NC-based Integrated Software Solutions has ported its ‘TouchPointMobile’ application to Fujitsu’s ‘TeamPad’ mobile platform. The ‘TeamPad-TouchPointMobile’ solution suited for retailers to expedite customer checkout with real-time credit-card verification and price lookup; for medical personnel requiring access to patient history; and for equipment-rental providers to optimize service to customers in the store or in the parking lot. ISS’ ‘TouchPointMobile’, using a Java development environment, XML/XSL standards and based on Windows CE technology, is a new browser-based application that allows itinerant employees to expedite customer-assisted processes from any location.


Gift Card Software

GA-based GO Software has introduced a new software product for processing stored value transactions. ‘PCCharge Perks’ will enable merchants to implement gift/loyalty programs even if their existing POS system lacks gift/loyalty card processing capability. ‘PCCharge Perks’ will run as a standalone solution or with existing Windows-based POS systems. ‘PCCharge Perks’ is certified with Givex, Paymentech, ValueLink, and Valutec.


Travel Agent Rewards

From now until Dec. 1, 2001, Diners Club extends double Club Rewards points to travel agents, providing the opportunity to earn even more through Premier Performances(SM) — a leading corporate travel agency rewards program. The double points are awarded for every new and approved Group Event System (GES) account they refer.

The double points promotion leverages the Diners Club Premier Performances incentive program, where corporate travel agency sales representatives earn Club Rewards points for signing clients to Diners Club travel and entertainment (T&E) expense management solutions. Points are redeemable for premium merchandise, travel packages, savings bonds, and restaurant and retail certificates. The current promotion rewards sales of GES, the first corporate card developed to help organizations track, manage and forecast meeting and event expenses via a centrally-billed account.

“Diners Club is initiating this promotion with two objectives: to give much-deserved recognition and rewards to the travel agents who promote our travel expense solutions — and to increase awareness of our exceptional GES product,” said Gerald Smith, executive vice president, Diners Club Corporate Business.

To learn more about this promotion, receive information about Diners Club travel payment solutions, or to enroll in Premier Performances call the Travel Industry Professional Sales (TIPS) Group at 1-800-999-9093. The TIPS Group works closely with travel agents to determine the best Diners Club product for clients.


TSYS AdvanceBK

TSYS announced a partnership with Integrated Solutions Concepts, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Visa U.S.A., that will allow Visa’s issuing Member financial institutions to reap the benefits of ISC’s AdvanceBK, a superior bankruptcy scoring model that has been fully integrated into TSYS’ TS2®, the industry’s leading processing system. This partnership enhances TSYS’ strategy of growing its core business by providing issuers with a proactive risk management opportunity to increase their revenues and reduce losses.

AdvanceBK is a sophisticated risk management tool which helps Visa issuers reduce their bankruptcy losses through the early identification of high-risk accounts; recognize the greatest number of potential bankruptcies; and take fast and appropriate preventive account management action to reduce loss exposure, minimize consumer credit delinquency and proactively deal with high-risk accounts. ISC, TSYS and Visa U.S.A. will jointly market the solution to TSYS customers who are Visa issuers.

According to CardFlash Online, the number of bankruptcies filed in the first quarter of 2001 showed a significant rise in consumer filings, increasing by 17.5 percent over the same period a year ago.

‘With this partnership, we are able to provide our mutual clients with a world-class risk management tool to combat bankruptcies. With bankruptcies on the rise, it was imperative for TSYS to implement a top-notch solution to help resolve this problem. We are pleased to provide our Visa issuers with a bankruptcy tool that is fully integrated into our TS2 account management system which will allow them to make critical account decisions with more confidence,’ said Andy Marks, group executive, TSYS Value Added Products

‘We are pleased to be partnering with TSYS to provide superior solutions to our issuing Member financial institutions, said Jean Bruesewitz, senior vice president, Advanced Risk Solutions, Visa U.S.A. ‘Thanks to the support of TSYS and its TS2 processing system, we are able to enhance AdvanceBK and offer our issuers the ability to make better risk decisions.’

. With four times the data of traditional legacy systems, TSYS’ TS2 provides the architecture to move and manage massive volumes of data and present information in a way that gives TSYS clients a superior advantage in the marketplace and their customers unparalleled access, service and convenience. TS2 provides abundant information; ensures system availability; increases speed-to-market; supports efficient system integration; optimizes the workforce; improves customer care; facilitates continuous improvement; functions in the global marketplace; and responds quickly to change.

