Personal Smart Card Reader

Kopin Corp, Gemplus, and Motorola rolled-out a jointly developed, pager-size, high-resolution, personal smart card reader. Designed for mobile convenience, versions of this low cost personal smart card reader based on Kopin’s CyberDisplay technology, are suitable for viewing computer style text, graphics and digital photographs, anywhere, day or night.


DataCard unveiled a new card issuance solution designed for low-volume, centralized applications. DataCard WinLec card issuance software allows financial institutions and service bureaus to use DataCard’s mid- and low-volume card personalization systems to issue batches of credit, debit or stored value cards. The WinLec software drives a variety of DataCard card personalization systems, including the DataCard 280 Series System and the new DataCard 150i Instant Issuance System. The software allows these systems to accept the same batch data that is used for the DataCard 9000 and 7000 Series Systems.

LEO and PayCard Demo

ORGA Kartensysteme GmbH, will be showcasing a host of new applications for its innovative technology at CardTech/SecurTech ’98 in Washington, DC next week. ORGA will discuss and demonstrate its LEO (Loyalty and Electronic Purse) System to offer merchants worldwide a customized, fraud-resistant smart card payment and loyalty system they can use to attract new customers.  Because it has been designed as an open specification architecture, LEO should be able to utilize a diverse range of industry-available terminals, host computers and chip cards.  ORGA will also demonstrate Internet application.  There will be demonstrations of the company’s new “Paycard,” a smart card that features the best elements of both contact and contactless technologies, as well as a new biometric fingerprinting system for security/access control.

Official CTST Conf Card

Giesecke & Devrient America, Inc. (G&D America), a world leader in the development and production of cards and card systems was selected by CardTech/SecurTech (CTST) to provide the official conference smart card for the world’s most prestigious card and security technology trade event which will take place April 27-30 at the Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C.

G&D America’s CTST Conference Card

The multi-application CTST Conference Smart Card uses both contact and contactless technologies as well as a conventional magnetic stripe. G&D America is providing all conference cards for the show which is expected to attract 10,000 visitors from more than 70 nations.

The CTST card incorporates G&D’s highly regarded STARCOS(R) operating system for contact applications and utilizes a MIFARE(R) chip for contactless applications. In integrating a broad range of conference functions, the card provides an electronic purse capability for vending machine and merchant use, and sophisticated customer lead tracking data for exhibitor use. The cards will also be used by seminar attendees for lunches and to pick up conference proceedings.

Product Demonstrations at CardTech/SecurTech Conference at Booth No. 1620

G&D will showcase its new [email protected](TM) Java(TM) Card and development toolkit, which provides an integrated and easy-to-use Java Card 2.0 compliant programming environment. [email protected] smart cards can be used in a wide range of smart card applications including secure payment, telecommunications, multimedia, and transportation. In addition, G&D America will present a variety of other contact and contactless smart card technologies including:

Electronic purse applications:

— G&D’s STARCOS SV(R) multi-application operating system in a first-ever demonstration of multi-currency Visa(R) Cash purchase transactions over the Internet.

— G&D’s ICAROS(R) intelligent card operating system supporting the PROTON(TM) electronic purse.

— Mondex(TM) cards in a variety of purchase applications. (G&D Security Card Systems is one of a select group of manufacturers certified for all aspects of Mondex card production including fabrication, personalization, enablement, and customization.)

Loyalty and Biometric Applications:

— Multi-retailer loyalty cards in cooperation with Score Promotions. A flexible, scaleable loyalty server will be demonstrated that is ideal for coalition marketing programs.

— G&D cards used with fingerprint recognition from American Biometrics to secure personal computer user access.

Contactless smart card technologies:

— G&D’s LOCO-LOCK(R), an innovative, ruggedized contactless technology developed for high-speed rail applications.

— G&D’s MIFARE(R), LEGIC(R), and OTI(TM) contactless technologies.

GSM SIM card applications:

— G&D’s STARSIM(R) Phase 2+ multi-application SIM operating system, including the commands and features of the STARSIM Development Toolkit.

Card dispenser:

— The G&D Smart Card Dispensing Machine (SCDM) with special commemorative prepaid telephone cards from the Global Chip Card Alliance/US West and GTE.


