Compass Pilots SmartLink

As the first leading financial institution to deploy Fair, Isaac and Company’s new customer data integration service, Compass Bank is about to put its customer relationship management capability into overdrive. Fair, Isaac says that Compass, one of the nation’s top 40 lenders, has become the first beta client to test its new Fair, Isaac SmartLink customer data integration service — and gain fast access to the most comprehensive and reliable view of their debit and credit customer relationships available on the market today. SmartLink represents a new standard in CDI and is the first in a new generation of CDI solutions offered by Fair, Isaac. Powered by Equifax’s (NYSE:EFX) robust linking technology and Fair, Isaac and Equifax’s jointly developed proprietary matching algorithm, SmartLink offers companies a consistent and reliable way to persistently identify, track and consolidate a consumer’s actions and behavior throughout their enterprise.

This encompasses interactions across all product lines and touchpoints including customer service centers, Web sites, stores, branches, ATMs, direct mail, telemarketing, and credit activity. Through Equifax’s identifier — a unique number that is assigned to each customer — the company can track an individual’s evolving relationship and transactions with them, updating that information anytime they choose. The “unique, persistent identifier” travels with the individual, making it easy to maintain a current and accurate view of the entire scope of that customer relationship, rather than the typical “silo” view organized by individual products.

For Compass, SmartLink is a critical building block in the lender’s CRM strategy, providing the ability to quickly see and evaluate all of the financial relationships that its debit and credit customers have with them — and then offer appropriate products based on that unique view and the insights it affords. Through Fair, Isaac’s analytics, SmartLink has the capacity to transform Compass’s information about its customers into insight and, ultimately, action.

Tom Grudnowski, CEO of Fair, Isaac, sees Compass as gaining a distinct market advantage with SmartLink: “One of the biggest hurdles facing companies in CRM is the need to break down product silos within their organizations and recreate the landscape from the customer viewpoint,” he said. “With SmartLink, Compass will have fast access to a complete snapshot of each customer relationship. We also have the capacity to run ‘anytime updates,’ so that at any point in time, Compass is guaranteed that the picture they see is completely current.

That’s a big advantage in the market and one that we’re pleased we can help Compass achieve,” he said.

Peter Lotz, senior vice president at Compass Bank, explained how Fair, Isaac is helping Compass deliver on its mission. “We recognize that today, more than ever, it is critically important to understand and serve the very specific financial needs of individual customers. Until now, it’s been difficult to get a clear picture of an individual’s special needs and situation. Fair, Isaac has helped us overcome this challenge — and we expect this to significantly help us build long-term loyalty among our valued customers,” he explained.

SmartLink + MarketSmart = More Power, Ease and Relevance of Data

At Compass, SmartLink is being deployed as part of Fair, Isaac MarketSmart Decision System(R), which the lender has utilized since February. MarketSmart is Fair, Isaac’s premier multi-channel marketing solution that facilitates more profitable customer relationships by seamlessly integrating all of the components of CRM. SmartLink will bring increased functionality and horsepower to MarketSmart by enabling a faster, easier and more comprehensive data integration process from multiple sources. The net result will be a horizontal view of the customer across all relationships rather than a vertical picture of accounts. For Compass, this will translate into a faster, more accurate and more cost-effective process for merging, integrating and updating customer data — enabling Compass to spend less time and money on these back-office functions, and more on the actual process of developing winning business strategies to build their customer relationships.

While the initial beta test will focus on Compass’s credit and debit portfolios, SmartLink — especially when integrated with MarketSmart — enables data integration from other disparate sources easily and quickly. This represents a significant advantage in CRM, as companies are challenged to effectively manage and interpret an ever-expanding volume of information about their customers.

About Fair, Isaac

Fair, Isaac and Company is the preeminent provider of creative analytics that unlock value for people, businesses and industries. The company’s predictive modeling, decision analysis, intelligence management and decision engine systems power more than 14 billion decisions a year. Founded in 1956, Fair, Isaac helps thousands of companies in over 60 countries acquire customers more efficiently, increase customer value, reduce risk and credit losses, lower operating expenses and enter new markets more profitably. Most leading banks and credit card issuers rely on Fair, Isaac’s analytic solutions, as do insurers, retailers, telecommunications providers and other customer-oriented companies. Through the [][1] Web site, consumers use the company’s FICO(R) scores, the standard measure of credit risk, to manage their financial health. For more information, visit [][2].

