CIBC Launches Verified by Visa via Cyota and TSYS to Entire Portfolio

CIBC has become the first major Canadian issuer to launch a “Verified by Visa” program. The deployment of the cardholder authentication service comes via TSYS’ “CardGuard” and Cyota’s “SecureSuite.”
Cyota has localized the service for Canadians to include bilingual support for CIBC’s English- and French-speaking customers. Cyota “SecureSuite” is a modular platform that seamlessly integrates multiple
payment security applications, including “Verified by Visa,” MasterCard’s “SecureCode” and more. TSYS implemented Cyota’s “SecureSuite” platform in 2001, and the companies have since delivered the services to multiple issuers worldwide. Cyota currently powers more than 80% of the cards eligible for the service in the USA. TSYS services more than half of all VISA accounts in Canada.

Way4CommerSafe to be Deployed by Kazkommerzbank of Kazakhstan

Kazkommerzbank of Kazakhstan has inked an agreement with Brussels-based OpenWay Group and Texas-based iBIZ Software to purchase “Way4CommerSafe.” The “Way4CommerSafe” is a “3-D Secure” solution jointly developed by the two firms. Kazkommertsbank is already offering acquiring services under the “Verified by VISA” acquiring program which performs real-time cardholder authentication and is planning to also use “MasterCard SecureCode.” The bank will also launch a “Verified by VISA” and “MasterCard SecureCode” issuing service. Kazkommertsbank has its own processing center. It operates 172 ATMs and over 685 POS-terminals in the principal cities of Kazakhstan. OpenWay is one of the first vendors launching MasterCard “EMV Full Grade” and VISA “EMV Full Option.” The iBIZ “CommerSafe Product Suite,” is suitable for both “Verified by VISA” and “MasterCard SecureCode.”

TenderCard Cleared for Hypercom Terminals

MA-based TenderCard has certified its gift, reward and loyalty applications on Hypercom’s “T7Plus,” “ICE 5500Plus” and “ICE 5700Plus” card payment terminals. The certification lets hundreds of TenderCard resellers and the thousands of merchants they serve quickly take advantage of the profit-building capabilities inherent in Hypercom’s smart, fast and easy-use card payment terminals and feature-rich, multi-function software. This certification, the latest in a series for our technology, is another important step in continuing the momentum that is making Hypercom’s technology the overriding and undisputed payment solution of choice for merchants globally,” said O.B. Rawls IV, president, Hypercom North America. TenderCard provides closed loop private label stored value card products and services to merchants. Hypercom Corporation is a leading global provider of electronic payment solutions that add value at the point-of-sale for consumers, merchants and acquirers, and yield increased profitability for its customers.

All Inter-Bank Switch Volume on MasterCard’s Platform

MasterCard Europe reported this week that all inter-bank “Switch” volume is now being processed by MasterCard’s global processing platform. Last year, the owners of “Switch” decided to change the brand to “Maestro” and to migrate the processing to MasterCard. MasterCard Europe currently serves 42 countries with core transaction processing services (connectivity, authorization, clearing and settlement), enriched with a large range of value-added and supporting services. It also handles domestic transactions in over 20 different countries across Europe. The migration of “Switch” processing to MasterCard will mean at least 250 million new transactions for the remainder of this year.

Sainsbury’s Set to Offer Euronet’s e-pay Top-Up Service at 750 Locations

Sainsbury’s supermarket stores has inked an agreement to use Euronet Worldwide’s electronic top-up services. Euronet’s “e-pay” service enables consumers to purchase additional prepaid minutes for their mobile phone accounts at participating retailers. When the Sainsbury’s rollout is completed, “e-pay” will add more than 10,500 points of sale across 750 locations, including 220 petrol stations, to its retail network for top-up services. “e-pay” now provides this service to all five major UK retailers. “e-pay” currently supports top-up purchases for mobile service providers at more than 73,000 POS terminals in approximately 27,000 retail locations.

Four Large Banks and China UnionPay Endorse Hypercom

The four largest banks in China and the nation’s largest unified domestic payment network have all officially selected Hypercom as preferred card payment technology provider. Hypercom says the designation marks the first time in electronic payment industry history that the top four banks in the world’s largest nation have officially named the same payment technology company
as the preferred card payment provider for software, hardware and related technology. The designation was made jointly by the Industrial & Commercial Bank of China, the Bank of China, China Construction Bank, the Agricultural Bank of China and domestic payment network China UnionPay.

