Code Blue

American Express wants to put some “smarts” into its smart card. AmEx has launched a contest for technology developers to create new ‘Java Card’ technology applications for the AmEx ‘Blue’ credit card. AmEx, Oberthur Card Systems and Sun Microsystems jointly launched the ‘Code Blue’ contest that offers a first prize of $50,000. There are over two million ‘Java’ technology developers. AmEx says that through the use of Java technology, AmEx wants to demonstrate its commitment to making Blue an ‘evolving’ credit card by adding new features and services that meet open and interoperable standards. To-date, the smart card feature of the ‘Blue’ card has largely been a marketing ploy to demonstrate leadership in the emerging card technology arena. Currently the AmEx ‘Blue’ smart chip stores a unique digital certificate that, when used with a special smart card reader plugged into a PC, provides extra security when shopping online. The smart card readers are available free for a limited time to AmEx ‘Blue’ cardholders. Contest details are available via CardFlash Online.

Virtual BOI Card

Bank of Ireland announced that it has chosen Trintech Group PLC to supply it with Europe’s first virtual credit card application. Bank of Ireland plans to deploy Trintech’s PayWare eIssuer technology to its cardholder base for more secure and convenient e-commerce purchasing. The deployment of Trintech’s technology is an integral part of Bank of Ireland’s recently announced BOIe e-commerce strategy. Bank of Ireland is also the first bank to deploy the virtual credit card technology as part of Trintech’s global partnership agreement with MasterCard International.

Trintech’s PayWare eIssuer solution has been specifically designed to meet the stringent requirements of customers and banks to enhance the security of transactions conducted through electronic channels, such as the Internet. PayWare eIssuer addresses risk management by providing Bank of Ireland with the opportunity to authenticate and authorize the cardholder before the transaction is conducted. This improves risk management for the bank every time consumers use their digital cards.

PayWare eIssuer also provides Bank of Ireland with a sophisticated relationship tool that downloads the bank’s brand directly to the cardholder’s desktop and is reinforced every time the cardholder goes shopping. Bank of Ireland will brand its virtual payment card as Bank of Ireland “Net Guardian”, providing both enhanced security and convenience. The Net Guardian solution uses a “drag-and-drop” process to automatically fill a merchant website purchasing form.

Bank of Ireland rolls out PayWare eIssuer

“After an extensive evaluation process, we concluded that PayWare eIssuer from Trintech brings Bank of Ireland innovative payment solutions for the world of eCommerce that are unrivalled by any other company in the market today,” said Billy Saunderson, Head of Card Services, Bank of Ireland. “The infrastructure solution provided by Trintech underpins key elements of our BOIe eCommerce program to achieve market leadership in electronic payments and provides our customers with open global standards that are simple and convenient to use when transacting online. Cardholders will now be able to use their cards with the knowledge that their MasterCard/Visa card information is totally secure.”

“We share Bank of Ireland’s vision in bringing both convenience and security to the world of eCommerce,” said Cyril McGuire, Chairman of Trintech. “Our technology will provide Bank of Ireland with the secure payment infrastructure to help them achieve their eCommerce goals. Keeping the Internet payment experience both secure and convenient is key to developing confidence and ramping adoption in this emerging business channel.”

About Bank of Ireland

The Bank of Ireland headquarters is in Dublin, Ireland and its operations extend geographically throughout Ireland and in the United Kingdom. At present, the Group has the fifth largest market capitalization of Irish companies listed on the Irish Stock Exchange. The Group provides a broad range of financial services in Ireland to the personal, commercial, industrial and agricultural sectors. These include checking and deposit services, overdrafts, term loans, mortgages, international asset financing, leasing, installment credit, debt financing, foreign exchange facilities, interest and exchange rate hedging instruments, executor, trustee, stockbroking, life assurance, investment fund management, fund administration and custodial services, and financial advisory services, including mergers and acquisitions and underwriting. The Bank of Ireland can be reached on the Web at [][1].

About Trintech

Trintech Group PLC is a leading provider of secure electronic payment infrastructure solutions for real world, Internet and wireless transactions. The company, which was founded in 1987, offers a complete range of payment software products for credit, debit, commercial and procurement card applications. Trintech’s secure product range is deployed in over 35 countries worldwide and cover the payment requirements of consumers, card issuing banks, merchant acquiring institutions, merchants, eMerchants, telcos, wireless operators, ISPs/CSPs, Portals and large corporations. Trintech’s range of scalable, open systems architecture solutions for UNIX® and Windows NT? platforms covers consumer, merchant and financial institution requirements for all card-based payments, including e-commerce and the emerging world of mobile commerce. Trintech can be contacted in the U.S. at 2755 Campus Drive, San Mateo, CA 94003 (Tel: 650-227-7000) and in Ireland at Trintech Building, South County Business Park, Leopardstown, Dublin 18 (Tel: 353-1-207-4000). Trintech can be reached on the Web at [][2]. Investor information can be found at [][3].


