Intellicheck Lands Patent for Biometrics

Intellicheck Lands Patent for Biometrics

Intellicheck Mobilisa has been awarded a U.S. Patent that governs the two-factor fingerprint biometric identity process that authenticates an identity card with embedded fingerprint biometric information and the live biometric information of a person presenting the card. The patent has sweeping implications because it covers the process at the heart of the leading biometric fingerprint…

Intellicheck Mobilisa to Exhibit at HITEC 2014

Intellicheck Mobilisa will exhibit at the 2014 Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference (HITEC 2014), offering demonstrations of the integration of the SaaS version of its ScanINN® check-in and ID-verification software. ScanINN automates the hotel registration and reservation process and makes it faster and more efficient. The ScanINN software enables hotel personnel to scan a guest’s ID card to process the information encoded on it, quickly and automatically filling in the electronic forms stored by the hotel’s computer. Compared to manual data entry, this automated procedure not only increases productivity, but also protects against data entry errors and reduces the risk of identity theft. The Company will also offer demonstrations of a variety of different hardware options for reading ID cards, and will also demonstrate its barZapp™ app for Android, iPhone and iPad. BarZapp is an ID-checking mobile app that allows a user’s smartphone to check an ID card.

Intellicheck Mobilisa Gets U.S. Patent

Intellicheck Mobilisa identity solutions and wireless security systems obtained a U.S. patent for a system that allows users to compare information contained on two or more forms of ID cards. As Intellicheck Mobilisa’s 19th U.S. or foreign patent issued, it further strengthens the Company’s intellectual property. The system’s components include a document reader that can identify various data fields from a driver’s license, passport, credit card, benefit card, military ID card, government-issued ID card or bank card. Specifically, the reader can identify the bearer’s first name, last name, middle initial or name, date of birth, social security number, driver’s license number, address, state of issuance of document, and date of issuance of the document. The two ID cards are intelligently compared field by field and the system provides a match/no match result or can provide an overall score using intelligent matching algorithms, that compare closeness to match and importance of field.

Intellicheck Mobilisa Obtains U.S. Patent for Enhanced ID Check Technology That Verifies Age and Displays Sample ID for Reference

Intellicheck Mobilisa wireless security systems obtained a U.S. patent for a technology that reads the information encoded on an ID card, authenticates and displays the bearer’s birthdate, and also displays a sample reference image of the ID just scanned to assist in the authentication process. This is Intellicheck Mobilisa’s 17th patent issued. The new patent builds on the Company’s existing ID Check technology that can instantly read, parse, compare and display encoded data from the barcodes on government-issued IDs. Intended to prevent the sale of age-restricted items to underage buyers, it provides the user with a readout that displays the age of the ID card bearer and verifies the card’s expiration date. A “license background graphic” shows the user a sample image of what the ID just scanned should look like. The technology currently includes sample images of driver licenses from every U.S. state and Canadian province.

Intellicheck Mobilisa Launches barZapp mApp for Android

Intellicheck Mobilisa identity solutions and wireless security systems launched an Android version of barZapp ID-checking mobile app. With it, smartphones can be used to check an ID card. An introductory version is available in the Google App Store for $1.99 and offers users 10 scans per day once a free account has been created at this link. Unlimited scans are available for a paid subscription of $9.95 per month for the barZapp Pro version. barZapp for Android requires Android Version 2.3.3 or higher. With this launch, barZapp is now available on both the Google and Apple App Stores. With barZapp, users can aim their smartphone’s camera at the barcode on a driver’s license to instantly read and verify the encoded information and display the results”including the bearer’s name, date of birth, ID expiration and ID number.

Intellicheck Mobilisa Forges New Distribution Agreement

Intellicheck Mobilisa announced a distribution and partnership agreement with a leading financial services corporation for its “ID Risk Check.” This latest partnership agreement permits “ID Risk Check” to be incorporated into over 14,000 retailers’ POS systems. Developed specifically to meet the needs of fraud and loss prevention in retail applications, Intellicheck Mobilisa’s ” ID-Check” driver license scanning technology is incorporated and distributed as an integral component of “ID Risk Check” and will be available to all divisions of the financial services corporation for use and sale in their numerous financial risk management applications.

Intellicheck Mobilisa Awarded U.S. Patent

Intellicheck Mobilisa access control and wireless security systems has been issued U.S. Patent No. 7,860,318 relating to a document comparison system. The issuance of the ‘318 patent brings Intellicheck Mobilisa’s current portfolio to 8 U.S., 2 Canadian and 1 U.K. patents, as well as additional U.S. and International patent applications pending. The issuance of the ‘318 patent relates to a system and method for comparing information contained in at least two documents. Like information on different documents is compared to determine whether the information is the same on each document. For instance, a name contained on an individual’s driver’s license is automatically compared with a name contained on the individual’s airline boarding pass.

Port of Houston Buys Intellicheck Mobilisa TWIC Readers

Port of Houston, Texas purchased the Intellicheck Mobilisa access control and wireless security “TWIC” readers. The Port of Houston is the busiest port in the United States in terms of foreign tonnage, second-busiest in the United States in terms of overall tonnage, and sixteenth-busiest in the world. As of early September, over 124,000 TWIC credentials had been activated in the Houston metropolitan area. The Transportation Worker Identity Credential, or TWIC, program is a Transportation Security Administration and U.S. Coast Guard initiative to provide tamper-resistant biometric identification cards to port facility workers.