The Board of Directors of ICICI
Bank Limited, at its meeting held at Mumbai today, approved the
audited accounts of the Bank for the nine months ended December 31, 2001
(Apr-Dec 2001). The Board of Directors has approved an interim dividend of Rs.
2.00 per share, subject to the approval of Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The
Board also approved the unaudited US GAAP financial statements of the Bank for
Apr-Dec 2001. Consequent to the amalgamation of Bank of Madura Limited with
ICICI Bank effective March 10, 2001, the financial statements for Apr-Dec 2001
reflect the operations of the merged entity.


The highlights of ICICI Bank’s performance during Apr-Dec 2001 compared to the
nine months ended December 31, 2000 (Apr-Dec 2000) are:

— Profit after tax as per Indian GAAP increased 82% to Rs. 201 crore;

— Return on average net worth increased to 19.33% (annualised) from 12.25%;

— Earnings per share increased to Rs. 12.19 (annualised) from Rs.7.50; and

— Net income as per US GAAP increased 77% to Rs. 175 crore.

– Results under Indian GAAP

The profit after tax increased 73% to Rs. 70 crore in the quarter ended
December 31, 2001 (Q3-2002) from Rs. 41 crore in the quarter ended December
2000 (Q3-2001). The profit after tax increased 82% to Rs. 201 crore in Apr-Dec
2001 from Rs. 111 crore in Apr-Dec 2000. Net interest income increased 61% to
Rs. 449 crore from Rs. 279 crore. Operating expenditure increased 106% to Rs.
439 crore from Rs. 213 crore, primarily due to the expenses on refurbishment
and automation of branches after the acquisition of Bank of Madura Limited.

Progress on Merger of ICICI Limited (NYSE: IC), ICICI Personal Financial
Services and ICICI Capital Services with ICICI Bank

The progress on the merger has been in line with the expected timeframe. The
Scheme of Amalgamation (`the Scheme”) has been filed with the High Court of
Judicature at Bombay and the High Court of Gujarat at Ahmedabad. An
Extraordinary General Meeting of ICICI Bank shareholders has been convened on
January 25, 2002, and of ICICI shareholders on January 30, 2002, to consider
the Scheme. Discussions with RBI on the proposal for the merger and the merged
entity’s compliance with regulatory norms applicable to banks are in progress.
Plans for integration of the operations of the four companies are also
progressing satisfactorily. As provided in the Scheme, the Appointed Date for
the merger shall be March 30, 2002, or the date from which RBI’s approval
becomes effective, whichever is later.

Business Review

Total deposits increased to Rs. 22,920 crore at December 31, 2001, from Rs.
17,515 crore at September 30, 2001 and Rs. 16,378 crore at March 31, 2001.
Retail deposits continued to constitute 60% of total deposits at December 31,
2001 (61% at March 31, 2001), reflecting ICICI Bank’s successful retail thrust
and the benefits arising from the acquisition of Bank of Madura. Savings
deposits registered a robust growth of 130% to Rs. 2,332 crore from Rs. 1,007
crore at December 31, 2000. The average cost of deposits in Apr-Dec 2001 was
7.28% as compared to 7.93% in Apr-Dec 2000.

ICICI Bank has substantially increased its investments in Government
(“SLR portfolio”). At December 31, 2001, ICICI Bank’s SLR portfolio was Rs.
12,732 crore, an increase of Rs. 7,278 crore from September 30, 2001.
The ratio of net non-performing assets (NPAs) to customer assets was 1.36% at
December 31, 2001 compared to 1.44% at March 31, 2001. The provisioning cover
against NPAs was 65% at December 31, 2001. The Bank also maintains a general
provision of 0.50% on standard assets and a provision for operational risks at
0.50% of the paid-up capital. ICICI Bank’s total capital adequacy ratio at
December 31, 2001 was 14.06%, of which Tier I capital constituted 10.99%.

Multi-channel driven retail customer expansion

During Apr-Dec 2001, the Bank added about 1.5 million new customer accounts,
taking the total customer accounts to 4.7 million. To efficiently distribute
its products and services, ICICI Bank has developed multiple access channels
comprising brick and mortar branches, automated teller machines (ATM), call
centers and Internet banking. Currently the Bank has a network of 357 branches
and 44 extension counters. Its network of 731 ATMs is the largest for any bank
in the country. The bank has over one million Internet banking accounts.
Customers in 100 cities can now access account information over the telephone.
These investments in channel infrastructure have enabled ICICI Bank to achieve
rapid growth in its retail business.

