OPC Downsizes

The nation’s dominate provider of credit card payment services for taxpayers and government entities confirmed yesterday it is taking the knife to its payroll and expense budget. CT-based Official Payments Corporation said the restructuring will include the incorporation of newly developed technology; a reduction in marketing, administrative and telephony costs; and a near-term reduction of over one-third of the company’s workforce. Among those whose employment is ending is Kenneth Stern, the company’s founder and president. Stern will continue to serve as a director. The restructuring is expected to result in a decrease in operating expenses in 2002 of over $10 million. The reductions, excluding the restructuring costs, are expected to dramatically decrease the company’s cash consumption rate to less than $8 million in 2002, from approximately $19 million in 2001. Revenues for the third quarter ended Sept 30, were $3.9 million, up 14% from 3Q/00. The company was founded in 1996 as U.S. Audiotex Corp. and went public in Nov. 1999 as Official Payments Corporation, raising $80 million. The company has agreements with the IRS, 19 state governments, the District of Columbia, and over 1,000 counties and municipalities in all 50 states. Through September of this year, OPC captured 88% of all of the taxes paid to the IRS by credit card. For complete details on OPC’s 3Q/01 results visit CardData ([www.carddata.com][1]).

[1]: http://www.carddata.com


Heartland in California

Heartland Payment Systems Inc. is pleased to announce a recent partnership with the California Hotel and Lodging Association, one of the hospitality industry’s largest state lodging associations.

Both companies have joined forces to offer a new Special Value Program to CH&LA members. This partnership provides an excellent fit for CH&LA members. An acknowledged leader in the transaction processing industry, Heartland has extensive experience with clients specializing in the lodging, restaurant and food service industries, and is an endorsed provider of services to several other state hospitality associations.

Dedicated to the success of their members, CH&LA strives to develop partnerships that provide value-added services to their members to help their businesses grow and prosper.

“Our heritage is in the hospitality industry, so it’s no coincidence that Heartland offers comprehensive products and services specifically designed for our lodging and association partners,” said Sanford Brown, senior vice president and director of business development, HPS. “The relationship between CH&LA and HPS is a prime example of how a not-for-profit organization like the CH&LA and a for-profit organization like HPS can and will work together to provide greater services and support to the lodging industry.

“By combining our resources, both organizations will be able to increase their exposure and provide more value to merchants in all segments of California’s lodging industry.” Heartland is committed to the success of the lodging industry and partnering in their success. The HPS and CH&LA partnership offers association members local, statewide representation from an established company that focuses on credit card and payroll processing.

CH&LA members benefit by being able to better manage their time, their customers, and their businesses more effectively, and still save money by taking advantage of special membership rates. Jim Abrams, executive vice president, CH&LA, stated, “HPS has demonstrated that it is a significant partner to the hospitality industry. We are excited about this partnership and look forward to the increased value it will provide to all of our members regardless of size, location or type of lodging facility. “We have every confidence that this program will provide the same excellent service and products that HPS is known for nationally to our hotel and motel members in the state of California! We’re convinced the Heartland Special Value Program will encourage new membership and successfully contribute to our growing association.”

About CH&LA

The California Hotel and Motel Association (CH&LA) is the statewide trade association for the lodging industry in California. CH&LA provides industry governmental affairs representation, educational programs, cooperative buying services, and promotional programs for 1,500 plus member properties representing over 200,000 member guestrooms statewide. CH&LA membership ranges from small bed and breakfast inns to the largest hotel properties in the state, and also includes guest ranches, resorts, spas, and vacation rental properties nationwide.

About Heartland

Heartland Payment Systems Inc. (HPS) is a full-service payment systems solution’s provider, handling merchant card and payroll processing services for over 50,000 merchants of all types and sizes. Using a strategically located national sales force, HPS builds long-term business relationships in local sales territories providing merchants with enhanced technology tools that assist them in more effectively operating their businesses. For more information about HPS, please visit them online at [www.heartlandpaymentsystems.com][1] or [www.e-hps.com][2] or contact Sanford C. Brown at 888/472-0065.

