MasterCard IQ Series Targets Card Fraud

MasterCard IQ Series Targets Card Fraud

MasterCard IQ series, a suite of pioneering solutions that use real-time intelligence to empower issuers to make more informed fraud management decisions is here. Through this effort, cardholders and merchants would see a reduced number of transactions unnecessarily declined, while maintaining the highest levels of security. Javelin estimates that one out of every six cardholders…

Outlooks 2016

Next year will be full of complex challenges for pay-now product experts, as the last decade has been. Indicators suggest that less effort will be wasted on legal entanglements and arbitrary requirements and more thought and effort will be focused on improving the user experience, improving payment security, and solving real payments problems.

Big 6 3Q Marketshare

The Big 6 issuers, based on U.S. outstandings of $925 billion, controlled 51.8% of the U.S. bank credit card business at the end of the third quarter. Chase led the pack with a 13.7% share followed by Bank of America (BofA) at 9.5%; Capital one (COF) at 8.9%; Citibank (Citi) at 7.0%; American Express (AXP) at 6.7%; and Discover (DS) at 6.3%.