U.S. Banking Consolidation to Continue

New research from TowerGroup finds that the weeks and months to come
will bring more mergers and restructuring for the U.S. banking industry,
even as the drive for greater regulation, transparency, and cooperation
continues to be debated. At the same time, financial institutions will
return to a focus on more traditional banking activities, as credit
terms become tighter, capital is withheld from the market, and economic
growth is further stifled. While most other developed banking markets
are consolidated into the hands of five or so top players, the U.S.
market has been more fragmented. TowerGroup says the consolidation cycle
will create another two to three national banks
alongside Bank of America and the new Chase. While many thousands of
community banks, credit unions, and mid-tier institutions will continue
to find success in their markets, the top-tier banking echelon will be
far smaller than it is today.


Mitsubishi UFJ Takes Morgan Stanley Stake

Japan’s Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group and Morgan Stanley have signed a deal under which MUFG is investing $9 billion in equity in Morgan Stanley for a 21% interest in the Company on a fully diluted basis. MUFG is Japan’s largest financial group and the world’s second largest bank holding company with $1.1 trillion in bank deposits.
Lazard Freres served as financial advisor to MUFG. BlackRock
provided advice to MUFG on asset valuation and have signed a deal under which MUFG is investing $9 billion in equity in Morgan Stanley for a 21% interest in the Company on a fully diluted basis. MUFG is Japan’s largest financial group and the world’s second largest bank holding company with $1.1 trillion in bank deposits. Lazard Freres served as financial advisor to MUFG.


DRG Certifies TriniTEQ’s WaiterPAD

Hospitality POS specialist TriniTEQ announced that its “WaiterPAD”
system has successfully completed “PABP” compliance testing performed by
information security assessment and data protection company, Digital
Resources Group. As a low frequency, long-range Radio Frequency system,
“WaiterPAD” has advantages over Wi-Fi systems for pay at the table. In
restaurants with commonly found enclosed rooms, microwaves, glass, steel
and liquids, “WaiterPAD” requires fewer wireless access points and
reduces security risk by avoiding more commonly trafficked Wi-Fi


Metavante’s NYCE and MoneyPass Net Team

NYCE announced that it has
signed an alliance agreement with the MoneyPass Network to offer
participants in NYCE’s SUM^® selective surcharging program the option to
add access to MoneyPass Network’s 13,000 surcharge-free ATMs. NYCE
Payments Network, LLC, is a leading U.S. electronic payments network and
a Metavante (NYSE:MV) company. Metavante is a leading provider of
banking and payments technology. MoneyPass is a nationwide
surcharge-free ATM network owned by Elan Financial Services.

NYCE’s SUM Program allows cardholders of participating financial
institutions to make surcharge-free withdrawals at nearly 2,950
designated ATMs of other SUM Program members. With this agreement, NYCE
will now offer SUM Program participants the ability to supplement their
SUM surcharge-free access with participation in the MoneyPass Network
with preferred business terms and conditions.

“We continue to focus on growing the MoneyPass network across the
country, steadily adding to our stable of surcharge-free ATMs,” said
Doug Miraglia, president of MoneyPass. “Our alliance agreement with NYCE
complements existing NYCE SUM Program ATMs with expansive surcharge-free
ATM access across the country, while also providing surcharge-free
access at SUM Program devices to existing MoneyPass members.”

“With its unique per-transaction fee structure, the SUM Program delivers
a flexible and economical surcharge-free solution that allows
institutions to expand their geographic reach while they manage their
expenses,” said Steve Rathgaber, NYCE president and chief operating
officer. “Now they have the option of adding the MoneyPass Network’s
base of surcharge-free ATMs in established and convenient settings — the
vast majority at banks and credit unions. This agreement further
strengthens SUM as a cost-effective customer loyalty tool that
institutions can tailor to meet the needs of their own markets.”