About TSYS

TSYS brings integrity and innovation to the world of electronic payments. TSYS serves as the integral link between buyers and sellers in the rapidly evolving universe of electronic payments. With more than 200 million accounts on file, TSYS makes it possible for millions of consumers to use their credit, debit, stored value, commercial, chip and retail cards anytime, anywhere through any medium or portal. TSYS and its family of companies offer a full range of acquiring and issuing services from accepting electronic payments for goods and services, to credit applications, collections and bankruptcy. Based in Columbus, Ga., TSYS (NYSE: ‘TSS’) ([][1]) processes for 23 countries in 14 currencies and four languages and maintains operations in Canada, Mexico, Japan and the United Kingdom. TSYS is an 80.8 percent-owned subsidiary of Synovus Financial Corp. (NYSE: ‘SNV’) ([][2]), No. 8 on FORTUNE magazine’s list of ‘The 100 Best Companies To Work For’ in 2001. For more information, contact



Winding Down

San Francisco-based InnoVentry, the provider the ‘RPM’ self-service check-cashing kiosks is shutting down. ‘RPM’ (Rapid Payment Machine) kiosk transactions use biometric facial recognition technology and do not require a card, PIN or membership. Cash America International and Diebold both confirmed this morning InnoVentry’s management is implementing a plan for the wind-down and liquidate the business. Cash America owns 19.3% of InnoVentry. Under the plan, InnoVentry will cease business operations immediately, all of its assets will be sold, and the proceeds from the sale of assets will be paid to InnoVentry’s creditors. Cash America says it expects no proceeds to be available for InnoVentry shareholders. Diebold expects to take a special third quarter pretax charge of approximately $29 million representing Diebold’s equity investment and certain receivables with InnoVentry. Other partners include Capital One and Wells Fargo. To receive cash at an ‘RPM’, customers simply insert their check into the machine and follow an interactive touch screen. First-time customers use an on-machine telephone to provide basic identification information to a customer service representative and upon receiving the user’s consent, RPM kiosks capture a digital photo of the customer’s face. The company has deployed more than 1300 RPM machines across 27 states. InnoVentry has enrolled more than 1.3 million customers and cashed more than $1.5 billion worth of checks.


Digital Certificates

Boston-based GeoTrust has acquired the digital certificate business of Equifax Secure. The company says the combination of the ‘Equifax SSL’ transaction security solution with the new GeoTrust ‘True Site Seal’ identity trust solution will rearrange the competitive landscape and seriously challenge VeriSign. As part of the acquisition, GeoTrust is retaining the operations infrastructure from Equifax Secure and enhancing customer support services. Current GeoTrust customers will benefit from faster SSL provisioning times. Current Equifax Secure channel partners can begin offering ‘True Site’ immediately, with minimal incremental cost. Since the initial launch of ‘True Site’ in June, advanced Equifax Secure channel partners have already started becoming GeoTrust partners independent of the acquisition.



Official Payments Corporation announced Tuesday that Augusta, Giles, Gloucester, Hanover, Nelson, Nottoway, Prince Edward, and Spotsylvania Counties and the City of Radford, Va. have signed service agreements with the company.

These agreements will enable citizens to pay real estate taxes, personal property taxes, and utility bills over the Internet by visiting [][1], or via telephone by calling 800/2PAY-TAX. The new client services are scheduled to go live next month.

American Express, Discover Card, MasterCard and Visa are the cards accepted by the programs. Official Payments is a leading provider of electronic payment options and has similar agreements with over 900 government entities across the country. The Company has contracts with the Internal Revenue Service, 18 state governments including the Commonwealth of Virginia, and the District of Columbia to collect taxes, fees, and fines by credit card over the Internet and telephone.

“We are having phenomenal success in Virginia at both state and local levels,” said Thomas R. Evans, Chairman & CEO of Official Payments. “With the addition of these nine new partners, our Virginia client list grows to 78. Our success in the state is a testament to the quality of our credit card payment systems and the power of word-of-mouth, as local governments and their citizens discovered the value of our systems,” Mr. Evans added.

