Cale Systems and 8D Technologies Partner for Montreal Project

Cale Access AB, and its North American subsidiary, Cale Systems, has teamed with 8D Technologies to deploy advanced parking payment terminals in Montreal. The terminals are equipped with the 8D “ECO” transactional module, a proprietary technology, which allows for secure electronic payment in real time via wireless communication. The solar powered terminals are also totally autonomous from the power grid thanks to 8D ECO’s advanced power management capacities. As part of the 8D ECO solution, parking officers are instantly provided with the payment status of all surrounding parking spaces through a handheld computer (Palm type) accessing the system by wireless communication. Following the success of the initial testing process, the SociŽtŽ en commandite Stationnement de Montreal is now installing street units in the downtown Montreal area, as part of “Phase II” of its pilot project. Cale Systems specializes in the development, marketing, and technical support of cash-collection equipment for public and private parking spaces.


Montreal-based 8D Technologies’ “8D ECO” transactional module has been integrated into the parking payment terminals manufactured by its partner Cale Systems. The Cale Systems terminals featuring the “8D ECO” module have been selected by the Société en commandite Stationnement de Montréal for Phase II of its pilot project to test the use of computerized parking terminals on city streets. The SCSM, which manages metered parking for the City of Montreal, will conduct tests during the summer and autumn of 2003 with the goal of replacing, if the experiment is successful, a significant number of parking meters with computerized terminals. Besides e-payment in real time, the “8D ECO” module also handles the management of the terminal, the optimization of electric power usage (in the wireless environment) while permitting the remote control of the automated parking terminals.