ICICI Bank is one of the largest incremental issuers of cards in India, with a
credit card base of over 500,000 and a debit card base of over 430,000. ICICI
Bank now has a total card base of over 2.5 million including ATM cards, credit
cards, debit cards and smart cards. ICICI Bank has also commenced its
business in three cities, and launched two co-branded credit card programmes.

Results under US GAAP

ICICI Bank’s net income increased 77% to Rs. 175 crore in Apr-Dec 2001 from
99 crore in Apr-Dec 2000. Net interest income increased 63% to Rs. 454
crore in
Apr-Dec 2001 from Rs. 279 crore in Apr-Dec 2000.
The summary of the audited accounts for Apr-Dec 2001 under Indian GAAP and the
unaudited accounts under US GAAP are enclosed.

Payment of interim dividend

The Record Date for ascertaining the shareholders eligible to receive interim
dividend, is proposed to be fixed for Thursday, February 28, 2002, subject to
approval of the Vadodara Stock Exchange Limited, the regional stock exchange
for the Bank. The interim dividend would be paid on receipt of the necessary
approval of the Reserve Bank of India.

Appointment of a new Director

The Board of Directors of the Bank has appointed Mr. P. M. Sinha as an
Additional Director on the Board, with immediate effect. Mr. Sinha is the
Chairman of PepsiCo India Holdings Limited and the President of Pepsi Foods
Limited. Mr. Sinha is an alumnus of the Massachusetts Institute of
Sloan School of Management, and has previously worked with Hindustan Lever
Limited. Mr. Sinha brings to the Board wide experience in marketing and
international trade. The Board now comprises 11 Directors, of whom 3 are
whole-time Directors.


ICE 5500 Level 2

Hypercom Corporation (NYSE: HYC), today announced that it has received notification from EMVCo that the ICEä 5500 card payment terminal has successfully passed all EMVCo level 2 smart card test scripts for its standard card payment terminal application. The notification marks the first time that any company has been awarded three EMVCo level 2 certifications. Hypercom s achievement is in line with the company s goal of offering global support and interoperability of mainstream secure chip card technologies.

The tests were conducted by Radio Frequency Investigation, Ltd (RFI), an EMVCo accredited laboratory based in the United Kingdom.

This achievement again demonstrates Hypercom s leadership in delivering the highest-quality, smart card capable software and terminals to the point-of-sale, and we are doing that on a global basis, said Jairo E. Gonzalez, president, Transaction Systems Group, Hypercom Corporation.

Hypercom has already rolled out several large smart card programs in Europe, Asia and Latin America. These include smart card-based credit, debit, stored value, loyalty, ticketing and e-coupon applications. More recently, shipments of smart card-capable ICE terminals have accelerated in the US, where savvy processors have begun preparing for the inevitable arrival of smart cards.

Additionally, the company two years ago remotely upgraded its installed base of card payment terminals in the UK with the latest EMV-certified software applications. This remote upgrade was done from Hypercom s sophisticated and centrally located Term-Master Suite terminal management system and without having to upgrade hardware, further demonstrating the company s ability to keep terminals apace with evolving smart card standards.

In addition to being smart card-ready, Hypercom s high-performance, high security ICE card payment terminals incorporate physical security features and Hypercom s TranSafeä operating system that integrates firewall-protected, multi-tasking, multi-applications functionality, along with EMV chip card capability, a secure PIN pad, secure software downline loading, and built-in HTML/HTTP Web browser.

About EMVCo

EMVCo, LLC, was formed in February 1999 by Europay International, MasterCard International and Visa International to manage, maintain and enhance the EMV Integrated Circuit Card Specifications for Payment Systems as technology advances and the implementation of chip card programs become more prevalent. The formation of EMVCo ensures that single terminal and card approval processes are developed at a level that will allow cross payment system interoperability through compliance with the EMV specifications.

About Hypercom Corporation

Hypercom Corporation (NYSE: HYC) is the leading global provider of electronic payment solutions that add value at the point-of-sale for consumers, merchants and acquirers, and yield increased profitability for its customers. Hypercom’s products include secure, high performance, Web-enabled card payment terminals that work seamlessly with its networking equipment and software applications for e-commerce, m-commerce, smart cards and traditional payment applications. The company’s widely-accepted ePOS-infocommerceä (epic) framework of consumer-activated, EMV-certified, touch-screen ICEä (Interactive Consumer Environment) terminals enable acquirers and merchants to decrease costs, increase revenues and improve customer retention.

Headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, Hypercom is independently acknowledged as the leading provider of point-of-sale card payment terminals. Demand for Hypercom’s terminals surpassed one million units last year alone. Hypercom today maintains an installed base of more than 5 million terminals in over 100 countries, which conduct over 10 billion transactions annually.



NanoPierce Card Technologies
GmbH, a subsidiary of NanoPierce Technologies, Inc., announced
that Mr. Richard Lancaster joins the subsidiary, effective February 1,
2002, as Chief Financial Officer.

He will manage and further develop the company’s financial and management
reporting, costing and business planning and will be responsible for several
key internal projects. Mr. Lancaster will report directly to Dr. Michael E.
Wernle, CEO and President of NanoPierce Card Technologies GmbH.

Mr. Lancaster has very strong international experience in the management of
technology companies, focusing on financial management. He has a masters
from the University of Cambridge, U.K., in electrical and information
engineering and an MBA degree from the world-renowned INSEAD, Fontainebleau,
France. He started his career in 1988, defining and implementing financial and
sales processes and IT solutions, initially in the U.K. with the pan-European
ICI Chemicals and Polymers Plc and from 1991 with EDS Consulting in
Germany. In
1995 he joined Booz, Allen & Hamilton, a leading international management and
technology consulting firm. Based in Munich, he has been responsible for major
change programs and teams for technology clients throughout EMEA (Europe,
Middle East, Africa) and in the U.S., including implementation of controlling
instruments, financial and strategic business planning and liquidity

Commenting on his new position with NanoPierce Card Technologies, Mr.
said: “I am very impressed by the potential of the NanoPierce technologies,
quality of the team and the results already achieved and foreseeable for the
near future. I look forward to making a major contribution to the firm’s

“Mr. Lancaster’s experience in financial management, technology industries and
in managing key programs will make him an important addition to our team. I am
really glad to have him on board and consider this as another crucial step to
enrich our staff with qualified key personnel,” stated Dr. Michael E. Wernle,
CEO and President of NanoPierce Card Technologies GmbH.

NanoPierce Technologies, Inc., through its two subsidiaries, recently
the initiation of production for smart inlays and WaferPierce(TM) (January
15-16, 2002). Mr. Paul H. Metzinger, President and Chief Executive Officer of
NanoPierce Technologies, Inc., said, “In light of our recent announcements
about production and our stated intention to aggressively capture significant
market share in our strategic markets, Mr. Lancaster’s credentials, expertise
and experience, especially in corporate finance and technology management,
evidence to the semiconductor and financial industries that we intend to
a participant not easily ignored.”

About NanoPierce Technologies, Inc.

NanoPierce Card Technologies GmbH is a 100% subsidiary of NanoPierce
Technologies, Inc., of Denver, Colorado, U.S.A., which is traded on the Nasdaq
stock market (OTCBB:NPCT) as well as on the Frankfurt and Hamburg exchanges
(OTC:NPI). In addition to the 12 patents it owns, NanoPierce has numerous
applications pending, others in preparation, and various other intellectual
properties related to NanoPierce’s proprietary NCS(TM) (NanoPierce Connection
System). This advanced system is designed to provide significant improvement
over conventional electrical and mechanical interconnection methods for
high-density circuit boards, components, sockets, connectors, semiconductor
packaging and electronic systems.
For more information about NanoPierce Technologies, Inc., log on to the
Company’s website at


Trintech Signs PRE

Trintech Group Plc, a global provider of secure payment infrastructure solutions, announced that PRE Solutions, Inc. has selected Trintech as the infrastructure provider of software and hardware for their next generation multinational prepaid transaction processing system.

As part of the agreement, PRE Solutions will use Trintech’s PayWare 9300i terminals and PayWare PrePay Host software to manage the distribution of prepaid cellular services, prepaid long-distance products, prepaid Internet access and other prepay applications in a wide range of retail outlets, known as replenishment points. The Trintech platform will enable PRE Solutions to more efficiently manage the routing and balancing of the rapidly increasing volume of prepay transactions the company processes each day.

In the initial phase, PRE Solutions will deploy Trintech electronic payment terminals in outlets that range from grocery and convenience stores to check cashing locations and gas stations. PRE Solutions expects its replenishment network to grow substantially in the next few years.

Trintech’s highly scalable prepay solution is designed to support a wide range of prepay products including disposable and reloadable schemes. Going forward, Trintech will work closely with PRE Solutions to deploy other prepay applications as the rapidly expanding market for prepay services continues to evolve. These services may include loyalty programs, stored value cards, cable service, utilities, and more.