Official Payments charges taxpayers a convenience fee for processing these credit card transactions. The fee schedule can be found on the Internet at For example, a taxpayer who charged $2,000 in real estate taxes would find a total of $2,068 on their credit card statement: $2,000 for the tax bill and $68 for the convenience fee. American Express(R), MasterCard(R), Discover(R) and VISA(R) are the credit cards accepted by the program. Taxpayers using credit cards with bonus rewards programs can, depending on their card’s program, earn rewards, points, and cash-back on airline frequent flyer miles for paying their taxes.

A list of Official Payment’s local clients and respective payment deadlines in the Commonwealth of Virginia follows. Please note many of the payment deadlines fall in the fourth quarter.

City/County Name Types of Payment Due Dates
Accomack County Personal Property and Real PP/RE=6/5 & 12/5
Estate Tax
Alexandria, City of Personal Property Tax PP=10/5
Amherst County Personal Property and Real PP/RE=12/5
Estate Tax
Arlington County Real Estate Tax RE=10/5
Augusta County Personal Property and Real PP/RE=6/5 & 12/5
Estate Tax
Bedford County Personal Property and Real RE=12/5,
Estate Tax PP=12/5 & 6/5
Bedford, City of Personal Property and Real PP=12/5,
Estate Tax RE=12/5 & 6/5
Botetourt County Personal Property and Real PP/RE=12/5
Estate Tax
Buchanan County Personal Property and Real PP=12/5,
Estate Tax RE=quarterly
Caroline County Personal Property and Real PP=12/5 & 6/5,
Estate Tax RE=12/5
Charles City County Personal Property and Real PP=12/5,RE=6/5
Estate Tax
Chesapeake, City of Personal Property and Real PP/RE=12/5
Estate Tax
Chesterfield County Personal Property and Real PP=6/5,
Estate Tax RE=6/5 & 12/5
Chincoteague, Town of Personal Property and Real PP/RE=12/5
Estate Tax
Clarke County Personal Property and Real PP=6/5 & 12/5,
Estate Tax RE=12/5
Colonial Heights, City of Personal Property and Real PP=12/5, RE=12/5
Estate Tax
Cumberland County Personal Property and Real RE & PP=12/5
Estate Tax
Danville, City of Personal Property and Real RE/PP=12/5
Estate Tax
Dickenson County Personal Property and Real PP=12/5,
Estate Tax RE=12/5 & 6/5,
Emporia, City of Personal Property and Real PP=12/5,
Estate Tax RE=12/5 & 6/5
Fairfax County Personal Property and Real PP=10/5,
Estate Tax RE=7/28 & 12/5
Fairfax, City of Personal Property and Real PP=10/5,
Estate Tax RE=6/5 & 12/5
Falls Church, City of Personal Property and Real RE/PP=6/5 & 12/5
Estate Tax
Fauquier County Personal Property and Real PP=10/5,
Estate Tax RE=6/5 & 12/5
Floyd County Real Estate Tax RE=12/5
Franklin County Personal Property and Real PP/RE=12/5
Estate Tax
Giles County Personal Property and Real RE/PP=12/5
Estate Tax
Gloucester County Personal Property and Real RE/PP=6/30 & 9/5
Estate Tax
Goochland County Personal Property and Real RE/PP=12/5
Estate Tax
Greensville County Personal Property and Real PP/RE=12/5
Estate Tax
Hanover County Personal Property and Real PP=12/5,
Estate Tax RE=6/5 & 12/5
Henrico County Personal Property and Real PP=12/5,
Estate Tax RE=6/5 & 12/5
