SLMsoft Certifies Tidel ATMs, Inc., a leading global provider of electronic financial transaction solutions for the e-commerce market, Monday announced certification of Tidel Technologies’ dial-up ATM machines. The certification enables to support Tidel’s ATMs on a national and global basis, and enables Tidel dealers and distributors to offer consumers a wider choice of transaction processing capabilities to meet market demands.

“’s certification of our ATMs will greatly enhance processing options for our clients,” said Mark Levenick, President and COO of Tidel. “We are impressed with the extensive capabilities of’s system, and their ability to rapidly achieve certification for our machines utilizing extensive in-house engineering resources. is renowned for quality and service, and their strong presence in the U.S. and around the globe will provide our clients with the kind of support they desire from a single-source provider.”’s financial transaction management products and services will provide Tidel clients with comprehensive ATM and transaction gateway services, including multi-currency and multi-language capabilities, 24×7 customer support, ATM card issuance, online and offline debit card issuance, driving ATMs, merchant card processing, authorizing transactions, design and production of cards, card management systems, 800 service for card activation, maintaining cardholder files, balancing and settlement processing, and network gateway services.

“Tidel is a leader in dial-up ATMs, and has established itself as a pioneer in the development of cost-effective cash delivery systems for the retail market,” said Govin Misir, Chairman and CEO of “Tidel has distinguished itself as one of the fastest growing manufacturers of dial-up ATMs, with more than 20,000 locations in its international network of ATMs. There is a large market for Tidel’s products, and certifying their machines allows us to offer our services to their rapidly expanding base of clients in 36 countries worldwide.”’s ATM services are flexible, scalable, and fully customizable. Customer features include balance inquiries, withdrawals, funds transfers, deposits, viewing previous transactions, and statement printing.

About Tidel

Tidel Technologies, Inc. is a Texas-based manufacturer of automated teller machines and cash security equipment designed for specialty retail marketers. Tidel pioneered the dial-up ATM in 1992, and is the fastest growing major U.S. manufacturer of ATMs. Tidel’s common stock trades on the Nasdaq Stock Market(R) under the symbol ATMS.


Founded in 1986, is a single-source global provider of end-to-end electronic commerce solutions for financial institutions, health care and retail organizations using open system technologies. is the first to offer the financial market the compatibility, flexibility, and upward scalability necessary for global electronic service delivery. Its ESP-Link(TM) suite of totally secure e-commerce solutions include ATM networks and services; Internet and personal computer banking, including check imaging and core processing; point-of-sale; and debit, credit and smart cards., with over 700 employees in 30 offices worldwide, serves 1,500 customers in 52 countries on five continents.

Cash Technologies & BEA Systems

Cash Technologies, Inc. announced Thursday the formation of an alliance with BEA Systems, Inc., to provide the first e-commerce platform using BEA TUXEDO’s transaction middleware product and the Windows NT/Intel computing environment designed to achieve mainframe-caliber reliability for mission-critical applications. Specifically, the Company’s EMMA (E-Commerce Message Management Architecture) platform is designed to conduct multiple, simultaneous, complex financial transactions on virtually any system — from ATMs to desktop computers.

Cash Tech’s global financial services customers can benefit from the partnership by being able to offer a complex array of financial services from a single electronic source, such as an automated teller machine (ATM). For example, the system is designed to allow a customer to get a money order, a pre-paid phone card and a savings account withdrawal in the same transaction at an ATM. Typically, ATM systems use older and more costly mainframe computers, making it more difficult and costly to add new services. Using EMMA with BEA TUXEDO and Windows NT companies can quickly deploy new services and significantly reduce the cost of developing new ATM kiosks.

“Our partnership with BEA helps provide EMMA with the reliability and scalability of some of the world’s largest financial e-commerce applications that run BEA TUXEDO, including systems at Nasdaq, E*Trade, and,” said Bruce Korman, president and CEO of Cash Technologies, Inc. “But unlike those applications, which rely on mainframe systems each having a highly specialized purpose, EMMA uses BEA TUXEDO to provide an information pipeline to move multiple transactions across virtually any system — from ATMs and PCs to the financial networks and the Internet.”

