3Q Warnings

American Express and Citigroup warned of lower 3Q earnings yesterday due to the tragic events of one week ago. AmEx said it expects 3Q earnings to be negatively impacted by the terrorist attacks as it has generated additional economic and market weakness throughout the travel, payment services and financial services industries. AmEx also noted the Company’s headquarters at the World Financial Center is adjacent to the World Trade Center area and cannot be occupied for at least several months due to the damage caused by the collapse of the World Trade Center towers and related structures. However, the building is believed to be structurally sound. Nevertheless, the Company says it will incur unexpected costs related to leasing alternative headquarters facilities, and relocating and equipping up to 5,000 employees within those facilities. AmEx stock closed down 14% yesterday reaching a new 52-week low. Meanwhile, Citigroup announced it expects losses related to the payment of insurance claims, including claims on property in lower Manhattan, business interruption insurance claims, workers compensation exposure and life insurance claims. The claims could total $500 million.



uniView Technologies Corporation, through its uniView Softgen division,
announced it has installed CIMphony Campaign Manager, an affordable
software predictive dialer solution, at Hang Seng Bank’s brand new 40-seat
credit card center in Hong Kong.

The project, estimated at more than $120,000, is the first predictive
dialer installation with HASE. The Bank has begun user acceptance testing
(UAT), and will launch its outbound dialer utilizing the uniView Softgen
solution in late November 2001.

“We are extremely pleased with the positive response to Campaign
Manager by our customers worldwide,” said Carl Fricke, executive vice
president of uniView Softgen. “Our predictive dialer is 100% software
driven, which not only makes our dialer solution affordable for companies
seeking to optimize agent performance at a minimal cost, but also gives
uniView Softgen a broad competitive edge against the competitors who
require add on hardware to complete their dialer solution.”

Campaign Manager is a sophisticated system designed to enable the
management of one or more lists of records for outbound calling in a
contact center. It combines a Preview, Power and Predictive/Adaptive Dialer
into a single, easy to manage interface, and fully exploits the dialing
capabilities of advanced PBX/ACD switching platforms such as the Aspect
CallCenter, Nortel Meridian 1, Lucent Definity, and Intecom ‘E.’ Campaign
Manager is able to track every agent that is signed into the ACD, and can
dynamically move agents from dedicated inbound calls, to blended
inbound/outbound and back again based on definable parameters or
administrator commands.

ABOUT HANG SENG BANK: Founded in 1933, Hang Seng Bank, a principal
member of the HSBC Group, is the second-largest locally-incorporated bank
in Hong Kong and operates 155 local branches and automated banking centres;
branches in Guangzhou, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Fuzhou; and representative
offices in Beijing and Xiamen. With consolidated assets of HK$482.6 billion
at the end of June 2001, the Bank reported a profit attributable to
shareholders of HK$5.38 billion for the first half of 2001, and HK$10
billion for the full year of 2000. For further information on Hang Seng,
please visit the Bank’s Web site at www.hangseng.com.

About uniView: Dallas-based uniView Technologies Corporation
(www.uniView.com) offers enhanced digital media solutions to customers
worldwide. Its products deliver the highest quality video, audio and gaming
features through broadband networks. In addition, uniView provides
companies with enterprise customer service solutions through CIMphony(TM),
a suite of computer telephony integration (CTI) software products and
services. CIMphony allows contact centers to customize and incorporate
voice, data and Internet communications into their customer interactions.
The company markets its products and services to hospitality, utility,
banking and telecommunication companies. Key technology partners include
Microsoft (Windows Media Player), Intertainer (on-demand entertainment
content provider), Intel, and ATI Technologies.

About uniView Softgen: uniView Softgen Corp. is a global provider of
enterprise-wide computer telephone integration software solutions. uniView
Softgen’s flagship product, CIMphony, is a client/server; open architecture
tool kit designed to support single site and geographically distributed
call centers from 10-4000+ agents. CIMphony is bundled with a suite of
applications providing screen pop, graphical reporting, outbound predictive
dialing, statistical data collection, Internet contact center capabilities,
and attribute-based routing. uniView Softgen develops and implements
flexible call center management solutions for a number of industries
including banking/finance, insurance, utility and education. Key customers
include HSBC, British Bank of the Middle East, Banco De Costa Rica,
Lexis-Nexis, AT&T Broadband and Cable & Wireless. uniView Softgen is a
majority owned subsidiary of uniView Technologies Corporation headquartered
in Dallas. For more information about uniView Softgen and its products
visit www.uniView.com/softgen.