About MoneyPass

MoneyPass is a network of Elan Financial Services, one of the nation’s
leading providers of comprehensive ATM and debit card processing
solutions for financial institutions, Independent Sales Organizations
and retailers. Elan Financial Services processes transactions for more
than 2,000 financial institutions nationwide and manages over 38,000
ATMs for a variety of industries. MoneyPass provides surcharge free
access at more than 13,000 ATMs across the United States, allowing
cardholders of participating financial institutions to access their
money where they live, work and travel. With over 900 participating
financial institutions, 21 participating Independent Service
Organizations (ISOs) and over 28 million active cards, MoneyPass is a
rapidly growing surcharge-free network whose emphasis is on
cost-efficient membership options, flexible terms and accessible
locations. For more information, call 1-800-343-7064 or visit

About NYCE

NYCE Payments Network, LLC, helps its clients grow with innovative new
products and strategic alliances that enable them to capitalize on the
efficiency, consumer convenience and security of electronic real-time
payments. The NYCE Network provides consumers with secure, real-time
access to their money, offering hundreds of thousands of ATM locations
and millions of point-of-sale locations nationwide. The NYCE Direct Bill
Payment product offers cardholders a convenient way to pay bills online
in real-time via their bank accounts. NYCE Balance Transfer (formerly
Response Data Corporation) drives asset growth for consumer credit
issuers through automated balance transfer/consolidation payment
services. Headquartered in Secaucus, N.J., NYCE Payments Network, LLC,
(www.nyce.net) is a Metavante (NYSE:MV) company.


Consumer Banking Confidence Sinks Quickly

More than 70% of consumers are confident in the financial strength of
their primary personal bank. In contrast, only 44% of consumers are
confident in the financial strength of banks in general. The Financial
Services Practice of Morpace also found that the high level of
confidence in consumers’ primary banks — and the lack of confidence in
banks in general — was measured during a survey conducted September 9th
to 16th, the week leading up to the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and
the rescue of AIG.


Citi Absorbs Wachovia in Another Failure

While not FDIC seized like WaMu, Wachovia sold its retail bank, corporate and investment bank and wealth management businesses to Citi. Despite the window dressing, this is the second major U.S. bank failure in less than a week. Citi agreed to pay $2.1 billion to Wachovia and assume its senior and subordinated debt. At this time, there are no changes to Wachovia’s board of directors and two Wachovia directors will join Citigroup’s board. Wachovia will remain headquartered in Charlotte, N.C. Wachovia says that during recent weeks, the financial landscape has changed significantly and presented unprecedented challenges.


CashEdge Deploys GoldenGate Live Standby

GoldenGate Software Inc., a leading
provider of high availability and real-time data integration solutions,
announced that CashEdge Inc., the leading provider of online
financial applications to banks, credit unions, brokerage and wealth
management firms, has deployed the GoldenGate Live Standby solution for
disaster tolerance in a proactive approach to keeping mission critical
applications operating during planned and unplanned outages, while
successfully meeting customer service level agreements (SLA).

Software as a Service (SaaS) provider CashEdge specializes in online
account opening and funding, funds transfer and data aggregation
solutions for banks, credit unions, and wealth management firms.
CashEdge provides applications to over 600 financial institutions. The
company’s money movement applications process nearly $1 billion each
week in funds transfers and also manages a large amount of sensitive
customer data. By implementing GoldenGate’s software solution, CashEdge
has ensured that its customers’ data is highly available and in the
event of a failure or outage at the primary system, end-users can be
redirected to the backup system, which is immediately ready and
available to support users.

“With our software supporting such a high level of critical
transactional information, it is crucial that CashEdge is prepared in
the event of an outage or disaster,” said Burak Yenier, senior director
of operations for CashEdge. “With the GoldenGate solution, we are able
to replicate transactional data in near real-time from our Oracle 10g
RAC database into a secondary live standby system. We can now
confidently guarantee our customers the reliability and availability
they need. With our newfound confidence, we’re looking to deploy
GoldenGate solutions for other projects throughout the organization.”

