ViVOtech Rolls Out Two New Contactless Readers

ViVOtech has integrated its contactless payment products with HID’s proximity and “iCLASS” technologies, to give corporate campus users a one-card solution for both secure access and payments. The new “ViVOpay PROX” and “ViVOpay iCLASS” readers connect to POS terminals through ViVOtech’s software suite called “ViVOplatform” that links the personal data of an individual stored in the security office with the POS system, making a seamless transaction in the closed loop. ViVOtech solutions upgrade existing magnetic stripe POS terminals for contactless payments.


Dione’s “Xtreme” PIN pad and “IC-Xpress” swipe & park card reader have passed “VISA’s PIN Entry Device Offline” security requirements. Significantly the terminals have been successfully tested both for “Enciphered” PIN and “Plaintext” PIN, a mandatory requirement in the UK. Cards issued in the UK operate with “Plaintext” PIN as opposed to “Enciphered” PIN, so gaining VISA “PED Offline” approval does not necessarily protect the merchant if the terminal has only been assessed for “Enciphered” PIN. The Dione terminals are capable of dealing with both, offering complete “Chip & PIN” capability.

Splitska Banka Deploys Euronet’s Credit Card Software

Croatia’s third largest bank will implement Euronet’s “Integrated Credit Card” software in conjunction with Euronet’s “Debit Card System” and “Merchant Management System.” Splitska Banka, a member of HVB Group and the leading VISA bank with 300,000 customers, selected the Euronet card and merchant software packages to accommodate a comprehensive electronic funds transfer business with ATM, POS, debit and credit card solutions. Euronet also has HVB partnerships in Germany, Poland and the Czech Republic.

Siebel Service Drives Viseca Card Services Expansion

Viseca Card Services says it has acquired an additional 100,000 customers following its deployment of Siebel Service. The introduction of multilingual customer service best practices among 100 contact center agents has enabled the leading Swiss credit card issuer to resolve up to 95% of inquiries at the initial point of inquiry, answer 80% of calls within 15 seconds, and reduce the lost call ratio to below 10%. By transforming the service experience of its existing 890,000 customers, Viseca has been acquiring more customers and is maximizing customer satisfaction and loyalty. Prior to implementing Siebel Service, Viseca’s systems tracked customers through credit card numbers rather than through the customer.

VISA EU to Deploy BT’s Niku 6 Across its IT Department

VISA EU has awarded BT a contract to help it manage its portfolio of IT projects, internal services and resources. The BT solution is based on the “Enterprise Portfolio Management” system “Niku 6.” BT will deploy “Niku 6” across VISA’s entire European IT department, which is headquartered in the UK. VISA said it will be able to apply a high-degree of governance to its IT function, including risk management and cost control.

Hypercom Terminals Become PayPass Ready

Hypercom is joining the MasterCard’s “PayPass” contactless payment program. Orlando-based Fazoli’s Italian restaurants will deploy Hypercom’s solution. Going forward, Hypercom’s “ICE 5500Plus” and “ICE 6000Plus” terminals will incorporate a special antenna and reader to offer merchants a seamless, fully integrated solution for MasterCard “PayPass.” In addition, retailers like Fazoli’s with existing Hypercom terminals can add an auxiliary RF reader with virtually no changes necessary. MasterCard “PayPass” is currently being trialed with three of MasterCard’s key member financial institutions in a pilot that involves more than 16,000 cardholders and approximately 60 merchant locations in Orlando.

NetSpend Links Up to Allpoint SFA ATM Network

Stored-value card specialist NetSpend has partnered with Allpoint to make the surcharge-free ATM functionality available to its 350,000 “All-Access MasterCard” card-holders. The NetSpend/Allpoint partnership represents the first time that general purpose prepaid card customers will have surcharge-free cash access through an ATM network nationwide, a benefit usually reserved to high balance bank accountholders or payroll debit cardholders. The prepaid “All-Access MasterCard” card, issued by Inter National Bank, is targeted at unbanked American households. Allpoint’s nationwide network has 25,000 surcharge-free ATMs. “All-Access” cardholders may also opt to participate in NetSpend’s proprietary “CredAbility” program, which helps cardholders establish a positive payment history with credit bureaus.

ACI to Recommend Paragon’s WorkSmart ATM Suite

ACI Worldwide has signed a referral agreement with NC-based Paragon Application Systems to recommend Paragon’s “WorkSmart ATM Suite” to all its “BASE24” customers. With BASE24 and BASE24-es, ACI’s next-generation, open-systems implementation of their world-class payments platform, ACI offers a full range of functionality to support payment transactions in both traditional and emerging channels. While BASE24 included a proprietary configuration tool, for BASE24-es, ACI is recommending the WorkSmart ATM Suite as a comprehensive solution for ATM configuration and testing. Every second of every day, consumers are initiating electronic payment transactions – getting cash at ATMs, using debit and credit cards to make purchases in stores and on the Internet, banking by phone and PC, paying bills online. More than 150 financial institutions in 15 countries use Paragon’s productivity empowering software to improve quality and reduce time-to-market.

Oki Electric’s New ATM will Use Kalignite

Tokyo-based Oki Electric Industry Co. has selected KAL’s software for its brand new ATM model, the “ATM21S,” which will be manufactured and distributed in the Chinese market. The new Oki ATM is powered by KAL’s “Kalignite” software suite, which makes the new ATM fully XFS-compliant and Web-enabled. The Oki/KAL deal follows the agreement between KAL and Oki in May of this year under which Oki adopted KAL’s “Kalignite” software suite. Oki is Japan’s number one ATM manufacturer, holding a 40% share of the installed base.

Wells Treats Cardholders to Reed Johnston IVR

Dallas-based Intervoice has completed deployment of speech recognition technology for Wells Fargo’s credit-card business. Using the “Omvia Voice Framework”, Wells cardholders are treated to a voice persona, known as “Reed Johnston.” An extensive pilot run during the first half of 2003. Wells Fargo Card Service, in conjunction with Intervoice and Nuance, decided to automate their voice systems from Intervoice housed within call centers in Hillsboro, Oregon, and Des Moines, Iowa, to create a more user friendly IVR. Intervoice has more than 22,000 systems deployed worldwide.