Consumer Confidence Hits Rock Bottom in Oct

A major index on consumer confidence fell to its lowest level in
October. The Conference Board “Consumer Confidence Index” came in at
38.0, down from 61.4 in September. The “Index” improved moderately last
month. The “Present Situation Index” decreased to 41.9 from 61.1 last
month. The “Expectations Index” declined to 35.5 from 61.5 in September.
The CB also noted the decline in the “Index” of more than 23 points is
the third largest in the history of the series. Those expecting business
conditions to worsen over the next six months surged to 36.6% in October
from 21.0% in September. The proportion of consumers expecting their
incomes to increase fell to 10.8% from 15.1%.


VCT Brings Sony’s FeliCa to Life in N. America

IL-based Versatile Card Technology has been selected by Sony to be the
North American manufacturer for “FeliCa” contactless cards. “FeliCa”
contactless cards have become the de facto standard in Asia’s largest
transit systems. Also, Sony has been making major inroads into the
mobile phone market where “FeliCa” is being embedded into handsets to
conduct financial transactions. There are more than 350 million “FeliCa”
cards and cell phones already deployed worldwide. VCT is the largest
U.S. manufacturer of plastic cards and has facilities in Turkey,
Germany, Mexico, Singapore, South America and India. “FeliCa”
contactless cards are based on the ISO 18092 NFC standard.


Gas Prices Triple Wright Express Q3 Profits

ME-based fuel card specialist Wright Express posted a 24% increase in
third quarter revenue to $108.5 million. Net income soared to $72.3
million from $22.3 million for 3Q/07. The results were driven by the
increase in fuel prices. Total fuel transactions processed increased 14%
from the third quarter of 2007 to 72.5 million. Payment processing
transactions increased 4% to 55.5 million, and transaction processing
transactions increased 73% to 16.9 million. Total MasterCard purchase
volume grew 31% to $670.1 million, from $510.6 million for the same
quarter in 2007. Wright also reported that the average expenditure per
payment processing transaction increased 37% to $80.84 from $59.19 for
the same period last year. For the fourth quarter, the Company expects
revenue in the range of $81 million to $87 million. Wright Express’
charge cards are used by commercial and government fleets
to purchase fuel and maintenance services for approximately 4.5 million
vehicles. For complete details on Wright Express’ latest performance
visit CardData ([](



Scotiabank has signed up its 100,000th customer for its “Bank The Rest”
free debit card savings program. “Bank The Rest” helps customers
save as they make their everyday purchases with their debit card. Customers
can choose to round up the total purchase amount to the nearest dollar or
nearest five dollars, and have the difference deposited automatically into
their Scotiabank Money Master Savings Account where their money will
continue to grow. To increase customer awareness of this unique savings program, in
mid-September Scotiabank began offering to match up to $100 in savings
accumulated through “Bank The Rest” for customers who opened a new Scotia One
account and enrolled in “Bank The Rest”.


CDW to Offer Chase Paymentech Services

CDW Corporation, a leading provider of
technology products and services to business, government and education,
announced an expanded portfolio of offerings for retailers of all sizes,
merchant services from Chase Paymentech Solutions, CDW Store-in-a-Truck™,
integrated point of sale (POS) and automatic identification data capture
solutions, and specialty solutions such as digital signage. CDW has also
grown its
team of retail technology specialists to help businesses develop
solutions that meet their front-to-back technology needs.

“The current economic environment is challenging for consumers and
retailers alike,
so more than ever, retailers need to make sound investments in affordable
technology solutions that allow them to improve their competitive
position and pass
savings on to their customers,” said Marc Barnett, senior manager of
CDW. “We have expanded our offerings to include end-to-end,
solutions and services to help retailers reduce costs, protect their
streamline their operations and ultimately enhance the customer experience.”

CDW’s newly expanded retail technology offerings include:

– Merchant Services, available through a partnership with Chase
Solutions, which facilitate payment processing to allow merchants to
accept credit
or debit cards, gift cards, private label cards, online payments or
other non-cash
payments from customers at the point of sale, through mail or telephone
order, or
over the internet.
– Integrated POS/AIDC Solutions, which allow retailers to quickly and
accurately collect essential data and customer information. These
solutions help
achieve real-time inventory tracking, improve sale price accuracy and
reduce manual
processes, while enabling customer-focused rewards and loyalty programs.
– CDW Store-in-a-Truck™, which takes a complete blueprint of a
retailer’s IT,
including servers, power, networking, telephony, merchant services and
POS lanes,
and replicates it at new stores and in store refreshes, enabling
retailers to
simplify IT implementation.
– Digital Signage, which allows retailers to use an interactive
platform to communicate with employees and customers and enables
organizations to
deliver effective real-time advertising, while minimizing advertising,
communications, and human resource costs with self serve kiosks.
– Retail Technology Specialists, who understand retailing business
and work to develop custom-configured solutions and specialized services for
optimal technology performance.

