Mobile Sense to Deploy the Linux-Based Sanchez Profile

Mobile Sense Ltd., a new, wireless payment provider has licensed “Sanchez Profile.” The “Sanchez/Mobile Sense” solution expects to begin accepting mobile top-up transactions early in 2004. The solution will use “Sanchez Profile” as the core transaction processing and customer system operating on a Linux platform. When implemented, the solution will be the second iteration of “Sanchez Profile” running on Linux. Sanchez provides the world’s only core bank processing solution to operate in the Linux environment. Mobile Sense will enter the market as a top-up merchant, and will differentiate its role by eliminating the need to make a cash purchase at a merchant store or bank ATM.


Sanchez Computer Associates announced the opening of its new European
headquarters in Amsterdam. Europe accounts for more than a quarter of
Sanchez’s annual revenue. Sanchez is a leader in developing and marketing
scalable and integrated software and services that provide banking,
customer integration, brokerage, wealth management and outsourcing
solutions to nearly 400 financial institutions in 21 countries. Sanchez’s
customers include Lloyds TSB, ING Group, Goldman Sachs, HSBC, CSFB, Merrill
Lynch, Morgan Stanley, Scotiabank and Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp., among
others. Sanchez corporate headquarters is located in Malvern, Pa., USA.


Bangkok-based Krung Thai Bank Pcl. has selected the Sanchez “Profile” real-time banking solution to replace the bank’s legacy operational systems. KTB, with more than 11 million accounts and 645
branches, has also selected TN Information Systems Ltd. of Thailand, a Sanchez solution partner, as the prime contractor and systems integrator for the project. TNIS will provide program management, system infrastructure design, and change management and business process reengineering consulting. Sanchez will provide the core banking, branch automation and accounting software and augment TNIS consulting with implementation and customization services, and training. Currently installed in over 350 financial institutions throughout the world, Sanchez “Profile” is an online, multi-currency, multi-lingual core bank
processing system that couples high operational efficiencies with the ability to significantly enhance the competitiveness of the institution.

Anthrax Impact

A new study by Boston-based Aberdeen Group predicts that continued anthrax attacks via the U.S. mail pose significant risk to the economy, and would accelerate adoption of EBPP software and services. Some credit card issuers have already indicated that traffic to online bill payment centers has been picking up since the anthrax scare. The research firm says more than 26 billion invoices are processed via the U.S. postal system annually, and subsequent anthrax attacks have significantly slowed mail service in Washington, D.C., and the New York metropolitan region, exposing a new business risk to DSO or “days sales outstanding”. Aberdeen analyzed a number of public and private companies providing electronic bill/invoice delivery and payment, and related software and services in its latest report. A recent informal homepage poll conducted by found that 72% of consumers are paying more attention to the address information on mail received, but only 26% say they experience anxiety when opening their mail. Over 40% indicated they would be more inclined to shop for a new credit card on the Internet, while half of Americans said they would prefer to use email to correspond with credit card companies. (CF Library 11/20/01)