Junum & ITS

Junum Inc.,, a Delaware corporation specializing in credit management, debt exchange and financial services announced it has signed a marketing agreement with Internet Transaction Services .

The agreement calls for ITS to market the Junum.com products through its marketing distribution channels, which include multiple telemarketing centers, direct mail, infomercials and retail distribution around the United States. Targeted markets include more than 200 million individuals and businesses that have been identified as candidates for the Junum services.

Specifics of the agreement were not released.

“We are very pleased that ITS is bringing their distribution and their experience in marketing credit-related products to the Junum family of services,” said Shawn Coughlin, Junum’s director of marketing.

About Internet Transaction Services

ITS specializes in direct to consumer sales and marketing of credit-related products and services. Sales and marketing includes direct mail, telemarketing, Infomercials and retail products. ITS is based in Longmont, Colo.

“ITS looks forward to marketing the Junum services to such a vast market where the Junum Credit Management service should be in great demand,” said Max Lucas, managing director of operations at ITS.

About Junum

Junum is a publicly traded financial services holding company with subsidiaries that are using technology to capture the credit management, debt exchange and financial products markets. Its four subsidiaries include Junum.com, Voleran, Junum Financial, and Junum Intellectual Property Holding Co.

Junum.com provides complete credit management, which works to improve the credit rating and protect the credit identity of individuals and small business through online credit analysis, enhancement and protection.

Voleran’s Debt Exchange program reconstitutes non-performing debt portfolios into new performing receivables in the form of a Voleran credit card bundled with membership in the junum.com complete credit management program. Junum Financial enables lending partners to market to customers that meet predetermined criteria as identified by Junum.

Junum Intellectual Property Holding Co. retains financial technology products developed or acquired under the Junum family of companies. Junum is dedicated to developing technologies and acquired assets to create shareholder value.

More information is available through Junum and its Web site: .


Trust Company & NYCE

NYCE Corporation, one of the leading electronic payments companies in the United States, announced that The Trust Company of New Jersey (also known as Trustcompany Bank), a $3.8 billion-asset financial institution, has signed a multi-year agreement for comprehensive ATM/debit card processing and ATM terminal management services. Under the agreement, NYCE will provide terminal driving/monitoring support for 150 Trustcompany automated teller machines and processing services for its ATM/debit cards.

The Trust Company of New Jersey, with nearly 100 branches located throughout northern and central New Jersey, has been a NYCE Network Participant since 1997. The bank’s decision to expand this relationship is based on the strength of NYCE’s processing support capabilities.

“As a NYCE Network Participant, we have experienced first-hand NYCE’s technology reliability and personalized commitment to service,” said Ellen Toborowsky, Vice President with Trustcompany Bank. “And we are confident that these qualities will bring more value and continued success to our entire EFT program.”

Trustcompany will rely on NYCE to operate 150 ATMs and provide processing support for related electronic payments services, including online debit card authorization (for ATM and POS transactions), signature-based card processing (for the Bank’s MasterCard(R) MasterMoney(TM) product) and gateway access to designated payments networks (namely, Cirrus and Plus). In addition, Trustcompany has designated NYCE as its premier “Network of Choice.”

“We are pleased that this leading New Jersey-based financial institution recognizes the benefits of NYCE for both Network participation and EFT Processing services,” said Michael A. Feliciano, Vice President & General Manager of NYCE’s EFT Processing Services Division. “Trustcompany’s selection of NYCE as an end-to-end EFT solution underscores our ability to effectively deliver reliability, service, and peace-of-mind to their entire EFT payments program.”

About Trust Company

The Trust Company of New Jersey (NASDAQ: TCNJ), known as Trustcompany Bank, is headquartered in Jersey City, New Jersey. It is New Jersey’s second largest state chartered full-service commercial bank and has provided banking services to the public for over 105 years. Trustcompany’s well-known slogan, “The Bank With Heart”, is demonstrated every day by it’s support of Northern and Central New Jersey’s various communities and it’s “family style” treatment of it’s employees and customers. Trustcompany Bank has reached $3.8 billion in assets without mergers or acquisitions. It is the only bank in New Jersey to have accomplished this strictly via internal growth. The Bank offers a full array of products and services for personal and business customers. Trustcompany also successfully operates 34 supermarket branches, which are all conveniently opened 7 days a week. For more information on the Bank, visit their website at [www.trustcompany.com][1].

