DCS Integrates Verient’s InfiniPAY

Dynamic Card Solutions and CA-based payment solution provider Verient have teamed to offer a payment
customization program. By combining DCS’ “CardWizard” instant issue
software and Verient’s flagship “InfiniPAY payment customization
platform, financial institutions can now instantly offer their customers
highly tailored multiple payment products from a single cardholder account.
DCS’ patented CardWizard software and Verient’s patent-pending
InfiniPAY™ platform can be securely integrated into financial
institutions’ card management systems and online banking portals.
Consumers can simply sign on to their banking website and, through
Verient’s software application, create a “Made-to-Order” payment product
with the features and parameters they require.
Delivery of the “Made-to-Order” payment card is simple. Once the payment
controls and parameters have been set up by the customer, Verient’s
InfiniPAY™ platform works in conjunction with DCS’ CardWizard instant
issue software and associated hardware to instantly issue the card or
other payment form factor at the branch location. DCS’ CardWizard
software interacts with Verient’s InfiniPAY™ platform to securely
transfer all the data and then personalize it onto an associated
plastic, fob, sticker or other NFC-chip enabled device. Customers can
simply walk into their full service location and immediately receive
their “Made-to-Order” payment product. Customers will be able to
use any of their accounts, such as credit card, checking, savings or
home equity line of credit, and can create multiple payment products in
a variety of form factors, including a physical card, contactless
sticker or NFC chip on a mobile phone.


Consumer Credit Scores Stable in June at 674

New tracking reveals that for the third consecutive month the percent
of credit scores rising has tapered off and more consumers are seeing
their credit scores remain stable. About 38% of consumer credit scores
have gone up, 28% have gone down, and 34% remained the same during June.
The current average U.S. consumer credit score is 674, which is the same
as in May. Credit Karma’s “U.S. Credit Score Climate Report” found that
the South region had the highest percentage of increasing credit scores,
while Midwest consumers continue to have the
lowest amount of debt. In June, the average consumer with debt had:
$6,938 in credit card debt; $206,427 in home mortgage loans; $54,370 in
home equity loans; $14,539 in auto loans and $27,201 in student loans.



BMI Bank has migrated all its ATM cardholders to a new
chip-enabled “Visa Debit” card. The Bank is also in the process of upgrading all its credit cards to smart payment cards. BMI offers “Classic,” “Gold,” “Sapphire-Platinum” and co-branded “Geant
La Carte” Visa cards. About half of BMI credit cards have been upgraded thus far. The new “Chip and PIN” cards offer a higher level of security and faster transaction times. BMI, an associate of BankMuscat, is the largest financial services provider in Oman and is a retail bank, registered in Bahrain, regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain offering a full range of retail and commercial banking services. BMI Bank operates in Bahrain through a network of 8 branches and 25 ATMs with net banking for easy access to services.


Cap One Delinquency Declines for 4th Month

The bad news is that Capital One charge-offs neared double digits in
June, but the good news is delinquency declined for the fourth
consecutive month. The charge-off ratio rose from 9.41% in May to 9.73%
for June. However, the May figure was about 50 basis points lower due to
a recent change in the issuer’s bankruptcy policy. U.S. Card delinquency
declined from 4.90% in May to 4.73% for June. Managed loans at the end
of June decreased to $64.8 billion. Last month Capital One noted that
its internal guidelines require bankrupt accounts to be charged off
within 30 days and its practice had been to charge-off customer accounts
within 2 to 3 days of receiving notification of bankruptcy. Therefore,
the issuer extended the processing window to improve the efficiency and
accuracy of bankruptcy-related charge-off recognition. Capital One
previously reported that the U.S. Card charge-off rate increased to 8.4%
for the first quarter. The issuer will release its second quarter report
on April 23rd after the market close. For complete details on Capital
One’s first quarter and monthly performance, visit CardData