“Trintech has proven to be an ideal partner for PRE Solutions and we are looking forward to a fruitful on-going relationship,” said Richard Hebert, Chief Technology Officer at PRE Solutions. “Our aim is to provide consumers with an easy-to-use, one-stop environment that meets all of their prepaid replenishment needs. With Trintech’s PayWare technology we can now offer our customers the enhanced services they are requesting.”

“We are delighted to have been chosen by PRE Solutions for the roll-out of this exciting project,” said John Harte, Group EVP at Trintech. “Our end-to-end PayWare infrastructure is ideally suited to the exacting demands of the prepay environment. With multiple applications supported across a variety of retail outlets, we believe PRE Solutions will harness the true potential of the growing prepay market in the US.”

About PayWare PrePay

PayWare PrePay is a comprehensive and proven solution that provides electronic purchase, top-up or replenishment of cellular prepay, long distance calling cards and many other prepaid accounts and services. Currently many prepaid services rely on the distribution of vouchers or scratchcards. PayWare PrePay replaces this costly and inefficient paper-based distribution with an online point of sale solution that improves profitability, reduces theft, requires no stock and improves cash flow throughout the distribution chain. PayWare PrePay enables retailers and merchants to deliver multiple transactions through a single point-of-sale device or terminal. The solution also supports integrated point-of-sale, call center, IVR and Internet prepay transactions.

About PRE Solutions

Based in Norcross, GA, PRE Solutions, Inc. is a leading provider of prepaid transaction processing solutions to retailers and providers of goods and services. To retailers PRE Solutions offers highly profitable, convenient, secure and easy-to-use point-of-sale systems for processing the sales of numerous prepaid products by multiple providers. To providers of prepaid products, PRE Solutions offers cost-efficient access to an international distribution network of replenishment partners and a robust transaction processing system.

The PRE Solutions system features real-time product delivery, transaction accounting and reporting, and accelerated payment transfer-all within the most secure and reliable processing environment in the industry. PRE Solutions’ current prepaid wireless providers include Cingular Wireless, VoiceStream Wireless, AT&T Wireless, ALLTEL and CallPlus. The company also offers prepaid Internet service through Slingshot, Inc., prepaid home telephone service via 1-800-RECONEX and prepaid long-distance from several national providers. PRE Solutions’ lead investor is ITC Holding Company, the primary investment sponsor of a number of successful companies, including Telecom*USA, Powertel, MindSpring, ITC^DeltaCom, Headhunter.net, and Knology. PRE Solutions can be contacted at 520 Guthridge Court, Suite 100, Norcross, GA 30092 (Tel: 770-349-2300). PRE Solutions can be reached on the Web at [http://www.presolutions.com][1]

About Trintech

Founded in 1987, Trintech is a leading provider of secure electronic payment infrastructure solutions for card-based transactions for physical world commerce, eCommerce and mobile commerce. The company offers a complete range of payment software products for credit, debit, commercial and procurement card applications, as well as being a world leader in the deployment of payment solutions for Internet commerce that are fully SSL and SET� compliant. Trintech’s range of scalable open systems architecture solutions for UNIX® and Windows NT� platforms covers consumer, merchant and financial institution requirements for physical payments and the emerging world of electronic commerce. Trintech can be contacted in the U.S. at 2755 Campus Drive, San Mateo, CA 94403 (Tel: 650-227-7000) and in Ireland at Trintech Building, South County Business Park, Leopardstown, Dublin 18 (Tel: 353-1-207-4000). Trintech can be reached on the Web at [http://www.trintech.com][2].

[1]: http://www.presolutions.com/
[2]: http://www.trintech.com/


UATP Cuts Fees

Universal Air Travel Plan, Inc. announces a measure, approved by the UATP Board of Directors, designed to benefit UATP owner airlines during this challenging time in the industry. All 24 UATP Shareholder airlines will receive a one-time fee reduction in annual UATP assessments. In addition to the hundreds of millions of dollars the UATP program saves its members annually, the fee reduction is another cost-cutting measure UATP has initiated to assist members.

Richard Crum, UATP President and Chairman of the Board, said, “In light of the fragile economic state of the airline industry, UATP initiated many cost-saving measures in the fourth quarter of 2001. As the industry’s own solution to rising credit card costs, UATP continues to lead initiatives to improve its airline owners’ bottom-line and to benefit the airline industry as a whole.”

