Payment with Biometry Soon Available in the CB Bank Card System

Groupement des Cartes Bancaires CB is currently evaluating the use of biometry in payment transactions and is expected to approve a strong authentication standard, defined by Natural Security for use in the CB system. The objective of the authentication method defined by the Natural Security Alliance is to simplify and secure payments. The cardholder simply has to place his or her finger on a biometric reader in store or at an ATM to validate a payment or cash withdrawal. The first CB approval will involve the association of biometry and a chip integrated into a keyfob. Integration of the chip into a micro-SD card of a mobile phone is also being studied. Highly convenient, the user keeps the keyfob or telephone on his or her person, for example in a pocket or handbag, without needing to present it physically to pay or withdraw cash.

MasterPass Lauches in New Zealand

MasterCard announced the New Zealand launch of its ground-breaking digital payments technology MasterPass this week. MasterPass is the digital platform from MasterCard that gives shoppers a seamless, secure and speedy checkout – regardless of where they may be and what device they may be using. MasterPass eliminates the need for consumers to enter detailed shipping and card information to complete their online shopping at MasterPass merchant sites.

CashStar Announces Latest Gift Card Program Client

CashStar launched a new gift card program with American grill and sushi bar, Kona Grill, replacing its existing gifting platform with CashStar’s solution. CashStar now powers Kona’s plastic and digital gifting programs, and also gives Kona gift card purchasers and recipients enhanced mobile experiences. Kona Grill’s mobile-optimized purchase pages make buying eGift cards on-the-go via a smartphone simple and easy. Recipients with iPhones or iPod Touch devices running iOS 6 or newer can easily store and redeem eGift cards in Apple’s Passbook app.

Byblos Bank Deploys Gemalto Bio-Sourced EMV Payment Card

Gemalto and Byblos Bank joined forces to launch the Middle East’s first bio-sourced EMV payment cards in Lebanon. Working with Gemalto’s local partner Unilux Cards, Byblos Bank plans to migrate 80% of its entire banking card portfolio to Gemalto’s Clarista bio-sourced payment cards within the next three years. The new cards will be replacing the conventional plastic card body with renewable materials that are easily recyclable and compostable. The bank has already started offering the Clarista bio-sourced cards as a standard to all new cardholders, and will be steadily switching the existing Byblos Bank debit, credit and prepaid cards to the bio-sourced alternative, as they become due for renewal. Holders of the new bio-sourced cards will be automatically enrolled in the Bank’s existing Card Loyalty Program, which offers a wide range of rewards such as travel points or miles.

Migration Begins to EBA Clearing Step

EBA CLEARING’s STEP2 platform for a major part of their SEPA payments in the future, have migrated the first transactions to a processing mode that has been specifically designed for handling very high volumes. The banks exchanged SEPA payments via STEP2 that were, among other things, pre-sorted by receiving bank. The batch processing mode used in this context allows a fast and efficient clearing of large payment volumes. Over the next three months, seven major players in the German payments market will migrate their bilateral mass payments to this processing mode on the STEP2 platform. EBA CLEARING offers to the European financial industry a clearing infrastructure for SEPA transactions that provides full reach to all payment service providers offering SEPA Credit Transfers and Direct Debits.

Heartland and Tabbedout Announce mPayment Partnership

Heartland Payment Systems and Tabbedout mobile payment app announced a strategic partnership to deliver an integrated mobile payment solution designed specifically for restaurant and bar operators. Heartland and Tabbedout have a shared goal of supporting an open merchant and consumer platform that starts with payments and provides an infrastructure for merchants and brands, such as beverage brands and payment sources, to engage with consumers. By aggregating customer data, including profile information, purchase history and feedback, this solution enables operators and brands to offer targeted rewards and incentives to influence purchasing decisions, increase loyalty and attract new customers, all within the venues’ existing infrastructure. Tabbedout will continue to work with other payments and related companies to enable operators to work with the providers of their choice.

i2c Provides Heartland Prepaid Card Processing

I2C cloud-based payment processing is providing Heartland Payment Systems prepaid card processing services. The companies’ first collaboration is the National Restaurant Association’s (NRA) Edge prepaid card program, which runs on the Discover® network. The Edge card allows restaurant employees to deposit their paychecks, load funds, receive employer-sponsored incentives and earn cash rewards on a general purpose prepaid card. i2c’s prepaid card payment processing platform will serve as the system of record for Edge accounts and enable the introduction of new card features such as card-linked offers and real-time mobile alerts.

Heartland Execs to Host Investor Day at NYSE

Heartland Payment Systems payments processor will be hosting an Investor Day on October 8 at the New York Stock Exchange. Scheduled speakers include Robert Carr, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer; Robert Baldwin, Vice Chairman; Maria Rueda, Chief Financial Officer; Michael Lawler, President – Strategic Markets; David Gilbert, President – Hospitality; and Ian Drysdale, President – Network Solutions.

Heartland Adds Three Senior Executive Positions

Heartland Payment Systems announced three new executive positions to further develop its portfolio and services within key industries and extend the company’s strong growth track record. With this, Robert H.B. Baldwin, Jr., previously president of the company, will serve as vice chairman; Michael A. Lawler, previously chief of corporate development, is being promoted to president – strategic markets group; and David Gilbert is joining Heartland as president – hospitality group. Baldwin will continue working closely with Mr. Carr, with responsibilities for key industry relationships, investor relations, information security, and customer service operations. A 12-year veteran of Heartland, Mr. Baldwin will also be an essential collaborator with the business group leaders in the planning and execution of Heartland’s growth strategies.

EBA Clearing Platform Sepa-Ready

With the deadline for migration to SEPA only 20 months away, EBA CLEARING announced key deliverables of its project geared at readying the STEP2 platform for processing large domestic volumes in an integrated euro payments environment. The Company introduced a batch processing functionality in the STEP2 SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) Service on 30th April 2012…

Macy’s Partners Earthworks, Recycles Gift Cards

Earthworks System recycled PVC sheets for the plastic card industry and plastic card recycling programs partnered Macy to provide a recyclable gift card program. Macy’s will be the first major department store to offer a recyclable gift card program, which partnered Earthworks System to keep millions of gift cards out of landfills. The Earthworks System Recyclable identifier will be imprinted on Macy’s gift cards to indicate it is made of Earthworks System approved recyclable material. Macy’s department store locations will collect spent gift cards for their return to Earthworks System where they will be reprocessed into printable sheet and re-sold to printers to make new cards.