About Compass Bank

Compass Bank is a subsidiary of Compass Bancshares, Inc., a Sunbelt-based financial holding company with $22 billion in assets and 341 full-service banking offices in Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Nebraska, New Mexico and Texas. Compass is among the top 40 U.S. bank holding companies by asset size and ranks among the top earners of its size based on return on equity. The company’s earnings per share have increased for 13 consecutive years and dividends per share have increased for 20 consecutive years. Shares of Compass’s common stock are traded through the NASDAQ stock market under the symbol CBSS.



MetroCard NY

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey approved a plan yesterday to develop a smart card system to enable riders to use a single card for travel on New York City buses and subways and PATH trains. The system, which will cost $51 million, is expected to be in deployed for PATH users in two years, and will subsequently be adopted to include subways, bus and rail lines throughout the region. The system will use the current ‘MetroCard’ system used in New York City. Cubic Transportation Systems is currently involved in the NYC ‘MetroCard’ system. In February, Cubic won a $20 million contract to provide the nation’s first interstate touchless mass transit ticketing system. The Washington (DC) Metropolitan Area Transit Authority named Cubic the prime contractor for a new regional program, linking payment for WMATA buses serving Washington, D.C. and parts of Maryland and Virginia with the Metro’s existing ‘SmarTrip’ fare collection system. (CF Library 2/2/01; 3/28/01; 4/10/01)



VISA Desjardins is pleased to announce an
immediate reduction in its interest rates on personal credit cards, applicable
also to its reduced interest rate option. By taking this action, Desjardins
not only sets itself apart from the competition but also becomes the first
financial institution in the country to substantially reduce its rates for the
benefit of its cardholders.

With regard to the reduced interest rate option, the 2% cut will bring
down the rate from 10.9% to 8.9%, making it absolutely the best offer in
Quebec and throughout Canada. This reduced rate option continues to be
available to all cardholders whose credit file is in good standing. It is
offered for an annual fee of $25.00.

This reduced rate is the preferred credit option for those who
customarily spread repayment of their card balance over a number of months. It
is available to holders of the following cards: VISA Desjardins Odyssey GOLD,
VISA Classe OR Desjardins, VISA DESJARDINSbonus Classic and VISA Desjardins
Classic. Visa Desjardins client service personnel are qualified to advise
cardholders regarding the advantages of this option.

As for the regular personal VISA Desjardins cardholder rate on unpaid
balances, this will now be reduced from 18.9 % to 17.9 %.

Mr. Alban D’Amours, President and CEO of the Mouvement des caisses
Desjardins, stressed that “Although most of our cardholders use their credit
card simply as a mode of payment and incur no monthly interest charges, this
reduction in rates will be especially attractive for those who are unable to
settle the full amount outstanding at month end. “Moreover, he added, another
distinctive characteristic of our co-operative approach is our unique action
plan to help cardholders who run into temporary financial difficulties.”

Finally, it should be noted that all VISA Desjardins cardholders will be
advised of these reductions with their next monthly statement.

VISA Desjardins, the leading Quebec credit card provider offers a full
range of innovative products and services to individuals and businesses.


STV Smart Card Acquisition

The Board of Directors of iRV, Inc. is pleased to announce that the company has signed a non-binding letter of intent to acquire Scarab Systems, Inc., a privately held Nevada corporation. Scarab Systems is engaged in the distribution and sale of smart card payment systems for applications in e-commerce, banking, telecommunications, security and personal data transfer. The acquisition will proceed subject to completion of specific terms and conditions to be laid out in a definitive agreement. The transaction is also subject to the completion by Scarab Systems of a private placement and other customary conditions.

