India Millennials Take to Purchases via Mobile

India Millennials Take to Purchases via Mobile

A new report finds 67% of millennials in India purchased goods via their mobile device. For those who shop using their mobile device, they do so more frequently—and with lower transaction values—than non-millennials. ACI Worldwide inaugural Indian FinTech Commerce & Payment Study asked approximately 400 employees in the FinTech space about their shopping habits and payment preferences…

Alipay ePass

The number of Chinese consumers shopping U.S. brands online over the holiday season has increased 7 times over last year. Total sales from China-based consumers purchasing U.S. products through Alipay ePass increased 15 times versus last year.

King Cash Back

Among consumers that are currently in the market for a new credit card, 54% cite zero percent introductory rates as a feature that would prompt them to apply for a new credit card. Annual cash back rewards programs are cited by 50% of consumers, while 42% cite ID theft protection as a key motivator.

Holiday Spending

About a third of Americans say they either exclusively make holiday season purchases using credit cards (15%) or that they make more purchases on credit than they do using cash or debit cards (17%). Thirteen percent (13%) use each in equal measure, while roughly half (49%) say they use cash/debit either predominately (20%) or exclusively (29%).