UL & 7Layers

UL is pleased to introduce a new test solution that was developed together with 7Layers, for handset manufacturers and conformance test laboratories, who want to test and verify the implementation of UICC-based NFC functionality in mobile devices.
The GSMA has produced technical core requirements (TS.26 NFC Handset API & requirements) and related test cases (TS.27 NFC Test book) for testing the UICC based NFC functionality in mobile devices. GCF and PTCRB have added these GSMA test requirements into their respective certification programs. Therefore, and among other mandatory requirements, mobile manufacturers must pass these GSMA test cases using officially accredited test laboratories under these certification schemes. In order for handset manufacturers to test the behavior of their NFC device, under the conditions defined in the GSMA test cases, and to verify its compliance with the specific GCF/PTCRB certification requirements, UL and 7Layers have developed automated test platforms, that are officially validated by GCF and PTCRB.