Radicchio Adds 11

Eleven more members have joined Radicchio, the global industry initiative promoting security in wireless e-commerce: AU-SYSTEM, BROKAT Infosystems, CMG Finance, Graphium Danmark, Heyde, Netlife, Oberthur, Omnitel, Secunet, Swisskey and Tantau.

The members will elect the Radicchio Advisory Board at the second members’ meeting planned for 16 March in Munich. In the meantime, interim working groups of members are focusing on key issues, including: marketing of PKI; SIM cards/card technology; registration issues in worldwide PKI; the regulatory and legal environment for digital signatures and PKI; and best practices/showcases.

“With such a strong and diverse membership, Radicchio is already recognised as the mobile industry voice of PKI. Radicchio will definitely be the driving force for common PKI standards that make transactions over a mobile device secure,” said Stefan Engel-Flechsig, Sonera SmartTrust’s contact for Radicchio. “Our members recognise that the industry has to work together to reap the full rewards from the mobile commerce revolution.”

Promoting PKI based security

Launched in September 1999 with Sonera SmartTrust, Gemplus and EDS (Electronic Data Systems) as initial members, and with the support of Ericsson, Radicchio was created to enable a dynamic global market for secure wireless e-commerce. As a consortium of the industry’s leading wireless e-commerce companies, Radicchio will persuade international organisations and government bodies of the importance of supporting security in global mobile e-commerce and of taking into account the growth potential of mobile e-commerce when drafting new legislation.

Worldwide co-operation and leadership

Radicchio is well on its way to becoming the worldwide industry voice and authority for PKI enabled secure wireless e-commerce. The members include certification authorities, mobile operators, systems integrators, device manufacturers, software companies, financial institutions, smart card manufacturers and telecom infrastructure companies.

Radicchio continues to recruit members to support this global initiative. Companies and organisations interested in membership should visit Radicchio’s website at [www.radicchio.org][1].

Members’ Information

New members


“AU-SYSTEM has a long experience of helping clients pioneer secure Internet and mobile solutions for banking and stock-trading. We see the Radicchio initiative as a key enabler for secure wireless Internet solutions and an important step towards unified electronic commerce from all kinds of devices,” said Anders Cedervall, Executive Vice President of AU-SYSTEM.

Anders Cedervall, Executive Vice President

BROKAT Infosystems AG [www.brokat.com][2]

CMG Finance B.V.

“CMG is amongst others providing Wireless Banking ICT-services in the Financial Arena. The industry initiative Radicchio adds to CMG’s vision that common PKI standards are a necessity to make Wireless Commerce successful,” says Rob Blans, Sector Director CMG Finance. “We are very pleased to become a member of Radicchio and look forward to working with other members towards a secure wireless Internet environment.”

Helen Hosman, Corporate Communications Manager

Graphium Danmark

“Graphium Danmark are looking forward to joining the international forum for securing mobile wireless e-commerce together with the global industry leaders,” said Thomas Knudss0n, Vice President of Graphium Danmark.

Thomas Knudsson, Vice President

Heyde AG

“For us, membership of Radicchio enables early access to all future trends in this area,” said Matthias Sohler, Member of the Management Board.

Joachim Fleing, Investor Relations

Netlife AG

“We’re proud that Netlife – a global provider of e-business solutions for e-brokerage, Internet payment and mobile commerce – can count itself among the selected “initial members” of Radicchio,” said Claus Muller, CEO and Chairman of Netlife AG. “With our solutions for mobile handsets, we’ll make a decisive contribution to wireless e-commerce and to the success of Radicchio”.

Andrea von Buchholtz, Public Relations Manager


“Oberthur is strongly committed to open standards and believes Radicchio is essential to the advancement and global acceptance of wireless e-commerce,” said Product Manager for Wireless Applications Guido Mangiagalli. “Along with other Radicchio members, we look forward to developing and maintaining the highest e-commerce standards and real interoperability to ensure the most universal and secure environment,”

Guido Mangiagalli, Wireless Applications Product Manager

Omnitel Pronto Italia S.p.A.

