Sunoco Buys ID Terminals

INTELLI-CHECK, INC., a developer of advanced document verification systems, announced that it has received an order for 75 age verification units from Sunoco, Inc. for the oil company’s retail outlets.

Frank Mandelbaum, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Intelli-Check, said the age-verification units marketed by its IDentiScan division will be deployed at Sunoco’s retail outlets in Ohio. Ohio is one of a number of states that have passed affirmative defense legislation encouraging retailers to use scanners to verify the age of would-be purchasers of age-restricted products such as alcohol and tobacco. The units will initially be distributed to Sunoco’s company owned stores and then to franchised Sunoco retail outlets in the state. Sunoco has previously purchased units for their New York retail outlets.

“Sunoco has selected our product as the oil company’s standard for age verification units which are being deployed to help protect its retail outlets from inadvertently selling age-restricted products to under-age purchasers,” Mr. Mandelbaum stated. “With more than 4,100 outlets in 19 states and the District of Columbia, Sunoco represents a large potential customer for our units.”

Intelli-Check, Inc. ( is a developer and marketer of an advanced state-of-the art document verification system for authenticating the validity of driver licenses and ID cards used as proof of identity. Intelli-Check’s multi-purpose ID-CHECK(R) units are fully capable of increasing security and as a tool that can be used to deter terrorism at military installations, high profile buildings, airports and other sites and are also an effective tool against “identity theft,” which often is supported by fake IDs and is the fastest growing crime in the U.S. ID-CHECK(R) units enable a user to prevent economic loss from check-cashing, credit card and various other frauds utilizing fake IDs and to determine whether purchasers of age-restricted products such as alcohol and tobacco meet minimum age requirements for their sale. ID-CHECK(R), with its patented technology, analyzes and displays information encoded in magnetic stripes and barcodes found on driver licenses, military identification and other forms of state and government-issued identification from more than 50 jurisdictions.


PayStar Tax Deal

PayStar Corporation, the nation’s leader in providing content-based Internet Kiosks, Prepaid and Wireless Banking Services, Cashless ATM devices and Prepaid Telecom Services is pleased to announce it has signed a Marketing Agreement with EZTaxMachine to market online tax preparation and refund products through PayStar’s extensive Global Virtual Network of Internet Access Terminals.

Online tax preparation and refunds have become the number one way for consumers to file taxes. It is estimated that over 40 million Americans will file their taxes online and over 95% will request electronic refunds. PayStar will capitalize on this very large market opportunity by providing free access to EZTaxMachine’s tax preparation Web site, in exchange for commission payments for each tax filing completed on PayStar’s Internet Access Terminals.

“I am pleased to have the opportunity to work with PayStar,” commented Michael Valentine, EZTaxMachine Founder and CEO. “My 20 years of experience in tax preparation and refund products combined with PayStar’s next-generation Internet Access Devices will prove to be a successful relationship.”

“Paystar gains an excellent revenue opportunity with the addition of EZTaxMachine Content,” stated W.D. Yotty, Chairman and CEO of PayStar.

About EZ Tax Machine

EZTaxMachine LP is a limited partnership based out of Reno, Nev., specializing in online tax filing service with over 20 years of experience in the tax filing industry. EZTaxMachine has enormous experience in helping clients minimize their tax liabilities and maximize their refunds from the IRS. They are an IRS approved e-file provider that has harnessed the power of the Internet to make tax filing easy.

About PayStar

PayStar Corporation, a premier global distributor of telephony and financial services, provides its customers with an array of enabling devices. PayStar is comprised of three fully integrated divisions: Commercial Telephony Switch Services, Consumer Internet and Telephony Products including prepaid cards, and Financial Services providing service and maintenance of Cashless Teller Machines (CTMs) and Internet enabled kiosks. PayStar is the location services provider (LSP) to retail merchants and is considered a “carrier’s carrier” for wholesale telecom services worldwide. Success is driven by internal sales as well as mergers and acquisitions. PayStar’s global strategy centers on expanding its network of thousands of locations that utilize state-of-the-art enabling devices.



Dallas-based CashWorks launched its ‘PayPort’check cashing solution this week. Initial pilot locations will be two Town & Country convenience stores in San Angelo, Texas which use Tidel ATMs. ‘PayPort’is the first check cashing solution to employ a clerk-assisted POS terminal as a transaction authorization device linked to a conventional ATM for the disbursement of funds. The CashWorks management team is headed by several executives involved with the now defunct InnoVentry. Ken Rees, president of CashWorks, previously served as COO and EVP of business development for InnoVentry and CashWorks Chairman Michael Stinson was a co-founder of Mr. Payroll Corporation,an InnoVentry precursor. Innoventry was jointly owned by Wells Fargo, Capital One and Diebold.



