EMV Ignorance

More than half of business owners across all industries are aware of the recent liability shift, but only 29% are equipped to accept EMV chip credit cards. Although more than half of U.S. adults who have a credit/debit card have been issued a new chip card, only 41% know the benefits of the chip card.

Harbortouch NFC/EMV

Harbortouch is offering a free NFC and EMV capable PIN pad with its Echo POS systems for eligible merchants. Harbortouch Echo is a built-for-purpose POS system that combines the performance and functionality of a traditional system with the simplicity and sleek design of a tablet, without any up-front costs to merchants.

Arroweye & TCCI

Arroweye Solutions, the only digital On-Demand payment technology firm, has been selected to provide EMV prepaid cards for The Card Collaborative International (TCCI). The flexibility of Arroweye’s Digital On-Demand model allows for better responsiveness to customer needs, and ensures that TCCI can better serve its clients, and slash lead times by putting cards in customers’ hands in days, not weeks.