The Chase Suite

Chase Merchant Services has launched ‘eWEBuilder’, ‘Bolt on Store’ and ‘eAPPLY’. The product suite of e-commerce solutions provides businesses with the ability to develop their Internet presence, expand their current Web initiatives and/or provide e-commerce solutions to their clients. ‘eWEBuilder’, based on’s e-business platform, including a brandable suite of content management and e-commerce applications, and the ‘ClearCommerce Engine’, empowers businesses to create and manage their own Web site or virtual store. ‘Bolt on Store’ was developed in response to requests from businesses for a way to add an online store with payment processing and a secure payment gateway to their Web Site. ‘eAPPLY’ is a solution for automating the application process for an Internet merchant account in which merchants are risk scored and notified of their application status within 24 to 48 hours.

e*Gate for VisaNet

STC announced that Visa International, the leading credit card and payment company, has purchased STC’s flagship product, e*Gate Integrator, to enhance its ability to manage and distribute data within its global network. With the implementation of e*Gate, Visa will be able to support the growing data management needs generated by VisaNet, the most sophisticated consumer transaction processing system in the world.

One of the most challenging obstacles associated with eBusiness lies with the integration and processing of tremendous volumes of data — data that must flow seamlessly within an enterprise and among its trading partners in an integrated, near-real time fashion. Currently, VisaNet must support more than 3,200 transactions per second, and handle 250 million payment transactions per day. The implementation of e*Gate will enable Visa to more efficiently convert, manage and distribute this data to downstream information systems, and provide a scalable solution as the business expands.

“The Visa system is continually growing to keep up with the rapid increase in electronic transactions–spurred in large part by the growth of electronic commerce and consumers’ preference for payment cards over cash and checks,” said Terry Poore, senior vice president for Inovant, Visa’s processing and IT subsidiary. “STC’s e*Gate solution will help us manage that growth, while also giving us greater flexibility in the use of the data generated from VisaNet. We expect to see greater efficiencies in data management and a more efficient infrastructure.”

Visa must provide its global organization with an information network that allows easy and timely access to mission critical data. Vital downstream applications, such as fraud detection systems and data warehousing applications, rely on real-time information feeds, which must be accessible from anywhere around the world. STC’s e*Gate will help Visa to maintain its leadership with timely information, new payment methods, and new technologies to the benefit of its members and their cardholders.

“As the leading payment company across the globe, Visa precisely exemplifies what STC can do for an eBusiness,” said Jim Demetriades, founder, chairman and CEO for STC. “Market factors like varying global economies, proliferation of consumer payment options, 24-hour markets and Euro convergence intensify the complexity of the financial services sector. Since STC’s inception nearly a decade ago, we have demonstrated an ability to anticipate and support requirements like Visa’s, enabling eCommerce leaders to respond effectively and with agility on a global scale.”

About e*Gate(TM) Integrator

e*Gate Integrator, the foundation of STC’s new product suite, is the fourth-generation product, installed at more than 1,500 customer sites worldwide. This open, distributed and proven eBusiness integration platform provides accelerated deployment of true eBusiness, and makes optimal use of the network to provide parallelism, extensibility, scalability and high availability, while avoiding processing bottlenecks or any single point of failure. As the foundation of Global 2000 companies’ IT backbones, e*Gate delivers competitive advantage as the only integration platform to provide a real-time view, in conjunction with centralized management and deployment capabilities, across the global enterprise and out to the extended enterprise of trading partners and business networks.

About STC

STC (Nasdaq:STCS) is the leading global provider of eBusiness Integration (eBISM) solutions that enables the seamless flow of information within and enterprises. With its flagship solution, e*Xchange eBusiness Integration(TM) Suite, STC provides the industry’s first comprehensive strategic eBusiness infrastructure to unlock the true potential of eBusiness with unprecedented performance and reliability. Since shipping its first product in 1991, STC has successfully integrated more than 1,200 leading organizations worldwide.

