NCR Corporation announced a multimillion-dollar software and services deal with Brazil-based Tecnologia Bancaria S.A. (TecBan). NCR’s APTRA open-architecture software for the automated teller machine channel will be used to transition TecBan’s ATM network to the Microsoft Windows NT operating system and drive additional revenue through enhanced customer transactions. The three-year agreement includes software licensing, professional services, and software maintenance. Andrew Orent, vice president of global sales and services for NCR’s Financial Solutions division, said, “TecBan is one of the world’s most sophisticated ATM networks and its selection of NCR APTRA to run on its diverse fleet of ATMs validates NCR as the best-of-breed player in multivendor ATM application software. ATM deployers worldwide are adding new transactions of value to provide better service to, and generate more revenue from their customers. To support these new transactions and meet speed-to-market requirements, new ATM software applications are increasingly being developed on the hardware-independent Windows platform. NCR has invested heavily in our APTRA software suite to serve this growing market.”

Ranato Mascaretti, TecBan general manager, said, “As we have been NCR customers for quite some time, we rely on their capacity to support us in the long term, and through APTRA EDGE, NCR can provide a reliable and fast evolution to the Windows NT platform.”

About TecBan

Tecnologia Bancaria S.A. (TecBan) was founded in 1982 by Brazilian banks, with the objective to develop and consolidate the automatic teller machine net for Banco24Horas. Throughout these years, TecBan has been placing products in the national market related to Electronic Funds Transfer, aiming to supply the specific needs of commercial banking automation of financial institutions and clients. In 1982, the company launched the Servicos de Cartoes; in 1991, the Cheque Eletronico; in 1992, Creditos Diversos; in 1993, the Pagamento Eletronico; and in 2000, Cheque Today, TecBan serves 61 financial institutions — among banks and credit card companies — reaching a volume of approximately 65 million active magnetic cards, thus operating in more than 160 Brazilian cities. In 2000, the company had income of almost R$160 million (Brazilian currency), with a growth rate of 35% if compared to the previous period. For more information, visit

About NCR Corporation

NCR Corporation (NYSE:NCR) is a leader in providing Relationship Technology(TM) solutions to customers worldwide in the retail, financial, communications, manufacturing, travel and transportation, and insurance markets. NCR’s Relationship Technology solutions include privacy-enabled Teradata(R) warehouses and customer relationship management (CRM) applications, store automation and automated teller machines (ATMs). The company’s business solutions are built on the foundation of its long-established industry knowledge and consulting expertise, value-adding software, global customer support services, a complete line of consumable and media products, and leading edge hardware technology. NCR employs 30,300 in more than 100 countries, and is a component stock of the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index. More information about NCR and its solutions may be found at



Wincor Nixdorf announced the release of BEETLEVIEW, a Web-based desktop management system that enables remote administration of POS systems. Because BEETLEVIEW is Web-based, users can log on from any workstation via a Web browser to obtain detailed information about their BEETLE POS system. BEETLEVIEW includes the following functions: Inventory management; Proactive fault management; Remote tools; and Integration with enterprise management solutions.



Datacap Systems announced PrePaidServer, a prepaid account authorization and management system which is easily installed on a headquarters PC to handle charge requests, as well as account or card issue and add-value requests from direct-connected registers or registers in remote store locations. Retailers, schools, hospitals, country clubs, and other businesses can quickly implement their own prepaid account or gift card program, speeding up payment verification, eliminating third party service charges, and improving customer service. Datacap payment solutions automatically handle all payment types, sending bank credit/debit cards and check requests to traditional payment authorization services, while identifying prepaid account numbers and forwarding those authorization requests to PrePaidServer. A complete reporting package, including customer statements and balance reports, ensures control and accountability with or without integration to other accounting systems.


USTT Closes Stitch

USA Technologies Inc. announced the closing of its acquisition of Stitch Networks, a major competitor in the cashless and wireless vending market. Together, USA Technologies and Stitch now have a total of nearly 1,000 customers worldwide, operating at more than 3,000 different locations and growing. The combined companies operate one of the largest networks of unattended, credit card activated vending, laundry and business services in the US. Among the combined company’s new customers and or prospects are seven of the biggest brands on the Fortune 500 list of companies.


Canadian Market

VISA and MasterCard credit card volume in Canada grew 6.3% while the number of cards-in-force grew 12.3% last year. Gross dollar volume hit US$93.4 billion and the number of cards-in-force at year-end 2001 was 45.4 million, according to The RAM Report ([][1]). VISA now holds a 70% share of the Canadian market, down from 72% in 2000, as MasterCard expands. MasterCard’s volume grew 10.8% last year to US$27.7 billion. VISA’s 2001 gross volume was $65.7 billion. MasterCard’s cards-in-force grew 22.5%, from 16.9 million in 2000 to 20.7 million at year-end 2001. VISA added 1.3 million cards last year to grow 5.6%, from 23.4 million to 24.7 million. Total transactions for both VISA and MasterCard combined was 1.4 billion.