After implementing the GoldenGate Live Standby solution, CashEdge
decided to take advantage of the fresh data it now has available in the
secondary system, for reporting and analytics. Utilizing a custom
developed extract, transform and load (ETL) process, CashEdge moves the
data provided by GoldenGate Software from the live standby system into a
data warehouse for reporting via Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise
Edition (OBI EE) dashboards. Reporting off the warehouse allows CashEdge
to perform business intelligence without putting a strain on the
production system.

“CashEdge is a great example of an organization that selects GoldenGate
for a particular pain point and quickly begins to expand its use based
on the flexibility of the product,” said Sami Akbay, vice president of
product management and marketing for GoldenGate. “The ability of the
GoldenGate products to work seamlessly across multiple implementations
and environments is unique and provides tremendous flexibility for IT
operations, as well as strategic advantage for our customers business.”

About GoldenGate Software

GoldenGate Software Inc. is a leading provider of high availability and
real-time data integration solutions for improving the availability,
accessibility and performance of critical data across heterogeneous
enterprise IT environments. More than 400 customers worldwide, including
Visa, Bank of America, US Bank, UBS, Sabre Holdings, DIRECTV, Comcast,
Federated Investors, Mayo Foundation and Overstock.com, standardize on
GoldenGate solutions for real-time access to real-time information. The
company broadens its global market reach through relationships with ACI
Worldwide, Amdocs, Cerner, Fujitsu, GE Healthcare, HP, IBM, Ingres,
Microsoft, Oracle, Teradata and others. For more information, visit



SCM Microsystems’ “eHealth200 BCS”
terminal has been approved by the German healthcare organization gematik
overseeing the implementation of Germany’s eHealth card
program. The “eHealth200 BCS” terminal adheres to the “eHealth BCS”
specifications of the gematik,
which stipulate that the terminals must comply to the strict security
requirements of the BSI. Not only must the devices work in the initial,
offline environment within each healthcare facility, but they also must
be firmware upgradable to operate within the planned “telematiks”
structure that will eventually link all healthcare providers in Germany
within a common network. This is a critical component of Germany’s
electronic health card program, as additional and extended applications
will be dissiminated to healthcare providers through the tekematiks
network. SCM’s “eHealth200 BCS” terminal can be used throughout all
stages of implementation of the electronic health card for 82 million
German citizens.



On-board retail system provider GuestLogix has entered into
an agreement with Saudi Arabian Airlines Catering Company to deploy
GuestLogix’ “Mobile Virtual Store” technology. The “Mobile Virtual
Store” offers proprietary handheld devices designed for the passenger
travel market and a customizable
Web-based back-end payment processing, inventory tracking, merchandising
and promotions management system. The solution enables airlines to
process on-board transactions using cash, credit cards, gift cards,
loyalty rewards, and coupons. It can also be integrated with existing
airline front-end and back-office applications. The GuestLogix solution
will be deployed in part to automate SAAC airline partner shopping
services which are offered on-board, on ground and online.



Citi India has launched “Citibank Commercial Cards,” a comprehensive
expense management tool for corporate clients
front ended by a unique, chip-embedded commercial card for enhanced
security. The “Citibank Commercial Cards” proposition offers automated
reporting capabilities, specialized travel management solutions, greater
control and visibility of expenses, financial savings and the Global
Service Network.



RBC Royal Bank is testing “RBC Mobex Mobile
Payment Service”, that enables users to easily and securely send and
receive money instantly using a text message on their mobile phone.
Participants in the trial are able to use the RBC Mobex payment service
on their existing mobile phone, providing it has SMS – text messaging
capability. Users simply send a text message to RBC Mobex with the
dollar amount and the recipient’s cell phone number. Funds are then
taken from the sender’s Mobex account and moved to the recipient’s Mobex
account. The recipient also receives an instant text message on their
cell phone to let them know when the money has been sent to them.
Amounts of up to $100 per day can be sent to anyone with a mobile phone
serviced by any Canadian wireless carrier, even if they do not have an
RBC Mobex account. Recipients just need to register for the payment
service to access their funds. The RBC Mobex account is a stored value
account and enrollment is through the RBC Mobex web-site, where money
can be loaded from any bank account with any financial institution in
Canada, or by using a credit card.