VeriFone announced yesterday a licensing agreement with Concord EFS for 200,000 ‘VeriCentre’ terminal licenses. Concord will use ‘VeriCentre’ to support multiple applications and terminals, expand functionality, and compress and download files. The ‘VeriCentre Appliance Management Suite’ is a complete, scalable and open client/server solution that helps processors and acquirers manage terminals, merchants’ needs and downloads, while generating new revenue streams. The latest product enhancements for Verix-based terminals enable two-way merchant communications, advanced data and information collection, and remote diagnostic capabilities.


FlexCache Certified

Datacap Systems, Inc., a leading provider of integrated payment systems, announces certification and availability of Paymentech’s FlexCache stored value program, supported on DataTran, Datacap’s electronic payment appliance that is used with hundreds of business systems, PCs, point-of-sale terminals and purpose-built cash registers. With recent surveys indicating that over 40% of people polled expect to give or receive at least one gift certificate this year, automating the gift certificate process has become critical. Replacing paper gift certificates with Electronic Gift Cards is the solution. Higher store traffic, better marketing, reduced fraud and simplified revenue/tax accounting are driving merchants to issue electronic gift cards. Consumers find the gift cards easy to purchase, store and use. Paymentech’s FlexCache program has been especially successful with retail and restaurant chains. Systems developers that have integrated DataTran to their POS offerings can easily add support for stored value cards to their systems, making Paymentech’s FlexCache available to their merchants and eliminating the need to have separate dial terminals. Datacap’s integrated payment solutions support over 150,000 points-of-sale and are interfaced to many PC-based registers and POS products, including systems produced by NCR, Casio, Sharp, CRS, Samsung, Datasym, TEC America and Dresser Industries. The Company Datacap Systems has successfully designed, manufactured and marketed integrated credit/debit/check verification systems for over 18 years. Datacap’s payment verification interfaces allow virtually any system, regardless of operating system or hardware platform, to get easy access to payment processing networks for credit, debit, check, EBT, house charge, gift card and loyalty program processing. Datacap products are typically used in retail, mail/telephone order, hospitality, quick service, retail petroleum, parking, auto rental, convenience, medical and government applications. Additional Notifications If you would like additional, more frequent notifications by email, send an email to Datacap sales admin at requesting email notification and indicating the Datacap products and partners’ products you currently use or re-sell.



Global Cash Access, the leading supplier of cash access, financial management and customer relationship marketing technologies to the gaming industry, has launched QuikFunds to provide off-track betting establishments and their customers a quick, safe and convenient method of transferring funds from their credit card or checking account.

With QuikFunds, OTB customers have around-the-clock access to their funds. Once a patron has established a QuikFunds account, funds can be transferred within seconds from their payment instrument of choice via a toll-free number to any OTB property in GCA’s network of more than 1,000 gaming properties in the U.S., Canada, Caribbean and Europe.

“Prior to QuikFunds, it was restrictive and time consuming for patrons to transfer their funds to off-track betting establishments,” said Kirk Sanford, chief executive officer of GCA. “With QuikFunds, patrons now have a cash access tool for off-track betting that is easy to use and provides almost instant access to their funds, while the property benefits from another revenue source.”

Patrons establish a QuikFunds account with a simple one-time enrollment process. Patrons are pre-screened and approved once their credit card(s) or checking account is verified. Funds can be transferred immediately or at a later date. QuikFunds features an advanced Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Unit telephone authorization system to ensure that funds are transferred only from a state in which it is legal to place a wager. The IVR prompts patrons to enter a specific OTB location for which they’d like the money to be transferred and then verifies the location of the patron. Upon verification, the IVR asks the patron for the amount requested and confirms acceptance of the service fee. The patron is then issued a confirmation number and funds are sent to the OTB establishment.

About Global Cash Access

Global Cash Access is a joint venture of First Data Corp. and M&C International, Inc. Providing access to the gaming industry’s largest patron database, Global Cash Access uses Internet technologies to deliver funds transfer, financial management and customer relationship marketing services to more than 1,000 gaming properties in the U.S., Canada, Caribbean and Europe. More information on the company is available at [][1].



Payments 2002

NACHA reported this morning that Jamie Dimon, Chairman of the Board and CEO of Bank One will deliver the opening keynote at ‘Payments 2002’. The annual conference on electronic payments and e-business, will be held in Dallas in mid April. An ‘eStrategy Forum’ will analyze the Federal Reserve’s landmark research on checks and electronic payments, and identify the decisions that payment service providers and users face as a result of the findings. The conference will include 100 sessions and about 140 exhibits.


Drexler 4Q/01

LaserCard manufacturer Drexler Technology reported net income of $720,000 on revenues of $5.3 million for the quarter ending Dec 31. LaserCard shipments rose 28%, to 1,545,000 cards from 1,206,000 cards the previous year and 18% above the previous record of 1,310,000 cards. Sales during the quarter included card shipments to the U.S. Department of State for southwestern border security; the INS; the U.S. Department of Defense; the Government of Italy (100,000 national ID cards); VISX, Incorporated; and 23,000 cards to China for two different programs. Last month, the Company raised ‘LaserCard’ shipment estimates for fiscal 2003 to 8 to 10 million cards compared to an estimated 5.3 million cards for fiscal 2002, ending March 31. For complete details on Drexler’s latest results visit CardData ([][1]).




