Security

Biometrics Among Top Factors Driving M-Payment Security

A new study reveals the emerging trends driving the global mobile payment security software market are the introduction of mobile biometrics; development of multi-factor authentication; and increased adoption of multimodal biometrics. Technavio’s latest report found that in the retail sector, the integration of biometric technologies in mobile devices can be used to recognize registered customers…

Virtual Biometric IDs - The Next Wave

Virtual Biometric IDs – The Next Wave

A new study has found biometric “physical” identity credentials will begin to be replaced by next generation “virtual” credentials securely stored in mobile devices and accessed via biometric authentication. And, by 2030, today’s standard identity credentials will be obsolete. Acuity Market Intelligence estimates that by 2022, annual production of smart, biometric “physical” identity credentials – including ePassports,…

Finacle to Use Samsung SDS FIDO for Payment Biometrics

Finacle to Use Samsung SDS FIDO for Payment Biometrics

Infosys Finacle, a/k/a EdgeVerve Systems, has inked a global partnership with Samsung SDS to provide end customers with a more secure, fast and convenient way to use mobile banking and payment services. This partnership offers financial services customers a seamless user experience and hassle-free access without lengthy authentication processes. This will be achieved using device…

Data Security 2016

Data breaches are the new normal. IT departments have to tackle constantly evolving security threats and many are struggling to keep up. Users continue to be the biggest threat to enterprise wide security, and in 2016, we’ll see a shift towards smart interoperable security tools which take the decision of what and when to encrypt out of their hands.

Outlooks 2016

Next year will be full of complex challenges for pay-now product experts, as the last decade has been. Indicators suggest that less effort will be wasted on legal entanglements and arbitrary requirements and more thought and effort will be focused on improving the user experience, improving payment security, and solving real payments problems.


As the European Banking Authority (EBA) develops its Regulatory Technical Standards, and as the EU Member States consider the detail of PSD2, any regulation governing online payments should enable and encourage the e-commerce sector to balance the twin considerations of risk and convenience (otherwise growth would be stifled and costs would increase).

Biometrics 2018

The inclusion of biometrics in mobile devices will generate approximately $9 billion worth of revenue by 2018 for the biometrics industry, not just through unlocking mobile devices through security applications, but also through multi-factor authentication services and the approval of instant electronic payments.

Silver Bullet?

The National Association of Federal Credit Unions (NAFCU) says the transition to EMV cards is an important step in the process of data security, but it is not a silver bullet. Last week the FBI also reinforced EMV will help reduce counterfeit cards but until PINs are used at the POS fraud will continue.