Internal Via Mastercard GDV

International Card GDV for Q4 Visa and Mastercards Credit +10% & Debit +12% YOY

International card GDV for Visa and Mastercard credit cards for the fourth quarter (4Q/18) rose 9.5% year-on-year (YOY), on a currency adjusted basis (FX). International debit card gross dollar volume (GDV) jumped 12.1% YOY FX for both networks combined for 4Q/18. On a nominal basis (not currency adjusted) international credit and debit cards for Visa…

U.S. Visa Mastercard Accounts

Visa Mastercard Accounts U.S. Double-Digit Q4 YOY Growth Sparked by Debit Cards

U.S. Visa Mastercard credit and debit card accounts grew 10.9% year-on-year (YOY) for the fourth quarter (4Q/18). U.S. gross (open) accounts (GAC) for credit cards grew 7.6% YOY in 4Q/18. U.S. debit card GAC was up 13.2% YOY for the fourth quarter, according to figures gathered by CardData. Visa and MasterCard passed the one billion…

Credit Card Profits Soar

Mesospheric Credit Card Profits for Big 6 Issuers Propelled by GOP Corp Tax Cut

U.S. credit card profits among the nation’s Big 6 issuers soared beyond the stratosphere in fourth quarter (4Q/18) and all of 2018, rising from about $3 billion per quarter in 2017 and 2016 to $4.5 billion. Profits (after tax) among the nation’s Big 6 U.S. credit card issuers (Chase [JPM]; Capital One [COF]; Bank of…

Credit Card Marketshare

Credit Unions & Smaller Banks Nibble Away at Big 6 U.S. Credit Card Q4 Marketshare

As a peer group, the Big 6 U.S. issuers (Chase [JPM], Capital One [COF], Bank of America [BAC], Citibank [C], Discover [DFS], American Express [AXP]), control 52.6% of the U.S. credit card market based on 4Q/18 outstandings, compared to a 54.8% credit card marketshare for the third quarter, and 56.0% for 4Q/17. The Big 6…

Credit Card Q4 Yield

Credit Card Q4 Yield for the Big 6 U.S. Issuers Hit a 5+ Year High

Average credit card Q4 yield, among the nations’s Big 6 bank card issuers, edged up by 10 basis points (bps) sequentially at 12.06% and up 66 bps year-on-year (YOY) for the fourth quarter (4Q/18), compared to 11.96% for the prior quarter, and 11.40% for 4Q/17, according to data gathered by CardData. The U.S. Big 6…

Small Business Dizziness

Small Business Dizziness Escalates in an Abnormal U.S. 2019-2020 Economy

More evidence emerges as to how badly the “Trump Shutdown” affected American consumers and small business. The continuing concerns over trade tariffs, potential interest rate hikes, taxes, deregulation, unstable corporate earnings, and ever changing geopolitical winds are especially frustrating for small business planning. Whether to hire additional employees, make capital investments, raise prices, or boost…

Visa Mastercard Cards-in-Force

U.S. Visa Mastercard Cards-in-Force Regain Steam in Economically Heated Q4 Market

Visa Mastercard cards-in-force (CIF) for U.S. payment cards (credit & debit) increased 6.1% year-on-year (YOY) in the fourth quarter (4Q/18), compared to a 2.1% YOY gain in the prior quarter. Visa and Mastercard U.S. credit cards increased 3.4% YOY while CIF for debit cards rose 8.1% YOY, in 4Q/18. There are were 1371 million Visa…

Credit Card Delinquency

Credit Card Delinquency and Charge-Offs for Big 6 Pull Off a Bad Q4 Hat Trick

The average late stage credit card delinquency (90+ day) among the nation’s six largest issuers edged up eight basis points (bps) sequentially, to 1.13% for the fourth quarter (4Q/18), and up three bps from one-year ago (YOY). The average U.S. 90+ day delinquency rate among the Big 6 issuers (Chase [JPM], Capital One [COF], Bank…

Big 6 Credit Card Issuers Delinquency

Top Credit Card Issuers Face Acclivity in Early Stage Delinquency for 2019-2020

Early stage delinquency (30+ days) among the nation’s Big 6 issuers inched up by nine basis points (bps) sequentially in the fourth quarter (4Q/18) to 2.08%, and up by seven bps year-on-year (YOY). According to CardData, the average U.S. 30+ day delinquency rate among the Big issuers (Chase [JPM], Capital One [COF], Bank of America…