G&D and PayPal Launch Prepaid mTopups

Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) is to provide PayPal and Vivo mobile payments, allowing their customers with prepaid accounts to top up their credit directly on their cellphone using PayPal.G&D will also deliver the necessary payment solution, the SmartTrust Mobile Transaction Gateway, to ensure that the transactions are executed securely. This gives customers direct access to phone credit, without having to buy a recharge card from a point of sale during normal opening hours. Based on USSD technology and compatible with all types of cellphone, the solution does not require users to download any other applications. Users can set up a PayPal account for the services directly on their mobile phone, and modify the account details to add or remove linked credit-card information whenever necessary.

G&D Launches mWallet NFC Solution

Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) is introducing SmartTrust Portigo mobile wallet solution for NFC services and beyond which brings all the functions of an electronic wallet onto a common platform. Portigo is a framework that allows the deployment of various services. These services put not only various payment media, such as debit and credit cards, but also ID cards, loyalty cards, public transport tickets, and access keys for buildings and vehicles in the electronic wallet. Customers can use the applications for these services securely and conveniently from their smartphones. This creates brand new business opportunities for mobile network operators and suppliers of the abovementioned services, for instance banks. SmartTrust Portigo from Giesecke & Devrient will replace traditional wallets.

G&D Introduces All Encompassing mWallet

Giesecke & Devrient is launching its “SmartTrust Portigo” mwallet solution for NFC services, putting debit and credit cards, ID cards, loyalty cards, public transport tickets, and access keys for buildings and vehicles in one electronic wallet. When users download software called Wallet Client onto their smartphones, they establish a connection to a secure element and to the Wallet Manager, which is provided in the mobile network by the Wallet Issuer. The Wallet Manager allows the Wallet Issuer to conveniently deploy services provided by various NFC service providers and supply them to their customers, who can simply download the corresponding widgets onto their smartphones.

G&D Zeroes-In NFC and Subscription Management

At the Mobile World Congress to be held in Barcelona, Spain, Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) will be presenting its comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end solutions for ensuring the security of mobile digital applications. G&D will be using real-life examples to highlight its proven, cutting edge solutions, technologies and products for securing converging ecosystems. The demonstrations will…

G&D Commences NFC m-Payment Trial

DnB NOR and Telenor have launched its “Tap2Pay” mobile payment trial based on NFC technology. Implementing Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) infrastructure, “Tap2Pay” also enlisted resources from MasterCard’s “MOTAPS” system and “PayPass” payment, as well as Nets payment solutions provider, wherein 250 consumers have been provided Samsung S5230 mobile phones equipped with NFC short-range wireless technology and a SIM card containing a complete G&D end-to-end payment app. The mobile phones are equipped with G&D’s ProxSIM Taurus SIM card 3G/GSM mini SIM card which supports NFC technology and offers special security features. Additionally, for the trial, G&D is installing the MasterCard “PayPass” payment app on the NFC-compatible SIM cards using its secure Trusted Service Manager (TSM) service, which is connected with MasterCard Mobile Over-The-Air Provisioning Service (MOTAPS).

G&D Expands OTA SIM Platform

Giesecke & Devrient carrier-grade OTA platform now offers advanced SIM and mobile device management for handsets on LTE networks through its upgraded “SmartTrust DP.” Its capabilities now provide mobile operators with a common, single platform for managing subscriber equipment regardless of network technology. The “SmartTrust DP” now gives the choice of IP messaging supported by handset and SIM as well as the option to avoid delivering OTA messages while a subscriber is not in its home network. The platform implements functionality and services for event reception interfaces, configuration management, charging, user administration, operation and maintenance, logging, statistics, reports, data storage and an API for external access to the unified repository.