Scarab Systems, Inc. has a license to provide rechargeable stored value smart cards for private label applications that the cardholder can load from a designated banking account via the Internet or via designated Automated Banking Machines. The funds can be withdrawn from most ATMs worldwide, or the stored value can be used to purchase goods and services anywhere that VISA is accepted, whether online or in brick and mortar businesses. Scarab’s payment solutions operate on existing network infrastructures. Unlike many other smart card systems, Scarab’s program uses existing processing and billing platforms and encryption technology, which work with existing POS and ATM systems. This technology helps eliminate the usual cost-prohibitive infrastructure required to set up a smart card program.

“Scarab Systems licensed technology provides exciting prospects for innovative payment solutions that we feel represent a valuable contribution in iRV’s strategy of expanding its technological asset base. The acquisition of Scarab represents a critical step in the process of implementing technologies that deliver recurring revenue,” stated Clifford C. Thygesen, President of iRV, Inc.

“The public market allows the investment community the opportunity to share in the exciting growth that Scarab Systems and the smart card industry is experiencing. The revised corporate structure will help accelerate the rollout of Scarab’s payment system technologies,” stated Thomas Mills, President of Scarab Systems.

The smart card industry continues to experience tremendous growth. Each year card sales continue to set records, as the market is poised for enormous prosperity in the new millennium. Smart card sales at $274 Million in 1996 are estimated to be $5 Billion in 2003 (Frost & Sullivan). It is estimated that the industry as a whole will continue to grow at a rate between 30% and 50% annually for the foreseeable future (SBJ Research).

For further information, please visit [][1] , or contact Investor Relations, +1-303-527-2903.



NextCard Patent

While NextCard is shopping for a buyer, the company’s value has been enhanced after receiving its first patent yesterday. The patent relates to the core functionality of NextCard’s proprietary online credit underwriting and approval system. NextCard’s technology enables it to offer consumers several credit card pricing options when they apply online including a balance transfer option. The patent includes 12 claims, each of which relate to NextCard’s “method and apparatus for customizing multiple offers of credit based on applicant data.” The applicant data may be obtained from credit bureau reports and may include balances held in other credit accounts possessed by the applicant. NextCard’s system allows a credit card issuer to use credit bureau data, in real time, for the purpose of presenting offers based on balance transfers from the applicant. The system includes a procedure for generating multiple offers to an applicant based on credit bureau data, including FICO score, applicant income and existing balances held in other credit accounts. The system permits multiple offers based on credit report data, each of which contains variants of such terms as interest rate, annual fee, credit limit and balance transfer amount, and includes a procedure for allowing the applicant (once an offer is accepted) to select the account(s) and balance amounts the applicant would like transferred, and confirming that the balance transfer(s) have been performed.


Catuity Adds 2 Execs

Catuity, Inc., a leading loyalty software provider, announced that it has made two key additions to its senior management team.

Walter Nirenberg, a seasoned new business development professional with financial services and e-commerce industry experience, has been named to a newly created position of Director of Business Development. In this position, he will have primary responsibility for the company’s activities in connection with its recently announced relationship with Visa U.S.A. As a result, Nirenberg will continue to be based in San Francisco, California. David A. Slavick, of Cincinnati, Ohio, a marketing professional with extensive knowledge of direct marketing, customer loyalty and CRM best practices, has also been named a Director of Business Development – Retail. In his position, Slavick will be responsible for nurturing relationships with key multi-lane/multi-channel retailers in the U.S. market and overall service delivery for Catuity’s real-time loyalty software applications.

Michael V. Howe, President and CEO of Catuity, made the announcement noting: “These two gentlemen bring skill sets to Catuity that will enable us to move aggressively forward in our target markets. Walter is key to our consulting and personal service commitment to Visa U.S.A., its smart loyalty program development initiative and its valued partners as they begin to roll out programs in 2002. David represents our commitment to bring value-added thinking to the programs we will be managing on our advanced technology platform, which includes multi-lane and multi-channel abilities.”

