Doxo Payments

Doxo announced the National Grid has made available to its customers the doxo application to enhance the company’s customer engagement and experience by offering a paperless account and billing option. Through doxo, National Grid’s electricity and gas customers, across New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, can now receive their bills and other account documents, organize account information, and make payments directly from their free doxo account.

Pitney Bowes hires New GM, Financial Services

Pitney Bowes announced Ron Totaro its latest addition as General Manager, Global Financial Services. He will be leading a team that is responsible for the strategic planning execution and P&L of the global payments and leasing businesses for Pitney Bowes, bringing an extensive background of building global organizations, driving top and bottom-line growth and leading innovation in payments, financial services, technology and ecommerce businesses. Ron has held leadership positions at GE Capital, American Express and America Online, and has led strategic transformation and growth at FICO, ACI Worldwide and private equity-backed companies. Totaro holds an MBA from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at University of Michigan and a BS from the State University of New York at Albany.

Cypress Controllers Allow Ezetap to Deliver Integrated mPOS

Cypress Semiconductor announced Ezetap mPOS solutions is using Cypress’s “CapSense Express” controllers in the world’s first capacitive-touch-based PIN-pad in its new MPOS device. The CY8CMBR2016 matrix keypad solution provides the Ezetap MPOS device with a durable user interface, helping it to pass all of the stringent EMVCo and PCI global certifications required for PIN entry devices. Consumer electronics and home appliances have rapidly been transitioning from mechanical buttons to capacitive touch controls. The EMV and PCI certifications are extremely strict due to the need to protect customer PINs against a broad range of attacks, while ensuring compatibility across a range of payment cards. Ezetap was able to go from concept, to certification, to manufacturing in less than a year.

MasterCard Advisors Partners Data Analytics Firm Mu Sigma

MasterCard Advisors and Mu Sigma decision sciences and analytics firms partnered, combing their aggregated and anonymous purchase behavior insights with advanced analytics and expertise, respectively. MasterCard Advisors and Mu Sigma will jointly develop innovative analytic products to enable companies of all sizes to successfully solve their business challenges – like acquiring customers and increasing customer loyalty. With this, MasterCard has acquired an equity stake in Mu Sigma for undisclosed terms.

Acumera to Streamline PCI Compliance Audits

Acumera Trusted Connection Services for convenience stores launched its PCI Audit Support to accelerate PCI compliance audits as part of Acumera’s PCI Tools solution. Acumera’s PCI Tools include automated external vulnerability scans with historical archiving, logging of PCI-related events, dynamically generated site network diagrams and clear identification of non-PCI payment application devices in the cardholder data environment. Acumera has completed its own PCI DSS compliance assessment and obtained an annual report on compliance (ROC), becoming a fully compliant service provider. Coalfire, a Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) firm, successfully completed the testing and controls validation of Acumera as a network and security service provider.

doxo Platform to Boost mPayment

doxo digital file cabinet and e-payment has launched its “Connect QR Code” functionality for its providers, allowing businesses that are on doxo to immediately connect with mobile customers simply by featuring a Connect QR code on their documents. Customers can utilize the “Connect QR” code to immediately Connect with the provider on doxo, view the bill or statement, and make a payment, right from their mobile device. It comes “out of the box” with the doxo service as a means to help providers increase paperless adoption, and requires no software or IT services for a business on doxo to deploy. By scanning the QR code with an enabled mobile device, a customer is able to immediately connect with that provider, receive and view their bill into their personal digital file cabinet, and make a payment directly from their personal bank account with doxoPAY. Businesses need not have their own mobile sites or invest in building standalone apps to enable mobile billing and payments with doxo.