Mobile Payments

One of the key challenges presently facing the mobile payments market is the high level of market fragmentation, defined both by the multiplicity of platforms/solutions technologies being deployed and the increasing range of service configurations being offered. This slows down merchant acceptance and makes it difficult for providers to gain scale. We expect the market to reach a point where consolidation among players and solutions becomes the best way to drive address this issue.

Oberthur Shenzhen

Oberthur Technologies, based in France, is investing in its manufacturing hub in Shenzhen to boost production capacity for its display and dynamic CVV (dCVV) cards. Shenzhen, which is strategically located at the heart of one of the largest global electronic ecosystems.

Frank Martien’s CardExecs database today features Frank Martien,
Partner, Commercial Payments, First Annapolis Consulting. First Annapolis advises credit and debit card issuers, transaction processors, payment networks, retailers, and other industry stakeholders in payment-based sectors of the financial services industry.