NORSIK Reports Dialogue Success

Exstream Software has received positive reports from NORSIK after using
Exstream’s “Dialogue” enterprise personalization software to produce
statements, invoices, insurance policies and other communications for
its customers. NORSIK reports it has streamlined internal processes,
improved effectiveness through integrated marketing campaigns and
significantly reduced application development time and plans to use more
of Dialogue’s capabilities to extend solutions it provides clients. In
particular, the company will further capitalise on Dialogue’s integrated
marketing and campaign tracking capabilities. NORSIK is the leading
producer of cards and card-related services, including the intelligent distribution of its products, for the postal, banking and financial services industries in Norway. Exstream Software provides a single platform to manage higher quality, fully personalised communications of all types for delivery through batch, real-time and interactive channels.

Certegy & Dialogue

Certegy says its use of Exstream’s “Dialogue” software has produced significant savings by streamlining and standardizing internal production processes to create and personalize more than 100 million statements and 30 million pieces of correspondence produced annually. With Dialogue, Certegy is able to offer financial institutions low-cost advertising opportunities by dynamically inserting logos and 1:1 marketing campaigns into documents to strengthen brand loyalty, promote products, inform of services, and relay other pertinent information to the recipient.