Nirenberg most recently was with Korn/Ferry International in San Francisco, as a principal in the Global Consumer Financial Services Practice. Prior to that he was a Vice President at Visa U.S.A., working in the business development-co-branding and loyalty area where he was responsible for new business development and relationship enhancement in the co-branded credit card market. He negotiated relationships with Mercedes Benz, Harley Davidson, Staples, BMG and many other high profile partnerships with a significant focus on consumer, Internet and small business deals. Prior to his affiliation with Visa, Nirenberg was Managing Director of New Business Development at EDS Electronic Commerce Division and was responsible for new business development activities in the credit card processing industry including consumer, commercial and co-branded card services, focusing on the top 50 banks in the U.S. He also held various positions over a 10-year career with Citicorp. He holds a BA degree from Clark University in Worcester, MA.

Slavick was most recently Director, Advertising Partnerships at PrivaCash, Inc., where he was responsible for new business development and marketing in support of this financial services company. He was responsible for advertising commitments integrated within the company’s pre-paid MasterCard product sold through retail and financial channels. Prior to that he was Group Account Director at Frequency Marketing, Inc., where he was charged with managing loyalty programs in support of leading edge companies’ efforts to increase profitable yield from best customers and previously had been Director, Retail Business Development at Harte-Hanks, Inc., the world’s largest and most sophisticated fully integrated direct marketing service provider. He also held a variety of executive positions at advertising agencies including Barkley Evergreen Partners and Liggett-Stashower, Inc.

He holds a MA in Communications and a BS in Advertising from the University of Illinois, Urbana – Champaign.

About Catuity

Catuity, Inc. ([][1]) is a leading provider of loyalty software systems. The Catuity software includes an integrated suite of applications that provide loyalty, ticketing, access control and membership. The Catuity Loyalty System is ubiquitous in that it can operate on any device, any card program and with any payment process, including stored value and gift cards, smart card and wireless applications. Catuity unites the brick-and-mortar retailer with the Internet to enable cross-sell capabilities with consistent brand imaging across all channels.



Retooled TRIAD

Fair, Isaac is releasing in January a new version of its credit card account management system which includes advanced decision engine functionality and an array of new features geared specifically for companies adjusting to the current recessionary economy. Core to ‘TRIAD v 7.0’ is the integration of ‘Fair, Isaac Decision System’ software which enables users to apply their own business rules, allowing ‘TRIAD’ to make automated account management decisions enterprise-wide for any business function across product lines and portfolios. ‘Decision System’ also gives ‘TRIAD’ the power to concurrently compute multiple scores that can be applied within each of the user’s critical decision areas. The new ‘TRIAD’ version also offers over 250 decision keys, a decision key library, selection of scorecard assignment keys, and batch authorizations. ‘TRIAD v7.0’ also offers management of multiple credit lines per account with as many as four separate credit lines tied to a single account.


Debit Card Incentive Package

Clarity Incentive Systems, Inc., the leading provider of payment card systems and integrated technologies, announced the introduction of complete, distinct product packages offering everything a company needs to set up debit card-based rewards programs. The packages Clarity Express & Clarity Express Plus, Clarity Options, and Clarity Custom were designed to meet the different needs of companies so they can ultimately create the most successful incentive programs for their businesses.

We have had great success implementing a wide range of Visa debit-card based rewards programs that utilize features from these packages, said Anil Aggarwal, CEO, Clarity Incentive Systems. With few solutions available that allow companies to easily implement an incentive program and see quick results, Clarity s off-the-shelf packages have everything a company needs to set up a program and begin motivating those people important to its business in order to increase sales, reduce attrition rates or simply improve business relationships.

The mainstay of each package is the first intelligent debit card platform designed specifically for the incentives industry. Clarity transformed this payment system by integrating the most comprehensive program administration and reporting tools, including communication, tracking and CRM capabilities.

Unlike traditional debit card programs, we have built intelligence into our solution that allows for tremendous administration, reporting and communications capabilities, continued Mr. Aggarwal. These technologies are helping companies implement more efficient, cost-effective incentive programs that enhance the acquisition, retention and loyalty of key constituents.