Jun 08: 3.85% 6.42%
Jul 08: 3.96% 6.08%
Aug 08: 4.07% 5.96%
Sep 08: 4.20% 6.34%
Oct 08: 4.48% 6.54%
Nov 08: 4.70% 6.98%
Dec 08: 4.78% 7.71%
Jan 09: 5.02% 7.82%
Feb 09: 5.10% 8.06%
Mar 09: 5.08% 9.33%
Apr 09: 5.04% 8.56%
May 09: 4.90% 9.41%
Jun 09: 4.77% 9.73%
Source: CardData.com


Bank Overdraft Fees Rise 4% in 2008

The national median for overdraft (OD) fees on consumer checking accounts, debit cards and ATMs increased 4% to $26 per incident in 2009 from $25 per incident in 2008 led primarily by banks with assets of more than $50 billion. Additional research shows 44.5% of all banks and credit unions have OD income greater than net income; Wall Street banks charged a median price of $35 per overdraft vs. all financial institutions with a median OD fee of $26; The South led all US regions with a median charge per overdraft of $29.00 vs. $25.00 elsewhere; 45% of Wall Street banks tier OD prices vs. 2% of Main Street banks; and 54% of all financial institutions offered a formal OD program down from 69% in 2008. Made available through a nationwide survey of more than 2,000 financial institutions conducted by IL-based Moebs Services, the research also shows 35% of all financial institutions allow consumers to overdraw their accounts at an ATM or with a debit card for which a median charge of $26 is assessed and less than 20% of all financial institutions pay overdrawn checks in the order from large to small.


PPI PayMover Encrypted Swipe Released

Integrated payment solution provider Payment Processing has introduced the “PPI PayMover
Encrypted Swipe” encrypted card reader technology.”PPI PayMover Encrypted Swipe” is the first deliverable of the PPI
Point-2-Point (P2P) Cardholder Data Security Program. Based on PPI’s
PayMover Payment Platform, the program is designed to reduce credit card
data theft, help software developers achieve Payment Card Industry (PCI)
compliance at a fraction of the cost and, potentially, remove the need
for software developers to complete PCI compliance. The first commercially available product utilizing the PPI PayMover
Encrypted Swipe solution is currently available from Ingram Micro. Their
Secure POS SMB Bundle is a collaboration between industry leaders Ingram
Micro, HP (HP rp3000), Uniforce (POS Software), MagTek (MagneSafe
reader) and PPI (merchant services and payments technology).



The First Data/Standard Chartered Bank acquiring joint venture, Merchant
Solutions, has signed an agreement to initiate merchant acquiring for
Japanese JCB global payments. Effecting eight Asian markets, these
agreements will enable Merchant Solutions’ merchant customers to accept
JCB cardholder payments from card members at thousands of purchase
points across the region, in addition to its current acceptance
agreements with Visa, MasterCard and China UnionPay branded cards.
Throughout 2007, overseas visitors to other parts of Asia exceeded 13
million, more than half of which traveled to countries covered by the
new arrangement between Merchant Solutions and JCB International, and
1.3 million Japanese visitors traveled to Hong Kong during 2008 spending
3.5 billion Hong Kong dollars, according to the Japan National Tourist


Online Check Out Experience – a Top Priority

According to the results of a new report, online retailers are placing
a strong emphasis on the check out experience. The report, “The State
of Retailing Online 2009: Merchandising Report” and conducted by
Forrester Research, revealed that 79% of retailers surveyed indicate that enhancing
the checkout process was on the top of their to-do lists for the
remainder of the year, with 90% of medium-sized retailers
listing checkout as a top priority. The largest initiative in this area
among retailers seems to be an emphasis on shipping. According to the
survey, 88% of retailers will focus on providing more shipping
information within the next year, including such details as when a
customer can expect to receive a package and
information about when products have left the warehouse. In addition,
67% of retailers said they would pay special attention to
calculating the loaded cost of an order prior to checkout. Forrester
works with professionals in 19 key roles at major companies providing
proprietary research, consumer insight, consulting, events, and
peer-to-peer executive programs.


PMAA Selects RBS WorldPay for Payments

RBS WorldPay, Inc. announced that
it has
been selected as the exclusive payments provider for The Petroleum Marketers
Association of America (PMAA), a federation of 47 state and regional trade
associations representing approximately 8,000 independent petroleum
companies nationwide.