Cash Tech’s EMMA system consists of the EMMA client and host platform. Through EMMA, hundreds of transaction types can be processed easily. These include: electronic bill payment; real-time activated pre-paid phone cards; money order issuance; event ticketing; check cashing; Internet based e-commerce products and services; currency deposits; interactive advertising; marketing data acquisition; biometric identification techniques, as well as traditional cash dispensing and other ATM functions.

“Cash Technologies’ EMMA platform is a premier example of how e-commerce unlocks the potential for new financial services never imagined a few years ago,” said Joe Menard, Vice President of Worldwide Marketing for BEA. “This alliance is important in enabling BEA and Cash Technologies to deliver those services and make them convenient for the customer.”

About Cash Technologies, Inc.

Cash Technologies Inc. ([][1]) develops and markets innovative e-commerce kiosks and systems, including the EMMA transaction processing software, the multifunction ATM-X(TM) automated teller machine (ATM) and the CoinBank(R) advanced self-service coin counter. The Company also provides computerized cash processing services to banks, armored carriers, rapid transit agencies and other cash-intensive businesses.

About BEA Systems, Inc.

BEA Systems, Inc. is a leading provider of mission-critical Web and transaction middleware solutions for the world’s largest enterprises. BEA’s product line enables end-to-end, integrated solutions for electronic commerce and business-critical systems. BEA products include BEA TUXEDO, the industry’s market share leader for distributed transaction management software; BEA WebLogic, a leading application server family providing CORBA, EJB, and enterprise Java solutions; and BEA eLink, a solution for integrating enterprise applications. BEA also provides a comprehensive suite of consulting, education, and customer support offerings to preserve and maximize technology investments in BEA products. BEA is headquartered in San Jose, Calif., and has 52 offices in 24 countries. The company’s common stock trades on the Nasdaq National Market under the symbol “BEAS.” Additional information on BEA is available on the Internet at [][2].


Netroscope Silicon Alliance

In a move to integrate market research and consulting services, Netroscope Inc., the leading Internet market research company, last week announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with Silicon Summit Technologies (SST), the leading provider of Internet development and support services.

In today’s customer-centric market, Netroscope and SST’s alliance offers organizations a one-stop source for acquiring both market intelligence and consulting services. It is designed to help organizations systematically manage their business risks with a well-defined process to follow. It also offers a competitive pricing model that spans the entire project cycle, from initial research to development and deployment.

Netroscope forecasts the U.S. market for the Internet and e-commerce research, consulting, and outsourcing services will exceed $30 billion by 2002. Netroscope and SST are working together to develop and market a family of integrated market research and consulting services that support the growing needs of customers for customized integration and outsourcing solutions.

“This agreement is an outstanding progression for both Netroscope and SST as it allows us to join forces to develop and deliver compelling outsourcing and integration solutions that will put us at the top of the Internet consulting ladder,” said Natalie Shaheen, President, Netroscope. “The addition of SST to our resources adds another exciting dimension to our firm’s capabilities and expands our research range to meet every aspect of the strategic market planning top to bottom. The strategic priorities of this partnership include leveraging and expanding existing client relationships, further identifying a competitive pricing model, and combining extensive skill sets in existing and emerging technologies.”

“Our customers want tightly integrated and complete project life-cycle services and a strategic alliance with Netroscope allows SST to deliver just that,” said Larry Gusto, President, Silicon Summit Technologies. “Netroscope has quickly become recognized as a premier Internet market research firm and perfectly complements SST’s existing development and support organizations. By combining and leveraging the strengths of both companies the big winner here will be the customer.”

Among the industries that would benefit from the Netroscope and SST alliance are financial services and securities industries. Commenting on the alliance, John Valente, Senior Vice President in charge of the Information Application Development Division for Visa International, said, “As we implement the Internet into our strategic business processes, deploying comprehensive and cost-effective e-commerce solutions and infrastructure become critical issues. By linking market intelligence with consulting know-how, Netroscope and SST are well equipped to better serve the industry’s outsourcing needs. They can help organizations take a more efficient approach for rapid deployment and development of eBusiness solutions.”