Software Technologies Corporation (STC) is headquartered in Monrovia, Calif., with marketing and sales headquarters in Redwood Shores, Calif. For more information, please visit

B2C Gateway

First Data and Tuesday announced an alliance to offer global payment gateway services to FDC clients and their merchants worldwide. SecureTrading Ltd., a subsidiary and one of the UKs Internet payment processors, will be a preferred provider. The gateway services already are available, in conjunction with, in the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Germany, Spain, and Hong Kong. The SecureTrading gateway supports 169 currencies and allows online merchants to accept and process credit card transactions and cash payments over the Internet. Cash payments are available through First Data’s approximately 88,000 Western Union retail agent locations in 180 countries and territories. FDC’s alliance with SecureTrading provides the international complement to First Data’s Internet payment gateway in the US. known as ‘SurePay’, which supports credit, check and cash payments.

eIssuer Momentum

Trintech Group reported this morning that first quarter revenues grew 47%. The firm also announced a partnership to jointly develop the next generation of e-payment solutions with enhanced security for mobile commerce. Revenues for the first quarter ending Apr. 30 were $8.8 million compared with $6.0 million for same quarter one year ago. The growth was driven by strong demand for Trintech’s secure e-commerce payment infrastructure solutions. As a result, first quarter software license revenues increased 177%. During the first quarter Korea’s largest VISA card issuer, KEBCS, announced it is rolling out Trintech’s virtual credit card technology to its 5.4 million customers in conjunction with its 820,000 merchant locations across the country. (See CF Library 3/22/00). This morning, Trintech announced a partnership with Baltimore Technologies to ensure that consumers, telcos, merchants and banks can use open networks for secure mobile commerce by combining Baltimore’s e-security products with Trintech’s multi-currency, multi-platform e-payment technology. As part of the partnership, Trintech will integrate ‘Baltimore Telepathy’ wireless e-security products into Trintech’s ‘PayWare eIssuer’ virtual credit card solution to enable secure, authenticated wireless payments. For complete details on Trintech’s 1Q/00 results visit CardData ([][1]).


Bates to PaylinX

PaylinX Corporation, the recognized leader in payment solutions for Internet businesses, call centers and large enterprises, announced the appointment of Brian Bates as president and chief operations officer.

Bates assumes leadership for U.S. business operations, with direct responsibility for development, sales, marketing, information systems, and customer support. Legal, finance, mergers and acquisitions, will remain under the supervision of John (Jack) J. McDonnell, PaylinX CEO and chairman of the board.

“We’re building a solid infrastructure through integrations, sales, marketing programs, and alliances,” says Bates. “This base will result in not only meeting, but exceeding, our 2000 financial goals.”

“Our customers confirm for us every day that our solutions add ongoing value by streamlining processes and reducing costs,” continues Bates. “Capitalizing on this, I see PaylinX becoming the global leader of enterprise payments.”

Most recently, Bates was executive vice president and general manager at Transaction Network Services (TNS), a PSINet company, and was responsible for the North American e-commerce division. His role included responsibility for sales, marketing and customer care. During Bates’ tenure, TNS grew from a start up phase to a $180 million company, which was sold to PSINet for $800 million in November 1999. Under Bates’ direction, TNS captured more than 90% of the dial-up ATM (automated teller machine) transaction market, and became the dominant carrier of EBT (electronic benefits transactions).

“Brian has great leadership, focus and drive,” says McDonnell. “This, combined with his understanding of the payment industry and experience in managing a high-growth company, will help PaylinX continue to grow market awareness and market share.”

About PaylinX

PaylinX(R) Corporation is the recognized leader in payment solutions for Internet businesses, call centers and large enterprises. In 1996, PaylinX pioneered a new approach to enterprise-wide payment processing, a payment server. The PaylinX payment server is a robust transaction processing platform that operates behind the scenes to authorize and settle credit card and other payment transactions in real-time through built-in connections with third-party processors and merchant banks, all in seamless integration with legacy front-end, customer relationship and financial management systems. The fully scalable PaylinX payment solution enables organizations to accept and process payment transactions across multiple channels – Web storefronts, call centers, interactive voice response (IVR) systems, in-store point-of-sale systems and kiosks – all through a single, uniform payment architecture. PaylinX may be reached at 314/692-0929 or .

Virtual Korean VISA

Trintech Group announced that Korea Exchange Bank Credit Service, Korea’s largest Visa card issuer, is launching the first virtual credit card payment solution in Asia-Pacific, utilizing Trintech’s PayWare eIssuer (formerly known as PayGate NetIssuer) technology.

KEBCS plans to roll out the eIssuer technology across the country in the coming months. Trintech’s eIssuer solution allows the company to authorize and distribute secure virtual credit cards to their 5.4 million cardholder base, expanding KEBCS’s brand presence on the Internet, while reducing the fraud associated with eCommerce transactions.

Trintech’s PayWare eIssuer provides consumers with a convenient and secure “drag and drop” payment mechanism for Internet transactions, with the potential to link to a host of e-banking services. PayWare eIssuer can allow issuers to increase card transaction volume, create and extend relationships with cardholders and improve brand reach.