Universal Air Travel Plan Inc., formerly known as Air Travel Card®, is the world’s first corporate travel payment system. Founded in 1936, UATP is owned and operated by each card-issuing airline and accepted by over 180 airlines worldwide. UATP offers the most complete data and lowest administrative cost of any charge product in the airline industry. With annual global billings over USD 8 billion, multi-national corporations, including 73 percent of the Top 100 Global, utilize UATP to better manage travel expenses.

Airlines currently issuing UATP accounts include Aer Lingus, Air New Zealand, Alitalia, American Airlines (NYSE: AMR), Austrian Airlines, British Airways (NYSE: BAB), Continental (NYSE: CAL), Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL), Japan Airlines (NasdaqSC: JAPNY), KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (NYSE: KLM), Lufthansa German Airlines, QANTAS, Scandinavian Airlines System, United Airlines (NYSE: UAL) and US Airways (NYSE: U). For more information, visit [http://uatp.com][1] .

[1]: http://uatp.com/


CO-OP Expands

CA-based CO-OP Network and MI-based Service Centers Corporation have signed a letter of intent to merge the two organizations. CO-OP Network has a credit union/ATM presence in 49 states and Canada, and serves more than 10 million credit union cardholders. SCC has a presence in 12 states and Washington, D.C., and serves nearly 4 million members. SCC serves nearly 350 credit unions and CO-OP has more than 800 member credit unions. When the merger is complete, the combined ATM/EFT network will offer over 12,000 surcharge-free ATMs throughout North America to credit union cardholders. SC24 ATMs and cards will be re-branded with CO-OP Network logos.


National City 4Q/01

National City reported a 2.6% contraction in receivables over the past twelve months. As of Dec 31, NC had $2,203,055,593 in card loans compared to $2,264,134,984 at year-end 2000. Volume was also off by 7.1%, dropping from $1,276,009,303 for 4Q/00 to $1,186,310,138 for 4Q/01. For complete details on National City’s 4Q/01 performance visit CardData (www.carddata.com).

4Q/00 3Q/01 4Q/01
RECV: $2.2b $2.1b $2.3b
Q VOL: $1.2b $1.1b $1.3b
ACCTS: 1.7m 1.8m 1.1m
ACTIVES: 1.1m 1.1m 0.7m
CARDS: 1.4m 1.5m 2.0m
Source: CardData (www.carddata.com)


Genpass Renews ATM Agreement

Genpass Service Solutions, the largest independent ATM maintenance and servicing company in the U.S., announced on Tuesday that California Federal Bank, an indirect subsidiary of Golden State Bancorp, has agreed to a three-year extension of its ATM servicing agreement.

This marks the third renewal for this major Genpass Service Solutions’ customer.

Genpass Service Solutions is the ATM maintenance and supply company owned by Genpass Inc., owner and operator of the MoneyMaker(SM) and MONEY BELT(R) EFT networks and one of the top five ATM drivers in the U.S. Genpass Service Solutions is experiencing rapid growth since its purchase by Genpass two years ago. The company has grown more than 20% this past year alone. The renewal of Cal Fed, which owns over 500 ATMs, means that Genpass continues to have a significant base in the Western U.S. while it continues its expansion.

Alan Mulder, Senior Vice President of Sales for Genpass Service Solutions, spoke on behalf of Genpass: “We have had a long and mutually helpful relationship with Cal Fed, and we are very pleased to see the confidence they continue to have in us.” He went on to say that Cal Fed’s ATMs are an important share of the California EFT market and provide a stable base for Genpass to expand in that region.

Cal Fed, the second-largest savings and loan in the U.S., provides a full range of banking services including an expanding EFT program.

Spokesperson Bobbi Eddy, Vice President ATM Services, describes why Cal Fed has again selected Genpass: “California Federal Bank considers Genpass one of our strategic partners in ensuring our customers have access to their cash when they want it, where they want it. The range of services that Genpass provides, in addition to the commitments they have made, allows us to rely on them as our primary ATM service provider. We are looking forward to continuing this partnership for the next 3 years.”

Tim Connor, President of Genpass Service Solutions, explains the success of the Genpass service philosophy this way: “At Genpass, we understand that keeping our customers’ loyalty — along with offering them services that no other major EFT provider does — is the recipe for our success. That is why we focus on innovation, customized programs, training and service guarantees that exceed our customers’ expectations.”

