VISA Launches its First Regional Initiative

VISA International has launched “Experience Surabaya 2004” to expand card acceptance, boost inbound tourism and drive economic growth through increased retail spending. “Experience Surabaya” will promote the city as the preferred destination during the school holidays to VISA’s customer base of more than six million debit and credit cardholders across the nation. Currently, there are around 2,300 active merchants in Surabaya that accept VISA cards for payment. Through the “Experience Surabaya” program, VISA expects to boost the number of merchant locations to 3,000 by end of this year with a focus on growing electronic card acceptance terminals. “Experience Surabaya,” which runs from June 25 to August 22,is
VISA’s first regional initiative in Indonesia to help expand electronic payments across the country geographically, and enhance the electronic payments infrastructure for inbound tourists and local VISA cardholders.


Bank Danamon Indonesia has launched Euronet’s “Mobile Recharge” with all major mobile operators in Indonesia for both credit
and debit cards. Bank Danamon’s has approximately 1.25 million debit and credit cardholders. Euronet has connections with all four major Indonesian mobile operators, including Satelindo, Telkomsel, Excelcomindo and IM3, that combined represent more than 9.4 million customers. Euronet offers these services through a joint venture called Euronet Sigma Nusantara, which authorizes and processes the mobile transactions at ESN’s local data center in Jakarta. ESN performs daily settlements and reconciliation among all participants, including the banks and mobile operators. Euronet owns 80% of ESN.


Citibank Indonesia has launched the Euronet “Mobile Recharge” service with payment connections for the four major mobile operators. Consumers are able to replenish prepaid airtime directly to their prepaid mobile phone through Satelindo, Telkomsel and Excelcomindo. IM3 is expected to launch by June. Satelindo has 2.4 million customers; Telkomsel has 5.0 million customers; Excelcomindo has 1.6 million customers; and, IM3 has 400,000 customers. By selecting Euronet’s “Mobile Recharge” service, Citibank has enabled approximately 1.4 million active cardholders to perform recharge transactions from their mobile phones.


Euronet Worldwide and Satelindo, an Indonesian mobile operator,
announced an agreement that will enable Satelindo’s consumers to purchase
Mentari-branded prepaid airtime directly from their mobile phones.
The agreement was signed by Euronet Sigma Nusantara, a joint venture company
between Euronet Worldwide and PT Sigma Cipta Caraka.

With Euronet’s Mobile Recharge solution, Satelindo will offer added
to its Mentari mobile phone customers. With simple SMS commands, customers can
top up airtime on their prepaid mobile phones — any time, any place. After
authorizing and processing the transactions, the customers’ bank accounts will
be debited for the purchase amount with no additional transaction fee. The
customers’ mobile phones will then receive an SMS message from Satelindo
confirming that their prepaid accounts have been credited. This new service
eliminates the need to purchase prepaid scratch-off cards.
Satelindo is the first Indonesian mobile operator to offer the ability to
increase mobile phone minutes directly from the handset. Satelindo,
second-largest mobile phone operator, has more than 1.7 million customers, and
approximately 80% of them use prepaid services.

“Euronet’s innovative Mobile Recharge solution enables Satelindo to lead the
way in providing mobile payment solutions in Indonesia and Southeast Asia,”
said Jan Nilsson, Satelindo Cellular Director. “We believe that our customers
will appreciate the added convenience of being able to top up their phones any
hour of the day with no additional transaction fee.”
Euronet Worldwide offers mobile operator solutions that enable airtime to be
added to consumers’ prepaid accounts from ATMs, point-of-sales devices, the
Internet and directly from the mobile phone. The company provides its recharge
solutions to eight GSM mobile operators in Poland, Hungary, the Czech
Croatia and Norway.

“We are excited about working with Satelindo to implement Euronet Mobile
Recharge in Indonesia,” said Michael Brown, Euronet Worldwide Chairman and

“We have been providing electronic banking solutions in this region for 10
years through our relationship with PT Sigma Cipta Caraka, and we are happy to
expand our electronic payment solutions in Indonesia to the mobile operators.
With the exploding growth of the mobile phone industry, and particularly of
prepaid mobile sector, this product offers significant cost and time savings
and convenience for the GSM service providers.”

Euronet Worldwide provides products, services and a transaction-processing
network in Indonesia through PT Euronet Sigma Nusantara, a joint venture
company with PT Sigma Cipta Caraka, an Indonesian banking information
technology firm and the local distributor of the Euronet brand software. The
joint venture company also markets its ATM outsourcing services to Indonesian
banks and local subsidiaries of multinational banks, with the intention of
providing ATM monitoring and other network services in addition to transaction

About Euronet Worldwide

Euronet Worldwide is an industry leader in providing secure electronic
financial transaction solutions. The company offers financial payment
middleware, financial network gateways, outsourcing and consulting services to
financial institutions and mobile operators. These solutions enable their
customers to access personal financial information and perform secure
transactions — any time, any place. The company has processing centers
in Europe, Asia and the United States, and it owns and operates the largest
independent ATM network in Europe. With corporate headquarters in Leawood,
Kansas, USA, and European headquarters in Budapest, Hungary, Euronet serves
more than 200 clients in 60 countries. Visit our web site at

About Satelindo

Satelindo was founded in 1993. The shareholders are PT Indosat and DeTe Mobile
(a wholly owned subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom). Visit the Satelindo web site