Henry County Personal Property and Real PP=12/5 & 4/15,
Estate Tax RE=10/1 & 12/5
Hopewell, City of Personal Property and Real PP=12/5,
Estate Tax RE=6/5 & 12/5
Isle of Wight County Personal Property and Real PP=12/5,
Estate Tax RE=12/5 & 6/5
James City County Personal Property and Real RE/PP=6/5 & 12/5
Estate Tax
King William County Personal Property and Real PP/RE=12/5
Estate Tax
Louisa County Personal Property and Real RE/PP=6/5 & 12/5
Estate Tax
Lunenburg County Personal Property and Real PP/RE=12/5
Estate Tax
Lynchburg, City of Personal Property and Real RE/PP=11/15
Estate Tax
Manassas Park, City of Personal Property and Real RF/PP=12/5
Estate Tax
Martinsville, City of Personal Property Tax PP=6/5,12/5
Mathews County Personal Property and Real PP/RE=12/5
Estate Tax
Middlesex County Personal Property and Real PP=12/5,
Estate Tax RE=6/5 & 12/5
Nelson County Personal Property and Real PP/RE=6/5 & 12/5
Estate Tax
New Kent County Personal Property and Real PP/RE=12/5
Estate Tax
Newport News, City of Personal Property and Real PP=12/5,
Estate Tax RE=6/5 & 12/5
Nottoway County Personal Property and Real PP/RE=12/5 & 6/5
Estate Tax
Orange County Personal Property and Real PP/RE=12/5
Estate Tax
Page County Personal Property and Real PP=12/5,
Estate Tax RE=6/5 & 12/5
Pennington Gap, Town of Personal Property and Real RE/PP=1/5
Estate Tax
Petersburg, City of Personal Property and Real PP=6/10,
Estate Tax RE=9/30 & 12/31
Poquoson, City of Personal Property and Real RE/PP=12/5
Estate Tax
Prince Edward County Personal Property and Real PP/RE=12/5
Estate Tax
Prince George County Personal Property and Real PP=6/5, RE=12/5
Estate Tax
Prince William Water Utility Monthly
Prince William County Personal Property and Real RE=7/1,PP=12/5
Estate Tax
Radford, City of Personal Property and Real PP=12/5 and
Estate Tax RE=12/5
Radford, City of Personal Property and Real PP=12/5,
Estate Tax RE=12/5 & 6/5
Richmond, City of Personal Property and Real PP=5/1 and RE=6/5
Estate Tax
Richmond, City of Personal Property and Real PP=5/1, RE=6/5
Estate Tax
Roanoke County Personal Property and Real PP=6/5, RE=6/5
Estate Tax
Rockingham County Personal Property and Real PP=12/5,
Estate Tax RE=6/5 & 12/5
Salem, City of Personal Property and Real PP=5/31 &
Estate Tax RE=6/5 & 12/5
Scott County Personal Property and Real PP/RE=12/20
Estate Tax
Shenandoah County Personal Property and Real PP/RE=12/5
Estate Tax
Spotsylvania County Personal Property and Real PP/RE=6/5 & 12/5
Estate Tax
Stafford County Personal Property and Real PP=6/5 & 12/5,
Estate Tax RE=6/5 & 12/5
Staunton, City of Personal Property and Real PP=12/5,
Estate Tax RE=6/5, 12/5
Suffolk, City of Personal Property and Real PP=12/5,
Estate Tax RE=6/5 & 12/5
Surry County Personal Property and Real PP/RE=12/5
Estate Tax
Washington County Personal Property and Real RE/PP=12/20
Estate Tax
Westmoreland County Personal Property and Real PP/RE=Mid Oct.
Estate Tax and 12/5
Wise County Personal Property and Real RE/PP=10/5
Estate Tax
Wise, Town of Personal Property and Real RE/PP=12/5
Estate Tax
York County Personal Property and Real PP=12/5,
Estate Tax RE=6/5 & 12/5