Wireless PSECU

Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union announced it has partnered with SensCom, Inc. to incorporate wireless Internet banking into its wide range of member services.

SensCom, a leading application service provider that enables Hand-Held Banking, will provide PSECU with the gateway services to enable secure wireless Internet banking transactions on web-enabled cell phones and personal digital assistants such as the Palm and Windows CE.

“We have long been committed to providing our members with increased convenience and access to their personal financial information,” said Rick Long, vice president of information technology at PSECU. “Wireless Internet banking is another electronic remote delivery channel that enables our members to securely access their accounts anytime, anywhere.”

More specifically, PSECU’s implementation integrates both the core data processing system through Jack Henry and Associates and the Financial Industry Computer Systems (FICS) mortgage system, allowing members access to the full range of account information. Additionally, “hot buttons” allow members to easily dial Loan by Phone and Help Desk personnel.

PSECU is a leading credit union in the Northeast and is known for offering the latest in financial services technology to its members. It operates state-wide with two small service centers. “Wireless banking will nicely compliment our flagship service, online banking,” Long said.

San Diego-based SensCom, Inc., provides the technology to access data and perform real-time financial transactions with speed and convenience on a wireless device.

SensCom CEO, Tarek Fouad, remarked, “As the 21st century emerges with an emphasis on increased mobility and convenient access to personal financial information, we are proud to partner with PSECU in offering wireless Internet banking services to their members.”



Courion Corporation, a leading provider of self-service identity management
solutions, announced its expansion into Australia, further positioning the
company to meet the growing demand in the global marketplace for
PasswordCourier and ProfileBuilder, its market-leading password and
directory management software. Courion has opened a new office in
Melbourne, Australia, and has signed a value-added reseller agreement with
Planwell Technology (a division of CTI Communications Limited (ASX – CTC)),
Australia’s leading provider of customer service management solutions.
Through leading systems integrators and resellers specializing in service
desk and security products such as Planwell, Courion will provide its
customer-proven identity management solutions to companies throughout

Courion’s PasswordCourier, the industry’s leading self-service
password reset and synchronization solution, and ProfileBuilder, a
self-service directory management solution, eliminate the leading cause of
technical support calls by employees, business partners and customers – the
need to reset forgotten and expired passwords. Both solutions integrate
seamlessly with companies’ existing computing infrastructures including
service management applications from Peregrine, Remedy and PeopleSoft, to
help companies reduce support costs, make service desk operations more
efficient, improve employee productivity and increase security.
As one of the leading companies in Australia focused on all aspects
of customer service technologies, Planwell recognizes the value of
streamlining support operations for employees, business partners and
customers. “Courion’s self-service password and directory management
technology will help our customers reduce costs through call elimination,
while increasing security levels,” said Mike Barraclough, chief executive
officer of CTI. “The market response has been extremely positive as we have
introduced PasswordCourier and ProfileBuilder to enterprises throughout
Australia. Our customers recognize the many benefits that self-service

“Courion has built a roster of top companies in North America across
a wide range of industry verticals by providing innovative solutions that
increase security, reduce support costs and provide quick return on
investment,” said Richard Watson, manager of Australia operations, Courion
Corporation. “Our expansion into Australia is a testament to the increasing
need on a global scale for self-service identity management. Working with
partners like Planwell, we will enable Australian companies to grant
employees faster access to mission-critical systems and applications,
increase security through stronger authentication and more stringent
password policies and improve the efficiency of support organizations, all
at dramatically lower cost.”

About PasswordCourier and ProfileBuilder

PasswordCourier, Courion’s flagship product, is the industry’s
leading self-service password reset and synchronization solution.
PasswordCourier empowers employees, business partners and customers to help
themselves when forgotten or expired passwords prevent access to critical
systems, applications or Web sites. Users can reset, change or synchronize
their own passwords on virtually any enterprise platform or application,
including Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Novell NetWare(R), UNIX,
mainframes, e-commerce applications, directories and databases.
PasswordCourier can be accessed through standard Web browsers, Windows
desktops or telephones for maximum convenience. In addition, native
API-level integration easily adapts to existing computing environments for
maximum flexibility, security and lower total cost of ownership.
ProfileBuilder is a complementary self-service directory management
solution that empowers users to securely register and update their own
profile information directly within corporate or e-business directories for
a more secure and efficient data collection process.