Giesecke & Devrient GmbH is a world leader in the development and production of cards and card systems, including microprocessor, memory, and magnetic stripe cards. A privately-held Munich-based corporation, Giesecke & Devrient employs 4,300 people worldwide in its operating units in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Mexico, China, Russia, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, Canada, and the United States.

The rapidly expanding G&D America manages over 900 employees and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Giesecke and Devrient. The Virginia-based company focuses its North American sales and development efforts on products for Giesecke & Devrient’s Card and Card Systems Division and its pioneering currency processing systems which are used by major central banks and leading commercial banks throughout the world.

G&D’s integrated North American Cards and Card Systems strategy links Giesecke & Devrient Cardtech, Inc. of Cleveland, OH with Giesecke & Devrient Security Card Systems, Inc., Toronto, ON and Giesecke y Devrient de Mexico S.A. de C.V., Mexico City, which permits G&D to address the full spectrum of card applications ranging from magnetic stripe cards to advanced multi-application smart card environments. The combined production capacities of the three s gives G&D one of the largest capacities of any North American card and card systems manufacturer. In addition to these production facilities, G&D America also operates research facilities in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Bedford, Massachusetts. For further information, please contact G&D America toll free at 800-296-4371 or see the Giesecke & Devrient GmbH web at [][1]

[1]: http://

Army Smart Cards

Gemplus announced Friday its participation in the first system combining a stored value application with biometric security on a single smart card. Gemplus has committed to supply 20,000 smart cards for a pilot program at Ft. Sill in which Army recruits entering basic training will receive cards carrying their fingerprints and loaded with $200 to $260 in salary advances to cover their initial expenses.  The last of three stored value applications being tested at Army bases by the Treasury Department’s Financial Management Service, the Ft. Sill project is meant to demonstrate that stored money on smart cards will save trainees, vendors and accountants the hours of paperwork currently consumed processing cash purchases on the base.

Gemplus Expands Exec Team

Gemplus today announced that it has named Michael Crosno and Donna Jeker, two highly-experienced technology executives, to its senior management team in Silicon Valley. Mr. Crosno and Ms. Jeker will work together to develop and execute an IT-focused sales and marketing strategy for Gemplus.

Mr. Crosno steps in as executive vice president of sales for North America. He joins Gemplus from Eastman Kodak, where he was general manager and vice president of the $450 million Americas business imaging systems division. Mr. Crosno’s experience also includes executive positions at ViewStar and Computer Associates International.

Donna Jeker, vice president of strategic marketing and alliances for North and Latin America, will oversee strategy, marketing, and global technology partnerships. Ms. Jeker’s professional background includes senior positions at Sybase, Neuron Data, and DataMind.

“We are delighted to have Michael and Donna join our company,” said Dominique Trempont, president of Gemplus Americas and Information Technology Products Group worldwide. “They are world class professionals who clearly understand where smart cards fit in the electronic payment and Information Technology market. They bring sharp execution skills to ensure that Gemplus continues to be the leader in this business.”

About Gemplus

Gemplus () is the world’s leading provider of conventional and smart card-based solutions. Gemplus sells magnetic stripe cards, memory and microprocessor-based smart cards, smart contactless cards, electronic tags and smart objects. The company designs and markets software, development tools and readers. Gemplus also provides consulting, training and personalization services to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive and flexible card-based solutions to its developers, distributors, partners, and customers.

With sales of over US$585 million in 1997, Gemplus employs more than 4,100 people, in ten manufacturing facilities, five R&D centers and 41 sales and marketing offices located in 27 countries around the world. Founded in 1988, Gemplus has successfully implemented portable and secure smart card-based solutions to simplify applications such as public and wireless communications, financial transactions, loyalty, transportation, education, healthcare, identity, access control, pay TV, electronic commerce, Internet security, and information technology.

Personalizing Smart Cards

John H. Stearns, CEO of fast-growing software startup UbiQ Inc., will delve into a critical industry topic at the CardTech/SecurTech conference on Monday, April 27 in Washington, D.C. His presentation, entitled “Smart Card Personalization in the World of Multi-Application Cards and Interoperability,” is part of the conference’s Smart Card Foundations Workshop from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Stearns is a smart card industry veteran and has served on international standards committees. Before co-founding UbiQ, he was EVP of operations at DataCard Corporation for eight years, where he was the primary architect of the company’s worldwide new product and business development activities. The text of Stearns’ talk will be posted on UbiQ’s web site after his presentation.