About NYCE

NYCE Corporation is one of the leading electronic payments companies in the United States, providing financial institutions and retailers with shared network services for automated teller machines (ATMs), on-line debit point-of-sale (POS) and emerging real-time payment solutions. The company also provides processing services that support ATM management and monitoring services, as well as debit card issuance and authorization solutions. Through a long-standing commitment to product innovation, NYCE has established itself as a front-runner in real-time person-to-person (P2P) payment services and PIN-secured Internet debit payment solutions. Comprising 2,400 financial institution and retail ATM deployer participants, the NYCE Network processes nearly 100 million transactions per month while servicing more than 48 million cardholders through 45,000 NYCE-branded ATMs and 275,000 POS locations. NYCE can be found online at [www.nyce.net][2].

[1]: http://www.trustcompany.com
[2]: http://www.nyce.net



During the second quarter, company technology received major
recognition. FMV, Sweden’s Defence Materiel Administration, decided to test
technology for a new defence organisation data security system, from Comex
Electronics, Fingerprint Cards and Oberthur Card Systems. Oberthur supplies
the smartcards on which the Fingerprint Cards algorithm has been
implemented. Comex, who are the system suppliers, are supplying card
readers, which incorporate Fingerprint Cards sensor- and processor
components. A first prototype system is to be completed and delivered
before the end of the year and FMV’s decision as to possible series
deliveries is expected next year. A licence agreement has been signed with

In May, the Company demonstrated its technology at the major
technology trade fair, CardTech/SecurTech, in Las Vegas, a world-leading
forum for the most advanced technologies in the fields of smartcards and
biometrics. Biometric Associates Inc. demonstrated a self-identifying
smartcard, where the entire Fingerprint Card system has been incorporated,
i.e., both hard- and software. Great interest was aroused by the new sensor
developed by the Company, the only capacitive swipe sensor on the market
that thanks to its small size (2.5 mm x 11 mm) will be both cheaper to
develop and easier to integrate into small applications such as mobile
telephones. When volume manufacturers have undertaken their evaluations of
the quality and performance of this biometric technology, price will be the
sole determining factor, in the judgement of the Company.

Technical status

The reinforcement of the technical organisation continues to yield
positive results with regard to efforts to industrialise components, refine
algorithms and design a new ASIC process for the new swipe sensor.
Several sensor developers have had major problems in devising a
surface layer that makes the components resistant to electrostatic
discharges. For its sensors, Fingerprint Cards has developed a surface
coating that resists repeated 15 kV discharges and hence meets the
requirements of the highest EU standard, class 4. The surface developed is
production matched and also improves sensor performance for finger pattern

The potential of the new swipe sensor developed by the Company lies
in its compact size and very low production costs. For applications such as
mobile telephones and handheld computers (PDAs), which have their own
processor of adequate capacity, it can be used for the swipe sensor, for
which reason the algorithm can be supplied as an IP-module. This reduces
the number of components required by finger verification to one, i.e., the
sensor. For other applications, a specially adapted ASIC processor is
required for the swipe sensor. The design work on this process chip has
been in progress all this year and is now in its closing stages. Prototype
production is planned for the end of this year and efforts to adapt the
algorithm have been undertaken in parallel. In anticipation of the new
processor, the entire system with the swipe sensor is now been operated in
a PC environment, with an insert card developed by the Company that
simulates the function of an ASIC processor.

During the period the Company has further adapted a sensor and
algorithm as a standardised interface for biometric technology, BioAPI
(Biometric Application Programming Interface). The benefits of this
adaptation are that Company technology becomes more accessible to
application developers and that this facilitates large-scale tests and

Turnover and earnings

Consolidated turnover during the second quarter amounted to MSEK 0.2
(0.6) and for the period January-June, to MSEK 0.3 (1.0). The consolidated
loss for the second quarter amounted to MSEK -12.1 (-3.1) and for the
period January-June, the loss was MSEK -21.9 (-8.7). All development costs
including component purchases have been charged to the earnings. The
inventory build-up, relating to sensors and processors purchased during the
period for delivery to customers, has been written off in its entirety as
expenses item of MSEK 4.7. This deterioration in earnings in comparison
with the previous year is a result of the Company’s more offensive
commitment to technological development and marketing.

Financial position

Operations are essentially financed by both a new issue of MSEK 55.5,
floated in the spring of 1998, and a preferential and a directed new issue,
respectively, of MSEK 149 net, floated in April 2000. The consolidated
equity/assets ratio as at June 30, was 94.9% (97.6%). Consolidated
available liquid assets including current investments as at June 30, 2001,
totalled MSEK 136.8 (165.0). Other current receivables amounted to MSEK 2.8
(3.0).. The consolidated working capital amounted as at June 30 to MSEK
132.1 (163.7). The two equally large Company option programs with
redemption rates of SEK 192 and SEK 67, respectively, for a total of
600,000 shares can result in a maximum dilution of 9.4%.

