The Dollar Camp Launched for Students

“Student Money Expert” Stephen Epstein has launched “The Dollar Camp” to help high school and college student manage credit and build credit scores. Epstein founded “Dollar Camp” after successfully eliminating his own credit care debt after graduating college. The Financial Survival System’s three-step program consists “The DollarCamp Budgeting System”explains why most budgets fail and shows how to create one that works along with foolproof tools for implementing a budget and tracking spending; “The DollarCamp Foundations” which teaches students and parents critical lessons about credit cards and debt while pointing out avoidable money mistakes and “The DollarCamp Credit Building System” teaches students the importance of credit scores, how to build solid credit and how to save a fortune in wasted interest payments.

NBS Enhances Netopia’s Merchant Success Bundle

California- based Netopia announced that its new Merchant Success bundle is being offered with complete POS solutions from NBS Technologies. The standard bundle is based on Netopia’s broadband Wi-Fi gateways and features NBS Technologies’ Commerce Gateway, which provides a secure, browser-based interface that allows businesses to process credit card transactions from any Web-enabled computer. NBS is a provider of smart card manufacturing and personalization equipment. Netopia, Inc. offers broadband products and services.

Netopia and Precidia Join Hands

Netopia and Precidia have signed a pact to offer retailers an efficient and cost-saving POS solution. Netopia’s netOctopus(R) POS Manager, broadband routers and Precidia’s POSConnect Products, the EtherDial and Ether232Plus, allow retailers to migrate to IP, without replacing their terminals, at a significant cost savings. Precidia Technologies Inc. is a global leader in the design and manufacture of IP access devices for a wide range of industries, including retail payments and building automation. Netopia, Inc. is a market leader in broadband and wireless products and services that simplify and enhance broadband delivery to residential and business-class customers.