[1]: http://www.heartlandpaymentsystems.com/
[2]: http://www.e-hps.com/


Card Bond Payments

Payment rates on credit card-based securities dropped in September to 14.8% from 16.7%, its lowest level since late 1997. The 190 bp decline may be the first sign that the pace of paying down existing debt is slowing as household income declines. Consumer confidence fell to 7.5 year low this month, according to data released yesterday by the Conference Board. Unemployment is also expected to report a strong gain later this month. The two factors may be the main drivers of the radical change in payment rates. According to data reported by Standard & Poor’s ‘Credit Card Quality Index’, portfolios concentrated more heavily on transactors felt the effect of declining payment rates more heavily. The biggest drop in payment rate (in excess of 300 bps, on average) came from trusts backed by receivables in which the issuer has a cobranded relationship with airlines or other entities for reward points. S&P says it expects federal funds to drop again before the end of the year, which means that the master trusts’ average cost to fund will continue to decline and excess spread should remain healthy. Excess spread for September dropped 90 bps, but the current level of 6.60% continues to provide adequate protection for investors against potential base rate amortization payout event risk. Fixed-coupon deals’ excess spread will be more directly affected as charge-offs continue to rise and the risk of an early amortization payout event for those deals is certainly greater.

Credit Card Quality Indexes
Performance month Sept 99 Sept 00 Jul 01 Aug 01 Sept 01
Outstandings ($b) 298.0 330.6 363.2 366.7 366.1
Yield (%) 19.2 18.9 19.9 20.0 18.9
Weighted base rate (%) 7.4 8.4 6.2 6.0 5.8
Excess spread (%) 6.4 5.5 7.1 7.5 6.6
Payment rate (%) 16.9 15.4 16.3 16.7 14.8
Source: Standard & Poor’s


Ruling Update

A final ruling was issued by U.S. District Court Judge Barbara S. Jones this week in the VISA/MasterCard antitrust case. While most of the initial ruling of Oct. 9th was left intact, Judge Jones rejected requests from both card associations to exclude business cards and debit cards from the final ruling. However she did approve a request from VISA and MasterCard that issuers only be able to terminate their existing contracts upon signing new agreements with American Express or Discover. She rejected a request from VISA to let the prohibition of duality continue for debit cards and another VISA request that VISA International be removed from the lawsuit. Jones did accept a proposal by the DOJ that would let her order expire after ten years. The final judgment also gave banks a maximum of two years to cancel VISA and MasterCard agreements without paying penalties. VISA and MasterCard have previously indicated they will most likely appeal the ruling.



SchlumbergerSema announced that the
Schlumberger Hong Kong smart card manufacturing facility has been certified
by the GSM Association’s Security Accreditation Scheme (SAS), a prestigious
status conferred upon smart card manufacturers for meeting stringent
security standards in smart card manufacturing.

This milestone marks SchlumbergerSema as the first and only smart card
supplier in Asia to achieve GSM SAS certification. With the certification,
SchlumbergerSema smart cards are now manufactured in a total of six
SAS-certified plants – as many as all other manufacturers combined. The
other five SchlumbergerSema SAS-certified smart card production and
personalization facilities are Pont Audemer and Orléans in France, Barcelona
in Spain, Felixstowe in the UK, and Owing Mills in the USA. The European,
North American and Asian mobile operator community can now benefit from the
wealth of expertise SchlumbergerSema has built up over many years designing
and maintaining highly secure production facilities for the financial
services community.

With the growth of financially-related mobile services such as m-banking and
m-commerce, and the vital pre-requisite of consumer trust to ensure the
viability of such value-added applications, SIM (subscriber identity
module)) smart card production and personalization now requires higher
levels of security usually associated with smart bank cards. Industry
analyst firm IDC expects the m-commerce market to be worth US$557 million by
year-end, and US$12.4 billion by 2005. According to the IDC report, the
m-commerce market in Asia will remain dominated by B2C
(business-to-consumer) spending.

SAS certification is only awarded to sites which reach the highest levels of
security for plant, processes and people, and this achievement sends a
powerful message to mobile operators as they focus on bringing the new
generation of value added services to market.

“By achieving this level of security certification, we are able to enhance
our customers’ competitive edge, particularly in Asia Pacific, where the
growth of mobile commerce is expected to be phenomenal,” said Cedric
Collomb, marketing director, Mobile Communications for SchlumbergerSema in
Asia Pacific. “SchlumbergerSema customers can be assured that there are
quality processes and policies in place to ensure that the products they
receive meet the highest quality industry standards.”