Fixed assets, investments and depreciation

During the second quarter, MSEK 0.1 (0.1) was invested in equipment.
During the first six months, the investment in equipment totalled MSEK 0.2
(0.2). Previous development costs of MSEK 9.2 set up us an asset and patent
rights for MSEK 5.9 were depreciated according to plan by 15% annually,
equivalent to the expected economic life. Equipment is depreciated by 20%
annually and PCs by 30% annually.


During the second quarter, one further employee was taken on. The
number of employees as at the last day of June thus totalled seventeen

Accounting principles

This interim report has been prepared in accordance with
Recommendation RR 20 on interim reporting, issued by the Swedish Financial
Accounting Standards Council. The report has been prepared in accordance
with the same principles of accounting and calculation as applied to the
2000 Annual Report. Recording of deferred taxation attributable to a loss
carry forward totalling MSEK 17.8 has not been recorded as an asset on
grounds of principle. This is a reversion to the principles of accounting
that were applied during the establishment of the Annual Report for the
2000 fiscal year.

Significant events after the end of the accounting period
Fingerprint Cards licensee Biometric Associates Inc. has initiated a
transatlantic collaboration with the German smartcard manufacturer Novacard
GmbH. According to a press statement, both companies will this autumn
manufacture the world’s first smartcard with integrated finger verification
from Fingerprint Cards, which complies with the requirements for thinness
in accordance with ISO 7816.



SLMsoft.com Inc. announced a US$400,000
software contract to provide the National Bank of Oman (“NBO” or “the Bank”)
with a combination of network upgrades and new software solutions to enhance
the Bank’s transaction management network and to allow NBO to provide
convenient, cost-saving VISA debit card services to its customers.
“The NBO is an important customer to SLMsoft.com and has also provided us
with a strong foothold from which to pursue other business opportunities in
the Middle East,” said Govin Misir, Chairman and CEO of SLMsoft.com. “We are
very pleased to have maintained their confidence and earned this additional
business to help solidify SLMsoft.com as a core IT partner with the Bank. We
are delighted that our software continues to be of assistance to NBO as it
expands its network and the suite of services delivered to its customers.
Moreover, we trust this will fortify our already strong reputation in this
rapidly modernizing region.”

“SLMsoft.com and the National Bank of Oman have enjoyed a strong
relationship since 1992 when our initial efforts to build an electronic
transaction network throughout Oman, United Arab Emirates and Egypt began,”
said Taqi Ali Sultan, Deputy General Manger National Bank of Oman. “With
enhanced functionality and the addition of the VISA Electron Debit Cards to
our network, we can stay ahead of the competition by providing the highest
level of service available to our customers.”

Under terms of the contract, SLMsoft.com will provide upgrades to further
enhance the efficient and secure distribution of electronic transactions from
any end-user interface to NBO’s transaction processing centres. SLMsoft.com
will also supply the software to enable NBO’s network to provide its banking
customers with VISA Electron Debit Cards. VISA’s debit card programs offer
cardholders safety and ease of use, while merchants realize cost-savings
through secure and efficient transactions.

About SLMsoft.com

Founded in 1986, SLMsoft.com is a leading developer of electronic payment
systems and transaction processing solutions, including e-commerce
applications with a focus on the financial services industry. SLMsoft.com
provides real-time end-to-end e-banking solutions that include Internet
banking, interactive voice recognition (IVR), debit and credit card issuing,
automated teller machines and point-of-sale network management, retail branch
management, and e-CRM enabling technology. SLMsoft.com also provides
investment brokerage client and portfolio management applications for the
brokerage industry; e-health solutions which enable health insurance claims to
be evaluated at the point of service, processed and settled in real time; and
e-government solutions which enable consumers to pay fees for government
services in person, at kiosks, through IVR systems or the Internet. For more
information, please visit the Company’s website at www.slmsoft.com .



BroadVision, Inc., the leading provider enterprise self-service
applications, announced that Bank of Ayudhya, one of the leading banks in
Thailand, is using BroadVision One-To-One Enterprise and BroadVision
Finance solutions to power its e-banking services.

“Using BroadVision’s enterprise self-service applications, we plan to
attract at least 20,000 members, out of our 3 million accounts, to our web
site by the end of this year,” said Charlotte Donavanik, executive vice
president for Bank of Ayudhya. “As part of our marketing plans, we have
begun speaking to some leading universities to encourage their students to
pay tuition fees via our web site.”

Since its soft launch in June this year, Bank of Ayudhya’s online
banking offering has attracted more than 2,000 members. The online services
available include checking account balances, money transfers, and advance
bill payment.

“BroadVision’s finance solutions continue to be the preferred choice
for members of the banking and finance industry, such as Bank of Ayudhya,
who seek to significantly increase revenue and enhance services,” said Mr.
George Wong, managing director, BroadVision, ASEAN. “BroadVision’s success
is being driven by our deep understanding and industry expertise,
innovative, industry-specific solutions, and proven ability to deliver on
our commitments.”

