Worldwide, Inc., a leading provider of secure electronic
financial transaction solutions, announced the sale of a comprehensive
credit card software solution to ABC Professional Services, a Greece
credit and debit card processing company which is wholly owned by Piraeus
one of the largest commercial and retail banks in Greece. The credit card
solution includes Euronet’s Integrated Transaction Management (ITM), Goldnet,
Credit Card, Debit Card, POS and Merchant Management Systems.
ABC will use Euronet’s solution to launch a “best-of-breed” credit and debit
card processing company to serve banks and credit card issuing retail
in Greece and the surrounding region.

“Euronet’s integrated credit card solution will help us meet our goals,
and efficiently,” said Nikos Fountas, General Manager of ABC. “With Euronet’s
solution, ABC will provide an end-to-end payment card outsourcing solution
is superior to any offering in the region. We selected Euronet Worldwide
because of its high-quality products and its favorable reputation for
delivering superior professional services to customers.”

ABC has already contracted with its first and anchor credit card outsourcing
customer, Piraeus Bank, ABC’s parent company. Piraeus Bank has approximately
210 branches, more than 1 million active customers and more than 400,000
cards. The credit cards will be migrated to ABC, which will process them for
the Bank upon completion of Euronet’s credit card processing installation.
“Piraeus Bank is excited about the installation of Euronet’s solution at ABC
because Euronet’s ITM middleware integrates well with our AS/400-based MKI
Equation software and the IT architecture of the bank,” said Jannis Delis, IT
Director of Piraeus Bank. “This solution will enable us to improve the
we provide to our customers through faster and more efficient services, as
as through more modern and sophisticated product lines.”

ABC and Piraeus Bank represent two strategic partners for Euronet in Greece
the surrounding region. “ABC and Piraeus Bank are both acutely aware of the
benefits from fully integrated solutions, and their selection of Euronet’s
integrated transaction solution increases the competitive pressure on other
banks in the region to adopt similar solutions,” said Michael Brown, Euronet
Worldwide CEO and Chairman. “This partnership is a clear indication that
Euronet is quickly becoming the preeminent software and outsource solution for
banks and processors in developing and fully developed markets.”
As part of this software purchase and installation agreement, ABC and Euronet
will co-develop customized components for credit card processing to meet the
business requirements of the sophisticated Greek market, including flexible
installment payment services and interest rate calculators.
“The Euronet and ABC partnership will demonstrate the scalability and
feature-rich functionality of Euronet’s credit card solution required by
high-volume credit card processors,” said Jim Jerome, Managing Director and
Vice President of Euronet’s software division. “This agreement will ultimately
position ABC as the preferred credit card processor in Greece.”

About Euronet Worldwide

Euronet Worldwide is a global provider of secure electronic financial
transaction solutions. Euronet’s financial payment middleware, financial
network gateways, outsourcing and consulting services enable its customer
banks, financial institutions, and mobile operators to provide their clientele
access to personal financial information and to perform secure financial
transactions — any time, any place. Euronet’s Integrated Transaction
Management (ITM) secure payment technology, powers financial transaction
solutions for more than 200 clients in 60 countries as well as the company’s
processing centers located in the United States, Europe and Indonesia. The
company owns and operates the largest independent ATM network in Europe with
corporate headquarters in Leawood, Kansas, U.S.A., and European
headquarters in
Budapest, Hungary.

About ABC Professional Services

ABC has been providing integrated banking and treasury solutions as well as
commercial and financial applications and system integration services
state-of-the-art technologies such as Oracle, Java and AS 400 in the Greek and
international market since 1982.
ABC intends to provide the preferred credit and debit card outsourcing
to banks and loyalty-affinity and smart card issuing retailers in the region.