“With the financial services industry operating more and more on Internet time, the SST-Netroscope alliance will be invaluable in helping ePIT offer trading on a level playing field to the Internet community,” said Steven Smith, Vice President of Business Development at ePIT, Inc. “This alliance will give ePIT a leg up as we work closely with existing financial institutions to bring their customers the experience and benefits of trading shoulder to shoulder with other traders over the Internet.”

About SST

Silicon Summit Technologies, Inc. () develops, implements and supports technically progressive systems for the world’s largest companies in the Securities Brokerage, Card Payment Systems, Banking and Legal Services industries.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Silicon Summit Technologies’ expertise lies in keeping abreast of the latest technology and utilizing this technology to the benefit of their clients. Since 1988 SST has specialized in the development of leading-edge applications for the securities industry. The majority of current products are written in Java and provide valuable business solutions based on the Financial Information Exchange (FIX) communications protocol.

About Netroscope

Netroscope, Inc. () is the leading Internet market research and consulting company focused on evaluation and assessment of leading-edge technologies and market trends, with the objective of supporting strategic business requirements of the industry. Netroscope’s services include syndicated and customized research, marketing and sales support services, assessment of corporate and vendor trends, “thinking council” advisory services, monthly newsletters, and daily alerts.

Debit SET

Dutch consumers will be the first in Europe to use debit cards for secure shopping over the Internet when a new service goes live later this week. Operated by Interpay, a cooperative owned by Holland’s banks, the ‘I-Pay with SET’ system uses an enhanced version of the international SET protocol to authenticate Internet merchants and customers to each other, and to protect both debit and credit card numbers. The standard protocol supports only credit cards. The new payment system, which is enabled by PKI security technology provided by Entrust Technologies, is expected to have as many as two million users by the end of 2000. Participating merchants will advertise on a special Web site. SET has had a patchy start in Europe, however Interpay executives believe that by supporting both debit and credit card transactions, Interpay is going to be a real catalyst for growth. Merchants in 18 European countries are already SET-enabled.

Card Fraud

MasterCard said yesterday that counterfeit and mail/telephone order fraud remain the major areas of focus this year in its fight against card fraud. MasterCard reported total dollar fraud losses worldwide of $526 million, a 13.7% increase over 1997’s $462 million. As a percentage of sales volume, this computes to 8.1 basis points, or 8.1 cents per $100 in transaction volume, compared to 7.1 basis points in 1997. MasterCard said the increases last year were largely the result of skimming activity and the proliferation of technologies such as account generation programs.

USTT Expansion

USA Technologies’ self-serve credit card-activated business centers are now reaching into apartment communities. The company announced yesterday it is installing its ‘Business Express’ center in a Baltimore, MD apartment complex with nearly 1,000 housing units and 3,000 residents. The company has largely focused on the hotel industry. To date, more than 300 hotels have set up a USA ‘Business Express’ center. USA says there are about 23,000 large apartment complexes in the US.

LiveExchange Goes InstaBuy

Moai Technologies, the pioneer of business-to-business and business-to-consumer, Web-based auction software, announced Friday that its latest release, LiveExchange 2.2, now supports CyberCash’s popular InstaBuy service to provide credit card authorization and processing features. LiveExchange 2.2 allows for real-time commerce transactions, enabling businesses to host public or private auctions over the Internet for their corporate buyers or consumers.

The new capabilities of LiveExchange 2.2 allow auctioneers to validate new or updated credit card and billing information. The information is contained by CyberCash’s InstaBuy service and secured by a participating financial institution. When the consumer makes a purchase at any participating merchant’s site, InstaBuy instantaneously fills in the payment screen with the purchase information. The consumer simply verifies the information and completes the purchase with a single click. Additionally, LiveExchange 2.2 provides automatic credit card processing when orders are generated by the server after an auction closes.

According to new research conducted by Jupiter Communications, online business-to-consumer auctions will sell $3.2 billion worth of goods by 2002. These numbers suggest that online auctions give retailers a better way to liquidate excess inventory than through existing sales channels. In the same report, Jupiter predicts that 6.5 million Americans will buy from online auctions in 2002, up from 1.2 million in 1998.

“LiveExchange 2.2 demonstrates Moai’s ongoing commitment to meeting the dynamic business requirements of our customers and providing the most feature-rich auction software. The latest enhancements in LiveExchange facilitate the online buying experience while allowing businesses to realize increases in revenue due to higher purchase completions,” stated Michelle Messina, Vice President of Marketing at Moai Technologies.