About Official Payments Corporation

Official Payments Corporation (Nasdaq:OPAY) is the leading provider of electronic payment options to government entities. The company’s principal business is enabling consumers to pay their government taxes, fees, fines, and utility bills by credit card, via Internet and telephone. The company is unequaled in market penetration and national footprint. Official Payments has agreements to collect and process credit card payments with the Internal Revenue Service, 18 state governments, the District of Columbia, and over 900 county and municipal governments in 49 states across the United States. In 2000, Official Payments collected and processed over $925 million in federal, state and local government payments.

Official Payments was founded in the San Francisco Bay area in 1996. Thomas R. Evans, the former President & CEO of the Internet company GeoCities, became Chairman & CEO of Official Payments in the summer of 1999. Mr. Evans brought Official Payments public in November of 1999, raising $80 million in its IPO on the NASDAQ national market. The company’s success in new client acquisition, increasing business with its existing clients and in building consumer awareness can be attributed to the combination of an enormous market opportunity with a highly skilled and experienced management and staff, aggressive sales and marketing, and a core competency in developing and implementing leading-edge technical systems.




More compelling evidence that a recession is in full bloom among the U.S. economy: consumer confidence plummets. Yesterday, the Conference Board’s ‘Consumer Confidence Index’ now stands at 97.6, down from 114.0 in August. The 16.4-point slide in confidence is the largest monthly drop since October 1990, when this Index fell by 23.0 points. The ‘Consumer Confidence Survey’ is based on a representative sample of 5,000 U.S. households. While survey results conducted before and after the terrorist attacks on September 11 differed slightly, there was no reversal in the downward trend of the Index. The erosion in confidence appears to be fueled by deteriorating labor market conditions and weakening business conditions.



Robert Trehin has joined leading transactions network provider, Transaction Network Services, as Senior Vice President – Managing Director, Continental Europe.

His appointment indicates the company’s ambitions for Europe. Already market leaders in the US and UK, TNS sees opportunities to create the same competitive edge on the Continent.

Specialising in the secure transportation and management of financial transactions, such as credit and debit card payments, TNS provides fast and efficient data links between banks, retailers and other commercial organisations. The company’s global networks transported over 7.6 billion individual transactions last year. Its technical and project management expertise delivers tailored, end-to-end solutions for clients that require private networks to transport POS, ATM, e-commerce, banking, securities and other business data.

“The growth potential for TNS’ services in continental Europe is phenomenal”, says Robert Trehin, “Although some good work has already been done in France and Spain, much remains to be achieved. Success will depend on identifying the right opportunities, building a champion team and keeping our customers happy.”

Robert Trehin is a Frenchman with a civil engineering degree. He has spent much of his career in telecommunications, selling and managing sales and has worked all over the world in senior management positions, including CEO at Cable & Wireless, France, and more recently, Managing Director Europe, Facilicom International.

He first worked with TNS’ Jack McDonnell and Jim Mullen in the early 80’s. Jack McDonnell is Chief Executive Officer and Jim Mullen is now Senior Vice President and General Manager, International Systems Division. The first time they collaborated they expanded American data networking company Tymnet, into Europe.

Jack McDonnell says of him joining the TNS team, “It’s great to be working with Bob again. His international experience and industry skills and knowledge are second to none. With his track record and enthusiasm for what we do, TNS is poised to become the leading transaction network provider in Continental Europe.”

For further information contact Susie Lawrence or Paul Willis at Ptarmigan Consultants on 0113 242 1155

Transaction Network Services is the world’s leading provider of fast, cost effective data communications services for transaction-oriented applications. Since its inception in 1990, TNS has designed the fastest, most reliable and lowest cost network for the transport of transaction-oriented data. This proprietary network technology has been deployed worldwide and has become the preferred network service in the card processing and dial-up ATM markets. For further information about TNS’ transaction solutions please refer to their website or e-mail


FingerLoc Deal

AuthenTec Inc., the semiconductor industry leader in fingerprint authentication integrated circuits, announced today that VeriTouch, a world leader in advanced biometric systems design, has selected AuthenTec’s FingerLoc AF-S2 sensor to be integrated into a new line of biometric portable devices. The VeriTouch PCMCIA Type II device will initially be optimized for use with Compaq Computer’s iPAQ H-3600 Personal Digital Assistant as part of a multi-year joint venture deal between VeriTouch and Hyundai Information Technology Co., Ltd., of Seoul, South Korea (HIT).

VeriTouch and Hyundai will produce PSIdev(TM), which stands for Portable Secure Identification device, a miniature mobile wireless terminal blending voice communications, high-speed data with GPRS 2.5 G networks, smart cards and biometric fingerprint authentication using AuthenTec’s AF-S2 sensor. VeriTouch will also deliver the world’s most powerful full-featured encrypted messaging system controlled by the user’s fingerprint as part of the PSIdev solution. The system will be used in government and military applications such as national defense, law enforcement, immigration and national border security, as well as commercial applications such as m-commerce, healthcare information systems and corporate VPNs. PSIdev will initially be introduced as an add-on to Compaq’s iPAQ H-3600 series color PDA with Microsoft’s Pocket PC operating system. It will also be fully compatible with Windows 98, 2000, and XP based portable and desktop PCs. The first PSIdev products will be demonstrated at Comdex this November, with production slated for the first quarter of 2002.

The AF-S2 sensor capitalizes on AuthenTec’s powerful TruePrint(TM) Technology, which reads beyond the surface layer of the skin to the live layer, where the true fingerprint resides. Common skin surface conditions, such as dry, worn, callused, oily, or dirty skin do not affect the sensor’s ability to acquire accurate fingerprint images, making TruePrint the first fingerprint identification technology capable of being used by everyone, under virtually any condition. TruePrint’s ability to acquire everyone has made it the most accurate, secure and convenient fingerprint authentication technology on the market.

