Online shopping site Taobao and Yahoo! JAPAN have launched complementary online shopping services that connect
Japanese consumers with Chinese merchants and Chinese consumers with
Japanese merchants. Japanese consumers can now buy goods from Taobao merchants in China
through Yahoo! JAPAN China Mall, a new website
opened within Yahoo! JAPAN. Chinese consumers can buy Yahoo! JAPAN
Shopping goods through the new TaoJapan website opened as
part of Taobao. Consumers of both countries will be able to buy products
available in the other country exactly in the same way as they normally
shop from e-commerce platforms in their own country, bypassing the usual
barriers such as language, laws, delivery logistics, and payment issues.
Taobao and Japan Co., Ltd. will jointly operate TaoJapan. Japan will serve as fulfillment service provider for Yahoo!
JAPAN China Mall. Yahoo! JAPAN has
approximately 52.11 million unique users monthly and about 2.03 billion
page views daily. It includes search, content, community, e-commerce,
and mobile services among its many services.

Visa payWave Gains Momentum

Visa Canada announced that the roster of Visa payWave-enabled merchants continues to grow, enabling Canadians to make secure, more convenient transactions and experience fewer and quicker line-ups when buying a cup of coffee, a bite to eat or other every day purchases.
In recent months, an increasing number of new merchants have signed up to receive the advantages of Visa payWave. Using their Visa payWave-enabled cards, Visa cardholders can shop at some of Canada’s most popular merchants, including SUBWAY, Second Cup, The Jean Coutu Group, Country Style and Coffee Time. Visa issuers have also embraced contactless technology. TD Canada Trust and RBC Royal Bank value the convenience, security and speed of Visa payWave and are actively issuing Visa payWave cards to their customers. By the end of 2010, it is expected that there will be several million Visa payWave cards in the Canadian market.


Mixed signal IC provider Phyworks has announced shipment of its 30 millionth chip and predicts revenue growth in 2010 of 90%. The company cites revenue increases in core PON (passive optical network), mobile backhaul and equalizer markets as key contributing factors to its on-going success.
Phyworks is a privately held company headquartered in Bristol, UK and established a dedicated office in Santa Clara, USA in 2009. Phyworks was named as the UK’s 5th fastest growing private technology company and #1 fastest growing semiconductor company in the Sunday Times’ TechTrack 100 Awards for 2009.


Alternative payment provider NEOVIA Financial Plc will be exhibiting at the iGaming Super Show in Prague, talking to affiliates, merchants and partners about its award-winning affiliate program and payment services. NEOVIA’s consumer brand, NETELLER, in the Affiliate Zone unveiling its Affiliate Benefits Package for the first time. NEOVIA’s NETELLER eWallet is a proven payment system for affiliates, and has been used by all of the leading gaming brands and affiliates for payouts for more than 10 years. It has won the iGaming (previously known as CAP) award for Best Payment System for Affiliates three years in a row.NEOVIA launched its own affiliate program in 2008, offering best-in-class cash incentives to affiliates who refer customers to use NETELLER as their payment system of choice. Gaming and retail affiliates are able to both increase their conversions and commissions when promoting NETELLER alongside merchant brands. With thousands of active referrals, the program showed record quarter-on-quarter growth of active referrals of 56% in Q1 2010. It has successfully signed up affiliates in key countries including Poland, Portugal, Germany, Brazil and Japan.


Mobile payment solution provider mopay is now supporting the purchase of physical goods in 28 countries. The announcement comes in response to an increase in consumer demand and the growing number of connected carriers that support physical goods billing. As of today, mobile payments in the western hemisphere are primarily used to purchase digital and virtual goods – such as music and in-game items – via a mobile phone account. In selected Asian and European countries, mobile phone users are able to purchase virtually everything from tickets to movie downloads to physical goods through their phone bill.
Purchases through mobile payments are limited to a maximum value of around $25. Any purchase above that value would be regarded as credit and therefore require a banking or e-money license. A raise of these limits enables carriers – and ultimately mobile payment providers like mopay – to expand the range of offerings that can be purchased with a mobile phone. mopay is one of the world’s leading solutions for network provider-based billing of small amounts, reaching more than 3.3 billion people with SMS-enabled mobile phones in 75 countries around the globe


OKI Electric Industry’s “ATM-Recycler G7” cash-recycling ATM intended for the worldwide market has passed the test mandated by Article 6 of Council Regulation (EC) No 1338/2001 of 28 June 2001. Set forth by the European Central Bank, the Article lays down a framework for the circulation of Euro banknotes to ensure the quality and reliability of circulating Euro banknotes. The European Central Bank has laid down a framework for recycling Euro banknotes to detect and remove from circulation damaged and counterfeit banknotes and to trace counterfeit users, thereby maintaining the quality and reliability of circulating Euro currency banknotes. Central banks in Euro currency countries perform a standard test to vendors that manufacture banknote processing systems to confirm compliance to the framework. The “ATM Recycle G7” is a high-performance, high-quality, high-reliability cash-recycling ATM that draws on OKI’s mechatronics technologies and market experience. Designed specifically to handle Euro banknotes, the new ATM has already passed the Article 6 test, becoming the first cash-recycling ATM provided by an Asia-based vendor to meet this requirement. ATMs must pass this test before deployment in Euro currency countries. OKI plans to market the product in the European market.