The certification confirms the highest level of overall quality and

* Product security to guard against theft and losses

* Quantitative integrity against lost cards, duplicated cards and lost
product information

* Information security against data losses, manipulations and network

SAS certification is awarded after an annual security audit, carried out by
leading standards bodies. The audit covers security strategy and procedures,
information security, personnel security, physical security, logistics,
manufacturing management, and computer and network security. The
examination is exhaustive and unforgiving as the security chain is only as
good as its weakest link, and companies must achieve a grade of seven or
more out of ten in 49 different areas across the seven sections. Just one
score below is enough to forfeit the certification.

About SchlumbergerSema

SchlumbergerSema is a leading information technology services company
providing IT consulting, systems integration, managed services, products and
IP network security solutions serving the telecommunications, utility,
finance, transport, oil and gas and public sector markets. With more than
30,000 employees in 130 countries, SchlumbergerSema is one of two business
segments of Schlumberger Limited, a global technology services company.
Additional information is available at www.slb.com.


Cardinal Platform VPAS

CardinalCommerce Corporation, architects of a proprietary Payment Authentication Platform, is one of the first technologies to have successfully completed testing of the Visa Payer Authentication System based on the Visa 3-D Secure interoperability standard. The combination of Visa’s system and Cardinal’s Platform eliminates fraud by authenticating or definitively identifying parties prior to authorizing payments.

The Cardinal Payment Authentication Platform operating system can support multiple security technologies (e.g. passwords, smart cards, digital certificates, tokens, biometrics, etc.) with one installation. This technology neutral approach enables issuers to choose single or multiple technologies today and, over time, add or migrate to new and different technologies, including cellular phones or PDA’s for wireless authentication.

The Payment Authentication Platform is also being integrated with MasterCard International’s Secure Payment Application (SPA) as well as the EFT networks. Thus, Cardinal can offer one system to issuing banks, credit and debit card processors for Internet and wireless payment transactions. “Our one system approach takes technology, payment initiative and consumer preference risk out of the equation,” states John Lazzaro, Senior Vice President, CardinalCommerce. “We make the choice simple, our one system approach gives our customers constant flexibility without the need for independent or multiple system implementations.”

“The successful testing by Visa, of our patent pending process, was the result of our concept, design and dedicated development effort to ensure that e-commerce can be safe, secure and private” comments Chandra Balasubramanian, Chief Technology Officer, CardinalCommerce.

Cardinal has completed both a hosted or software installed version of its platform that makes it simple and economical for issuing banks or processors to begin one or more of the secure payment initiatives. The initial implementation can start with Visa’s VPAS and then can be leveraged to include other payment initiatives including MasterCard and the ATM networks. “Banks want to make it easier and safer for consumers to buy online and our system provides the authentication capability to work on virtually any payment network,” cited Mr. Lazzaro.

About CardinalCommerce Corporation:

CardinalCommerce Corporation is one of the leading providers of authentication solutions for securing electronic, transactional and wireless commerce. Cardinal has developed an authentication system to ensure that individuals, businesses and government agencies can process electronic transactions and access confidential information safely, securely and privately. The Payment Authentication Platform for Issuers(TM) provides a single platform that can integrate a suite of authentication technologies (e.g. smart cards, biometrics, digital certificates, tokens, one time number systems, etc.) allowing banks to select the products that best meet their needs. At the same time, this ensures consumer acceptance by allowing consumers a choice on the authentication technology that best meets their needs. For more information, visit [http://www.cardinalcommerce.com][1].

[1]: http://www.cardinalcommerce.com/



Sony Corp will announce today, plans to introduce a new credit card next
Sony Finance International Inc. will begin issuing cards to Sony employees in
early 2002 with plans to take the program to the general public during the
second calendar quarter. Sony currently has a number of co-branding
relationships with bank issued credit cards. The Nihon Keizai Shimbun reported
that in addition to the normal credit functions, the new
cards will likely adopt the electronic money standard that the company has
promoting. The new credit cards will be accepted at all locations currently
accepting cards issued by Sumitomo Mitsui Card Co. For international
Sony is expected to sign a deal with VISA.


Cashless Vending Patent

USA Technologies, Inc. announced it had received another important patent to protect its cashless transaction and interactive media networking technology.

This latest patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office is for “System and method for networking and controlling vending machines,” which further protests USA Technologies’ ability to provide cashless payment technologies, interactive content, and equipment inventory and diagnostic monitoring services remotely through the use of the Company’s USALive(TM) network.

“This patent and the patent applications we have pending position us strongly in a growing variety of mass market opportunities, especially vending, point-of-sale, business equipment, travel and transportation, and other cash based industries,” said George Jensen, Chairman and CEO, USA Technologies, Inc.