“This is truly a unique application of our technology,” says Steve Mansfield, VP of Marketing for AuthenTec. “The integration of our AF-S2 into the PSIdev brings the meaning of security to a whole new level. We are gratified that we were chosen by VeriTouch and their partner, Hyundai Information Technology (HIT) of Seoul, South Korea as part of this revolutionary handheld, wireless device.”

“We at VeriTouch are very excited to be working with AuthenTec to deliver the most advanced security technologies ever developed. Without their TruePrint technology, we could not meet the accuracy and security levels our customers expect,” stated Gary E. Brant, VeriTouch CEO. “PSIdev will allow instant identification of individuals from any location via high speed GPRS networks. VeriTouch is dedicated to the development of advanced systems to ensure the secure exchange of vital military, corporate, healthcare, civil aviation and government information and facilities.”

“The integration of core biometric technologies with robust AFIS algorithm and powerful fingerprint sensor – with PDA technology will bring very portable and highly dependable security solutions to many applications,” stated Dr. Nag-Yeon Lee, Senior Vice President, Overseas Business Division of Hyundai Information Technology Co., Ltd.

About AuthenTec:

AuthenTec, Inc. is a fabless semiconductor company providing leading edge fingerprint sensor products to the biometric and security industries with products integrated into personal computers, wireless communications, access control, personal electronic devices and home security. AuthenTec’s product families include FingerLoc for security applications such as access control or time/attendance, and EntrePad(TM), a convenient and secure way to access PCs and portable products such as PDA’s and cell phones. All of AuthenTec’s products are based on the company’s patented TruePrint(TM) technology. Uniquely, TruePrint reads below the surface layer of the skin to the live layer where the true fingerprint begins. It is the first fingerprint identification technology that is capable of being used by everyone under virtually any condition. AuthenTec’s products provide a natural and convenient way for people to enjoy secure e-commerce and Web access; for businesses to manage networks and control access; and for individuals to secure access to their personal data, homes, and even automobiles. In addition, AuthenTec’s Solution Provider Network (SPN) aligns participating members together to provide complete biometric fingerprint identification solutions by integrating the FingerLoc and EntrePad sensors into mice, keyboards, wireless and access control devices. For more information, visit: or call 321/308-1300.

About VeriTouch:

VeriTouch Technologies Corporation is a world leader in the development of advanced biometric security solutions. Established in 1996 and based in New York City, VeriTouch’s product lineup includes turn-key wireless RFID systems using both voice and fingerprint authentication, the world’s first integrated USB biometric smartcard reader, and more recently, the Company has pioneered a new encryption technology, reprise(TM), that applies to messages, video, and digital entertainment files controlled by biometric access. PSIdev(TM) will introduce VeriTouch’s pioneering expertise in biometric security into the wireless world, allowing real time identification of individuals and secure messaging capability for military, government, corporate, and healthcare applications. For more information, visit: or call 917/378-2525.


FIRE POINTS Inc. (a Partner
Company of Exclamation International Incorporated announced that
SureFire Commerce Inc. has signed a formal agreement for FirePoints, the
loyalty rewards program for its FirePay Personal Accounts solution, to
participate in pointsxchange(TM). Pointsxchange is the world’s first online
loyalty program currency exchange.

SureFire will offer FirePoints to consumers who fund their
account to buy goods or services from companies that have been e-commerce
enabled by SureFire. Participating merchants that rely on SureFire
technology will automatically be enabled to award their consumers with
FirePoints when they use their FirePay Personal Account to shop at those
merchants’ sites.

The relationship will benefit FirePoints members by allowing them to
exchange their FirePoints for the currency of other loyalty programs, and
earn rewards faster than ever before. In the near future, members will also
be able to exchange points and miles from their other loyalty programs into
FirePoints, and spend them at merchants enabled by SureFire.
Earlier this year announced similar commercial agreements
with Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, America West Airlines,
ChanceRewards, ClickRewards, Esso Extra, FTD.COM,,, LoyaltyTravel, Midwest Express Airlines,
and RewardStream.