Every aspect of these packaged incentive programs can be supervised and modified in real-time. Clarity s team of dedicated incentive industry professionals is available to supervise the program and if necessary, help set-up the program so a company is guaranteed to get the results they want. Clarity s new packages include:

Clarity Express & Clarity Express Plus

Clarity Express and Clarity Express Plus were designed for companies who want to set up a debit card-based rewards program quickly. As part of the package, all program participants receive a reloadable rewards card that can be used wherever Visa is accepted. Program administrators choose from a selection of card designs and load money onto a card anytime they want to reward someone, such as an employee or customer.

These packages come complete with a full suite of online administration tools including communication capabilities and real-time reporting tools. These tools allow companies to monitor the success of a program and determine if modifications need to be made to the program.

Program participants can earn extra money shopping from leading retailers in the online marketplace; check up-to-date account information; donate money to participating charitable organizations and contact customer service representatives — all at [][1].

The Express Plus package also lets participating companies place a company logo or design on the card increasing the reward s trophy value. Additional features allow program participants to load money directly into their accounts with a credit card and send money to anyone enrolled in the program. Program administrators can also assign program managers to help administer the program, granting access to as many or as few of the administration features available.

Clarity Options Incentive Package

Incorporating all the same features of the Express and Express Plus packages, the Clarity Options Incentive Package lets businesses create an Incentive Program to meet their specific needs. Clarity works directly with companies to help them pick from an entire suite of product features that will ultimately make the program a success. This includes the creation of a customized Web site where participants can keep up-to-date on their account information and personalized cards both complete with the company branding. Companies can also utilize enhanced reporting features so they can monitor program results more efficiently and modify the program when needed. They also have the ability to create an unlimited number of incentive programs for their business, assign any number of program managers to help manage the programs, and send personalized messages every time a program participant is rewarded.

Clarity Custom Incentive Package

The ultimate Incentive Package, Clarity Custom is completely customizable from card design to program implementation. Complete with all the features available in the other packages, this program can be modified, adapted and personalized in order to create the most successful program for a business. Furthermore, Clarity s experienced technology team is ready to integrate all these features and technologies into businesses existing systems.

About Clarity

Founded in August 1999, Clarity Incentive Systems ([][2]) provides a full suite of payment and incentive technologies customized to help businesses enhance the acquisition, retention and loyalty of customers, employees and business partners. Through issuing and processing relationships with leading financial institutions, the Company combines Internet-enabled technologies with a proprietary payment platform that allows rewards to be redeemed through the Visa network. Investors in Clarity Incentive Systems include Espirito Santo Financial Group (NYSE: ESF) and Allfirst Financial. The Company is headquartered in New York City with an office in Lisbon, Portugal.




Australia’s Reserve Bank released a set of proposals this week to permit
non-financial institutions to issue credit cards, allow retailers to charge
different prices to customers paying by credit card, and reduce interchange
fees between banks for card transactions. The two-year review by the RBA
says the new rules will produce genuine competition in the lending markets,
particularly credit cards. The RBA cited the deregulation of the residential
mortgage market as an example of how competition would increase. Currently
credit card interest rates in Australia vary from 11% to 17.5%. The proposed
reform measures will apply to Bankcard, VISA, and MasterCard, which were
formally designated by the RBA as payment systems subject to its regulation in
April 2001. Designation was the first step to be taken before the Reserve
use its powers under the Payment Systems Act of 1998.


Fleet Adopts APTRA

FleetBoston Financial, a top-ten financial institution in the United States, will implement NCR Corporation’s Edge multivendor software architecture for its self-service channel starting in early 2002. This move enables the transition to browser-based automated teller machines. A deal inked between the two industry leaders includes a professional services contract to drive the technology transition.

NCR’s APTRA is uniquely positioned to enable remote system management in a customizable environment, regardless of the original hardware or software manufacturer. With this browser-based system, the ATM channel can offer enhanced functionality and a more personalized customer experience. The APTRA(TM) software family has helped position NCR as a global leader in providing multivendor self-service solutions based on the European Committee for Standardization (CEN) XFS software standard. The ATM channel was initially built on the proprietary OS/2 platform, which does not permit extensive functionality.

“Working together with NCR on this program enables us to utilize NCR’s global expertise in the ATM industry to our competitive advantage. With APTRA Edge, we will initiate a technology transition that uniquely provides Fleet customers with additional products and services at the ATM that were not possible with older, legacy systems,” said Nandita Bakhshi, executive vice president, Fleet Self Service/ATM Banking group.

