Network for Electronic Transfers (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. has deployed Computer Associates International’s “Unicenter” infrastructure management solutions. Last year, NETS processed about 100 million transactions under its trademarked “CashCard” system, and another 88 million electronic debit card transactions. In 2000, NETS formed a global marketing alliance with VISA International to market its “CashCard” solution under the “VISA Cash” brand.
NETS administrators utilize “Unicenter Network and Systems Management” to instantly analyze the health of distributed servers from a single console and
quickly address potential issues before payment systems are adversely affected.


Discover PRO

Marketswitch Corporation, the leader in high-scale optimization decisioning software for B2C enterprises, announced that Discover Financial Services has licensed TRUE for Credit Optimization, the flagship Marketswitch pricing and revenue optimization software application that offers true segment-of-one analysis and capital resource allocation.

TRUE for Credit Optimization is one of a suite of Marketswitch decisioning applications, which comprise the first enterprise decisioning solution that scales to the unique demands of Fortune 500 B2C marketers and credit risk managers.

The patented Marketswitch mathematical solution for constrained optimization brings yield management strategies — such as those that transformed investment portfolio management, airline revenue management, and efficient network design — to organizations with tens of millions of customers, thousands of offers, and a mix of real-time and off-line channels. In contrast to mathematical optimization, historical approaches and current consulting-based offerings instead rely on averaging across large customer segments and business rules, leading to inefficient use of capital resources and lost value.

“Marketswitch and its suite of decisioning applications will allow Discover Financial Services to perform resource allocation optimization — at the individual account level. This will enable us to better allocate and manage our capital resources, and better serve our customers,” said Darcy L. Walker, Senior Vice President, Risk and Database for Discover Financial Services.

“We’re very pleased to be working with Discover Financial Services. Their industry leadership in the area of risk management and enterprise-wide decisioning speaks for itself,” said Drew Eginton, Chairman, CEO and President of Marketswitch. “By maximizing the value of a portfolio of credit line allocations on a card-by-card basis, which has not been done before, Discover Financial Services now leads the industry in intelligent credit line management.”

About Discover

Discover Financial Services, a business unit of Morgan Stanley, operates the Discover Card(R) brands and the Discover Business Services network for its more than 50 million Cardmembers. Discover Business Services is the largest independent credit card network in the United States with approximately 4 million merchant and cash access locations.

About Marketswitch

Founded in 1997, Marketswitch designs, develops, and sells decisioning software applications that maximize the value of the customer asset. Marketswitch first applied its customer-level optimization technology to marketing optimization and has expanded into pricing and revenue optimization, including risk management. The Marketswitch TRUE Suite(TM) of optimization software products dynamically determines the right offer at the right price for the right customer through the right channel at the right time in order to maximize the value of a company’s customer assets. It does this while simultaneously satisfying real-world business constraints (such as limited budget, minimum sales, risk tolerance, or eligibility requirements) and meeting customer needs. As the international sole source for customer-level marketing, pricing and revenue optimization software applications, Marketswitch TRUE Suite products are used in diverse industries such as financial services, communications, retail, and eCommerce by world-class customers, including America Online, Capital One, the Royal Bank of Scotland, Abbey National, Wells Fargo and AT&T. Marketswitch also has a joint venture in Japan, Marketswitch Japan KK, with Trans Cosmos, Inc. that provides customer- level optimization software products to the Japanese market.

For more information, please visit or call 1-877-678-4640.


Humboldt Deal

Humboldt Bancorp announced that the sale of its proprietary merchant bankcard operations to iPayment Holdings, Inc., which was expected to take place at the end of August, has not yet closed. iPayment has declined to sign an amendment to extend the August 30 termination date of the agreement. However, iPayment and Humboldt are continuing efforts to close this transaction. Humboldt, at this point in time, can make no assurance that the transaction will close.

Humboldt’s proprietary merchant bankcard operations continue to provide a consistent and significant source of non-interest revenue, with minimal fraud losses. For the six months ended June 30, 2002, Humboldt recognized approximately $7.6 million in non-interest revenue from its proprietary merchant bankcard operation and incurred net fraud losses of $140,000.

Humboldt Bancorp, with total assets of $984 million, is headquartered in Roseville, California. Through its principal operating subsidiary, Humboldt Bank, it offers business and consumer banking services through 23 banking centers, principally in Northern California, including its Tehama Bank and Capitol Valley Bank divisions.