Following its acquisition of XPonCard, the Oberthur Technologies
smartcard manufacturer has closed the gap to hold nearly a 1% market
share less than the 2nd place Giesecke & Devrient. Following a year of
record sales, G&D has maintained its position as the second largest
manufacturer of smart cards globally behind market leader Gemalto.
Gemalto as the market leader accounted for more than
the next three companies combined with growth into service areas and its
pending acquisition of NXP Semiconductors’ Mobile Services Business
extension to further penetrate the contactless/NFC market. IMS market
research offers consultancy services on a wide range of global
electronics markets, regularly publishing research on Financial
technologies and ID Technologies in NFC, mobile financial services, SIM
cards, smart cards, payment cards and contactless/RFID applications.

G&D 2008

In 2008, the Giesecke & Devrient (G&D)
technology group reported it generated net sales of 1.7 billion euros, an increase of 9% compared with the previous
year. All business units of the Group presented high growth rates. Net
income for the year increased by 16% to 111 million euros. EBIT
amounted to 160 million euros. At the same time, G&D made further
substantial forward-looking investments, increasing its R&D expenditure
to 109 million euros. Sales by the Cards and Services business unit increased year-on-year by
5.6 percent to 609 million euros. The Payment division once again gained
additional market shares, profiting especially from the ongoing
migration from simple magnetic strip cards to more sophisticated cards
with embedded microprocessors. G&D was able to significantly expand its
position in this market sector, particularly in Canada, France and
Spain. As in 2007, the Telecommunications division considerably
increased the volume of sales of SIM cards. The demand for value-added
cards for mobile communication applications greatly exceeded our
original expectations. The global trend towards lower prices was
balanced by a higher volume of sales and greater demand for premium
products offering higher memory capacity.


GlobalPlatform will host a seminar Implementing Mobile Contactless
Services with GlobalPlatform Specifications at CTIA WIRELESS to be held
in Las Vegas in March. The seminar is aimed at any party involved in
deploying mobile contactless services to end users, such as program and
project managers, system integrators and representatives from mobile
network operators. It will address how a mobile contactless ecosystem
can be deployed to support the various business models of different
stakeholders – such as mobile operators, financial institutions and
transit operators – in a flexible, secure and standardized framework.

SmartTrust Joins GlobalPlatform

SmartTrust is committed to developing and promoting interoperable
specifications for the smart card infrastructure. In response, the
company has announced its decision to become a member of the
smart card international specifications body, GlobalPlatform. As a
member, SmartTrust will contribute to the technical activities of
the Systems Committee and will participate in the Advisory Council.
Almost 200 mobile networks rely on SmartTrust to manage
subscribers, their handsets and access to mobile services.
GlobalPlatform is a member-driven organization with cross-industry
representation. The organization had over 40 GlobalPlatform-based
smart card implementations and 110 million GlobalPlatform cards in
circulation in 2006. Currently, there are 1.2 billion GlobalPlatform
GSM implementations worldwide.

INSIDE Contactless Names a New CFO

INSIDE Contactless has named Christian Janin as its new Chief Financial Officer, and the appointment of Patrick Jones as non-executive Director of its Managing Board. Janin was most recently Group Chief Financial Officer for SMARTTRUST, a major Swedish independent “Mobile Device Management” software developer/system integrator. Patrick Jones is currently the Chairman of the Board of Lattice Semiconductor, a fabless semiconductor company.

Wireless Wallet

Mosaic Software said yesterday that its “Postilion” solution now includes Boston Communications Group “Wireless Wallet” interface to support bcgi “ATM Recharge.” By using the bcgi “Wireless Wallet” interface, ATM deployers can quickly tap into the fast-growing trend for consumers to prepay their wireless service at ATMs. Through a nationwide real-time infrastructure, bcgi provides one or more of its services to approximately 70 wireless carriers and resellers, including five of the top six national carriers. bcgi handles more than four billion minutes of service a year. Mosaic Software provides software solutions to banks, telco’s, cellco’s, retailers, portals and processors worldwide to drive payments and other financial transactions through ATMs, POS terminals, phones and Internet access points on a truly multi-channel architecture. It also provides EMV enablement, debit card management and loyalty software solutions.