Brad Lozier, vice president of NCR’s Financial Solutions division for the Americas region, said, “NCR is pleased to successfully integrate our APTRA software at Fleet. This platform has demonstrated its viability for resolving the multivendor challenge faced by many financial institutions after mergers and acquisitions. We look forward to continuing to work collaboratively with Fleet.”

About FleetBoston Financial

FleetBoston Financial is the seventh-largest financial holding company in the United States. A diversified financial services company with assets exceeding $200 billion, Fleet offers a comprehensive array of innovative financial solutions to 20 million customers in more than 20 countries and territories. Among the company’s key lines of business are: retail banking, with nearly 1,700 branches and more than 3,800 ATMs in the Northeast; corporate banking, including capital markets/investment banking and commercial finance; investment services, including nationwide brokerage; and full-service banking through more than 250 offices in Latin America. FleetBoston Financial is headquartered in Boston and listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: FBF) and the Boston Stock Exchange (BSE: FBF).

About NCR Corporation

NCR Corporation (NYSE: NCR) is a leader in providing Relationship Technology(TM) solutions to customers worldwide in the retail, financial, communications, manufacturing, travel and transportation, and insurance markets. NCR’s Relationship Technology solutions include privacy-enabled Teradata(R) warehouses and customer relationship management (CRM) applications, store automation and automated teller machines (ATMs). The company’s business solutions are built on the foundation of its long- established industry knowledge and consulting expertise, value-adding software, global customer support services, a complete line of consumable and media products, and leading edge hardware technology. NCR employs 32,900 in more than 100 countries, and is a component stock of the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index. More information about NCR and its solutions may be found at [][1].




Fincentric Corporation, a leading global
provider of wealth management and next generation banking software, announced
it has entered into a joint marketing agreement with SER Solutions,
Inc., the leading provider of knowledge-enabled software solutions. The two
companies have partnered to deliver solutions that provide Fincentric’s
i-Wealthview banking and wealth management systems with SER’s document
management solutions for financial institutions worldwide. The partnership
encompasses sales referrals, joint marketing and product integration.

Fincentric’s i-Wealthview Wealth Management System™ is an enterprise wealth
management solution that offers profitability analysis, complete retail
functionality and multi-channel support including wireless and Internet
capabilities. The Customer Value Management™ capabilities built into the
enable financial institutions to develop more profitable customer

SER’s SERsynergy is a comprehensive and flexible document management solution
designed to capture, store and retrieve customer documentation such as forms,
check images and signature cards. SERdistiller is revolutionary information
extraction software for unstructured and structured documents. It uses neural
network techniques to extract information from documents and manage contact
without programming or data entry.

Mike Cardiff, President and Chief Executive Officer of Fincentric Corporation
said, “Our Customer Value Management™ capabilities, integrated with SER’s
document management, create an extraordinarily compelling solution. Our ‘value
analysis’ of the commercial transactions, combined with SER’s capabilities for
the capture, storage, classification and retrieval of customer documentation,
enable financial institutions to attract, retain and grow their base of
profitable customers.”

Carl E. Mergele, CEO of SER Solution, Inc., said the agreement would help
provide greater service to its customers in the financial services industry.
“We certainly view this joint marketing agreement as a best-of-both-worlds
arrangement for our customers. Financial service providers (FSP’s) will get
top-line expertise in two areas critical to their success from two companies
that have proven their value to the industry. This creates a logical,
effective, one-stop solution for the challenges FSP’s are facing in today’s
business environment.”

About Fincentric

Fincentric is the leading developer of wealth management software solutions
the global banking industry. Fincentric’s i-Wealthview™ wealth management
software products include ‘next generation’ core banking, Customer Value
Management™, data aggregation, Internet & wireless financial portals and full
multi-channel support. Its revolutionary Customer Value Management™
capabilities provide profitability and relationship analysis that allow
financial institutions to recognize the value of each customer, and maximize
their profitability. Fincentric products enable financial institutions to
quickly deploy solutions for their converging financial service offerings,
while also supporting capabilities for increasing customer profitability,
customer acquisition, and retention. Fincentric has more than 300 customers
worldwide, and has strategic relationships with Microsoft, Compaq, and other
international partners. For more information, visit Fincentric’s home page at, or call (604) 278-6470.