“The GSM phone has become part of our everyday life, particularly in Italy, and we are proud to be part of this change. Omnitel’s results are achieved by giving the highest possible level of attention to our customer’s needs.” said Valerio Zingarelli, Chief Technical Officer. “The incredible success of GSM in Italy is driving Omnitel towards further enhancing its services, with mobile phones playing a fundamental role in accessing e-services (such as stock trading, ticketing and mobile banking). Security is a critical issue in developing these services. Omnitel believes that the Radicchio initiative is an opportunity for the industry to accelerate the issue of European standards and to create interoperable trusted PKI infrastructures.”

Franco Angelini, Manager of Value Added Services of Network Department

Secunet AG

“Electronic business needs support for strong authentication and privacy. This is even more true for wireless commerce. Security infrastructures are the ideal candidate to establish the trust required by consumers, suppliers and service providers” says Michael Gehrke, Member of the Board of Management Sales at Secunet, “As the market leader for security services in Germany committed to vendor neutral consultancy and customized security solutions, we are looking forward to participating in the Radicchio initiative promoting these ideas.”

Matthias Besch, Manager E-Commerce


“We at Swisskey are convinced that Radicchio is the organization to drive wireless secure applications with digital certificates. We see traditional smartcards as a good technical solution to handle digital certificates but the lack of PC integration will make the deployment very slow and expensive. Mobile phones represent the perfect alternative to avoid this bottle neck and will soon become the real personal security device enabling safe and successful e-business.”,” said Christian Graber CEO of Swisskey.

Christian Graber, CEO


“The unprecedented volume of wireless transactions will define new requirements for the secure transmission of data between users and enterprises. TANTAU’s Wireless Internet Platform offers this security and enables an enterprise to take full advantage of high volume transactions without sacrificing scalability or a direct link to the customer,” said John Sims, president and CEO of TANTAU Software, Inc. “TANTAU has joined Radicchio because we are committed to providing vital security technology to enterprises for high-volume m-commerce applications.”

John Sims, President and CEO

Existing members

724 Solutions Across Wireless AB Baltimore Technologies Certicom CYLINK Corporation Diversinet Corp. EDS Entrust Technologies Ericsson Gemplus Geoworks Corporation Giesecke & Devrient Gray Cell Inc. iD2 Technologies Infineon Technologies InterClear Service

Ltd Lucent Technologies MasterCard International Minick AG – part of the Distefora information movement Mitsui & Co., Ltd mobile solutions AG Mobile Telephone Networks – MTN NTT DATA Corporation Redknee.com Inc. Saraide Schlumberger Setec Siemens AG Sonera SmartTrust Synamic Limited TC TrustCenter Texas Instruments VeriSign, Inc. Virgin Mobile Visa International Vodafone AirTouch

[1]: http://www.radicchio.org/
[2]: http://www.brokat.com/


The global initiative to unleash the potential of wireless e-commerce added sixteen new members Tuesday including VISA and MasterCard. Radicchio members now include 28 companies committed to promoting ‘Public Key Infrastructure’ or ‘PKI’ solutions for secure transactions over wireless networks. Launched last Sept., Radicchio’s most recent members include Across Wireless AB, Baltimore Technologies, CYLINK Corp., Entrust Technologies, Gray Cell Inc., iD2 Technologies, Lucent Technologies, MasterCard International, Mobile Telephone Networks, NTT DATA Corp., Saraide, Synamic Limited, VeriSign Inc., Virgin Mobile, VISA International and Vodafone Airtouch. Initial members included Sonera SmartTrust, Gemplus and EDS. Radicchio is the also exclusive sponsor of the conference “Wireless E-Commerce – Clearing the Road for Global Expansion,” which gets underway tomorrow at the Olympia Conference Centre in London.