Global Payments Certifies EtherDial and CellDial Products

Ottawa-based Precidia Technologies has received certification for its “EtherDial” and “CellDial” products on retail, restaurant and lodging applications and terminals with Global Payments.
The “EtherDial” and “CellDial” IP Access products connect existing dial-based terminals to IP networks via Ethernet or an always on digital wireless connection. The products help merchants in the retail, restaurant and lodging industries to reduce communication costs with the elimination of a dedicated telephone line for transaction processing.

SHAZAM’s Gift Card Program Gets ICEd

The SHAZAM network is deploying Hypercom’s “ICE Plus” card payment terminals and technology in support of SHAZAM’s new prepaid gift card program. SHAZAM’s gift card program provides a cost-effective solution for independent merchants. Merchants using the gift card program receive the functionality they need, along with a turnkey implementation. Merchants also benefit from lower administrative costs, increased efficiency and convenient electronic handling, recording and reporting. The SHAZAM network was founded in 1976 by community financial institutions wanting a voice in the delivery of electronic convenience to their customers. Hypercom’s products include secure web-enabled information and transaction terminals that work seamlessly with its networking equipment and software applications for e-commerce, m-commerce, smart cards and traditional payment applications.


Hypercom has launched the next generation of 32-bit, multi-application POS card payment terminals for initial release in the Europe, Middle East and African region. The new line of “Optimum”
products, announced at this week’s “Cartes 2003” conference, includes the “Optimum T2100” hand-over merchant counter-top card payment terminal and the “Optimum M2100” wireless portable that supports Bluetooth, GPRS & GSM. The new terminals feature “EMV 4.0” certification, “TDES,” PIN security and over 12MB of memory to securely support an array of multi-applications including on-screen advertising, interactive electronic coupons, value-added applications, as well as secure credit, debit and EMV smart card functions. Both the wireless and countertop “Optimum” solution feature integrated EMV smart card reader, printer and internal PIN Pad and support high contrast LED backlit display, large elastromeric keypad with tactile key indicators for fast data entry/key strokes, and a host of other sensible features that meet with British DDA requirements. The new solutions will be available for volume shipments in January.

Internet Banking Spreads Slowly Globally

A research report released this week at the “BAI Retail Delivery Conference” shows that Internet banking increased 19% worldwide this year, with 80% of North American banks offering this service, compared to 47% of top banks in Europe and 66% of top banks in Asia. The study by Unisys and the Global Future Forum, also found that of the top 400 banks surveyed globally, 64% now offer online banking, including the ability to open an account online. While online billing is still in its infancy, with only 32% of banks globally promoting the service actively, 77% of banks in North America make this available. The study says that most financial institutions see that they need real-time access to integrated information across channels to improve customer service. When ranking the importance of speed of information flow, respondents state that the top needs for real-time updates were billing and transaction information (40%), fraud prevention (32%), product quotes (30%) and customer profile and account information (30%).

Precidia EtherDial/CellDial Certified with Global Payments

Ottawa-based Precidia Technologies has received certification for its “EtherDial” and “CellDial” products on retail, restaurant and lodging applications and terminals with Global Payments. The proven EtherDial and CellDial IP Access products connect existing dial-based terminals to IP networks via Ethernet or an always on digital wireless connection. Global Payments Inc. is a leading provider of electronic transaction processing services to merchants, Independent Sales Organizations, financial institutions, government agencies and multi-national corporations located throughout the United States, and Canada and Europe. Precidia Technologies Inc. is a global leader in the design and manufacture of IP access devices for a wide range of industries, including retail payments and building automation.

MULTOS Consortium Announces New Open Platform for EMV Smart Cards

The MULTOS Consortium this week will be announcing a new, entry-level, open smart card operating system specification to support the transition of financial organizations to
their first EMV card issuance. The new specification exploits much of the security, flexibility and software interoperability of the original MULTOS platform but gives issuers better
choice and control by allowing them to individually manage vendors across the supply chain. The new platform’s certificate formats, and its card enablement and application load and delete processes are consistent with MULTOS. A number of innovations are introduced which make possible multi-application cards with as little as 4K of EEPROM memory. A new FREEZE command allows the card issuer to preserve the state of the card and prevent any further loading or deleting of applications. This command can be issued at any time during the card lifecycle and has no effect on changes to applications data. First silicon is expected in the first half of 2004.