INSIDE Contactless Changes Name

INSIDE Contactless announced it has changed its name to INSIDE Secure to reflect the company’s newly enhanced product portfolio and market focus after the acquisition of Atmel Corporation’s Secure Microcontroller Solutions business. The new name represents INSIDE’s mission to be the leading provider of semiconductors for secure transactions and digital identity, and its position as the only company 100 percent focused on secure semiconductors.

“INSIDE Secure is very well positioned to sustain future growth by combining contactless and security expertise, products and innovation to drive trust into the next wave of smart card, mobile and Internet device applications, services and infrastructure.”
“Through the strategic acquisition of Atmel SMS, we are building on our contactless leadership to create a unique fabless semiconductor leader aimed at driving trust for the secure transaction and digital identity markets,” said Rémy de Tonnac, chief executive officer for INSIDE Secure. “INSIDE Secure is very well positioned to sustain future growth by combining contactless and security expertise, products and innovation to drive trust into the next wave of smart card, mobile and Internet device applications, services and infrastructure.”

The next generation of electronic transactions via the Internet, mobile devices and other channels will require increased security. INSIDE Secure’s broad portfolio of secure semiconductors inject trust into mobile phones, passports and ID cards, payment cards, acceptance devices, set top boxes, transit fare collection systems, physical access control systems and other embedded security applications.

With a global presence, INSIDE’s deep understanding of vertical markets and ecosystem relationships, and its fabless model, enable the company to anticipate market needs and adapt quickly to customer requirements.

INSIDE already has achieved leadership positions in several large, high-growth sectors, such as global payments (including EMV dual interface), electronic identification, embedded security, pay TV and mobile NFC markets. With more than 350 million chips delivered to customers each year, INSIDE Secure is the number one global provider of contactless chips for payments, and is the near field communication (NFC) technology and market leader. INSIDE is now uniquely positioned for the anticipated explosive growth in its markets.

About INSIDE Secure

INSIDE’s secure semiconductor products power smart cards, mobile devices, acceptance devices and infrastructure systems. The company’s expertise in microcontroller architectures, security, RF/analog design and vertical market requirements places INSIDE Secure in the forefront of secure contactless, contact, embedded and NFC technologies. INSIDE’s innovation, collaboration with customers and commitment to open standards have earned it a leadership position in markets worldwide. INSIDE Secure is headquartered in Aix-en-Provence, France, with offices in Europe, Asia and Silicon Valley. For more information, please visit



INSIDE Secure semiconductors announced several promotions designed to strengthen the management team for the next phase of the company’s growth. With this, Charles Walton has been promoted to chief operating officer for INSIDE after serving as executive vice president of payments for several years. Christian Fleutelot, formerly managing director of Atmel’s SMS business (just acquired by INSIDE), is now general manager of INSIDE’s VaultIC-Secure Microcontroller Solutions business unit. Andy Bear, who joined INSIDE as part of the Atmel SMS business acquisition, has been promoted to general manager of INSIDE’s new East Kilbride, UK operations. Bertrand Moussel has been promoted to executive vice president of worldwide sales. Additionally, Lim Boon Heong was appointed to general manager for the Asia-Pacific region.


Fewer Plan to Cut Holiday Spending in 2010

Fewer Americans plan to spend less money this season on holiday shopping, with 38% planning to spend less than they did in 2009 when 43% planned to spend less than they did in 2008. Also, 13% plan to spend more this year, 43% will spend about the same, and 6% don’t know. This, according to Discover Financial Services “Holiday Shopping Survey,” shows among those planning to spend more or the same this holiday season, more than 60% note that the economy will be a least somewhat influential on their decision to spend on gifts this year; the number of consumers planning to stay within their budgets is down from 66% last year to 57%; 31% will shop for less expensive brands this season from 57% in 2009; 6% will re-gift this year to make the most of their holiday budgets from 17% in 2009; and 23% will wait for last-minute deals from 35% in 2009. Moreover, holiday shoppers plan to spend $730 on gifts this year, compared to $723 in last year and down from $831 in 2008; 62% will use cash to pay for most of their holiday purchases this season; 28% will use credit; and 2% will use layaway. This is in conjunction with findings 78% of holiday shoppers will have a budget in place before they begin their shopping, 42% of whom will start with a specific budget for each individual on their shopping list, and 64% agree gift cards are the way to go. Conversely, 85% would appreciate receiving a branded gift card, 65% of whom would prefer it to a “non-essential” holiday gift (2010/11/09).