About SER Solutions, Inc.

SER Solutions, Inc., headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, is leading the world
into The Knowledge Age. The company’s learning core technology, SERbrainware™,
analyzes, understands, and responds to information with human-like
intelligence, empowering people and businesses with the knowledge required to
make fast and informed decisions. This unique, invented technology forms the
foundation for SER’s award-winning knowledge-enabled software suite, including
SERdistiller™, SERiMail™, SERglobalbrain™, SERprocess™, SERsynergy™ and SER’s
Call Processing System™. Over 5,000 organizations worldwide use SER’s software
to maximize workplace productivity, improve business efficiency, and enhance
customer service. SER Solutions, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of SER
Systems, Inc. Additional information on SER Solutions, Inc. is available at:


HNC & Acxiom

HNC Software Inc., a leading provider of high-end analytics and decision management software, and Acxiom Corp., a global leader in Customer Data Integration and customer recognition infrastructure, announced the development and joint marketing of a sophisticated customer-centric account management system that combines HNC’s Strategy Manager and Acxiom’s Solvitur4. The resulting system can provide companies in financial, insurance, communications and other consumer-oriented industries with a more effective tool to increase revenue and lower marketing and customer retention costs while maximizing customer profitability and satisfaction.

Strategy Manager provides a highly scalable architecture that implements customer management strategies to optimize marketing, account management and customer service. Solvitur4 provides companies with real-time recognition and a 360-degree view of customers and prospects across the enterprise to leverage existing sales and service applications and integrate data from existing data sources. Solvitur4’s scalable architecture is built on the foundation of Acxiom’s AbiliTec(TM), the industry leader in CDI.

The Strategy Manager and Solvitur4 integrated solution unites HNC’s advanced analytics and decision management expertise with Acxiom’s proven data integration, data management and processing capabilities.

“Customer Relationship Management systems have largely under-delivered on their promise to help companies intelligently choose the right offer for a customer at any given point in time. The combination of HNC’s and Acxiom’s proven expertise and technology can deliver on that promise. From a market perspective, this alliance makes a lot of sense because it brings together two industry leaders, and has the potential to help drive the next wave of solutions for truly optimizing the demand chain,” said Allen Bonde, CRM industry consultant and president of The Allen Bonde Group.

“We’re bringing together two very powerful capabilities from industry leaders to create a highly sophisticated customer management tool so companies can take action at the critical moment within a customer’s decision making process for improved customer relationship management,” explained John Mutch, CEO of HNC. “Our leading-edge technology will give companies a real CRM system that can enhance their revenue and improve customer targeting by becoming more effective in managing high-value relationships across all touchpoints, which is something traditional CRM tools have lacked the ability to do,” said Acxiom Company Leader Charles D. Morgan.

About HNC Software Inc.

HNC is a leading provider of high-end analytic and decision management software that enables global companies to manage customer interactions by converting data and business experiences into real-time recommendations. HNC’s proven software empowers Global 2000 companies in the financial services, insurance, telecommunications, health care, and other industries and governments to make millions of the right mission-critical customer decisions, and take action in real time, substantially improving financial performance, reducing costs and decreasing risk. For more information, visit [][1].

About Acxiom

Acxiom Corp., a global leader in Customer Data Integration (CDI) and customer recognition infrastructure, enables businesses to develop and deepen customer relationships by creating a single, accurate view of their customers across the enterprise. Acxiom achieves this by providing CDI software, database management services, and premier customer data content through its AbiliTec(TM), Solvitur(R) and InfoBase(R) products, while also offering a broad range of information technology outsourcing services. Founded in 1969, Acxiom (Nasdaq: ACXM) is based in Little Rock, Arkansas, with locations throughout the United States and with operations in the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Australia. Acxiom revenues were $1.01 billion for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2001. For more information, please visit [][2].