USA Technologies now has been issued 15 patents, with another 39 patents pending in the United States, and 16 pending overseas. “We aggressively work to protect our ideas, products and services with patents, as well as work to turn our ideas into practical technology products and services,” said Brock Kolls, Senior Vice President, Research and Development, USA Technologies, Inc.

Many of the patents are to protect USA Technologies’ unique e-Port(TM) cashless and mobile commerce technology, and the Company’s USALive(TM) communications network. USA Technologies is a leader in unattended point-of- sale payment systems that give consumers cashless access to goods, services and information by swiping a credit card, bank card, smart card, or ID card through the e-Port device.

“The latest patents continue to focus on many key aspects of today’s competitive wireless and e-business technologies,” said Mr. Kolls. “It applies to scalability, interaction with other technologies and products, the convenience and cost savings of wireless connection, improved auditing and cashless transaction capability, and greater security,” he said.

About USA Technologies:

USA Technologies is recognized as a leader in cashless micro transactions and interactive media technology and associated financial services. USA Technologies provides credit card activated and other cashless systems, allowing end users, ranging from consumers to business professionals, to communicate, conduct business or make ordinary commerce transactions, outside of the home or workplace. USA Technologies is an IBM (NYSE: IBM – news) Business Partner and an inaugural member of the Sprint (NYSE: FON – news) Enabling Application Service Provider Program for e-commerce. It has also established relationships with a number of global IT, multimedia, and telecommunications companies including Marconi Online Systems, RadiSys Corporation, DoubleClick Inc., and Xerox Corporation. Visit the USA Technologies home page at [http://www.usatech.com][1].

[1]: http://www.usatech.com/



Gasper Corporation, the leading provider of Self-Service management solutions,
announced the successful implementation of Gasper Manager into Bank
Danamon’s extensive network of over 700 ATMs comprising four major ATM brands.
Bank Danamon is the second largest private bank in Indonesia, with US$5
in assets and a vast branch network throughout the Indonesian archipelago. The
venture further strengthens Gasper’s position as a global leader in
Self-Service management–a position earned through revolutionary products that
allow customers such as Danamon to improve its customer service.

“Gasper’s edge is their innovation,” said Mr Muliadi Rahardja, a director of
Bank Danamon. “Gasper Manager doesn’t stop at managing ATM devices; if a
service call is required, Gasper automatically dispatches a service technician
via phone, pager, email, fax and a variety of other electronic means. As a
result our ATMs are online longer, and service costs are reduced.” Gasper’s
solution generates tremendous cost savings to the bank by reducing the total
number of required service calls; the system automatically sends
as restart, send, and load–to the ATMs in an effort to put them back into
service without human involvement. When service calls are required, automated
dispatching saves money by reducing help desk involvement–even escalating
calls to secondary authorities when needed.

“We’re extremely excited to be working with Bank Danamon,” said John Pillmann,
of Gasper Corporation. “We’ve made every effort to ensure that this
implementation went smoothly, and we will continue to provide the service
needed to make this a lasting and successful partnership.”

“The implementation only took two weeks,” said Pillmann. “During that time, we
were able to install and test a vast network of teller machines at about 500
branches, and tie everything together with the bank’s ICBS core banking
system.” While Bank Danamon is fully utilizing Gasper manager’s many
sophisticated features, they also rely on Gasper’s basic qualities such as the
system’s reliability, and its ability to manage disparate ATM systems from
Diebold, Wincor, and Digital–all of which are used by Bank Danamon.
Gasper Corp.’s presence in Indonesia further positions the company as a global
leader in the industry. With offices in three countries and existing customers
in United States, Latin America, Europe and South Africa, Gasper is well
positioned to succeed in new growth markets worldwide.

About Bank Danamon

Bank Danamon is one of Indonesia’s four designated core banks in the private
sector. As one of the core banks in Indonesia, the new Bank Danamon is fully
structured for and capable of delivering nationwide banking services. It will
do so by relying on four key pillars: fully dedicated and committed people,
financial strength, information technology and sound business strategy. Bank
Danamon post-merger includes a conglomerate of nine Indonesian banks, and
provides approximately 500 branch offices and more than 700 on-line ATM units
throughout Indonesia.

