VendTek Systems, Peoples Card Services and Visa Canada have introduced
the “3V Virtual Visa,” Canada’s first prepaid virtual Visa program,
following an agreement with 3V Transaction Services online payments
company. Allowing customers to shop online or by phone using a prepaid
disposable 16-digit Visa number, used online just like a standard credit
card, the 3V voucher program will be introduced to the Canadian market
in December, available through participating Now Prepay serviced retail
outlets in denominations ranging from $20 to $500. Peoples will act as
the Visa issuer and VendTek will be responsible for marketing and
distribution of the 3V product. All parties are expecting to spend up to
$300,000 in marketing costs in the first year.


MoreMagic Solutions mobile payments platform provider and VendTek Systems automated transaction software have signed distribution
agreements to offer international mobile phone service top ups from
international wireless carriers at 14,000 distribution points throughout
Canada. With this, consumers can top-up the mobile phones of family and
friends in the Caribbean, Latin America, Pakistan and India almost
instantly. These agreements are targeting the 4.8 million
immigrants-15.2% of the total population- that arrived in Canada between
1980 and 2006.


VendTek Systems automated transaction systems software has signed a
distribution agreement with MoreMagic Solutions International and
Roaming Recharge Solutions. With these developments, customers can
purchase mobile phone top ups from international wireless carriers to
add value to the mobile phones of relatives overseas in such regions as
the Caribbean, Latin America, Pakistan and India through the VendTek
“Now Prepay” network, available at VendTek retailers in Canada.
Regardless of where in the world the recipient is located, the top-up
transaction can be completed in seconds for immediate access to the
value added to their mobile phone. This new product was introduced to
appeal to the 3.9 million immigrants having arrived between 1980 and
2001, with an annual average of 180,000 arriving yearly.


VendTek Systems has launched its eFresh SMS solution for the
electronic delivery of consumers’ PINs via SMS to mobile phones.
This solution was developed partly in response to statistics showing
the global popularity of mobile phones, with developed countries
accounting for 56% of all mobile users. The “eFresh SMS” integrated
solution operates on POS, ATM, PC, and Web based distribution
points allowing merchants to request a PIN by sending an SMS to
the server with instant results. VendTek provides automated
transaction system software and solutions.


VendTek Systems Inc. now allows U.S. transactions to be conducted
on its network following its agreement with The Brennes-Jones Group
payment processor. VendTek provides software for prepaid service
distribution and licenses automated transaction system software to improve
the efficiency of product delivery. The Brennes-Jones Group Inc. is an
Independent Sales Organization that provides payment processing
throughout the United States and Puerto Rico.


VendTek Systems and NetworkIP have signed a software license
agreement to provide U.S. customers with “e-Fresh” software. “E-Fresh”
electronically distributes prepaid products and services to customers, thus circumventing problems associated with physical cards such as the
cost of production, storage and theft. NetworkIP, creator of the software, processes over 2 million transactions daily and is connected to over 100
carriers worldwide providing a prepaid platform, prepaid long distance,
prepaid conferencing, and prepaid VoIP services. VendTek develops
and licenses automated transaction system software supporting
technologies for product delivery efficiency and with this agreement,
expects to launch 2,500 locations.

VendTek’s Now Prepay Network Opens in the USA

Canada’s VendTek Systems has established its “Now Prepay” network in the U.S. with the signing of an agreement with ISO The Brennes-Jones Group. The Brennes-Jones Group (BJG) is a Dallas-based employee-owned ISO with Moneris Solutions/Harris Bank in Chicago as its bank sponsor. BJG offers bankcard, T&E, debit, EBT, Pcard and electronic gift and loyalty card processing and check guarantee and authorization. It also offers terminals, wireless communications, IPOS, PC and Internet-based solutions. VendTek develops and licenses automated transaction system software and supporting technologies that improve the efficiency of product delivery, reduce costs to clients and offer superior safety measures.

Vendtek’s Now Prepay and Canadian Tire Ink a POSA Deal

VendTek Systems and its Now Prepay subsidiary have inked an agreement with Canadian Tire Petroleum to implement “POSA” activation
terminals and new software to allow for activation of long distance cards by swiping them through the POS terminals. Now Prepay will be working with Bell Canada to deliver a set of prepaid long distance products that can be activated at Canadian Tire Petroleum gas
bars. VendTek develops and licenses automated transaction system software and supporting technologies.

VendTek’s Now Prepay Enters Agreement

VendTek Systems’ subsidiary Now Prepay Corp. has entered into an agreement
with a marketing company for the sale and distribution of third party gift
cards in Now Prepay’s customers’ national and regional chain retail
locations throughout Canada. Now Prepay’s technology allows the
company’s portfolio of 3rd party gift cards, also know as a gift card
mall, to be activated at Now Prepay retailers. Now Prepay will begin the
roll-out of the gift card mall in August and expects to have close to
1,000 retailers participating by Christmas.

VendTek Signs New Agreement with Pioneer

VendTek Systems’ wholly owned subsidiary Now Prepay has entered into a new
agreement with Pioneer Petroleums based in Burlington, Ontario to
implement Point-of-Sale Activation terminals. The new software allows
physical cards to be sold through the “e-Fresh” system along with virtual
products. It will also allow Now Prepay to add other swipe activated
products as they become available. Additionally, Now Prepay is working
with Bell Canada to deliver a set of prepaid long
distance products that can be activated at Pioneer Petroleum Snack Express
sites. Pioneer has 150 locations throughout Ontario and initially 88
Express stores will have the POS activation terminals. VendTek develops
and licenses automated transaction system software and supporting

Mint and Now Prepay Launch a Prepaid Card Network

Now Prepay has joined with Mint to launch the first retail-based cash acceptance network designed for reloading prepaid financial products. Initially 1,000 of Now Prepay’s 8,500 retail partner locations
across Canada will provide a secure point-of-sale system for activating
and reloading prepaid credit card products from Mint’s portfolio of cards over Now Prepay’s existing national prepaid network. Now Prepay has also included a “location look up” feature on its Web site so that customers can locate a merchant near them. There are an estimated 3,000,000 or more Canadians who are the target consumers for these cards.