One Stop Shopping for Payment Processing

CDW retailing customers now have access to payment processing services
from Chase
Paymentech Solutions, a trusted leader in credit card processing. Chase
Solutions offers CDW customers more competitive discount rates and
simplified fee
structures, as well as improved transaction reporting.

“At Chase Paymentech Solutions, one of our core objectives is to help small
businesses with the process of accepting payments. Through this
partnership, the
establishment of a payment processing solution is less confusing, more
and less expensive for CDW customers – large or small,” said Greg
Schaub, executive
vice president, Business Development at Chase Paymentech Solutions. “This
complements CDW’s well-earned reputation for helping small businesses.
We look
forward to the opportunity to deliver our knowledge and expertise in payment
processing to CDW’s retail customers.”

Los Angeles Duplication and Broadcasting, a video duplication service
provider, was
dissatisfied with the level of service they received from their credit card
processing provider. The company was charged exorbitant and often
service processing fees, and processing errors, such as duplicate
transactions or
billing mistakes, occurred regularly. The provider failed to offer prompt or
sufficient explanation or relief, so Los Angeles Duplication and
sought a new solution provider through CDW.

“About 75 percent of our income is brought in through credit cards, and
we can’t
afford to lose large customers because, for example, they get charged
twice for a
$20,000 purchase,” said Daniel Soto, CFO, Los Angeles Duplication and
“Chase Paymentech Solutions’ service is established and tested, and
their customer
service and tech support are more responsive and better able to provide
us with the
information we need.”

Soto says that the transition process to the new Chase Paymentech
Solution service
was very user-friendly and efficient, taking little more than 24 hours
to complete
set up.

Touchdown with Store-in-a-Truck

MainGate, an event-merchandising and marketing company, needed POS
solutions that
could scan and process credit cards and operate cash drawers for its
apparel and
souvenir stores throughout Lucas Oil Stadium, home of the Indianapolis
Colts. CDW
specialist teams provided guidance and product demonstrations to help
select an all-in-one POS device.

“Some of our locations at the stadium are small and the space must be
maximized for
merchandise display so we needed a solution that was compact,
user-friendly and
discrete so as not to distract from the products on sale,” said David
Schultz, POS
administrator, MainGate, Inc. “CDW recommended an all-in-one touch
screen solution
that has the computer built right into it, which has saved on space and
given us
the style and look we want.”

MainGate took advantage of CDW’s Store-in-a-Truck offering, with the CDW
Configuration Center boxing each of the 60 POS systems individually
along with its
labeled peripherals and then delivering them to 30 different locations
the stadium. Schultz says this service reduced deployment time and
labor, freeing
him up to focus on more strategic aspects of the implementation process.

CDW technology specialists also implemented local area network (LAN) and
wide area
network (WAN) solutions with added security to protect credit card
Additionally, CDW provides storage back-up services for all MainGate POS

In addition to representing leading manufacturers of IT and retail
technology, CDW
provides advisory services on a wide range of retail technology issues,
application servers, network and data systems, communications for multi-site
retailers, signature capture, payment processing, technology that
enables Payment
Card Industry (PCI) compliance, radio-frequency identification (RFID),
and more.

For more information regarding CDW’s retail solution offerings, please visit

About CDW

CDW is a leading provider of technology solutions for business,
government and
education. Ranked No. 39 on Forbes’ list of America’s Largest Private
CDW features dedicated account managers who help customers choose the right
technology products and services to meet their needs. The company’s
specialists offer expertise in designing customized solutions, while its
technology engineers can assist customers with the implementation and
management of those solutions. Areas of focus include notebooks, desktops,
printers, servers and storage, unified communications, security,
wireless, power
and cooling, networking, software licensing and mobility solutions.