MasterCard P2P

On the eve of PayPal’s IPO, MasterCard and CertaPay announced they have signed an agreement to offer a platform that facilitates person-to-person payments between MasterCard cardholders. MasterCard recently introduced support for a new payment transaction in its authorization and clearing systems to enable its members to clearly identify P2P transactions, which had not been possible prior to April 2001. Through this alliance with CertaPay, MasterCard’s members may implement CertaPay’s P2P offering, designed to support MasterCard payment cards and to seamlessly integrate into a financial institution’s online banking infrastructure. The platform leverages the financial institution’s own security and brand strategies. CertaPay’s P2P E-mail ‘Money Transfer’ application enables consumers to send and receive money, in real time, using only an e-mail address, from their own financial institution’s online banking or online account management services. PayPal, with more than ten million registered users and a 90% market share of the P2P payment market, announced its IPO in late September. To-date PayPal has racked up more than $230 million in losses since it was launched in early 1999. It expects to raise about $80 million in the upcoming IPO. (CF Library 10/01/01)



Cards Middle East
3rd Annual Conference & Exhibition
Crowne Plaza, Dubai
13th – 15th May 2002

The Middle Eastern cards market is booming and there is only one place where
banks, telcos, enterprises and the cards industry meet to do business….Cards
Middle East!
A three-day conference featuring local, regional and international case
is currently being finalised. Confirmed speakers include Hada Shoukry, Manager
Cards Markets, Banque Misr Abdelraouf Taha, Advisor to the Chair, Banque Du
Caire Steve Lobb, Managing Director, Air Miles Middle East Mark
Mortimer-Davies, Retail Manager, Spinneys Dubai Gareth Abel, Head of SIM Card,
Orange Evald Persson, Marketing and Strategic Development Manager, Sweden Post
Sameer Gammoh, General Manager, Nathealth Richard Crookston, Head of Solutions
Marketing EMEA, ACI Worldwide For more information, please visit:
A two-day exhibition will be running alongside the conference. Confirmed
exhibitors include ACI Worldwide, Card Tech Ltd, Narboni, IOCard, Prism,
Omnipay, First Data and many more. Book your stand today by contacting Stefan
Nilsson, Project Director, tel: +44 20 7827 5997,



Fair, Isaac and Company has introduced the ‘SmartLink’ customer data integration service. The solution employs Equifax’s unique, “persistent IDs” — markers that are assigned to each customer to track and consolidate that individual’s many relationships. SmartLink also uses Fair, Isaac and Equifax’s jointly developed proprietary matching algorithm, making it possible for any company to easily and confidently identify all of their relationships with that individual. ‘SmartLink’ creates a single view of a customer’s behavior that encompasses in-store, customer service, ATM, Web, catalog, direct mail, telemarketing, credit and other activity. ‘SmartLink’ also has the capacity to quickly and accurately bring together data from many external sources. This allows companies to build the most comprehensive customer and prospect views possible, which are achieved by pulling in relevant demographic data, suppression data, behavior scores and more.


ADS Signs Reeds

Alliance Data Systems Corp. and Reeds Jewelers, Inc. announced the signing of a seven-year agreement for Alliance Data to provide a full-service private label credit card program for Reeds’ 115-store chain. Reeds Jewelers, Inc. stores are located in 21 states primarily in the Southeast and Midwest section of the United States and operate under the names Reeds Jewelers, Mills Jewelers, and Reeds Jewelers Outlets.

Under the terms of the agreement, Alliance Data will provide a full-service private label credit card program that will include account acquisition and activation; receivables funding; card authorization and data capture; private label credit card issuance; payment processing; statement generation; and customer service.

“We selected Alliance Data Systems to provide the critical services we need to build stronger relationships with our customers as well as to continue to stay competitive,” said Alan M. Zimmer, President and CEO, Reeds Jewelers, Inc. “By implementing this private label program, we are giving our customers greater convenience and value while helping us grow our business and strengthen our balance sheet.”

“We are excited about forming this business relationship with Reeds and are looking forward to delivering services that help them build critical market share and increased customer loyalty,” said Ivan Szeftel, president, retail credit services, Alliance Data Systems. “With our retail heritage and strong industry experience, Alliance Data is confident about providing the solutions and services that fit Reeds’ specific and evolving needs.”