About California Federal Bank

California Federal Bank is a subsidiary of Golden State Bancorp, Inc., a public holding company that trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol GSB. Headquartered in San Francisco, with approximately $59 billion in assets, California Federal has 356 branches, more than 8,500 employees, and is the second-largest savings and loan in the United States. California Federal Bank provides a full range of banking services, including a variety of savings products and checking accounts, electronic banking, consumer loans, mortgage loans, business banking, and investment products.

About GTCR Golder Rauner, LLC, Genpass Inc., and Genpass Service Solutions

GTCR Golder Rauner, LLC, a leading private equity investment firm, owns and operates Genpass Inc. GTCR currently manages more than $4 billion in equity capital invested in companies providing transaction processing, information technology services, financial services and marketing services. Genpass Inc., with headquarters in Pennsylvania, owns the MoneyMaker(SM) and MONEY BELT(R) EFT networks through its Dallas-based subsidiary Genpass Technologies. The EFT Data Book (2002 Edition) lists Genpass Technologies as one of the top five ATM drivers in the U.S. with over 20,000 ATMs in all 50 states. Genpass processes over 270 million transactions annually. The company also operates Genpass ATM Solutions — providing a strategic solution to ATM-owning and placement — and Genpass Card Solutions, offering specialized card services such as payroll and medical benefits card programs. Genpass Service Solutions, a wholly owned subsidiary of Genpass Inc., is the largest independent ATM servicing company in the U.S. The company serves over 500 financial institutions, independent sales organizations, and corporate customers providing monitoring, service dispatch, maintenance, cash replenishment, and operating supplies for every model of ATM hardware.


[1]: http://www.moneymakereft.com/


NextCard Bottoms

NextCard’s stock plunged another 16% yesterday hitting a new low of 26 cents per share before closing at 27 cents per share. One year ago the credit card issuer’s stock traded at $12.75 per share. The company has not released its 4Q/01 report but projected two months ago it would breakeven in the fourth quarter, as reduced revenues will likely be offset by reduced marketing and acquisition costs and lower operating expenses. NextCard reported a third quarter net loss of $53.1 million. NextCard announced in October a decision to explore opportunities for the sale of the Company to a larger and better-capitalized entity. The firm was hit with regulatory limitations following its prior treatment of certain losses. As a result, NextCard increased its reserves for loan losses, tightened its underwriting criteria to limit new account originations to FICO scores above 680, suspended originations of secured credit cards, and suspended or limited certain line management programs, re-pricing programs, and fee-based product strategies. NextCard ceased online marketing activities in November. For complete details on NextCard’s past performance visit CardData (). (CF Library 10/31/01; 11/5/01)


BofA 4Q/01

Bank of America reported an 18.1% increase in credit card receivables during 2001, ending the year with $27.2 billion in managed card loans. Charge-offs have been relatively stable for the past two quarters, but jumped from 4.32% for 4Q/00 to 4.90% for 4Q/01. Fourth quarter charge volume was only up 6.1% over the prior year, a reflection of soft holiday spending. For all of 2001, BofA’s charge volume was up 7.7%. For complete details on Bank of America’s 4Q/01 performance visit CardData ([www.carddata.com][1]).

4Q/00 3Q/01 4Q/01 Y/Y CHG
RECV: $27.2b $25.5b $23.0b +18.1%
Q VOL: $13.2b $12.3b $12.5b + 6.1%
ACCTS: 14.5m 14.7m 13.3m + 9.0%
ACTIVES: 9.8m 9.7m 8.7m +12.5%
CARDS: 22.8m 22.4m 20.3m +12.4%
Source: CardData (www.carddata.com)

[1]: http://www.carddata.com


Smart Cards USA

Smart card applications in the U.S. are unfolding at a rapid pace since the first of this year. StatCard Entertainment unveiled a smart card this morning that combines action sports and interactive online entertainment, enabling users to load scores and other information on the card. Meanwhile, Netsmart Technologies launched a smart card system to manage drug rehabilitation programs in California. Last week, AutoSmart launched a smart card to hold maintenance records for new cars. The new ‘Smart Trading Cards’ by StatCard Entertainment will be available at 702 Toys “R” Us stores by the end of February. The smart card chip transports users to an exclusive interactive entertainment Web site, which can be accessed only with the ‘Smart Trading Card’. The cards are connected to computers via a ‘StatCard Reader’. Cardholders can also display point accumulations on a key chain-sized ‘StatCard Mini-Reader’ that scans the data from their cards. (CF Library 1/18/02)