“The PMAA is a strong advocate for its members with its primary mission to
nationally unify and advance the petroleum marketing industry interests
across the
US,” said Peter Forbes, head of national sales for RBS WorldPay. “We are
proud to
be aligned with such an organization and support its industry-leading
efforts. RBS
WorldPay will provide a full range of payment processing options for
PMAA members
including credit and fleet card authorization and settlement, gift
cards, loyalty
programs, equipment management and merchant supplies.”

“At the PMAA, we are always looking for ways to better serve our members and
payment processing needs,” said Dan Gilligan, president of the PMAA. “In
on a payments provider for our association, we considered many factors
industry experience, value at a competitive price, certifications on
and integrated systems, robust reporting and customer support. We also
wanted a
provider with a true differentiator. In this case, RBS WorldPay offered
substantial benefits including hybrid batch settlement, which helps
merchants realize the efficiency of host capture with the accuracy of
capture. Our relationship with RBS WorldPay is truly a winning combination.”

About The Petroleum Marketers Association of America (PMAA)

PMAA member associations represent 8,000 independent petroleum marketing
who represent wholesalers and retailers of gasoline, diesel, heating oil,
lubricants and renewable fuels. PMAA marketers own 60,000 retail fuel
outlets such
as gas stations, convenience stores and truck stops. Additionally, these
supply motor fuels to 40,000 independently owned retail outlets and
heating oil to
seven million homes and businesses. They sell their product under either
their own
private brand or the trademark of their supplier.

The majority of PMAA marketers are small businesses serving homes,
farms, business
and industry. When Small Business Administration (SBA) guidelines are
applied to
the PMAA membership, the majority of marketers fall within SBA jurisdiction.

About RBS WorldPay, Inc.

RBS WorldPay is a leading, single-source provider of electronic payment
services – including credit, debit, EBT, checks, gift cards, e-commerce,
loyalty cards, fleet cards, ATM processing and cash management services.

RBS WorldPay is the US-based payment processing division of the Royal
Bank of
Scotland Group plc. For more information, please visit www.RBSWorldPay.us.

About The Royal Bank of Scotland Group (RBS)

The RBS Group is a financial services company providing a range of
retail and
corporate banking, financial markets, consumer finance, insurance, and
management services. The RBS Group operates in the Americas, Asia and
the Middle
East serving more than 40 million customers. For more information,
please visit


CHARGE Anywhere Offers BlackBerry App

POS payment provider CHARGE Anywhere has released the latest app support for the “3G
BlackBerry Tour Smartphone”.
The “BlackBerry Tour” is feature-packed and offers state-of-the-art
communications and multimedia
capabilities, and is now available with CHARGE Anywhere’s card payment
functionality. CHARGE Anywhere specializes in secure mobile point of sale
solutions that encompass software, hardware, security services, and
support for mobile
merchants. With many secure PA DSS certified software applications and its
top-of-the-line PCI DSS Level 1 secure payment gateway, CHARGE Anywhere
provides end-to-end secure solutions that enable merchants to accept
credit cards
anywhere, any time. The addition of the “BlackBerry Tour” smartphone
Anywhere’s portfolio of supported mobile payment platforms extends the
benefits of this new and exciting technology to CHARGE Anywhere’s
customers. CHARGE
Anywhere’s customers can immediately start boarding mobile merchants on
First Data,
TSYS, Global Payments, Paymentech, and Elavon payment processing platforms.


Stratus Media Hires a New Card Exec

Entertainment group Stratus Media has appointed Brent Kimball,
previously with Wachovia, as VP, Stratus Rewards Visa White Card.
Kimball served as senior banking leader for Wachovia
Bank where he was consistently recognized for top sales, production, and
training development with senior management for the development of
retail and wholesale sales and customers service programs. While at
Wachovia and previously at World Savings Bank, he was
instrumental in the creation of financial products used by the high net
worth clientele. Kimball received a bachelor’s degree in Business
from the Marshall School of Business from the University of Southern