Turkcell Teknoloji Best Contactless Mobile Transaction (NFC) Award

R&D and innovation base Turkcell Teknoloji has won the SIMagine award in the Best Contactless Mobile Transaction (NFC) Awards category. Turkcell “Cep-T Cüzdan” mobile wallet application that enables the secure installation of more than one credit card application on a single SIM card, was a world first developed by Turkcell Teknoloji. The “Cep-T Cüzdan” service makes NFC supported terminals credit cards with the introduction of this application. This lets customers load their MasterCard branded credit cards to their mobile phones and make contact-free transactions for onetime payment of up to TRY35 with no pin or signature.

Giesecke & Devrient Recognized With Frost & Sullivan Smart Card Award

Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) is the winner of Frost & Sullivan’s “2011 ICT Europe Smart Cards Service Company of the Year” award for having shown excellence in the development of hardware and software for smartcards over the previous year. The award was presented by the market research company Frost & Sullivan and an independent panel of distinguished international industry executives. Giesecke & Devrient’s Cards and Card Services segment grew 19.7% to reach 705 million euros in fiscal 2010.

Turkcell Implements OTI COPNI Mobile Payment for its NFC Program

Turkcell mobile network operator with over 33 million subscribers selected On Track Innovations contactless smart card solutions’ “COPNI” mobile payment solution for its NFC program for its “Turkcell Cep-T Cüzdan.” Turkcell has commenced a rollout of an NFC program, with initial focus on contactless payment applications that will enable to increase transaction flow and provide additional business, as well as strengthen even further Turkcell’s position as a leading technology and service provider for the Turkish market. OTI’s “COPNI” (Contactless Payment and NFC Insert) enables Turkcell’s own branded handset the T10 to support NFC functionality and contactless payment applications from major card associations. Following payment applications, other applications such as transportation, ticketing or loyalty will be available to Turkcell Cep-T Cüzdan subscribers by the end of the year, and customers will experience the real wallet concept with the convenience of their mobile equivalent.

BMO Forges Spend & Payment Alliance with IBM

BMO Spend & Payment Solutions has forged an alliance with IBM’s Managed Business Process unit to help joint clients control business travel and expense management costs, drive process and policy transformation, and improve compliance with corporate spend policies. The partnership benefits organizations with expense data from BMO and Diners Club corporate MasterCards. This reduces employee’s time and effort to submit expense reports and gives corporate travel managers improved visibility and control into travel and entertainment (T&E) spend. BMO Spend & Payment Solutions’ products are widely used by corporations, non-profit and government-sector organizations for commercial spending and payments visibility.

MosChip Launches Four Multi-Function PCI Express Chips

MosChip Semiconductor Technology high performance connectivity solutions has announced its “MCS99XX” multi-function “PCI Express” (PCIe) controller chipset consisting of four devices. The connectivity controller chips provide built in support to enable a variety of PCIe to multiple I/O (IO) connectivity options. Well-suited applications include connectivity for docking stations in popular media players; serial attached devices; serial networking / monitoring equipment; POS terminals; parallel / printer ports; add-on serial and / or parallel I/O cards; embedded systems I/O expansions; and industrial control, security, monitoring and PC applications. The MosChip fabless semiconductor company was founded in 1999 with headquarters and a design center in Hyderabad, India.


Tokyo Electron Device Limited has announced the release of the inrevium TB-6V-LX240T, LX365T, LX550T, and SX475T-PCIEXP series evaluation platforms fitted with Virtex-6 FPGAs from Xilinx.
The inrevium TB-6V- LX240T, LX365T, LX550T, and SX475T-PCIEXP make ideal evaluation platforms for the development of high-performance graphics engines for next-generation televisions and multi-function printers, or for the high-speed arithmetic processing found in high-performance computing applications. TED developed these new domain platforms in accordance with the Targeted Design Platform concept promoted by Xilinx and are fitted with the industry-standard FPGA mezzanine card connector that provides flexible support for a range of different external interfaces implemented on FMC daughter cards available from TED today in addition to providing a future-proof upgrade path as new interfaces are developed. Thus preserving the initial investment in the base board purchase. Using the platforms in conjunction with the supplied reference designs facilitates a significant reduction in the development workload required of complex FPGA designs hosting high-performance PCI Express applications, application software and similar tasks, resulting in customer end products being brought to market more quickly.

QuickLogic CSSPs Enhance SD Memory Card USB modems

QuickLogic Corporation’s “Customer Specific Standard Products” (CSSPs) are being adopted by Option Wireless in its “3G Cat9” (10.1 Mbps) and “Cat10” (14.4 Mbps) HSDPA USB modems for wireless communications over cellular networks. Option wireless technology focuses on the design, development and manufacture of innovative solutions that provide businesses and consumers with high-quality wireless broadband access to the Internet, anywhere, anytime. Its “iCON505M” series of 3G USB modems offer the ability to add up to 32 GB of micro SD memory to the modem to facilitate the sharing of downloaded content with Smartphones, Smartbooks, Netbooks, multimedia players and other consumer electronic devices, simplify the exchange of files between different PCs, or the transfer of images between digital cameras and a PC.


O2 has launched its “Pay & Go” tariff designed to offer customers
unlimited web access and unlimited texts. The “Text & Web” tariff is
especially for customers on the go, whom will only pay GBP30 a month,
unless they join prior to October 31 in which case they will pay only
GBP15. Regardless of the UK mobile operator they use, the subscribers
gets inclusive allowances for “Text & Web,” those who join between
September 15 and October 31 who top up between GBP10 and GBP14 a month
will get unlimited UK text messages while those who top up more than
GBP15 a month will get unlimited UK texts and web access. Those joining
after October 31 who top up between GBP10 and GBP14 a month get 300 UK
text messages, top up between GBP15 and GBP29 a month will get 500 UK
texts and unlimited UK web access, and those who top up over GBP 30 a
month will get unlimited UK texts and web access.


O2 and NatWest have teamed to issue two completely fee free pre-paid Visa cards. The new “O2 Money Visa” cards, to be available in mid-August, include the “Cash Manager Visa” and the “Load & Go Visa.” The “Load & Go Visa” is a cash management tool for consumers aged 13 and over. A letter will be sent to the parent or guardian of anyone under the age of 16, to inform them of the application for “Load & Go.” It cannot be used in certain retail outlets and websites, such as online gambling sites and real time text balance updates are provided to the
mobile phone every time the card is used. The “Cash Manager” can be loaded through regular or single online transfers. It is completely free of all fees and charges when used within the UK. Telefónica O2 UK Limited is a top communications company for consumers and businesses in the UK with 20.8 million mobile customers. NatWest was the first bank to offer customers the opportunity to activate their debit card from their mobile phone.


Digital security provider Gemalto and NFC platform specialist INSIDE
Contactless have introduced the new “Inside MicroRead NFC” chip
solution that complies with the latest ETSI
standards. The solution also meets the new GSM Association
“Pay-Buy-Mobile” mobile handset requirements based on the Single Wire
Protocol (SWP). The chip, combined with the
Gemalto latest “UpTeq” 300 m-NFC SIM card embarking a Common Criteria
EAL4+ security certified chip, gives handset makers and mobile operators
the first fully compliant, interoperable, full-speed SWP solution to
support proximity payments, transport and ticketing. To date, Gemalto
and Inside have participated in seven “Pay-Buy-Mobile”
pilot programs around the world.