“We are delighted to take the lead in the Korean market with the launch of the region’s first virtual credit card offering,” says Sang-Chul Kim, President of Korea Exchange Bank Credit Service. “The eIssuer payment technology provided by Trintech leads the industry in terms of ease of use and flexibility. We believe the Trintech solution provides a distinct advantage over the existing method of payment by combining credit, debit and prepaid capabilities in one package, as well as identifying the user during each transaction.”

“Asia-Pacific is playing a leading role in the deployment of leading-edge Internet technology,” says John McGuire, Chief Executive Officer of Trintech. “KEBCS is providing its customers with a Web-centric payment tool that cuts down on the tedious business of filling out multiple payment forms, while reducing the fraud associated with misuse of credit card information when shopping on the Internet.”

About Korea Exchange Bank Credit Service

Korea Exchange Bank Credit Service Co., Ltd. (KEBCS), first principal member of Visa and first Issuer in Korea, was established as a fully independent credit card company in 1988, when it separated from KEB to specialize in the credit card business. To keep pace with Korea’s booming economic growth in the ’90s, the company has expanded and has diversified its business activities by developing a wide range of innovative products and services, built up a strong customer base, and established an extensive branch network.

Today KEBCS has 5.4 million cardholders and 820,000 merchant relationships. KEBCS can be contacted in South Korea at 935-34 Pangbae-dong Seoco-ku Seoul 137-716 (Tel 82-2-524-8000), and reached on the Web at [][1].

A Joint venture with Olympus Capital as American direct investment group, was successfully established in December 1999. Olympus Capital invested approximately $90 million in KEBCS.

About Trintech

Founded in 1987, Trintech Group PLC is a leading provider of secure electronic payment solutions for card-based transactions in the physical world and over the Internet. The company offers a complete range of payment software products for credit, debit, commercial and procurement card applications, as well as being a world leader in the deployment of payment solutions for Internet commerce that are fully SSL and SET(tm) compliant.

Trintech’s range of scalable open systems architecture solutions for UNIX(R) and Windows NT(tm) platforms covers consumer, merchant and financial institution requirements for physical payments and the emerging world of electronic commerce.

Trintech can be contacted in the U.S. at 2755 Campus Drive, San Mateo, CA 94003 (Tel: 650/227-7000) and in Ireland at Trintech Building, South County Business Park, Leopardstown, Dublin 18 (Tel: 353-1-207-4000). Trintech can be reached on the Web at [][2].


Online Check Imaging

Digital Insight Corporation unveiled new product functionality that allows online customers to request and view images of their checks when accessing ‘ AXIS Internet Banking’ and ‘AXIS Cash Management’. A check image server hosted either by the financial institution or a third-party check image vendor delivers the check image to the end user within either ‘AXIS Internet Banking’ or ‘AXIS Cash Management’. Digital Insight already has developed partnerships and interfaces with several check image companies, including BISYS Document Solutions and Wausau Financial Systems.

Fighting Bad I-Merchants

CitX Corporation announces the launch of ‘CyberlSOX’ online credit card merchant account fraud prevention. The new system would enable businesses to verify the authenticity of credit card merchant account programs marketed by ISO. The ‘CyberlSOX’ service will be offered free to businesses through CitX Corporation’s IntraPayX e-commerce division and will feature a registry of participation merchant account ISA agents and credit card merchant account issuing banks. ISOs and issuing banks will be able to subscribe to the service and participate to have their merchant account program and services authenticated.

Old Kent Gets Hi-Tech

InteliData Technologies Corp. and Old Kent Bank announced the customer launch of Old Kent’s new Internet banking and bill payment system using InteliData’s ‘Interpose’ software suite. Using the ‘Interpose’ software suite Old Kent provides its customers with secure access to real-time account information and the ability to transfer funds and pay bills electronically using standard HTML browsers. Bill payment is handled through the ‘Interpose’ Bill Payment Warehouse, which allows Old Kent to process customer debits and payments to commercial accounts internally and to outsource external payments to third-party processors.

Tradesafe Payments

Another Internet payment system surfaced yesterday offering P2P, C2C and B2B transactions. RI-based launched ‘ Payments’ and announced a joint venture with Fleet Bank. According to the terms agreement, Fleet will provide with credit card processing services, and a gateway for ACH payments. In return, will provide new technology that enables online sellers to collect payments quickly in consumer-to-consumer and business-to-business transactions. Because Fleet is able to process online credit card transactions immediately through the bank’s own merchant services group, sellers at Internet auctions and other e-commerce sites can do business without the delays and financial constraints involved with merchant or escrow accounts. For purchases under $1,200, the buyer provides with a credit card as payment for the product. immediately deposits the money into the seller’s bank account. The buyer and seller then complete the delivery of goods. For transactions of $1,200 or more, confirms buyers’ receipt and satisfaction of the product before releasing funds to the seller.