Parking Boxx Integrates EMV Payment Gateway

Parking BOXX announced today their partnership with CreditCall. Parking BOXX will use CreditCall’s EMV-ready payment gateway in the Parking BOXX gated, multi-space, pay-by-phone, cashier and citation parking systems. The systems will be installed across North America with sites already live. CreditCall’s industry-leading card payment solutions are available across multiple channels, including-Multi-Space, Pay-on-Foot, Smartphone and web-based parking in the UK, USA and Canada. The company processes credit and debit card payments securely from unattended parking machines, as well as from phone-based and online parking reservation systems.

Digital Payment Intros Parking Pay Stations

Digital Payment Technologies parking technology and solutions has sold its “65 LUKE” multi-space parking pay stations to the City of San Buenaventura (Ventura), California. DPT was chosen for its environmentally-sustainable solar powered solution, integration with third-party enforcement and citation processing solutions and industry-leading customer service and support. Additional factors involved with the selection include the aesthetically-pleasing design of the “LUKE” paystations, and the user-friendly interface featuring graphical color screens, receipt distribution and convenient payment options for consumers. Ventura is planning to add mobile phone payment capabilities that will increase convenience for consumers and help the city manage parking more efficiently.


Parcxmart Technologies and J.J. MacKay Parking Meters have signed
collaborative agreements to integrate parking meters with a smart-card
payment solution. Namely, MacKay’s Guardian XL and XLE Series
Parking Meter Mechanisms, Guardian Multi and MacKay’s Black Box
are to be integrated with the Parcxmart electronic smartcard payment
system providing convenience for parking customers. Additionally, the
platform generates, collects and processes revenue collected from the
meters. Parcxmart smart cards are loadable up to $500 through POS
terminals over a network of local merchants. Parcxmart Technologies
provides smart card payment programs over its payment network
while J.J. MacKay Canada Limited/MacKay Meters manufactures
electronic parking meter mechanisms and management software.

Peppercoin to Power Detroit Parking Meters

Peppercoin’s Small Payment Suite and parking solution provider Duncan Solutions have partnered to let drivers in Detroit pay for on-street parking with their credit or debit cards. Detroit recently replaced old, traditional parking meters with 175 new multi-space meters, covering nearly 1,225 parking spots. Each of the new multispace meters will cover up to 10 parking spaces and it is estimated that Detroit motorists will generate 300,000 credit and debit card transactions in the first year of deployment. This is one of the largest deployments of parking paystations that accept credit cards in the United States.

Peppercoin Heads into Parking Meters

Duncan Solutions and Peppercoin have partnered to bring new features to multi-space parking pay stations via Peppercoin’s expertise in small ticket credit and debit card transaction processing. These pay stations reduce costs and street clutter by handling up to 10 parking spaces on a single meter. Duncan Solutions, Inc. is the largest company of its kind offering a single source for single, multispace and in-car parking meters, parking citation issuance handheld computers, citation processing and debt collection services. Peppercoin is a small payments technology company transforming routine card transactions into new revenue opportunities.

PPI and MacKay Meters Team for Parking

Payment Processing and MacKay Meters have teamed to offer a custom gateway for integrated credit card payment processing. The PPI gateway integration provides MacKay Meters with technology to ensure that all transactions are PCI compliant and provides all necessary data encryption requirements. This credit card payment solution is being implemented in multi-space parking meters across the US and Canada. PPI says it is on track to process in excess of $3 billion in VISA and MasterCard payments.

Parkeon Powers the NYC Muni-Meter Pilot

Parkeon, f/k/a Schlumberger e-City, says the New York City Department of Transportation is using 260 Parkeon pay and display parking meters equipped to accept payment cards for a six-month pilot. Each “Muni-Meter” in the study area has been upgraded with the installation of a wireless data network modem and software that connects the meters to Parkeon’s “EPSUM Payment Server” that processes and authorizes credit card payments in real-time. They have also been outfitted with instructional decals and fliers are being distributed to educate the public about the new payment alternative. Parkeon says in the past 18 months, a number of other major U.S. cities have installed pay and display machines with credit card payment facilities and have seen parking revenues increase by up to 40%, on a like-for-like basis. In some cases, up to 60% of all transactions are being completed with credit cards. The NYC pilot launched November 21st. Last year the City introduced 1,100 single space parking meters in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens with the capability to accept payments made with the NYC “Pre-Paid Parking Card.” (CF Library 11/18/05)

Parking Payment System to Snag Non-Payers

A Canadian firm is launching a trial of a self-enforcing parking meter that provides cash and card payment options. Vancouver-based Photo Violation Technologies will pilot its patented “PhotoViolationMeter” next month. The system uses a combination of sensors, photography and wireless technology to detect non-payers. The system also offers a “No-Fine” option, “Grace Periods” and “Instant Notifications.” Access to all functionalities will be available via the Internet.

Cards Drive Parking Revenues Up by 40%+

NJ-based Parkeon reports that U.S. cities are seeing on-street parking revenues increase by up to 40% when they replace single space parking meters with solar-powered, multi-space pay and display terminals that accept credit cards as well as cash. Credit card purchases have accounted for nearly half of the five million transactions processed by the City of Seattle’s new multi-space, pay-and-display parking terminals since the first machines were installed in April 2004. Also, one mid-West city said the value of its card transactions is averaging $2.50 against cash payments of just over $1. Parkeon says experience shows that drivers boost parking revenues when using a card, as they are more likely to purchase the maximum time permitted. The Company also noted that carded parking payments are “Card Present” transactions, and therefore no losses are incurred in the unlikely event of card fraud.

Parcxmart Smart Card Goes Live in San Jose

The Parcxmart smart card payment platform has gone live in stores in the Japantown section of San Jose, California, enabling merchants to load value onto these cards using VeriFone “Omni 3750” POS terminals for in-store purchases and to integrate for future use to make parking meter and garage payments. Parcxmart is an electronic payments company specializing in smart card payment solutions, with its initial focus on municipal parking operations and local merchant communities.

Parking Payments

Schlumberger Smart Cards and Terminals has delivered solar-powered “Pay & Display” multi-space parking terminals to the City of Miami. The “Stelio” and “DGLine” terminal package includes the new “ParkfolioWeb” service. “ParkfolioWeb” enables the city to monitor its parking terminals with a PC equipped with an Internet connection and a standard browser. Credit card transactions are collected on-line, equipment status and alarms are reported in real time, and all financial and statistical information is permanently available via dynamic reports. Schlumberger systems control more than two million parking spaces in more than 3,000 cities and 40 countries. The company currently has an installed base of over 5,000 units controlling over 100,000 spaces in cities across the US and Canada.

Parking Payments

Off-street beachfront and marina parking in Los Angeles County has gone high tech with the deployment of SchlumbergerSema solar powered parking payment terminals. Under the SchlumbergerSema solution, the motorist will be able to pay for parking using coin, currency and credit cards. replacing lot attendants and the unsecured honor boxes. A motorist who wishes to park in a beach lot will be able to purchase a ticket from a SchlumbergerSema unit located in the lot and display the ticket behind their windshield. To access a marina lot, the motorist will pay at the gated unit, providing them access to marina parking. Since the parking terminals have wireless communication capabilities, they are able to transmit every payment event to the SchlumbergerSema centrally managed “Parkfolio IT” platform, which then processes the data and redirects the relevant information back to LA County, in real time. This data management feature offers the county the ability to monitor the status of their equipment via the Web on a twenty-four-by-seven basis. SchlumbergerSema has an installed base of more than 5,000 units controlling approximately 150,000 spaces in cities across the United States and Canada.