Walmart Upgrades to MoneyGram's MTaaS platform

Walmart Upgrades to MoneyGram’s MTaaS platform

MoneyGram and Walmart have beefed-up their online money transfer platform with the new MTaaS platform powered by MoneyGram. The new platform offers customers new features and a streamlined experience when sending money through  The upgraded site is built on MoneyGram’s MTaaS platform (Money Transfer as a Service).   MTaaS extends the same innovative and convenient…

Digital Money the Emerging Driver for MoneyGram

Digital Money the Emerging Driver for MoneyGram

MoneyGram continues to recover from the loss of the Walmart account and posted a strong first quarter (1Q/16). Digital money transfer transactions increased 23% year-on-year (YOY) and digital money transfer revenue grew 31% YOY. MoneyGram 1Q/16 gross revenues climbed 8.4% year-on-year (YOY) to $358.4 million, compared to $376.7 million for 4Q/15 and $330.6 million for…

MoneyGram Plus Card

UK Post Office Launches New MoneyGram Plus Card

MoneyGram and the UK Post Office have introduced a new “MoneyGram Plus” card program to enhance the customer experience, saving time and making transactions even more convenient. “MoneyGram Plus” allows both the sender and receiver information to be stored in the MoneyGram system, thereby simplifying the process for repeat transactions. MoneyGram and Post Office Limited…

HyperWallet & MoneyGram Expand Relationship

HyperWallet & MoneyGram Expand Relationship

Hyperwallet and MoneyGram are expanding their partnership via Hyperwallet’s new, comprehensive API integration. Users will be able to pick up their earnings at thousands of worldwide MoneyGram locations within just minutes of submitting their request. Hyperwallet’s relationship with MoneyGram began in early 2015. The partnership enables users of the Hyperwallet platform to request cash pickups…

Bitcoin Disruption

The Bitcoin disruption to Western Union and Xoom paradigms are real as Bitcoin continues to thrive. Bypassing the expensive fees and onerous regulatory requirements of international correspondent banking channels, the backbone of global money transmission today, Bitcoin-backed remittance evangelists claim they will both do good and make a profit.

LendUp & MoneyGram Announce Partnership

LendUp inked two service agreements with MoneyGram and will enable real-time offline payments for loans issued by LendUp using MoneyGram’s ExpressPayment Service® at 39,000 agent locations in the United States. By connecting LendUp’s mobile platform with MoneyGram’s extensive agent network, borrowers now have another convenient option for loan repayment. MoneyGram’s ExpressPayment Service is the first of several new products that will be available to LendUp borrowers as a result of this collaboration. In the future, LendUp and MoneyGram expect to introduce products and services that make access to credit products through LendUp quicker and more convenient, as well new payment services valued by LendUp customers.