EMV Toolkit

Visa has introduced an EMV toolkit to help business owners manage the transition to chip technology for credit and debit cards. VisaChip.com/BusinessToolkit provides merchants with a 10-step implementation guide, downloadable tools and resources, and a module to train employees on accepting chip cards at the point-of-sale (POS).

U.S. EMV Tide

With the October 2015 deadline for conversion to the EMV chip technology system less than a year away, banks and issuers are ratcheting up promotion of EMV enabled cards through enhanced customer communication and a shift in messaging within their credit card acquisition efforts.

U.S. Chip EMV

Based on forecasts provided by acquirers representing approximately 80% of U.S. purchase volume at least 47% of U.S. merchant terminals will be enabled for EMV chip technology by the end of 2015. Also Visa announced it is kicking off a national awareness and education effort that will reach millions of U.S. cardholders and merchants with information about chip technology.

Aconite Deploys PIN Manager with Nets

Aconite smart card issuing and processing solutions is deploying its “Aconite” PIN Manager at Nets card payments processor. Nets needed a PIN management solution that would deliver improved customer service and cost savings to their card-issuing clients. Aconite PIN Manager enables competitive differentiation by moving away from the more expensive and risk-prone paper PIN mailers to secure electronic PIN delivery methods. Nets also wanted to simplify operational management, ease compliance and reduce complexity. Aconite PIN Manager is a highly secure PIN management system that delivers a range of features that can be combined or implemented individually to meet specific organisational requirements and priorities. The features of Aconite PIN Manager include electronic PIN delivery, PIN generation, secure PIN storage, PIN verification and synchronisation of EMV Offline PIN across cards and hosts.

TransCentra Expands Managed Billing and Payments Services

TransCentra announced that it has been selected by North American Power, one of the nation’s fastest-growing retail energy suppliers, to manage its billing and payments processing. The end-to-end, multichannel billing and payments processing solution will integrate services across the business, enabling North American Power to simplify and enhance billing and payment communication methods for more than 250,000 customers, while driving operational efficiencies. With operations currently in 11 markets, North American Power sought a solution that would transform its billing and payments model, meet regulatory compliance requirements in new markets, and provide the tools to address customer needs quickly and efficiently. TransCentra’s payment processing services include paper and electronic lockbox service, payment data management, A/R file consolidation and generation, and more.

doxo Platform to Boost mPayment

doxo digital file cabinet and e-payment has launched its “Connect QR Code” functionality for its providers, allowing businesses that are on doxo to immediately connect with mobile customers simply by featuring a Connect QR code on their documents. Customers can utilize the “Connect QR” code to immediately Connect with the provider on doxo, view the bill or statement, and make a payment, right from their mobile device. It comes “out of the box” with the doxo service as a means to help providers increase paperless adoption, and requires no software or IT services for a business on doxo to deploy. By scanning the QR code with an enabled mobile device, a customer is able to immediately connect with that provider, receive and view their bill into their personal digital file cabinet, and make a payment directly from their personal bank account with doxoPAY. Businesses need not have their own mobile sites or invest in building standalone apps to enable mobile billing and payments with doxo.

PacNet Payment Services to Exhibit at IRCE 2012

PacNet international payment processing Services plans to exhibit at Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition 2012 June 5 – 8 in Chicago. Providing a wide range of transaction processing services to electronic retailers and e-commerce professionals, PacNet is to offer attendees payment expert insight on questions and discuss how payment strategy can directly affect the bottom line when selling at home and abroad. International marketers can take advantage of the fact that PacNet offers cutting edge credit card processing in the national currencies of over 130 countries, local electronic payments for 58 countries (including USD ACH payments, Canadian dollar EFT payments, Pounds Sterling BACS payments, and Euro SEPA payments) and outgoing payments for 73 countries.

Datacard Allows Enterprise Bank to Issue Debit Cards

Enterprise Bank has selected the Datacard “CardWizard” issuance software and FCP 20/20 card printers to instantly issue debit cards to their consumer and business customers. The bank has installed the CardWizard issuance software and associated hardware in 19 banking locations throughout New Hampshire and Massachusetts. New customers who open a checking account with Enterprise Bank, as well as existing customers who need a replacement debit card, can simply walk into the branch and receive an unembossed personalized debit card in a matter of minutes. The new instant issuance program also enables Enterprise Bank customer’s to PIN and rePIN their debit cards at the branch locations.

AmEx & Chase Targeted Junk Mail Volume Scrutinized

ForestEthics and supporters sent a direct message to Chase and American Express at today’s annual ‘Card Forum and Expo’ at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach hotel: your junk mail hurts forests. An airplane flew the banner message “CREDIT CARD JUNK MAIL BY AMEX & CHASE HURTS FORESTS” back and forth repeatedly in plain view of the conference during its opening day. This is due in part to credit card companies having mailed 1.4 billion solicitations in 4Q/10, equating to about four credit card offers for every man, woman and child in the U.S. throughout the three month period, for which Chase, American Express and Citigroup were responsible for more than half.

Datacard Group Launches New Card Encoder for Banks

Datacard Group secure ID and card personalization solutions has made available the “SuperC.A.T.” II card encoder, allowing financial institutions to offer their cardholders PIN, re-PIN or activate their financial cards at branch locations instantly. The “SuperC.A.T.” II card encoder fits easily into branch operations and can encode printed or pre-embossed magnetic stripe, contact, contactless or EMV(R)-compliant debit, credit or ATM cards. If a customer receives a newly issued card, forgets their PIN, or their card gets lost, compromised or blocked, they can choose their own PIN, re-PIN their card or receive a newly activated card at any time.

3i Infotech and Zumbox Facilitate Electronic Billing Adoption

3i Infotech global information technology and business process outsourcing (BPO) company has forged agreements with Zumbox digital postal mail services, allowing 3i Infotech clients to send electronic bills and other customer communications via Zumbox. Among other valuable benefits, the partnership will assist 3i Infotech clients in driving electronic bill adoption, promoting print suppression and cutting costs. Especially for utilities, insurance, financial services companies and others who need to accommodate changing preferences in how customers choose to receive and pay their bills, the partnership is part of 3i Infotech’s expansion of its electronic billing and payment services. Zumbox archives and presents mail to consumers in a secure, central online environment, instead of on paper. Zumbox has created a digital mailbox for every street address in the United States, connecting large transactional, financial and government mailers to consumer households for the protected, on-time delivery of postal mail online.