About Gasper Corporation

Gasper Corporation, a wholly-owned, independent subsidiary of NCR, is a
provider of Self-Service management software. Gasper offers comprehensive
solutions that are specifically tailored to solve Self-Service management
problems. The company’s solutions monitor Self-Service Terminals (SSTs) and
manage the entire SST support process to maximize SST availability,
profitability and customer satisfaction for SST networks worldwide.
Headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, the company’s solutions are used to manage more
than 170,000 SSTs worldwide. Visit the Gasper Corporation web site at


Giant Eagle ATMs

Citizens Bank and Pittsburgh-based grocery store chain Giant Eagle, Inc. announced a long-term agreement to place 41 Citizens branches in Giant Eagle stores and a commitment from the bank to open additional grocery store-based branches in Giant Eagle stores in western Pennsylvania.

Citizens also announced it will introduce new, full-service Citizens “Green Machine” ATMs at Giant Eagle stores, replacing all Mellon Bank ATMs. The “Green Machines,” which will be free to Citizens customers, will enable them to make deposits, withdraw cash and transfer funds. All Citizens branches located in a Giant Eagle store will be open seven days a week.

“Citizens Bank is extremely pleased to partner with Giant Eagle,” said Citizens Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Stephen Steinour. “Giant Eagle is all about meeting its customers’ needs, and so are we. Citizens Bank prides itself on providing great customer service, or, as we like to call it, legendary service. It means providing customers what they want, when they want it, and where they want it. Citizens Bank will have extended hours and be open seven days a week for the convenience of our customers. Our mutual commitment to customers is complementary, and I am looking forward to growing with Giant Eagle.”

“More than a decade ago, when Giant Eagle first began offering in-store banking services through Mellon Bank, we quickly learned how many of our customers truly appreciated this convenience,” said Giant Eagle Chairman and Chief Executive Officer David Shapira. “Giant Eagle’s new relationship with Citizens Bank ensures the continued availability of banking services for these customers and, thanks to the bank’s commitment to increase the number of branches in Giant Eagle stores, will deliver this convenience to many more of our customers throughout the state. I am delighted we can continue to offer banking services through such an innovative partner as Citizens Bank.”

“This agreement between Citizens Bank and Giant Eagle strengthens the in-store banking relationship Mellon Financial Corporation initiated with the grocery store chain in 1990,” said Mellon Financial Corporation Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Martin McGuinn. “I congratulate both of these organizations for their efforts and cooperation to come to an agreement that will bring tremendous value to people in western Pennsylvania.”

The agreement was announced today at a joint news conference at a Giant Eagle location in Waterworks Mall, Fox Chapel, with Steinour, Shapira and McGuinn participating.

Under the agreement, the 41 branches presently operated by Mellon Financial Corporation (Mellon) in Giant Eagle stores in the Pittsburgh region, Erie and the Johnstown/Altoona area will be operated by Citizens beginning December 1, after Citizens completes its purchase of Mellon’s retail, small business and certain middle market commercial banking businesses. Citizens will be aggressively reviewing opportunities to site additional banking branches in Giant Eagle stores where branches are not presently available.

About Citizens Bank

Citizens Bank is a subsidiary of Citizens Financial Group, a $32.4 billion bank holding company headquartered in Providence, Rhode Island. With more than 8,200 employees, Citizens is New England’s second largest commercial bank holding company. Citizens presently operates banks in four states: Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut and New Hampshire. Combined, they have more than 330 retail and commercial lending offices and 835 ATM machines. Citizens is wholly owned by The Royal Bank of Scotland Group, a $450 billion global banking organization. Citizens Bank can be accessed on the world wide web at [http://www.citizensbank.com][1].

About Giant Eagle, Inc.

An active community partner, Giant Eagle provides support for local food banks, community events, the United Way, The Salvation Army, Race For The Cure, and other non-profit organizations. The company has also created education initiatives like Apples For The Students, which has provided millions of dollars in computer equipment, software, and other classroom learning tools for local schools, and the Be A Smart Shopper school nutrition program.

Founded in 1931, Giant Eagle, Inc. has grown to be the number one supermarket retailer in the region with 111 corporate and 91 independently owned and operated stores throughout western Pennsylvania, northeastern Ohio, and north central West Virginia.

About Mellon Financial Corporation

Mellon Financial Corporation is a global financial services company. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Mellon is one of the world’s leading providers of financial services for affluent individuals and institutions and corporations, providing private wealth management, institutional asset management, mutual funds, trust and custody, benefits consulting and administration, investor services and cash management. Mellon has more than $2.6 trillion in assets under management, administration or custody, including more than $545 billion under management. Its asset management companies include The Dreyfus Corporation and Newton Investment Management Limited (U.K.).