About CTI Communications

A leader in the industry, CTI Communications provides a full range of
innovative customer service solutions that maximize the enterprises
competitiveness by increasing service quality, productivity and customer
loyalty. CTI is headquartered in Sydney, Australia with offices in
Melbourne and Brisbane and its clients include Telstra, GE Capital,
Westpac, Macquarie Bank and St. George.

About Courion

Courion Corporation provides self-service identity management
solutions to more Fortune 500 enterprises than any other company. IT
organizations and customer service centers choose Courion’s self-service
password and directory management software to reduce support costs,
increase security and improve customer service. Courion’s solutions fully
integrate with existing IT infrastructures and corporate security policies,
enabling companies to scale e-business operations and achieve fast return
on investment. Companies that rely on Courion’s solutions include customers
such as The Bear Stearns Companies, Inc., The Boeing Company, Cummins,
Inc., Dell Computer Corp., ExxonMobil Corp., Raymond James Financial, Inc.
and Target Corporation, and partners such as Compaq Computer Corp., Unisys
Corp. and Peregrine Systems. Courion’s headquarters is in Framingham, MA,
USA, 508-879-8400, with new offices in Melbourne, Australia, +61 (0) 3 9607
8423. For more information visit www.courion.com.


PPP Promotes Eden

Perfect Plastic Printing is pleased to announce the appointment of Doug Eden as Directory of Marketing, replacing Ted Liberkowski, retiring V.P. of Marketing and Corporate Development.

Doug has been in Perfect Plastic management since 1996. He has a B.S. from the University of Illinois in Marketing and a M.S. from DePaul University.

Doug is a highly decorated pilot for his service in the U.S. Air Force, including the Distinguised Flying Cross.

Prior to joining Perfect Plastic Printing’s management team, he spent time with the U.S. Justice Department, for a total of 30 years of government service.

PPP is one of the world’s leaders in secure credit card manufacturing, and has been producing the finest quality secure credit cards since 1965.



With three additional products, STMicroelectronics has broadened its
already wide-ranging ST19 family of enhanced security, multi-application
smart card microcontroller units (MCUs).

First among the three latest additions is the ST19XR34 with 96K bytes
of user ROM; 34K bytes of user EEPROM, and 4K bytes of user RAM. The chip
also features a 1,088-bit modular arithmetic processor (MAP) for public-key
cryptography and an ISO 14443-B-compliant RF interface for contactless

The other two products are the ST19XS08, with 64K bytes of user ROM
and 8K bytes of user EEPROM, and the ST19XS04, with 48K bytes of user ROM
and 4K bytes of user EEPROM. Both carry 1.5K bytes of user RAM. These three
latest ST19 family members follow a series of versions intended to meet the
needs of a wide range of smart card applications and products, from
low-cost to high-performance. Still other ST19 versions will follow.
With over a dozen different members, the ST19 family is well-suited
for high-security smart card — including JavaCard(TM) — applications in
data storage, banking and other financial transactions, health, personal
identification, secure terminals, telecommunications, transportation,
conditional access and pay TV.

The ST19XR34, the new flagship of the ST19 family, is noteworthy for
its high-security features as well as for its contactless operation. For
example, the ST19XR34 harnesses its MAP and a built-in DES accelerator to
speed cryptographic calculations using public- and secret-key algorithms.
Built around a 1,088-bit processor and drawing on a library of asymmetric
functions, the RSA-capable MAP spares designers from having to develop
first layer functions.

Firmware functions include fast modular multiplication, squaring,
modular exponentiation (with or without Chinese Remainder Theorem), RSA and
DSA signature and verification, and other calculations on operands having
software-selectable lengths of up to 2,176-bits. As for the DES
accelerator, it operates on a ROM-based cryptographic library of symmetric
algorithms. Among these algorithms are DES, triple DES, DESX, and CBC
chaining mode computations.

The ST19XR34 is also the highest performing contactless MCU
available, featuring an ISO 14443-B-compliant RF interface capable of
bi-directional data transfer at up to 424Kbit/s. That interface operates
with a 13.56MHz carrier, transferring data at high speeds using 10%
amplitude modulation to receive and BPSK-NRZ modulation to transmit.
Operating at 3V +/-10%, the RF interface draws on a library of embedded
14443-B-compatible software functions to communicate with an RF reader.
Other key functions and features of the ST19XR34 include fully internal key
generation for maximum security, 128 bytes of one-time-programmable memory,
three 8-bit timers with interrupt capability, a serial I/O port, and up to
10MHz internal operating frequency.