NCR Corporation has won a new ATM order contract of 1,500 units from ATMU Technology, extending its presence to the Chinese bank market. The order includes the NCR “SelfServ” ATM family with intelligent cash deposit and recycling functions. Since 2008, NCR has won volume ATM orders from ATMU for three consecutive years totaling more than 3,000 units. Allowing small-to-medium sized banks in China avoid making separate investments in dedicated ATM fleets, the contract features the NCR “SelfServ 22” and “SelfServ 25” models and the NCR “SelfServ 31” and “SelfServ 36” with intelligent cash deposit and recycling capabilities. The Bank committed to the contract citing NCR SelfServ helps drive deposit and revenue growth by delivering broad range of transactions and ensuring higher availability to consumers.


Cameleon & Acumen Ink Partnership Agreement

Cameleon Software, a global leader in product design, sales configuration, quotes, and proposals (CPQ) software and Acumen Solutions, an international leader in business and technology consulting, announce the signing of a partnership agreement between both organizations. Through this partnership, both organizations – which are both very active in the Cloud and in the ecosystem – intend to broaden their footprint and to deliver greater value to customers.

“Big Ideas for Big Players: Optimizing your Mobile Workforce”
“We are delighted about this new partnership as Cameleon Software continues to extend its value in the Cloud. Acumen Solutions brings extensive knowledge and value with their experience with over 300 Salesforce CRM projects. In addition, both organizations share the same philosophy: both are customer centric and customer success is priority number one for each company. I believe this is key for a fruitful partnership, and we look forward to a long term and mutual successful relationship with Acumen Solutions,” stated Jacques Soumeillan CEO at Cameleon Software.

“Ensuring that the solutions we recommend are enterprise-class is a critical component to success with our Global 1000 and government clients,” explained Donita Prakash, chief marketing officer at Acumen Solutions. “Cameleon Software has proven its effectiveness within large and complex organizations. They have tight integration with, and we believe that the demand for this type of cloud-based solution is strong.”

Cameleon Software and Acumen Solutions are exhibiting at Dreamforce 2010, the Cloud Computing Event of the Year, from December 6 – 9 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Visit Cameleon Software booth# 807 and hear its experts speak at the Breakout Session: “Sales Insider: Secrets of a Successful CPQ Deployment”, during Dreamforce, on Tuesday, December 7, 2:15 p.m. – 3:15 p.m, Room: Moscone West 2016.

Visit Acumen Solutions booth # 135 and hear its experts speak at: “Big Ideas for Big Players: Optimizing your Mobile Workforce”, during Dreamforce on Wednesday, December 8, 3:15 p.m. – 4:15 p.m, Room: Moscone West 2018.

About Cameleon Software

Cameleon Software is the global leader in product design, sales configuration, quotes and proposals software, helping companies to accelerate product and services launches while increasing sales across all channels. Cameleon Software enterprise solutions empower marketing teams to reduce time-to-market for products and services that require advanced personalization and sales teams to improve their performance by reducing the quote-to-order cycle. Cameleon Software provides a solution that bridges the gap between the sales and marketing teams resulting in cost reduction and revenue increase. Cameleon Software is platform agnostic and integrates to leading ERP and CRM systems including Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and Founded in 1987 and listed on Euronext Exchange since 1999, Cameleon Software customer base includes leading enterprises in manufacturing, insurance, telco and high tech such as: ThyssenKrupp, CTB, Technip, Gras Savoye, Vodafone SFR, Yellow Pages and IMS Health.

For more information, visit: and

About Acumen Solutions

Acumen Solutions helps Global 1000 and government agencies solve their complex business and technology problems on a daily basis. By offering innovative business process solutions, strategy and technology know-how, our experts provide organizations with measurable results. We are recognized leaders in helping our clients weave cloud computing strategy and integration into the fabric of their existing enterprise architecture. In addition to spearheading opportunities in business, our social responsibility commitment enables our employees to become leaders in our communities.