Score Simulator

Equifax and Fair, Isaac announced the addition of an interactive service to Score Power that enables consumers to simulate their personal FICO score. Using the FICO Score Simulator, consumers can quickly understand how specific financial actions might impact their FICO score over time if other factors stay the same. In addition, the score analysis report includes multiple click-through links to the consumer’s Equifax Credit Profile, enabling each consumer to view directly the underlying detail in his or her credit report. Since March 2001, the Score Power report has provided more than one million consumers with their FICO score. Other new services to be added later this year include a monitoring service that will alert consumers to changes in their score and credit report; and a three-bureau credit report will be added that will provide a one-stop source for all of a consumer’s credit file information. (CF Library 3/19/01; 4/15/02)


VbV Deployment

VISA U.S.A. announced yesterday that, to-date, more than 40 leading e-commerce merchants have made VISA’s online protection service, Verified by VISA, available to online customers. Verified by Visa is a simple and convenient tool that provides greater protection to Visa cardholders and reduces the risk of fraud online. This service is an additional layer of protection that complements Visa’s longstanding Zero Liability policy, which protects cardholders from responsibility for unauthorized use of their Visa cards online or in the physical world.


BofA & PGA

Bank of America, Colonial Country Club, and The PGA TOUR announced a four-year title sponsorship agreement beginning in 2003, replacing MasterCard as the title sponsor since 1996. The 2003 Bank of America Colonial will have a $5 million purse and will be played May 19-25, with the winner receiving $900,000. The purse will increase every year over the term of the agreement, remaining one of the top five purse levels among the TOUR’s co-sponsored events. In addition, CBS Sports will continue to provide weekend coverage with USA Network providing early-round coverage.



Cubic Transportation has gone to the Supreme Court with concerns over the bidding process for a smart card-based mass transportation system. In August, ERG Ltd was awarded the $A100 million contract to build a smart card ticketing system for public transport in Sydney. The Government granted preferred tenderer status to ERG. The ERG contactless smart card is expected to be available in mid-2003 with full deployment scheduled for 2005. Under the program, the card will be used for all forms of transportation. Motorola and ERG will lead the consortium for the mass smart card system contracted by the NSW government. The government targeted 2002 for the release of the new smart card system but the process was bogged down over the bidding process. The Sydney Morning Herald quoted the Transport Minister, Carl Scully, as saying, “We’ve had an exhaustive… process which has sought to get the right value for money and we’ve sought to do it right. We’ve been very careful and cautious in delivering the product.”


Triple Crown

VISA may have to cough up $5 million if there is a Triple Crown winner this year. Over the weekend, War Emblem became the 18th horse in history to win the first two races of the Triple Crown. War Emblem is the fourth contender in the past six years with a chance to win the $5 Million VISA Triple Crown bonus. VISA is the exclusive worldwide sponsor of the VISA Triple Crown, and a year-round partner with Churchill Downs, Pimlico, and Belmont Park. VISA also is the exclusive sponsor of the $5 million VISA Triple Crown Challenge bonus, which began in 1996. War Emblem is owned by Prince Ahmed bin Salman. VISA will continue sponsorship of the $5 million VISA Triple Crown Challenge Bonus until 2005. (CF Library 6/3/99)


Hy-Vee Pilots Biometrics

Biometric Access Corporation announced that five Hy-Vee stores in Kansas City are currently pilot testing BAC’s SecureTouch Retail Verification System for secure payroll check cashing services. SecureTouch RVS utilizes a flag alert process that immediately notifies the store clerk if a presented check and/or the customer has been involved in a prior dishonored transaction. Flag alerts may also be issued to warn the clerk if the system detects signs of check tampering. This sophisticated notification process enables the clerk to decline transactions that could potentially result in a loss for the store. Customers who desire to cash payroll checks at the participating Hy-Vee locations must complete a quick one-time enrollment that captures their ID information and check information, as well as their unique finger images. This data creates a personalized account that is accessed by the customer during subsequent payroll check cashing transactions by providing a personal ID number and a finger image that matches one captured during the enrollment process. The finger image provided during check cashing is linked to the transaction record thereby eliminating any discrepancy about who presented the check. SecureTouch RVS offers Hy-Vee customers an easier and safer payroll check cashing experience and also provides a safeguard against identity theft.


Channel Match

Experian released Channel Match which has the ability to accurately link Internet purchases to catalog circulation. Channel Match identifies the relationship among promotional channels and analyzes the activity so marketers can better understand the effectiveness of e-mail, catalog, and direct mail campaigns. To achieve the best match, mail files and Internet files are processed through Experian’s proprietary matching logic which includes a variety of strategies to link the Internet buyer to the correct mail file record, even if that Internet buyer was included in multiple mailings. This matching solution gives multi-channel marketers the information they need to understand the links between the customer, promotion, and channel.