About Alliance Data Systems

Based in Dallas, Alliance Data Systems (NYSE: ADS) is a leading provider of transaction services, credit services and marketing services, assisting retail, petroleum, utility and financial services companies in managing the critical interactions between them and their customers. Alliance Data each year manages over 2.5 billion transactions and 72 million consumer accounts for some of North America’s most recognizable companies. The Company also operates and markets the largest coalition loyalty program in Canada. Alliance Data Systems employs over 6,500 associates at more than 20 locations in the United States, Canada and New Zealand. For more information about the company, visit its web site, [][1].

About Reeds Jewelers, Inc.

Based in Wilmington, NC, Reeds Jewelers, Inc. (ASE:RJI) is the 10th largest retail jewelry chain in the United States. It operates specialty retail stores primarily in enclosed regional malls located principally in the country’s Sunbelt sections. For more information about the company, visit its web site, [][2].



Casio Reader

Semtek Innovative Solutions has sealed a deal with Casio to provide a customized magnetic card reader for the ‘Cassiopeia EG-800’, which operates using Microsoft ‘Windows-Powered Pocket PC 2002’ software. The first card reader, named the ‘Pocket Swipe’ will be a ruggedized, port powered, three track, ISO and AAMVA compliant attachment for the ‘CASSIOPEIA EG-800’. The ‘Pocket Swipe’ incorporates Semtek patented micro-power technology. The solution will be offered for commercial applications such as wireless credit card processing, health care, law enforcement, ID verification, POS/restaurant applications and lead retrieval. The new card readers will be available in January.


CNP Risk Management

ClearCommerce Corporation, the leading provider of payment processing and risk management software for e-commerce, announced the launch of ClearCommerce Risk Management, a comprehensive solution that enables merchants to effectively fight the growing problem of card-not-present payment fraud and achieve optimal results in loss prevention.

ClearCommerce Risk Management is the first software solution that combines the industry’s most powerful arsenal of online risk management technologies; total business user control over the risk management process; enterprise-class reliability availability, performance, and security; and no transaction fees. ClearCommerce Risk Management enables risk managers to effectively manage financial risk, minimize costs, and maximize transaction throughput and customer satisfaction.

“Card-not-present fraud is estimated to be 10 times higher than for card- present transactions,” said Daniele Micci-Barreca, director of risk management of ClearCommerce. “There is no single silver bullet solution; success in controlling both fraud losses and review costs can only be achieved by combining multiple risk management screening approaches.”

ClearCommerce Risk Management bundles powerful technologies and professional services that address the key elements of an effective risk management program — Authentication, Screening, Case Management, and Analysis and Tuning.

Authentication – ClearCommerce Payer Authentication is certified by Visa for worldwide use with Visa’s new Verified by Visa program. Using Visa’s 3D Secure Payer Authentication technology, it authenticates participating cardholders and eliminates the merchant’s liability for fraud-related charge- backs. ClearCommerce Risk Management also supports the integration of other business authentication processes into the risk management assessment.

Screening – FraudShield(TM), based on patent pending technology, is the risk manager’s control panel. Through FraudShield, risk managers have the flexibility to design a customized, automated transaction screening process that combines multiple screening technologies, including sophisticated business rules, FraudAnalyzer neural network risk scoring, GeoLocator international IP address location, intelligent lockouts, and processor- supported verification mechanisms.

Case Management – In addition to completely configurable screening criteria, ClearCommerce Risk Management provides flexibility for managing suspicious transactions. Those identified as potentially fraudulent may be rejected outright, or placed in a “review pending” state for verification by risk management staff.