Acumen Solutions is headquartered outside Washington DC with offices across the U.S. and in Europe and has been in business since 1999. Select Acumen Solutions clients include: AAA, American Express, Cigna, Comcast, McKesson, Securities and Exchange Commission, Sonus Networks, Sprint, State of New Jersey, U.S. Health and Human Services, and U.S. State Department. Find out more about us at


Hypercom Payment Platform Awarded PCI DSS

Hypercom “SmartPayments Wynid” hosted payment platform has achieved PCI DSS certification. With this, “SmartPayments Wynid” cardholders are have secure and seamless payment transactions using magnetic stripe, chip or contactless cards. Retailers benefit from the ease and efficiency of the centralized transaction routing system, which enables them to proactively manage card payments from all their points of sale across a network of many different stores. The SmartPayments Wynid hosted solution provides highly reliable, secure network access and unmatched speed for all transaction types.


Verint Customers Leverage PCI Software

Verint Systems Inc. has announced continued implementations of the end-to-end encryption and recording capabilities in its Impact 360 Workforce Optimization software suite from Verint Witness Actionable Solutions, particularly across global organizations in financial services, retail and other industries that have prioritized data security and a commitment to protecting customer information.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) continues to serve as a catalyst for data security in global organizations, while technology serves as a key enabler in attaining compliance. Verint said that its Impact 360 Recording, Impact 360 Quality Monitoring, and Impact 360 Desktop and Process Analytics software helps customers enhance the protection of customer data and recording processes, while adding robust encryption and key management, a secure storage environment, and the option to not record certain sensitive data at all.

The company said that its Impact 360 Desktop and Process Analytics solution comprises a host of unique capabilities that also are helping Verint customers address a critical requirement inherent in PCI compliance: the ability to initiate a halt of recording to avoid the capture of what the PCI Security Standards Council calls Sensitive Authentication Data (SAD)–that is, data for which storage is prohibited by the PCI DSS–and then automatically resume that recording again, via agent desktop events. The option for added web application firewall support covers another key dynamic that is available through Verint’s partnership with Barracuda Networks.

Verint’s call recording, quality monitoring and workforce management software has been successfully tested and validated against the Barracuda Web Application Firewall from Barracuda Networks. With this added option, customers can experience the benefit of an additional layer of defense against such common and complex issues as SQL injections, cross-site scripting attacks, session tampering, and buffer overflows for both internal and external facing applications. Barracuda Networks’ expertise in protection against security vulnerabilities enables Verint customers to be confident in their choice of a Barracuda Web Application Firewall, knowing it has been thoroughly tested with the Impact 360 solutions. While Verint follows the Rational Unified Process (RUP) and other best industry practices in software development, it recommends the use of application firewalls as a best practice to help ensure a secured system and better address new threats and vulnerabilities on an ongoing basis as also recommended in PCI DSS Requirement 6.6 of the PCI DSS 1.2 specifications.

Encryption of sensitive data using industry-standard algorithms continues to be fundamental to enabling compliance with PCI and other regulatory requirements. With strong key management for compliance and security, as delivered by Verint through the RSA Key Manager–a solution that centralizes the provisioning and lifecycle management of encryption keys–Verint customers are experiencing the benefits of simplified security policy deployment and ongoing administration, and the ability for its users to securely move, archive and store data.


Gilbarco Accepts North American Live EMV Transaction

NC-based Gilbarco kicked off its “FlexPay EMV CRIND” systems, installed at Gilbarco Encore S gas pumps with encrypted the information from each card’s chip as well as the PIN the customer entered on the keypad. More than 16,000 Gilbarco “FlexPay EMV CRIND” terminals are installed worldwide, including sites with leading retailers in Canada and meet EMV 1 & 2, PCI PIN Entry Device (PED) and Interac requirements. They are available factory-installed in new dispensers or as retrofit kits to upgrade existing dispensers with an integrated appearance. A modular design enables service on individual components instead of replacing the entire payment system. Physical security features disable operation in the event of device tampering. Logical security features encrypt data at the point of card and PIN entry and throughout the system. Gilbarco Veeder-Root also developed the first fuel dispenser payment solution that meets the PCI requirement that applies in the United States. Since launching the FlexPay Encrypting PIN Pad (EPP) in 2008, the company has shipped more than 100,000 of the devices.


Vodafone Launches Remittance Solution in Qatar

Vodafone Qatar has launched its new service Vodafone Money Transfer. This will allow customers in Qatar to instantly make international money remittances directly from their mobile phone. Approved to launch by Qatar Central Bank, this service is a milestone not only in mobile telecommunications, but also in improving accessibility of financial services to low-income groups. Vodafone Money Transfer is a way to send money to family overseas. The service will make it easier to send money overseas for the more than 1 million expatriates living in Qatar who send the bulk of their salary home to their family. The Vodafone Money Transfer users in Qatar will be able to send funds directly from their mobile phones to any GCash enabled mobile in the Philippines, or send money to a bank account or for collection at a GCash Remit outlet. All Vodafone and GCASH transactions are secured with a PIN to ensure security of the fund transfer. In addition, both the sender and recipient are notified of the transaction via SMS.