Credit Scoring

The use of credit scores in determining home and auto insurance premiums is drawing some heat as the Michigan Attorney General demands a formal examination into its legality. The Attorney General says it is absolutely outrageous to think that Michigan consumers may be paying higher insurance premiums because they purchase a new home, switch balances on a credit card to save money, or even because of a careless mistake by a credit rating company. The use of credit scoring is not expressly permitted in Michigan’s Essential Insurance Act; however, insurers use section 2110a of the Act to use credit scores to determine insurance premiums through discount plans. Currently, 11 of the 15 largest auto insurance companies and 8 of the 21 largest homeowners insurance companies doing business in Michigan use credit scoring to help determine premiums. The Attorney General says insurers frequently obtain credit scores from third-party companies that are not regulated by either federal or state law and whose formulas for determining scores are secret. Currently, the Attorney General is prohibited from taking legal action to protect consumers from credit scoring under the Michigan Consumer Protection Act due to the Smith v Globe Life decision.



Wilkinson, the U.K.’s leading home and garden improvement chain has announced plans to implement Trintech’s “PayWare SmartPIN” as part of a 2003 Northampton pilot and later as the backbone of a national smart card roll-out. Trintech is supplying PIN Pad terminals capable of reading international standard EMV chip cards and allow customers to authorize a transaction using a PIN number rather than a signature.


Experian Expansion

Experian confirmed Thursday its acquisition of three affiliate credit bureaus, the first in a series of acquisitions to be completed over the next two to three years. The affiliate credit bureaus acquired by Experian include MA-based AQM Information Solutions; GA-based Credit Bureau of Dalton; and TN-based Credit Bureau of Kingsport. Experian’s network of 38 affiliate credit bureaus provide clients in specific geographic areas with a variety of services utilizing consumer credit, business, automotive and marketing information from Experian. The company says one of the benefits of this acquisition program is that once the affiliate is integrated, its business clients will have access to all Experian products and services including portfolio management, collections, scoring and a complete suite of fraud prevention solutions.



Ismaning-based SCM Microsystems has been ranked 68th among Europe’s Top 500 emerging companies. The annual survey by GrowthPlus says SCM successfully met the award’s criteria for the fourth consecutive year based on corporate revenue growth and employment figures within Europe. The high-tech company received the elite award September 11, 2002. SCM’s advanced silicon, hardware and software solutions enable secure exchange of electronic information for digital applications from e-commerce to broadband content delivery by providing controlled access points to platforms such as PCs and digital television set-top boxes. Known as a premier supplier to OEM companies around the world, SCM also serves the retail market through its “Dazzle” brand.


Diebold Postilion

Diebold and Mosaic Software inked a significant agreement whereby Diebold will market and sell Mosaic’s advanced ATM transaction processing software. The “Postilion” product will be licensed by Diebold for resale to provide an enhanced EFT solution to its North American customer base. The “Postilion” solution will handle ATM driving, switching, network management, settlement and reconciliation. The system also has a highly reliable, scalable and open architecture that permits easy implementation of new products and services at the customer’s ATMs, kiosks and other self-service devices. Mosaic says the strategic relationship with Diebold is “quite a vote of confidence” in Mosaic Software. Mosaic is held by strategic partners GE Equity, Comparex Holdings, and Mosaic management. Mosaic clients include 7-Eleven, E*Trade, Retail Decisions (UK), Transaction Network Services (UK), and NBS (SA).


Vegas Deal

ERG Group has been awarded the contract to install a smart card based fare collection system for the Las Vegas Monorail Project. The Las Vegas monorail system is scheduled to be opened to the public in early 2004 and is expected to carry 19 million passengers in its first year of operation. The monorail will service 60,000 hotel rooms and the world’s largest convention centre. There will be seven new stations built in the first phase of the project and a further five stations will be included in an extension to be built in the near future. The system will cater for contactless smart cards as well as magnetic tickets for single journeys. In conjunction with the ticketing system, ERG has been contracted to install its central computer processing system. The total system will be capable of expansion into multiple applications for smart cards including electronic purse for casinos, security access and loyalty schemes. The monorail smart card scheme will also be able to be integrated with other transport modes such as the city’s bus network at a future date. The contract was awarded by Bombardier Transportation.