Global Authentication 2015

A new survey discovers the majority of IT departments (86%) plan to implement two-factor authentication for access to cloud applications. Currently, 38% of users utilize two-factor authentication, this is expected to rise to over half (51%) of users using it in two years. Over half (57%) already use two-factor authentication to secure external users’ access to resources, indicating the varied use of the technology.

Asia Pacific Execs

MasterCard announced the appointment of two Co-Presidents for the Asia/Pacific region – Ling Hai and Ari Sarker; as well the creation of two sub-regions – North East Asia and Australasia (NEAA) and South East Asia and South Asia (SEASA). The new sub-regions are in recognition of the growing importance of Asia/Pacific as a whole as it houses two of the region’s biggest markets – China and India – and reflects a more focused approach for these diverse markets.

Card Portfolios 2014

The number of payment card portfolios sold in 2014 dipped to just five portfolios worth $2.7 billion. This was down significantly from year end 2013 and the record card deals done in 2012. In 2013 an estimated $17.2 billion in 10 portfolios were done, not including numerous tiny card portfolio sales ( < $10MM).