About Moai Technologies, Inc.

Based in San Francisco, California, Moai Technologies is a leading provider of Web-based auction software applications for electronic commerce. With LiveExchange, companies can conduct public auctions or host their own extranet auctions for any group of trading partners, creating a cost-effective “Virtual Private Marketplace.” Moai Technologies’ products enable corporations to increase revenues and profitability, improve control of their sales channels and reduce inventory overhead. For more information, contact Moai Technologies at 415-625-0601 or visit the company’s Web site at .

Smart Card Biometrics

In a move to provide the highest level of security for electronic transactions, Schlumberger has signed a memorandum of understanding with Keyware Technologies. Under the agreement, Keyware will use Schlumberger smart card technology as a platform for its Layered Biometric Verification (LBV) technology, enabling Schlumberger and its Business Associates to deliver innovative and exceptionally secure solutions to customers world-wide.

LBV(R) adds an important new dimension to the high levels of security Schlumberger provides against smart card forgery and cloning, by ensuring that the card user is indeed the legitimate owner. Such assurance is vital for controlling access to secure areas or to sensitive computer information. Smart card-based solutions offer major advantages over traditional biometric verification delivery technologies which typically require on-line access to databases of personal information.

“Security is a key driver for the adoption of smart-card based solutions, and we are continually seeking to extend our portfolio of techniques,” said Geoffrey Morton, Schlumberger Manager, Business Associates. “The use of biometric identification for controlling access is becoming increasingly popular for government and military applications and in areas like healthcare and e-commerce. As well as helping to deliver the enhanced levels of security these sectors are seeking, Keyware’s unique open architecture software gives great flexibility in developing custom solutions.”

“Smart card-based biometric verification opens the door to a whole range of very powerful secure applications,” said Francis Declercq, Keyware Technologies President & CEO. “At the same time, it gives individuals ownership of their personal information. Schlumberger has a proven track record in smart card technology and readers, and shares our innovative approach to meeting customer demand for creative solutions which are user friendly and simple to deploy.”

Biometric verification relies on referencing stored details of unique personal attributes – such as fingerprints, voice, facial characteristics – to verify identity, and is becoming increasingly popular for secure and sensitive applications. By storing this personal information on a smart card, users will in future carry a completely foolproof means of identification. Identities can be verified off-line within a smart card terminal, using the processing capability of a voice/face verification DSP chip currently under development by Keyware. This ability to check identity locally – potentially using a spoken password – means for example that public and mobile phone networks could provide the infrastructure for highly secure communications.

Keyware Technologies’ LBV(R) open architecture allows several different biometric verification technologies to be integrated, further enhancing flexibility and providing considerable scope for tailored solutions.

About Keyware Technologies

Keyware Technologies is a global technology company and the pioneer and leader in Layered Biometric Verification (LBV(R)) for enhanced security. Keyware specializes in applied biometrics – the science of verifying an individual’s identity by means of personal characteristics such as voice, face and fingerprints. These unique and inimitable biometric features are recorded, analyzed and matched against previously stored spoken passwords, prints and facial snapshots and ensure the highest possible security levels. Keyware Technologies uses biometrics to create security solutions for multiple markets including network and data security (e.g. Internet & Intranet, remote access, desktop access), telephony and physical access control. The company was founded in 1996 and has a head-office in Brussels and an office in Boston, Massachusetts. In 1998 Keyware Technologies received the ‘Special Achievement Award’ from the editors and readers of Computer Magazine and the Voice+ Award for ‘Best Mobile Solution’. Keyware Technologies offers its products through OEM’s to System Integrators and VARs. For more information visit Keyware’s Web site at or try out our voice verification demonstration over the phone at +32 2 721 58 29.