Intuit Reaches North of the Border

After have been acquired by Intuit 13 months ago, online personal finance service is being introduced to our neighbors to the North. This is part of Intuit’s global strategy to meet the needs of small business and consumer customers in markets around the world with Web and mobile offerings, which currently include ventures in India and Sweden. Since being acquired by Intuit, has more than doubled its user base to 4.5 million users, and doubled the number of financial institutions it connects to, now 16,000. This will let Canadians access Mint at, offering a secure connection to Canadian banking financial institutions in addition to U.S. banks and credit unions. Mint automatically aggregates users’ accounts and transaction information, categorizes spending, delivers detailed views of their financial life, and saves them money by providing money-saving and money-making suggestions specific to Canada. First to implement the service is, a website that lets users compare and save money on personal finance products such as credit cards is set to supply bank and credit card recommendation data to Canadian users of’s rate data and network of financial institutions and brokers lets personal finance service from Intuit provide personalized money saving recommendations to its users, as well as easy access to all products (CardFlash International Library, 12/1/2010).


Small Businesses Indicate Recovery Underway

eBay announced the results of its first “U.S. Online Business Index” (OBI), highlighting small-business owners’ views across a range of business topics, with 60% of its small-business owners optimistic about the future of their online businesses in the shopping season. Meanwhile, 72% expect their total online sales to increase during the holiday months of October through December and 62% top eBay sellers in the United Kingdom expect the holiday months to be their busiest of the year. Also, 80% more of U.S. OBI respondents expect to carry the same or more holiday inventory on eBay in 2010 compared to 2009, 36% of whom plan to increase their inventory through 2011 by up to 15% or more; 53% of the OBI small businesses surveyed plan to raise their sales targets from 2010, of whom 66% are targeting increases of up to 20%; 73% disclosed its important to let shoppers have the ability to browse and buy items on eBay using mobile devices; and 60% are willing to adjust their eBay listings for easier viewing on mobile devices. Also, 88% of respondents saying they would not support an internet sales tax, 74% of whom cite fear in the reduction of online transactions; 69% cite the reduction of online small businesses’ out-of-state sales; 69% cite difficulty in maintaining business profitability; and 68% cite a negative impact to the U.S. economy. However, 81% would support a small-business tax exemption in the event its was put into law. This is in addition to research as reported by, 71% have disclosed “much better” or “somewhat better than expected” performance when compared to their initial 2010 projections while only 4% of were met with a “worse than expected” 2010 and only 21% had been turned down for a bank loan or credit line in the past year. This is in conjunction with 38% having disclosed credit card companies had “unjustifiably” either lowered their card’s credit limit or closed the account completely. These findings also show 31% are most concerned with “taxes”; 29% are most concerned with “volatile sales”; and 25% worry about their “debt.” The Discover “Small Business Watch” Index is consistent with this, having risen to 87.2 in November, up 3 points from 84.2 in October for a third consecutive monthly gain, up more than 10 points since the year ago period. It also showed 25% of small business owners reported they will increase spending on business development in the next six months, up from 22% in October; 40% will decrease business development spending in the next six months, down from 46% in October; and 28% don’t plan any changes. (CardFlash Library, (2010/11/30).


FNDS3000 Posts Revenue Up a Staggering 444% Y/Y

FNDS3000 Corp international prepaid processing company posted its performance for the fiscal year ended August 31, 2010, during which revenue skyrocketed 444% from $88,981 to $484,119. Meanwhile, gross profit margin on sales improved from 24% to 39% while net loss totaled $4,527,840 compared to a net loss of $5,677,725 in the year ago period. Moreover, cash and accounts receivable stood at $399,933; total assets were $1,869,089; total current liabilities were $490,058; there was no long-term debt; and stockholders’ equity was $1,379,031. Also, the number of prepaid cards issued and activated increased from 2,200 Market Test cards as of the end August 2009 to approximately 23,700; the number of Board members has been reduced from nine to five; and the Company freed up of approximately $1 million in cash and working capital through corporate staff reductions and related corporate cost-cutting programs.