Retail Decisions (ReD) & Virgin Mobile have extended contracts with
the provision of ReD card fraud detection and the processing of 15 million
Virgin Mobile payments annually. ReD will process payments for Virgin
Mobile’s call center, Internet and IVR. Based on ReD statistics, there was
a 50% rise in attempts at card fraud between 2005 and 2006,
58% of the criminals are less likely to attempt fraud with the same
after an initial failed attempt, and New Years Eve 2006 reflected
the most fraudulent day on record for pre-paid card fraud with a 110%
increase over a typical Sunday. With 19 years experience in the fraud
prevention market, ReD serves blue-chip international clients from a
variety of industries. Virgin mobile phones are available at 5,000 outlets,
employs approximately 1,700 staff at three sites, and has an outsourced
customer service center operated by approximately 200 staff in

Verizon Wireless Speeds Up BofA M-Banking

Bank of America and Verizon Wireless announced the latest redesign of Verizon Wireless’ “Mobile Web 2.0” service to enable customers to have quicker access. Verizon Wireless customers can find BofA in the new “Money” category under “More in Mobile Web 2.0.” BofA on “Mobile Web 2.0” enables customers to check account balances, view transactions, pay bills, and transfer money between accounts and to other BofA customers. “Mobile Web 2.0” is available for a $5 monthly access fee, plus airtime, if purchased as a standalone service from the phone. NJ-based Verizon Wireless serves 62.1 million customers nationwide.

Amazon & Best Buy Rank as Best E-Tailers

A new research report reveals that and Best Buy both were ranked as the #1 sites with the best overall e-tailer ranking across 250+ customer experience metrics. Keynote Systems says was the top ranked site in terms of search satisfaction, and one of the top ranked sites in six of nine key categories including price satisfaction, product research and overall site navigation and organization. Best Buy showed the most significant gains in online customer experience over the past year and was the number one ranked site in terms of pure customer satisfaction. Best Buy also ranked in the top echelon in seven of the nine key categories contributing to a quality online customer experience, including the ease of the purchasing process and customer support. The site’s most significant gains came in search satisfaction. The study provides an in-depth examination of the online customer experience and service levels (site responsiveness and reliability) of a dozen leading electronics retailer Web sites, including, Best Buy, Circuit City, Dell, Target and Wal-Mart.

Kabira and Torry Harris Team for M-Payments

Kabira Technologies’ service provider Torry Harris Business Solutions will extend its staff of Kabira developers to apply its proven delivery model to new telecommunications and financial services customers in the US. Kabira is a provider of the design and development of high availability transaction processing systems. Kabira systems provide high-performance billing and service delivery platforms for the global telecommunications industry as well as the US and Japanese credit-card processing industries. Torry Harris specializes in integration, distributed computing and transactional systems.

Verizon Wireless to Offer Obopay M-Payments

Verizon Wireless announced plans to make Obopay’s mobile payment service available to its customers this summer. Obopay will initially run on Verizon Wireless mobile phones as a “BREW” application that can be downloaded from the Verizon online catalog. After downloading the application, users will be able to sign up for the service directly from their Verizon Wireless mobile devices or via Obopay’s Website. The service will also be made available as part of Verizon Wireless’ Mobile “Web 2.0” service. In May Cellular South announced the availability of Obopay’s mobile payments solution on Cellular South handsets. (CF Library 5/4/07)

Circuit City/Pirates Offer STV/DVD Card

A new hybrid gift card has entered the market that combines a stored value function and DVD interactivity. The new “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” prepaid card is being offered by Circuit City to coincide with the movie’s opening this week. The card was created by NY-based Serious Digital Publishing. It is the second interactive card created by the firm for Circuit City. The card will play on DVD players, Win/Mac drives as well as the gaming consoles, PS2, Xbox & Xbox 360. The payment card data is held on the top and the DVD side holds 180 MB of content. The DVD gift card looks and feels like a standard gift card with a magnetic stripe on the front that swipes at the point of sale terminal. However, the PET (standard PVC surface) is bonded by a special technique to the DVD part on the underside, which additionally has a protective coating on it to resist scratching.

Kabira Payment Suite Wins New Product Award

Kabira Technologies’ “Kabira Payment Suite” has been selected as “Best New Product” for 2007 by Cards&Payments Magazine. Kabira was chosen as “Best New Product” for its industry-unique architecture, which stores and processes all data and applications completely within high-speed memory. Kabira products are designed to run on much lower-cost, commodity hardware. Kabira launched its new financial family of products earlier this year, featuring two products: “Kabira Financial Payment Switch” and “Kabira Financial Payment Authorization.” Kabira provides high performance transaction processing software for global enterprises to manage high volumes.

ANZ Selects ILOG JRules For Loan Automation

ILOG’s “JRules” has been selected by ANZ for the automation of residential
mortgage loan applications. ILOG’s team will support ANZ through the phases
of the Mortgage Automation Program with the best practice approach. The
company is a global provider of Business Rule Management System software
(BRMS) upon which over 2,500 corporations and 465 leading software
vendors rely. ANZ has 1,265 worldwide points of representation, including
781 branches in Australia, and more than six million customers worldwide.

CitiBank Introduces Balance Transfer Program

CitiBank has introduced a new balance transfer program in Greece
offering a fixed rate of 4.9% for balances transferred to Citi and Diners
cards, among the lowest rates in the country. Customers are also given
a two year repayment window and the option to choose from 16
different Citibank Visa cards, 7 Citibank MasterCard and 7 Diners
Club cards. Diners Club Card is accepted at more than 50,000
businesses throughout Greece and more than 8,000,000 worldwide.
Citi has 200 million customer accounts and does business in more than
100 countries.

Kabira Names a Business Development Exec

Kabira Technologies has appointed Chris Clabaugh, former VP of CollabNet, as its VP of business development. Prior to joining CollabNet, he was VP of Application Partner Market Development for Progress Software and was the was co-founder and CEO of Allegrix. Chris has a BS in Computer Science from Tulane University with graduate studies in technical management at the University of California at Irvine. Kabira provides high performance transaction processing software for global enterprises to manage high volumes at a substantially lower cost.