BPC SmartVista HCE

Baar, Switzerland-based BPC Banking Technologies has launched SmartVista Host Card Emulation (HCE) solution ready to be implemented as an integrated or stand-alone module or as a service. SmartVista HCE solution is compliant to all functional and security standards set by international payment systems.


Issues in supporting 3D Secure (Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode) in the travel agency distribution channel are coming under the microscope. The second task force focused on improving processes to reduce credit card acceptance costs, including fraud and chargebacks.

Secure Electrans Gets Govt Approval on Chip and PIN Service

Secure Electrans payment solutions has received Government support for its Chip&PIN home terminal as a practical way to reduce fraud. Secure Electrans’ HomePay™ Chip&PIN system received support from the UK Government’s Communication Electronics Security Group (‘CESG’) working in partnership with the Europe-wide Open Standard for Security and Certification (‘OSeC’). Secure Electrans has been working closely with both regulatory organisations alongside industry competitors in efforts to raise standards via the implementation of an Evaluation and Certification Framework. This aims to implement a single scheme for security in payment terminals and cards, incorporating recognition of multiple security certification card schemes and banking organisations. HomePay™ operates through the multi-billion pound global and trusted Chip&PIN infrastructure, and has the potential to create a standardised payment processing architecture for online transactions.

BPC Banking Technologies Expands P2P Service Partnership

BPC Banking Technologies Open System e-payment solutions implemented its P2P money transfer service for Alfa-Bank, Russia. Available on ATMs and via Internet Banking, the P2P service delivers card-to-card transfers for MasterCard and Visa cardholders in Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. Alfa-Bank cardholders may make P2P transfers, via the ATM network, to recipients with cards issued by any CIS bank. For P2P transfers through Alfa-Bank’s internet banking channel, the cardholder may use Visa card issued by Alfa-Bank and MasterCard card issued by any bank of these 7 countries, in both rubles and US dollars. All transactions are secure and comply with MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by VISA.

Commidea Secures high volume CNP Payment

Commidea managed service payments provider launched “Vanguard” payment gateway for the secure management of Customer Not Present transactions. Vanguard offers a fast and certified solution for online purchasing with the authorisation taking, on average, less than two seconds. With this, e-commerce sites can handle high volumes of purchases without fear of transaction delays. The system provides a cost effective and straightforward way of ensuring that no sensitive cardholder data enters or passes through merchant systems, therefore simplifying efforts to achieve and maintain mandatory PCI DSS compliance. Vanguard has also integrated ‘Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode’ into its payment process, which gives the merchant extra reassurance on the security measures employed within the service.

The Logic Group partners PayPal

The Logic Group partnered PayPal online payment company, allowing shoppers to buy online without sharing their financial information with merchants. The PayPal integrated service offers end users choice and flexibility when it comes to selecting a payment method; transactions can still be completed by debit or credit card, or through PayPal, funded directly via their bank account or existing PayPal balance. The Logic Group can also provide fully customisable, and scalable, Pay Pages for merchants, and manage sensitive data allowing all to benefit from PCI DSS compliance, Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode functionality and reduced associated costs.

Wirecard expands risk management services

Online retailers can now implement Wirecard AG’s business intelligence tools and estimate the effectiveness of the risk management strategy that they employ. In addition, they also benefit from the maximum amount of transparency on how central fraud parameters develop over time. The advantages are obvious: shop operators have greater control of fraud as it occurs, thus allowing them to optimize their revenues. With this, Wirecard AG has expanded its “Fraud Prevention Suite” risk management system that identifies suspicious data and/or behavior patterns in real time. The new solutions also provide an overview of transactions which the card-issuing banks report as fraud to the card companies for credit card payments.