Analysis and Tuning – Achieving and maintaining optimum results requires a continuous process of monitoring and re-tuning. ClearCommerce Risk Management generates a database of all relevant transaction screening, approval, and outcome data that enables risk managers to analyze and tune their process. ClearCommerce also provides risk management consulting services to help maximize the effectiveness and efficiency of the screening process and leverage the detection technologies available in the ClearCommerce software.

“Industry leading retailers from our roster of over 40,000 customers have looked to us to help solve their growing and ever-changing risk management challenges,” said Robert Lynch, president and chief executive officer of ClearCommerce. “As the leading provider of payment processing and transaction management solutions, we are uniquely positioned to deliver these best of breed fraud protection technologies.”

ClearCommerce Risk Management software is immediately available and may be used with ClearCommerce or proprietary payment applications, or third-party payment services to provide a complete financial transaction system.

About ClearCommerce Corp.

Austin, Texas-based ClearCommerce is the leading provider of e-commerce payment processing and risk management software to safeguard and automate online financial transaction processing. ClearCommerce software is used by more than 40,000 businesses worldwide, including customers such as Apple Computer, PETsMART, Sony Online, and Chase Merchant Services. For more information, visit [][1].



Sub-Prime Opportunity

With Providian, CompuCredit, and NextCard temporarily out of sub-prime marketing, Capital One has seized the opportunity with a major direct mail push this week for its new ‘VISA Premier’ credit card. The sub-prime card is being offered with annual fees ranging from $39 to $72, and with interest rates between a fixed 14.9% and a prime +13.8% APR. Some of the offers require a $49 security deposit according to’s ‘CardWatch’ service ([][1]). Cap One is also offering a 0% APR on purchases through March on the secured card version, and a 0% APR on purchases and cash advances through June for the unsecured version. Providian announced in late October it was withdrawing from the sub-prime market following the release of a very weak 3Q earnings report. NextCard, said on Oct 30th it was ending its secured card program after regulators imposed new limitations on NextBank’s activities. NextCard, the pioneer of the Internet-centric credit card, has also largely shutdown its marketing activities since. CompuCredit, which has been actively purging inactive account to improve its risk profile, has pulled the plug on online applications for its sub-prime ‘Aspire VISA’ card until the first quarter. (CF Library 10/22/01; 10/30/01;10/31/01)



Intell-A-Check New Execs

Intell-A-Check, Corp., a leader in electronic payment solutions, announced the appointments of Raymond Johnson as vice president of sales and Steve Bey as director of information technology.

“Highly-experienced professionals such as Mr. Johnson and Mr. Bey reinforce Intell-A-Check’s already solid management team,” said Joe Gage, CEO, Intell-A-Check. “With the competitive nature of the payment processing industry, Intell-A-Check relies on the talent and experience of its management team and employees to continue providing the best payment solutions, and highest service quality available to the company’s growing customer base.”

As vice president of sales, Mr. Johnson will provide strategic direction and leadership for the Intell-A-Check Sales Division, and will focus on maintaining a dynamic sales force concentrating on Fortune 1000 customers.

Mr. Johnson has been involved in sales and business development for more than 20 years, and has profitably managed growth in Fortune 500 and various start-up companies. Before joining Intell-A-Check, he served as vice president of sales and marketing for Advanstar Communications, Inc., where he developed strategies such as broadening product categories with Web storefronts, e-mail campaigns and targeted advertising, special service promotions and product sponsorships.

Prior to his work with Advanstar Communications, Mr. Johnson was the vice president of sales, marketing & business development for J.D. Power Clubs, Inc. He has also held several positions at Bell Atlantic Corporation (Verizon) including general manager, vice president of national channel and major account sales, and sales director of national account service.

Mr. Johnson received a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Economics from Rutgers University, and a Master’s of Business Administration degree in Marketing and Master’s of Science degree from Boston College.

As director of information technology, Mr. Bey is responsible for managing all aspects of the Intell-A-Check technology infrastructure, which includes redundant data center facilities, and system activities that apply to the company’s outsourced services offering, including the application service provider version of Intell-A-Check’s flagship product, Intell-A-Check! ™.