[1]: http://www.citizensbank.com/



Giesecke and Devrient has won
the 2001, 5th Annual ICMA (International Card Manufacturers Association) Elan
Awards of Excellence for Best Secure Card Design. The Elan Awards are the
industry’s premier card manufacturing awards and deliver special recognition
to both the manufacturer and their customer. These global awards represent the
pinnacle of card manufacturing achievement in five different categories; Best
Non-Secure Card Design, Best Secure Card Design, Best Phone Card Design,
Technical Achievement Award and People’s Choice Award.

G&D won the Best Secure Card Design category with the President’s Choice
MasterCard produced through CUETS (Credit Union Electronic Transaction
Services). The President’s Choice MasterCard was printed using a combination
of lithographic and silkscreen colour and incorporates the standard MasterCard
features and a red coloured hi-co magnetic stripe.

The criteria for this category are most attractive, beautiful or striking
card based on aesthetics of printed surface within the parameters of VISA,
MasterCard and Europay. The card can be magnetic stripe, chip or hybrid card;
and credit, debit or stored value, as long as it bears the logo of one of the
above organizations.

“We are extremely pleased to have received this significant award and
proud of the G&D team who made it happen. It reaffirms our commitment to be
the recognized leader in each and every market segment we serve by delighting
our customers with innovative solutions.” says Jim Frye, president, Card
Services, United States and Canada.

In addition to winning the category of Best Secure Card Design, G&D was
also awarded finalist in the same category for the Gymnastics Canada Bank of
Montreal MasterCard.

Giesecke & Devrient is an internationally operating technology group. The
organization is a leading supplier of banknotes and security documents,
banknote and security paper and currency automation systems as well as cards,
components and complete multi-functional smart card systems for electronic
payments and telecommunications. The group also offers end-to-end solutions
for security in eBusiness. Giesecke & Devrient employs over 7,100 people
wide, and generates an annual revenue in excess of 1 Billion U.S. dollars.



Precidia Technologies Inc. announced the certification of its Ether3201-202
product by Bell Canada, for
Packet3201 service (commonly known in Canada as Datapac) connectivity. This
milestone is the culmination of several months of development and laboratory

The Ether3201-202 product was originally designed to migrate existing
payment terminals from the Packet3201 service to newer IP networks. However,
in this configuration, the Ether3201 will act as the adapter linking newer
payment systems to the existing Packet3201 service network. Packet3201 is
the network of choice to connect payment terminals to Canadian financial
institutions. When merchants and processors migrate to an end to end IP
solution, the same unit will act as the gateway adapter to handle routing
information and transaction management functions. Not only is this solution
cost competitive with existing Packet3201 service network adapters, but with
the migration path it provides, it becomes a key component to the solution
merchants are looking for to address their needs for today and the future.

‘The Ether3201-202 conforms with the Asynchronous Polling Interface (API)
protocol for use on Packet3201 Service’, said Wayne Fontaine, Packet
Services Consultant for Bell Canada. ‘This device can respond to one or more
of 48 poll codes with each poll code running a unique session, a feature
vital for load sharing or sending data to multiple hosts. This product has
been rigorously tested and is proven to offer a successful solution in
environments requiring Packet3201 service connectivity.’

Precidia President Deepak Wanner says the certification is an important step
in the company’s strategy to offer a full suite of connectivity solutions to
Canadian retailers: ‘Bell’s certification of the Ether3201-202 allows us to
provide an IP front end to Packet3201 service today. Legacy networks will
not disappear overnight. Merchants changing their payment systems today need
a transition path that meets not only their needs today, but also in the
future. Not only does this solidify our position as the leader in Point of
Sales networking, but it is also an important milestone in our relationship
with Bell Canada, a valued partner. We are pleased to have received this

The Ether3201 product is already deployed in several Canadian retail
environments, such as Chapters Book stores. It is a cost effective and
innovative solution for retailers who require network connectivity for
retail payment terminals. The Ether3201 has been designed to work with every
major financial institution and processor in Canada.

Precidia Technologies Inc., based in Ottawa, Canada, is a global leader in
the design and manufacture of IP enabling technologies for a wide range of
industries, including retail payments. Precidia’s advanced IP technology
seamlessly migrates retail payment terminals and other equipment onto more
sophisticated IP networks. Precidia’s unique product line consists of
cost-effective access devices, both wired and wireless, and chip technology.
For more information, visit Precidia on the Web at