CardTech/SecurTech () is the world’s leading card and security technology conference and exposition, with more than 8500 professionals from 70 nations attending. It is being held at the Washington DC Convention Center.

UbiQ Inc. () is a privately held software firm that has developed proprietary, patent-pending technology for high-volume smart card personalization. It was founded in 1994 and is based in suburban Minneapolis, Minn. (The company’s name is short for “ubiquitous,” a reference to the rapid proliferation of smart cards worldwide.) UbiQ’s mission is to be the highest value integrator in the smart card issuance process, reducing the time and cost necessary for secure, faultless “mass” card issuance. The company’s worldwide customers include smart card issuers such as American Express and member institutions of the Visa, Mastercard, and Mondex networks. It has relationships with card service bureaus, smart card manufacturers, and card personalization and printing equipment manufacturers. Markets or applications targeted by UbiQ include electronic commerce, Internet, travel and entertainment, stored-value cards, pay phone, digital wireless and GSM, national ID cards, and healthcare.

UbiQ’s web site features extensive information about smart cards, personalization, and interoperability, and has links to many other smart card sites worldwide. UbiQ is a registered trademark of UbiQ Inc. and UbiQlink, UbiQware, UbiQard, and UbiQlite are trademarks.

Segmenting Internet Users

The Yankee Group formally released NetMigration, what the first is calling the first Internet segmentation that both accounts for consumers’ evolving use of the Internet, and attaches an economic value to each phase of their evolution. Browsers, Engagers, Private Transactors, and Engaged Transactors. Engaged Transactors account for roughly 6% of the United States’ 44 million PC households, and represents the most valuable on-0line customer, with expected monthly revenues form advertising and commerce as much as four times that of the other segments. The segments are defined by a consumer’s current on-line states, their predisposition to offer information about themselves for gain, and their use of “value-centric” applications such as shopping, on-line trading, home banking, and on-line travel booking.

Fast Latin Cards

DataCard Corporation introduced a self-service card issuance solution Monday which will allow retail banking consumers to acquire ATM, debit and stored-value cards by using simple touch-screen controls. The new self-service solution is designed specifically for the Latin American market. Key features will include simple touch-screen controls, full-color electronic message displays, highly reliable card personalization systems and rugged, yet attractive housings that can be customized to fit each bank’s branding and identity strategies. The card personalization component will offer graphics printing, magnetic stripe encoding and smart card personalization capabilities.

DataCard to use SentriNET

DataCard Corporation Friday announced its intent to integrate SentriNET network authentication products from Mission Data Systems, Ltd. with its new line of security solutions for corporations, government agencies and other enterprises.

The announcement was made today at Novell’s Brainshare Conference, where Mission Data received the annual “Most Innovative Application Using Novell’s NDS” award. The SentriNET products use Novell Directory Services (NDS) and unique personal identifiers –such as finger and hand imaging–to authenticate users and control access to networks.

DataCard plans to incorporate the SentriNET products with its own line of identification and authentication technologies to create new security solutions that help enterprises protect physical and intellectual property.

“Our new solutions will provide corporations, government agencies and other enterprises with a security solution that bridges the gap between physical and data security,” said John Doyle, vice president of DataCard’s secure enterprise group.

“Our relationship with Mission Data provides us with an innovative and proven platform for this new line of enterprise security solutions,” Doyle said. “We’re very pleased to be working with Mission Data and we look forward to accomplishing great things with them.”

“The two companies offer perfectly complementary technologies, so it’s a natural relationship,” said John Dallaway, Mission Data’s managing director. “By combining our expertise in NDS with DataCard’s expertise in digital imaging, biometrics and smart cards, we can bring important new solutions to enterprise security–solutions the industry has needed for a long time.”

Mission Data Systems, Ltd. is a software house based in Kidderminster, England, which specializes in the development and integration of applications and software for corporate networks. Many of the company’s security solutions incorporate innovative biometrics technologies and applications.

DataCard Corporation, a privately held company based in Minneapolis, Minn., provides customers around the world with fully integrated solutions for a variety of financial, identification and healthcare applications. In addition to turnkey solutions, the company offers complete lines of transaction systems, digital photo ID systems and printers, and card personalization systems. ()