With more than 20 years experience as an information systems professional, Mr. Bey was the director of information technology of new media/Internet start-up at Oxygen Media, LLC, where he provided technical and managerial leadership to the information systems department that included IT Web operations and resource management. As a manager of technology infrastructure at DLJ Direct, Mr. Bey’s primary responsibility was to manage production and development systems infrastructure, design and implement dual redundant facilities, and care for systems security, production lifecycle and Internet access performance, integrity and availability.

He has also held various positions at Shen Milsom & Wilke, Inc., where one of his major responsibilities was to design and implement data, voice and video network systems supporting the major data center at the world’s tallest buildings in Malaysia. Prior to his work at Shen Milsom & Wilke, Mr. Bey served as a vice president in the Capital Markets Department at Chase Manhattan Bank, where he focused on trading systems architecture, design and implementation.

Mr. Bey received his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Civil Engineering from the Newark College of Engineering and a Master’s of Science degree in Engineering Management from the New Jersey Institute of Technology. He is a member of the Building Industry Consulting Service International (BICSI), the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), and the Internet Computer Society.

About Intell-A-Check, Corp.

Founded in 1993, Belleville, NJ-based Intell-A-Check, Corp. provides electronic bill payment solutions to Fortune 1000 organizations that process more than $1.5 billion annually through their Intell-A-Check * solutions in the utility, financial services and retail industries.

In addition to reliable check, electronic check, ACH, credit and debit card bill payment solutions, Intell-A-Check also provides a fully-integrated platform for check guarantee/verification and ACH settlement services that eliminates C.O.D and instances of unfulfilled orders due to non-receipt of check payment.

Intell-A-Check’s solution enables its clients to offer their customers the flexibility of making payments at anytime and from anywhere, over the phone, through an automated voice response system, via the Internet, or directly from their billing or order entry systems. Intell-A-Check offers its solutions as either a client-installed offering or as an outsourced service. For additional information, contact Intell-A-Check at (800) 946-8355, or via the Web at [][1].



POS e-Checks

RichSolutions Inc., leading provider of ePayment Web Services and developer of RichPayments.NET, announced the immediate availability of Electronic Check Capture and Retrieval Service, a paperless check processing system.

The ECCRS system automates deposits of checks into merchant back accounts, while securely capturing and storing the check images, virtually eliminating bank disputes and the need for merchants to manually store and process paper checks.

With RichSolutions’ ECCRS, checks taken at the point-of-sale are scanned with MagTek’s new MICRImage reader, a device that reads the MICR data with high accuracy, and also captures the check image in a single pass. The check information is electronically sent to Global eTelecom where it is converted into an electronic funds transfer for ACH processing.

The converted checks are automatically deposited to the merchant account, reducing the time spent on banking. The ECCRS system securely stores the check image and transaction data together as a single time-stamped image. The integrated dispute defense mechanism allows for the quick location and retrieval of the disputed transaction that can then be sent to the appropriate party by electronic mail, fax or electronic data interchange. ECCRS is built on RichPayments.NET, a new Web ePayment service that processes credit, debit and check transactions. Receipts and check images can be electronically captured and stored on secure servers in both physical and virtual domains for future retrieval.

“Merchants want to increase revenues, decrease costs and improve operational efficiencies. That’s exactly what these solutions help them do, and we are pleased to team up with MagTek and Global eTelecom to bring these important payment solutions to banks, processors, independent sales organizations (ISOs), independent software vendors (ISVs) and ultimately merchants,” said Bill Pittman, president of RichSolutions Inc. “Together, RichSolutions and Global eTelecom provide the necessary infrastructure for a viable check conversion solution, and MagTek’s MICRImage reader is the perfect choice to capture MICR data and check images for this service. All these elements create an end-to-end solution which is a major step forward for the POS industry,” said Kiran Gandhi, vice president of Marketing at MagTek.