“We’re very pleased to add a unique new partner like SureFire to our
growing group of pointsxchange partners,” said Rob MacLean, President of “FirePoints adds a new type of online loyalty program further
diversifying our pointsxchange partner mix.

“ offers tremendous value to FirePoints members with
pointsxchange,” said Rory Olson, President and CEO of SureFire Commerce Inc.
“By partnering with, SureFire is able to quickly broaden the
scope and reach of the FirePoints program and offer a wide range of
redemption opportunities.”

About SureFire

SureFire Commerce Inc. is a global business-to-business provider of
proprietary e-commerce solutions in the area of secure credit card
transaction processing and merchant enabling. SureFire Commerce is an
international provider of secure online transaction processing services to
goods and services merchants in the areas of retail sales, sports,
entertainment and licensed online gaming, among others. Total transactions
processed exceeded $1.2 billion in fiscal 2001. SureFire Commerce’s merchant
enabling solutions provide telecommunications companies, Internet service
providers, high traffic portals and financial institutions the ability to
generate recurrent revenue streams for themselves and their small- and
medium-sized business customers. SureFire Commerce is headquartered in
Montreal (Quebec) with offices in Hull (Quebec), Boston (Massachusetts) and
London (England). For further information visit

About offers consumers a unique loyalty program asset management
system including pointsxchange(TM) – the world’s first loyalty program
currency exchange. is not a loyalty program but rather is forging
mutually rewarding partnerships with the world’s leading loyalty programs to
deliver a unique and compelling value proposition. also provides
innovative technology products to leading loyalty programs including
technology that facilitates the online sale of miles, points and other
currencies., a Partner Company of Exclamation International Inc.,
is located at 134 Peter St., Suite 300, Toronto, ON M5V 2H2. More
information is available at

About Exclamation

Exclamation International Incorporated (CDNX:XI) is holding company
where Internet ventures are conceived, financed, built and launched. Founded
in 1997 as the first company of its kind in Canada, Exclamation has
established a presence in Paris, France, and is seeking to expand its
operations in Europe and select international markets. Exclamation creates
its own ideas for ventures, finds the appropriate entrepreneurial management
and provides the physical infrastructure and seed capital. Exclamation is a
true partner in building Internet-based businesses.
In August 2001, Exclamation was named Canada’s 3rd Hottest Startup by
PROFIT, The Magazine for Canadian Entrepreneurs. Exclamation shares trade on
the Canadian Venture Exchange under the symbol XI. For more information,
visit our website,



Conseco Finance Corp. recently launched a new Web site,, which provides information about the company’s Cutting Edge financing program for outdoor power equipment dealers and their customers. ‘This new Web site is a one-stop resource for outdoor power equipment dealers and consumers alike,’ says Bob Hendley, senior account manager with Conseco Finance’s Retail Services division. ‘ has business management tools and information that current and prospective dealers will find invaluable, and it drives customer traffic to those dealers at the same time.’

Participating dealers can log on to the site’s DISC (Dealer Information and Service Center) using their Cutting Edge user name and passcode. There they will find valuable tools to help them manage their business, including rate sheets, supply order forms and sales and service contact information. In addition, e-mail forms are available that enable dealers to request or submit a variety of information, including open-to-buy reports, updates on applications and funding status, statement messages and dealer information changes.

Dealers who are interested in offering Cutting Edge financing to their customers will learn more about the program’s benefits and can easily download a program enrollment kit by visiting the Web site.

‘With this Web site, Conseco Finance takes dealer service to the next level. The Web site is one more way we show our commitment to helping dealers thrive,’ adds Hendley. is also a helpful resource for consumers. Current and potential Cutting Edge customers can apply online for the Cutting Edge card, review program FAQ’s, and find a nearby dealer.

‘Conseco Finance Corp. is always looking for ways to enhance profitability and increase efficiency through value-added services for our dealers and their customers,’ says Todd Woodard, president of retail services at Conseco Finance. ‘ lets us enhance service levels without increasing costs.’

Conseco Finance Corp., with managed assets of $48 billion, is one of America’s largest finance companies. In just four years, Conseco Finance has become one of the top four issuers of private-label credit cards. The company is also a leader in the home equity, home improvement and manufactured housing finance businesses. Conseco Finance is a subsidiary of Conseco, Inc. (NYSE: CNC), headquartered in Carmel, Ind. To learn more about Conseco, visit [][1].