E-commerce provider Alibaba Group will earmark 0.3% of annual revenues to fund efforts designed to spur environmental awareness and conservation in China and around the world. The focus of Alibaba Group’s conservation strategy will be on clean water and better air. This financial commitment is part of a comprehensive plan to drive greater understanding of environmental issues and to mobilize Alibaba Group’s customers, partners and employees toward actions that will lead to a cleaner environment for generations to come. Today’s announcement is the first step toward mobilizing hundreds of millions of people to get involved by spreading the word through Alibaba Group’s user bases and platforms.
Other member companies of Alibaba Group, including Taobao, Alipay, China Yahoo! and Alibaba Cloud Computing, will all take up their pro rata share of this commitment. The revenue contributions will be paid into a dedicated environmental fund annually and the fund will be administered internally by a team of dedicated employees of Alibaba Group. In addition to creating a fund to finance environmental projects, the Group is also devoting significant human resources, focus and attention to this effort.

idCHECK Rolls Out to 300 Stores

ID Watchdog reports the initial launch and adoption of its “idCHECK”
product among retail stores will be completed before June 1st.
“idCHECK” utilizes ID Watchdog’s
patent-pending technology to immediately identify whether a consumer has
a pre-existing identity theft condition, and outlines recommended next
steps based on the report. InComm will work with retailers to offer ID
Watchdog’s idCHECK product at an attractive price point, with special
offers to upgrade consumers to its flagship monthly monitoring service.
Distribution efforts have been managed by InComm, who markets retail
products across more than 150,000 partner locations worldwide. Made up
of big box retailers and regional stores alike, InComm’s existing
relationships include Target, Best Buy, 7-Eleven and many others.
The initial launch will be highlighted by availability of idCHECK cards
at BJ’s Wholesale Club, Scolari’s, and Spartan Food locations.


JCB International and DBS Bank have signed an
agreement for merchant acquiring services of JCB cards in Hong Kong and
Macau, and that DBS has started to facilitate JCB card acceptance in its
merchant network. The partnership with DBS further expands the JCBI merchant network in
Hong Kong and Macau, allowing JCB cardmembers to enjoy a wider card
acceptance in these two important markets. Through the agreement, DBS
also benefits from giving its merchants access to card transactions
generated by JCB’s over 60 million cardmember base, mainly in Asia.
DBS is a well-capitalised bank with “AA-” and “Aa1” credit ratings that are among
the highest in the Asia-Pacific region. As a bank that specialises in
Asia, DBS leverages its deep understanding of the region, local culture
and insights to serve and build lasting relationships with its clients.
DBS provides the full range of services in corporate, SME, consumer and
wholesale banking activities across Asia and the Middle East.
JCB is a major global payment brand and leading credit card issuer and
acquirer in Japan. JCB launched its card business in Japan in 1961 and
began expanding overseas in 1981. Its acceptance network includes 13.26
million merchants and over a million cash advance locations in 190
countries and territories.

MasterCard Worldwide Appoints P2P Payments Head

Andrew Ong has been appointed Group Head, Global Person-to-Person (P2P) Payments with MasterCard Worldwide. He will oversee identifying and evaluating new P2P payment solutions that will continue to displace cash and check payments to grow MasterCard’s overall transaction processing and gross dollar volume. In his most recent position at Western Union, he served as Regional VP and Managing Director in their North Asia region and board member of the Western Union Foundation. Andrew was also a key member of the Executive Committee for Western Union’s APAC region. He holds an MBA from Golden Gate University, Graduate Diploma in Marketing Management from the Singapore Institute of Management and received his B.A. from the University of British Columbia.


eBay Inc. and Young Bae Ku, the founder of Gmarket,
Korea’s leading e-commerce company acquired by eBay in 2009, today
announced a joint venture agreement to expand Gmarket’s existing online
marketplaces in Japan and Singapore. The agreement will strengthen
eBay’s presence in Japan and Singapore – where the e-commerce markets
are expected to grow by 30% and 13% respectively between 2009 and
2012-and provide a foundation for longer term expansion of Gmarket into
other Asian markets. eBay will have a 49% stake in the joint venture, and an entity owned by
Mr. Ku will have a 51% stake. eBay will contribute assets from Gmarket’s
existing Japanese and Singaporean businesses to the joint venture, and
eBay and Mr. Ku will make financial contributions of approximately US$10
million each to the joint venture. eBay will also license Gmarket’s
technology and brand on behalf of the joint venture, while Mr. Ku will
provide local management expertise. In June 2009, eBay Inc. acquired Gmarket for a total cash purchase price
of approximately $1.2 billion. Gmarket is Korea’s leading online
marketplace, and is a key component of eBay’s Marketplaces segment. The
acquisition strengthened eBay’s e-commerce business in Korea and
provided a platform for the company’s expansion throughout Asia.

PayPal Available on AliExpress E-Commerce Platform

Small business e-commerce provider Limited now is offering PayPal on the
“AliExpress” platform. With this agreement, AliExpress merchants can now avail their customers
with PayPal as a fast and secure payment option. Businesses will now be
able to easily source goods through AliExpress using PayPal in their
preferred local currency. PayPal is one of the leading online payment
platforms in the world with more than 84 million active accounts and
more than 8 million merchants in 190 markets and 24 currencies around
the world. AliExpress allows customers to
tailor orders to the needs of their small businesses, offering
smaller-quantity orders, instant online transactions, and an escrow
service to protect buyers and sellers. The alliance will provide customers around the world with the
convenience and protections that PayPal has built over its 12-year
history, in addition to the escrow service offered on the AliExpress site.