“We are excited by RichSolutions’ product offering. By combining MagTek’s MICRImage reader with a software-based solution at the point of sale, the merchant has more choices in how they accept checks, while avoiding the expense and limitations of traditional stand-alone credit card/check terminal systems,” said Joseph D. Korinek, senior vice president of Information and Technology at Global eTelecom.

“The .NET approach improves on the traditional client-server solutions by providing a continuously evolving product that requires less maintenance, improving the return on investment (ROI) for the merchant.”

About RichPayments.NET

RichPayments.NET is the first ePayment Web service compatible with Microsoft’s new .NET initiative. It is certified with major payment processors and has the ability to process credit cards, debit cards and check services on any device, at any time and any place. The ECRS service will be available in RichPayments for Windows; virtual terminal browser-based solutions as well as a Software Developer Kit (SDK) for ISVs. The SDK can be downloaded for free from RichSolutions’ Web site and RichPayments’ products and services are sold through merchant service providers. For more information contact RichSolutions.

About RichSolutions Inc.

RichSolutions Inc. is a privately held corporation based in Redmond, and is the leading provider of innovative ePayment Web Services for processing credit, debit/ATM card and check services. RichSolutions develops integrated ePayment solutions that work on any device, at any time and any place. RichSolutions technology is an alternative to the stand-alone single-function bank terminals many businesses currently use to process payments and provides a full suite of ePayment Web services that can be integrated into Electronic Commerce environments or retail point-of-sale systems. RichSolutions has established long-standing relationships with banks and institutions that help process electronic payment transactions. RichSolutions can be reached through the Internet at [][1] or by calling 425/836-4251.

About MagTek

MagTek Inc. is a leading provider of check reading and imaging equipment used in thousands of point-of-sale and financial locations, and is the world’s leading provider of card readers used for magnetic stripe and smart card applications. The company is a leading innovator of products for customer PIN selection and instant card issuing equipment used by financial institutions worldwide. MagTek products automate transactions at financial institutions, point-of-sale (POS), restaurants, hotels and kiosks worldwide. Since 1972, MagTek’s headquarters have been in Carson, Calif., with sales office throughout the United States, Europe and Asia, and distributors in more than 40 countries.

About Global eTelecom

Global eTelecom is a privately held corporation based in Destin, Fla., and owns the most advanced technology for processing checks electronically at the Point of Purchase through the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA). Global eTelecom is an active member of NACHA’s Electronic Check Council. Global eTelecom provides its proprietary, fully customizable XML-based electronic check processing services to a nationwide network of banks, independent sales agents and associations, credit card processors, insurance companies, third party software providers, and retail merchants ranging in size from small “Mom & Pop” stores to national retail chains. Global eTelecom’s proprietary Electronic Check Services include: Electronic Check Conversion (Point-of-Purchase), Electronic Mail Order/Telephone Order Checks (MOTO), Encrypted Electronic Internet Checks, Lockbox Conversion, Electronic Recurring Debit, Electronic Represented Check Collection (RCK), Wireless Encrypted Infrared Checks, Electronic Check Image Capture, and Secure Web Based Check Image Retrieval. More information on Global eTelecom can be found on the company’s Web site at [][2].



Diners Club Online

More than 10 million consumers paid their last credit card bill online.* Diners Club joins the growing trend by introducing a new online statement payment option at [][1].

The new service, for busy and/or frequent travelers, enables Cardmembers to “view and pay” their statements online anywhere, anytime. Online statement payment is only the latest of many convenience benefits from Diners Club, including Pay-by-Phone, 24-hour personal customer service, Personalized Rewards, emergency card replacement and access to more than 80 international airport lounges.

Issued in more than 200 countries and 60+ local currencies, Diners Club serves more than 8 million Cardmembers worldwide who, in 2000, charged more than $35 billion.

To learn more about this new online service or to acquire the DINERS CLUB charge card, individuals can call (800) 923-4637 or visit [][2].