As for the other two additions to the ST19 range, the 8-kbyte-EEPROM
ST19XS08 and 4-kbyte-EEPROM ST19XS04, these operate from 2.7V to 5.5V with
a 10MHz internal operating frequency and include two 8-bit timers. Like the
ST19XR34, they both include a hardware DES accelerator and symmetrical
ROM-based algorithm library.

High-security features and functions common to these three latest
ST19 smart card MCUs include security firewalls for memories, DES
accelerator, and — in the case of the ST19XR34 — the MAP; EEPROM flash
programming with 100,000- to 500,000-erase-write-cycle endurance; clock
management; and clock frequency and voltage sensors. In addition, each die
bears a unique serial number.

As with all members of the ST19 family, the ST19XR34, ST19XS08, and
ST19XS04 have ISO 7816-2-compatible contact assignments and an ISO
7816-3-compatible serial I/O port. Other family-wide features include
extended addressing modes; an ISO 3309 users-accessible CRC-calculation;
power-saving standby mode; memory partitioning with customized access
rules; and highly reliable EEPROM that corrects single-bit failures in a
byte and retains data for 10 years. The ST19 MCU platform is certified to
ISO 15408 Common Criteria at level EAL4+. The devices are rated to
withstand ESD pulses of more than 5000V.

An ST19-HDSX development system for Windows NT and Windows 98
platforms is available for developing software and generating firmware, as
are a powerful C/C++ compiler, debugger, and simulator.
The ST19XR34 is currently in qualification phase with volume
shipments scheduled for early 2002. The ST19XS04 and the ST19XS08 will be
shipping in volume in Q2 2002.

Further information on ST can be found at www.st.com/smartcard

About STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics is the world’s third largest independent
semiconductor company. The Company shares are traded on the New York Stock
Exchange, on Euronext Paris and on the Milan Stock Exchange. The Company
designs, develops, manufactures and markets a broad range of semiconductor
integrated circuits (ICs) and discrete devices used in a wide variety of
microelectronic applications, including telecommunications systems,
computer systems, consumer products, automotive products and industrial
automation and control systems. In 2000, the Company’s net revenues were
$7,813.2 million and net earnings were $1,452.1 million. Further
information on ST can be found at www.st.com.


Stock Collapse

Payment card stocks were hammered yesterday, but not as badly as expected, thanks to the surprise Fed action to cut rates. Providian, beaten down prior to last week’s tragedy, was brutally taken down by another 18%, hitting a new 52-week low. American Express opened late yesterday to a new 52-week low of $29, but managed to survive with a 14% decline over last Monday’s trading. Capital One also reached a new low yesterday of $43.50, losing 11% for the day. However, MBNA escaped the day with only a 9% decline. Card payment processors and terminal manufacturers held up well throughout the day. Several payment card companies announced possible stock buy backs including First Data (up to $1 billion), Bank One (up to $500 million), Metris (up to $200 million), and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter (up to $1 billion).

9-18 9-17 9-11 New
Providian $21.70 $21.50 – 18% $20.50*
NextCard $ 6.51 $ 6.50 – 17% $6.50
Amer Exp $29.40 $30.25 – 14% $29.00*
Metris $20.15 $20.00 – 14% $19.77
Global Pay $24.65 $24.85 – 14% $24.20
Advanta $11.70 $11.00 – 12% $11.00
Capital One $45.46 $44.92 – 11% $43.50*
EFunds Corp. $13.87 $13.82 – 10% $13.10
MBNA $28.50 $28.57 – 9% $27.50
CompuCredit $ 8.00 $ 8.00 – 8% $ 7.75
Certegy $30.09 $30.09 – 8% $29.99
Household $52.85 $52.83 – 6% $52.50
TSYS $21.47 $21.59 – 5% $21.14
First Data $58.50 $58.95 – 4% $57.95
NPC $27.40 $27.50 – 4% $27.50
Hypercom $ 4.89 $ 4.90 – 3% $ 4.80
Concord $48.17 $48.52 – 1% $44.31
* new 52-week low
Source: CardData (www.carddata.com)


MC Joins GlobalPlatform

MasterCard International announced that it has joined GlobalPlatform, the first cross-industry organization to develop, manage and promote a standardized framework for multiple application smart cards.

MasterCard joins existing members of GlobalPlatform to combine the interests of smart card issuers, vendors, industry groups, public entities and technology companies, to define global requirements and technology standards for multiple application smart cards. The significant new membership will boost GlobalPlatform’s member total to 55 organizations – a figure it has achieved only two years since its inception in September 1999.

