Oberthur Shows Motion Code Cards are Red Hot

Oberthur Shows Motion Code Cards are Red Hot

Oberthur Technologies (OT) released the results of a survey which shows eighty percent of respondents would be more likely to use a MOTION CODE-enabled card vs. one with a printed, static CVV for online shopping. The static printed code (CVV) is replaced by a mini-screen that displays an automatically refreshed code generated by an algorithm…

Nodus PayLink

Nodus Technologies’ PayLink developed by Professional Advantage, Collections Management for Microsoft Dynamics GP speeds up the collection process, decreases security risks, and provides customer convenience. it has the processing power to improve cash flow, diminish collection time and reduce bad debt.

PowaPOS T25

Powa Technologies unveils its partnership with Canada’s leading independent Canadian payment processor, CT-Payment. The PowaPOS T25 is being introduced to the CT-Payment’s ISO and software developer partners as a preferred tablet-based POS platform for meeting the growing demand from their retail clients.

BPC SmartVista HCE

Baar, Switzerland-based BPC Banking Technologies has launched SmartVista Host Card Emulation (HCE) solution ready to be implemented as an integrated or stand-alone module or as a service. SmartVista HCE solution is compliant to all functional and security standards set by international payment systems.

OT Motion Code

Oberthur Technologies has gone over the top with the unveiling of the first payment card integrating a dynamic cryptogram solution. This world-first replaces the three-figure security code on the back of the card with a ‘mini-screen’ displaying a code that automatically changes periodically.