CDW was founded in 1984 and as of September 30, 2008 employed
approximately 6,900
coworkers. In 2007, the company generated sales of $8.1 billion. For more
information, visit


MagTek Teams with NMI for Retailer Encryption

CA-based e-payment technology provider MagTek has teamed with
Network Merchants to integrate its “MagneSafe Transaction
Security Solution” and provide merchants and retailers with an
end-to-end encryption solution that exceeds PCI DSS requirements.
This solution uses a MagneSafe secure reader, a new type of card reader,
which encrypts the encoded track data at the point of swipe, never allowing
the data to be seen or captured in the clear. After the swipe, the data travels
through the merchant POS system as an encrypted data block and eliminates
compromises at the merchant location. The MagneSafe secure reader utilizes industry proven
encryption technology: triple DES with the DUKPT key management. Network Merchants
builds e-commerce payment gateways for
companies that want to process online transactions in real-time anywhere in the world


OTI Saturn Readers payWave & PayPass Approved

Smart card solution provider On Track Innovations’ “Saturn 6000”
countertop reader and “Saturn 6500” outdoor reader have been approved by
Visa and MasterCard. The Saturn 6500 is a secured contactless reader
built for vending machine,
petroleum and mass transit markets. The reader provides a convenient
payment method for both magnetic and contactless card holders, in a
small stylish
enclosure. Technologically on par with the Saturn 6000, it is the most
advanced outdoor
contactless and magnetic stripe reader for petroleum, mass transit,
vending or any unattended application available.


Euronet Q3 Revenues Up 16% Driven by EFT & PP

KS-based Euronet Worldwide posted third quarter revenues of $280.7
million, up 16% from 3Q/07. However, net income of $5.8 million,
compares to $15.9 million for the year ago period. Transactions for the
quarter hit 367 million, compared to 323 million for the year ago
quarter. The EFT Processing Segment posted revenues of $54.4 million for
the quarter,a 25% gain year-on-year, driven by a 17% increase in
transactions processed. EFT processed 182.3 million transactions during
the third quarter. EFT ended the quarter with 10,384 ATMs operated
compared to 10,516 ATMs at the end of third quarter 2007. The Prepaid
Processing Segment reported 3Q/08 revenues of $166.8 million, an
increase of 15%. Transactions were 180.4 million, compared to 162.5
million for 3Q/07. Prepaid Processing processes electronic POS prepaid
transactions at 409,000 terminals across 212,000 retailer locations in
Europe, Asia Pacific and the USA. The Money Transfer Segment reported
$59.5 million in third quarter revenues, an 11% year-on-year gain.
Transfer transactions hit 4.3 million, compared to 4.0 million for
3Q/07. For complete details on Euronet’s third quarter performance visit
CardData ([](


FiCentive Names an Operations Executive

Prepaid card provider FiCentive has promoted John Pullin to position of
Vice President Operations.
Pullin is now responsible for management of all
operational aspects, including all technology platforms, for the
FiCentive subsidiary of Payment Data Systems. He has been an integral
part of the Payment Data Systems team,
serving as the organization’s Product Development and Application
Architecture Director during which he was instrumental in developing a
proprietary bill pay platform for stored-value cards.
Prior to joining Payment Data Systems in 2003 and subsequently his move
to FiCentive, he served in a variety of key leadership and executive
technical roles at Billserv, Inc. at which he was responsible for
applications development for bill payment solutions.


Average ATM Surcharges Jump 11% in 2007

New research reveals that average ATM surcharges now stand at $1.97,
compared to $1.78 for 2006 and $1.64 for 2005. The cost of using an
outside ATM reached $1.46 in 2007, putting the total average cost of
using an out-of-network ATM at $3.43. Bankrate’s “2008 Checking Study”
also found that bounced check fees rose 2.5% over the past year to
$28.95. Monthly service fees hit a new high at an average of $11.97.
Minimum balances also set a record with an average balance of $3,461.84
needed to keep an account open. In 2006 bounced check fees were $28.32
and monthly service fees on interest checking accounts were $11.72. (CF
Library 9/26/07)


AmEx and Macerich Launch a Green Gift Card

American Express has partnered with REIT Macerich to launch the “Give Green” Gift Card.
Every purchase of a “Give Green Gift Card” benefits American Forests, the nation’s oldest
nonprofit citizen conservation organization, which is dedicated to growing
a healthier world through healthier forest ecosystems. Macerich is
committed to contributing at least $100,000 to the organization.
The Macerich “Give Green Gift Card” can be redeemed at U.S. retailers and
restaurants that accept American Express Cards. The Gift Card is available
in denominations ranging from $20 to $500 and can be refunded if lost or



CEO America has launched” loyalty payment
system which offers features such as paying account holders to refer
friends and family to go to and a mobile browser that allows
account holders to send CREDITZ via CREDITZ Mobile. CREDITZ is the first
payment system to integrate 21st Century technology
micro-payments, loyalty, marketing and business intelligence into an
offline and mobile operating platform. Users joining CCREDITZ can fill
out a survey to get 200 CREDITZ immediately added to the account. To get
more CREDITZ, users can log in to refer friends to get a free “CREDITZ
Account Card”.