“MasterCard is dedicated to creating a universal platform and infrastructure that will make it easier and less expensive to deploy multi-application smart cards on a global basis,” said Art Kranzley, chief e-Business officer, MasterCard International. “By joining GlobalPlatform, we are responding to the growing desire of our members to have maximum flexibility when initiating smart card programs of their own. MasterCard is now in a position to help guide the future direction of GlobalPlatform’s operational framework and to look for ways to expand the functionality of this specification to support MULTOS.”

MasterCard is the only global payments association to actively support all major smart card environments, and is interested in working with GlobalPlatform members and committees to broaden the scope of GlobalPlatform to support MULTOS, and add it to the existing GlobalPlatform support for JavaCard, and Windows Powered Smart Cards. In this way, MasterCard intends to work with GlobalPlatform members to achieve a comprehensive, open and inclusive common card management framework for all major smart card technologies.

“We are delighted to welcome MasterCard as the latest member of GlobalPlatform,” said Steve Brown, Chairman of GlobalPlatform and Head of Business Development at BT Ignite eBusiness. “We believe that bringing together GlobalPlatform’s existing specifications and road map with MasterCard’s experience with MULTOS and multi-application smart cards, can result in enhanced, convergent industry standards.”

Brown added that GlobalPlatform intends to rename these specifications to better reflect this wider remit.

GlobalPlatform has established a structured recruitment campaign, involving all current members that is designed to attract new members from various industries and sectors. In this way, GlobalPlatform can continue to work towards developing standards that meet the needs of all those issuing or planning to issue multiple application smart cards.

About GlobalPlatform

GlobalPlatform is the only cross-industry forum focused on the development, management and promotion of specifications for multiple application smart cards, smart card applications, and enabling devices. With support from its global member organizations (see attached list), GlobalPlatform promotes a standard framework facilitating the implementation of smart card programs in any industry around the world. GlobalPlatform allows flexibility in the choice of technologies and vendors through an emphasis on open standards for cards, terminals and support infrastructure. GlobalPlatform’s card and terminal specifications are the first open standards adopted by GlobalPlatform and will provide a solid foundation from which the organization will define the future of multiple application smart cards. For further information on GlobalPlatform, please visit [www.globalplatform.org][1]

About MasterCard International

MasterCard International is a leader in global e-business. The association is focused on providing its member financial institutions with customized, meaningful global e-business solutions that connect them to customers in both the online and offline worlds. Through its investment in industry innovation, participation in standards development and business alliances, MasterCard is staying in the forefront of technology integration to enable anytime, anywhere payments across multiple channels and various devices. MasterCard’s global e-business solutions include Internet interactive services, security, smart cards, mobile commerce/wireless, e-wallets, business to business electronic commerce, and numerous emerging technologies.

MasterCard International has the most comprehensive portfolio of payment brands in the world. More than 1.7 billion MasterCard, Cirrus and Maestro logos are present on credit, charge and debit cards in circulation today. An association comprised of more than 20,000 member financial institutions, MasterCard serves consumers and businesses, both large and small, in 210 countries and territories. MasterCard is the leader in quality and innovation, offering a wide range of payment solutions in the virtual and traditional worlds. MasterCard’s award-winning Priceless advertising campaign is now seen in 81 countries and in more than 36 languages, giving the MasterCard brand reach and scope unrivaled by any competitor in the industry. With more than 21 million acceptance locations, no card is accepted in more places and by more merchants than the MasterCard Card. In 2000, gross dollar volume exceeded US$857 billion. MasterCard can be reached through its World Wide Web site at .

[1]: http://www.globalplatform.org


Eltron P200

CA-based Zebra Technologies has introduced the ‘Eltron P200 Series’ of plastic card printers. The new printers are designed for smaller volume applications and feature a new 32-bit processor, 2 Mbytes of standard memory and 1 Mbyte of Flash memory, an ‘open ACCESS’ clamshell design that uses simple-to-load printer ribbon cartridges, and a self-cleaning card handling mechanism. The ‘Eltron P200 Series’ is available in two models. The ‘P205’ model is a monochrome printer that can print a card in 4 seconds. The ‘P210’ model prints single-side, full-color cards with edge-to-edge printing in under 30 seconds.


Internet Payment Patent

Another process patent holder has surfaced, threatening payment card industry players with infringement lawsuits. AZ-based Net MoneyIN announced Monday it has filed a patent infringement suit against thirty-three companies that enable Internet merchants to accept credit cards for purchases made on the Internet. Included in the lawsuit, are: Mellon, VeriSign, Cardservice, American Express, Bank One, Citibank, Wells Fargo & Co, InfoSpace, and Payment LLC. Net MoneyIN says it is looking for at least 3 cents per transaction. The two patents named in the lawsuit involve Internet payment gateway or third-party processor.