About Schlumberger

Schlumberger Smart Cards & Terminals is the leading provider of smart card-based solutions worldwide, shaping the new world of smart solutions by providing leading-edge technology to enable innovative smart card and terminal applications that enhance the security and convenience of businesses and communities of all kinds. Schlumberger smart card solutions encompass a wide range of cards, terminals, development tools and support in open configurations for operators, developers, integrators and distributors worldwide. As part of the Smart Village(R) vision, the Schlumberger offer includes the milestone Cyberflex(TM)card, the industry’s first Java(TM)-based smart card. The Smart Cards & Terminals group operates 45 facilities in 34 countries across the globe. Additional information is available on the World Wide Web at

Schlumberger Test & Transactions comprises Schlumberger Smart Cards & Terminals and Schlumberger Automated Test Equipment, leveraging the combined strengths of these two business units to provide leading-edge, cost-effective solutions to customers.

Schlumberger Test & Transactions is a business unit of Schlumberger Limited, a $11.8 billion global technology service company providing oilfield services, natural resources management, transactions-based technology and associated systems, and semiconductor test equipment.

Layered Biometric Verification and LBV are registered trademarks of Keyware Technologies. Cyberflex and Reflex are trademarks, and Smart Village is a registered trademark of Schlumberger. Java and Java Card are trademarks of Sun Microsystems, Inc.

Cash Tech’s CFO

Cash Technologies, Inc. announced Friday the appointment of Robert M. Gielow as its Chief Financial Officer, replacing Richard Miller.  Mr. Miller, a Director and Founder of the Company, had been serving as interim CFO.

Mr. Gielow, 53, most recently was Vice President and General Manager of the Emerging Business Services division of ADP from July to December of 1998.

From 1991 until July 1998, Mr. Gielow served as VP Finance and later as CFO of Kinko’s, Inc. which operated approximately 850 domestic and 30 foreign branch offices.  While at Kinko’s, Mr. Gielow played a key role in the consolidation of 125 independent operating companies into the $1.6 billion Kinko’s Inc. entity.

Mr. Gielow started his career at Xerox Corporation, where he spent 15 years in a variety of financial and administrative assignments.

“We are fortunate to have found someone with the depth of experience and knowledge in finance, technology and operations that Bob Gielow possesses to serve as our CFO,” said Bruce Korman, Cash Technologies Chairman and CEO.

Cash Technologies’ wholly owned Austrian subsidiary, CoinBank Automation Handels GmbH, recently announced that it has reached an agreement with Bank Austria’s subsidiary, Creditanstalt AG, to install its CoinBank(R) advanced coin deposit machines on a trial basis.  With more than 200 branches, Bank Austria is Austria’s largest banking group with more than US$140 billion in assets, in addition to being Austria’s largest publicly traded corporation.

“The conversion of local currencies to the euro within the European Union (“EU”) will provide enormous opportunities for European cash handling equipment providers like CoinBank Automation,” said Korman.  “Bank Austria, a banking technology innovator, is one of the first of many European banks that we expect to embrace the electronic-commerce enabled CoinBank(R) machine.”

More than 70 billion coins need to be redeemed in Europe before July 2002, when local coin and currency denominations will become worthless for common use.  The CoinBank(R) self-service coin deposit machine is the ideal solution to help the EU cope with this problem.  It is entirely software driven, allowing coins in any country to be programmed for acceptance now and the new euro coins later.

Cash Technologies, Inc. develops and markets innovative e-commerce kiosks, including advanced self-service coin counters and the multifunction ATM-X(TM) automated teller machine.  The Company also provides computerized cash processing services to banks, armored carriers, rapid transit agencies and other cash-intensive businesses.

Check Fraud

NC-based Source Technologies said yesterday that check fraud has grown to a $12.6 billion problem in the U.S., the result of lower costs in checking printing technology. The company says the cost of printing equipment and software has come down to a level where check forgers can now set up a printing operation for under $2,000. This means smaller institutions are being targeted by crooks. Source offered several tips on fighting check fraud including the suggestion to train tellers to look at the check instead of the person when processing a transaction.

Card Activated

USA Technologies reported Wednesday that at the end of 1998, approximately 1,000 points of distribution nationwide offered USA’s patented credit card-activated business services, an increase of 156% as compared to the end of 1997. USA’s patented ‘TransAct’ technology enables secure credit card activation of a variety of business products, including MBE Business Express, a 24-hour self-service business center product of Mail Boxes Etc.. Other USA credit card-activated business products include Laptop Dataport Express, a functional laptop/dataport connection and workstation, and USA’s Public PC, a stand-alone IBM computer and printer.