American Express and China
International Travel Service announced the creation of the first
Sino-U.S. corporate travel joint venture in the People’s Republic of China.
The joint venture company, which has received all required government
approvals, will be known as CITS American Express Travel Services Limited. It
will be based in Beijing and begin its operations in April 2002. The
organisation will provide corporate travel management services and corporate
leisure travel services to clients from multi-national corporations, regional
and domestic companies throughout the country. Services provided by the new
joint venture company include obtaining and handling visas, international and
domestic flight reservations and ticketing, hotel reservations, convention
services and other land arrangements.

Charles Petruccelli, President, Global Travel, American Express Global
Corporate Services commented, “This is our first joint venture in the People’s
Republic of China, and it represents an important step forward for American
Express to better service customers in China with international standard
corporate travel services. Furthermore, we will be better able to meet the
needs of our multi-national clients who operate in, and travel to, China. This
partnership reinforces our already strong presence in the Corporate Travel
market throughout Asia where we are the largest provider of travel management

He continued, “By combining the strength of American Express’ global travel
management expertise and worldwide support with CITS’ extensive local
and operational expertise in the travel business in China, this new company is
exceptionally well positioned to capitalize on the growth potential of the
business travel industry in China.”

This new agreement represents another major step in American Express’ global
strategy to grow its Corporate Travel business. Petruccelli added, “American
Express is committed to expanding its corporate travel interests and this
alliance is very much in line with our strategy for growth. Over the last
years we have made several acquisitions and created joint ventures in the
Europe and other markets in Asia such as Hong Kong and Japan.”

American Express Global Corporate Services

American Express Corporate Services, which includes the American Express
Corporate Card, Corporate Travel and Corporate Purchasing Card, assists
companies in managing and controlling their business travel and purchasing
expenses. It is a unit of American Express Travel Related Services Company,
Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of the American Express Company — a
diversified worldwide travel, financial and network services company
founded in
1850. American Express is a leader in charge and credit cards, Travellers
Cheques, travel, financial planning, investment products, insurance and
international banking.

China International Travel Service

American Express has been in China for over 85 years. Cooperation between
American Express and CITS goes back more than two decades when CITS was
appointed as the ground service provider for American Express inbound group
tours in 1980. In 1993, CITS was appointed by American Express as Travel
Service Representative in China, providing travel services to American Express
customers. Since then, 18 CITS offices have been converted into American
Express Travel Service Representative Offices, covering 12 major cities in the


Datacard & FormFast

Datacard Group announced it has entered into a joint marketing agreement with St. Louis-based FormFast Inc., a leading provider of forms automation software for healthcare.

The relationship combines Datacard’s patient identification expertise with FormFast’s advanced forms automation capabilities to offer the Datacard OnDemand Forms solution. OnDemand Forms use a plastic patient ID card with magnetic stripe technology to automate forms management.

The Datacard/FormFast solution converts paper forms into digital templates saved in Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, PCL or HTML format. The forms are automatically filled in when a patient ID card is swiped during registration, sending duplicate forms to other departments via e-mail, fax or laser printer. Bar code technology can also be added for generating patient wristbands and labels during registration.

“This solution is ideal for healthcare enterprises looking to improve care, protect patient privacy and control operating costs,” said Chris Lomax, vice president of marketing for Datacard’s Solutions Division. “It replaces inefficient paper forms with secure, efficient electronic forms, and provides a clear migration path to technologies such as digital imaging, smart cards and biometrics.

“These technologies can be used to automate such areas as patient and staff ID, membership management and provider authentication, now or in the future,” Lomax said. “Since the technologies leverage the same plastic cards that most nurses already use, they require minimal staff training to implement.”

A Datacard/FormFast solution also takes advantage of the Internet to simplify consumer interaction with a healthcare organization. For example, patients can fill out insurance forms online a few days before their appointment, so they are ready to receive care the moment they arrive at a healthcare facility. Edward Novak, director of corporate development at FormFast, sees the relationship with Datacard as an opportunity to expand the scope of the forms and identification solutions both companies bring to the healthcare market. “This synergy between FormFast and Datacard creates the industry’s most extensive digital identification solution that begins in admitting and extends all the way into archiving,” Novak said. “We look forward to working alongside Datacard to help our healthcare customers create an accurate, secure and cost-efficient digital identification solution that spans their entire operation.”

Datacard Group provides software, systems and professional services needed to build profitable card programs. The company’s solutions portfolio also includes a complete line of secure digital identity systems and card personalization systems. Datacard Group is privately held and based in Minnetonka, Minn. Datacard Group serves customers in more than 120 countries. ([][1]) FormFast, Inc. provides a range of solutions that apply advanced, easy-to-use software toward solving paperwork automation challenges in a variety of industries. Hundreds of healthcare organizations use the company’s FormFast software to help save time and money by eliminating their dependence on pre-printed medical forms.