Global Payments has awarded Hypercom an 18 month contract for as many as 7,500 of Hypercom’s ICE card payment terminals. GPN says this is the first time in several years it or its predecessor, NDC e-Commerce, has entered into a direct agreement with Hypercom. Under the terms of the agreement, GPN will deploy Hypercom’s ‘ICE’ terminals to thousands of merchants in the USA, through its direct, financial institution and ISOs channels. Hypercom’s new ‘ePOS-infocommerce ICE 5700’ device is a high performance, touch-screen based, card payment terminal that magnetically reads the MICR Line on a check and supports dial-up to Global Payments Check Services for fast verification against negative files or check guarantee via positive online authorizations.


PDA Conceal It

DATA BECKER Corp. introduces new utilities for the Palm OS that address two growing PDA issues – data security and memory capacity. Conceal It protects information on a handheld device by encrypting and then “ghosting” files. Compress IT extends handheld memory by condensing, or “zipping” files up to 85% of their original size.

Conceal IT works with all standard Palm OS applications by encrypting and then hiding sensitive, personal information such as bank account information, credit card numbers, and work documents. If a PDA is lost or stolen, any information that has been concealed or encrypted remains completely hidden from view. Conceal IT offers business travelers, doctors, attorneys and anyone with confidential information stored on a Palm OS an easy, safe and cost-effective method for protecting it.

Compress IT lets users “zip” or condense files, thus freeing up valuable PDA memory. Photos, databases and text documents that are not used on a regular basis can be stored in a smaller memory space through a one-click function. This program expands the utility of a PDA by increasing its memory capacity.

“With these two new products for the Palm OS, DATA BECKER continues to provide consumers with high-value, low-cost products from premiere developers,” said Howard March, president and CEO of DATA BECKER. “Conceal IT offers the first affordable security encryption product for standard Palm OS devices, while Compress IT offers an inexpensive solution to a common user problem.”

There are many ways for handheld devices to be compromised. With Conceal IT, the encrypted files appear empty to the would-be thief, so there is much less temptation to retrieve a password to search for information.

Conceal IT is easy to install and use. A user-assigned password controls access to the data. Unlike other security programs, documents or databases that are concealed do not show up on the PDA screen at all. Once data is encrypted, it is moved to the Conceal IT database, and the information is then ghosted from the standard Palm applications. Even during hot synchs, the information is transferred to the PC in an encrypted form. Any information on the host PC that was present before the synch will remain on the PC and visible and any encrypted information synched from the PDA will remain encrypted and thus unavailable on the PC.

Pricing and Availability

Compress IT and Conceal IT are available today over the web at www.Databecker.com, AOL, buydirect.com or at retail outlets such as CompUSA, Staples, Best Buy, Electronics Boutique and others. Each program is priced at $29.95.

Conceal IT and Compress IT are compatible with the Palm M100, Palm M105, Palm VII, Palm Vx, Palm V, Palm IIIc, Palm IIIxe, Palm IIIx, Palm III, IBM WorkPad, Handspring Visor, Sony Clie, and TRGpro.

System requirements for both products include: Pentium 166 or higher; Windows 95C/98(SE)/ME, 32 MB of RAM, Pentium 233 or higher, Windows NT4(SP6)/2000/XP, 64 MB of RAM , 256 colors with 2MB graphics card, 640 x 480 resolution, CD-ROM, Mouse, Palm or Palm Compatible handheld, Palm OS 3.01 with 2 MB of RAM.


DATA BECKER Corporation ([www.databecker.com][1]) is a privately held publisher of high-quality, value-priced fun and functional computer software, books and accessories for the North American retail market. DATA BECKER, founded in 1999, has introduced over 40 titles and sold 450,000 units of software in its first two years of operation. It is currently ranked 43nd (by NPD Intelect) out of 1234 software publishers in the US.

DATA BECKER’s diverse software titles fall into categories including music creation/recording, Palm products, entertainment and games, home design and web productivity/utility. Its best selling software titles include America, a real-time strategy game that challenges players to build a nation, 1,000 Essential Programs for the PalmT OS, MP3 Wizard 3.0 and 20,000 Business Cards. Visit [www.databecker.com][2] for complete product offerings.

[1]: http://www.databecker.com
[2]: http://www.databecker.com