System integrator Stream I.T. Consulting worked with Bank of Ayudhya
to implement their BroadVision-based e-banking services.

About Bank of Ayudhya

Thailand based Bank of Ayudhya was established in 1945 and was
registered as a public limited company in 1993. As of the first half of
2001, the Bank had 415 local nationwide branches and three overseas
branches in Hong Kong, Laos and the Cayman Island, bringing the total
branches network to 418. The Bank had a total of 12 subsidiaries,
associated and related companies in the financial, services and other
business sectors. The Bank concentrates its lending in the “Middle Market”
with emphasis in the manufacturing and trading sectors.

About BroadVision

BroadVision’s (Nasdaq: BVSN, Neuer Markt: BDN) enterprise
self-service applications create immediate business value by transforming
the way organizations do business — moving relationships to a
personalized, self-service model that enhances growth, reduces costs and
improves productivity. Leading global companies use BroadVision to power
their enterprise self-service initiatives — using the web and wireless
devices to unify and extend an enterprise’s applications, information and
business processes to serve its employees, partners and customers in a
personalized and collaborative way.


Loftesness & CyberSource

CyberSource Corporation, a leading provider of risk management and electronic payment solutions for enterprise businesses, and a pioneer in Internet fraud detection, announced that Scott Loftesness, a former executive at Visa International and First Data Merchant Services, has joined CyberSource’s Board of Directors.

In addition to filling the roles of group executive for First Data Merchant Services and senior vice president at Visa International, Mr. Loftesness has served as managing director at Fidelity Capital. Scott Loftesness’ career also includes senior line operating management positions in payments, payment-related technologies, electronic commerce, and IS/IT technologies.

“With his banking, payment industry, and card association experience, Scott Loftesness brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to our board. I am confident his experience, knowledge and insight will help CyberSource continue to deliver on its commitment to provide leading payment and risk management solutions for enterprise businesses worldwide,” said Bill McKiernan, Chairman and CEO of CyberSource Corporation.

“CyberSource is very well positioned in the payment and risk management industry. They have great technology, a world-class customer list and excellent alliances, which allow them to play a critical role in this mission critical area,” commented Mr. Loftesness. “I am excited to have the opportunity to assist in the company’s strategic decision making, especially in its focus on providing outstanding payment and fraud solutions to enterprise customers.”

Loftesness joins board members Bill McKiernan of CyberSource, Stephen Novak of C.E. Unterberg, Towbin, Richard Scudellari of Morrison & Foerster LLP, Jack McDonnell, Jr., of Transaction Network Services, Inc., Kenneth Thornton, formerly of IBM, and Ken Harris of Gap Inc.

About CyberSource

CyberSource Corporation is a leading provider of risk management and electronic payment solutions for enterprise businesses selling via multiple sales channels. CyberSource solutions manage transaction risk and enable electronic payment processing for Web, call center/IVR, and POS environments. CyberSource professional services designs, integrates and optimizes enterprise-wide commerce transaction systems. Over 3,000 businesses use CyberSource solutions, including over half of the Dow Jones Industrial companies. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and has sales and service facilities in Japan, the United Kingdom, and other locations in the United States. For more information, please visit CyberSource’s web site at .



First Ecom.com, Inc., a company with interests in gas and oil
exploitation and electronic payment solutions announced that United
Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Bhd has signed a payment processing agreement with
its wholly owned subsidiary and payment processing division for Asia, First
Ecom Data Services Asia Limited (FEDS Asia).

UOBM contracted FEDS Asia to provide an Integrated On-line Payment
Solution. The FEDS Asia payment system has been integrated with the UOBM
Visa/MasterCard credit card payments system to provide UOBM’s merchants
with a seamless Internet credit card payment solution that will be
available immediately.

Under the terms of the agreement FEDS Asia will provide UOBM with
payment gateway and processing services, as well as First Ecom’s Merchant
Accounting and Reporting System (MARS) for an initial period of three years
with automatic renewal thereafter.

“We are delighted to have United Overseas Bank Malaysia as our first
partner bank in Malaysia,” said Steve Corbin, President of FEDS Asia. “UOB
Malaysia is an excellent partner for FEDS Asia. UOB Malaysia is part of the
UOB Group, which is one of the leading banks in South-East Asia. In
Malaysia the Bank counts both government departments and private companies
among its merchants that will be using the online payment services that
FEDS Asia will provide. Signing this agreement is a significant step in
achieving our goal of becoming the leading Internet payment processor in
the Asian market.”

“UOB always searches for the best solution for its customers,” said
Manohar K., Vice President, Head – Card Payment Services, Credit Card
Center, UOB Malaysia. “In terms of Internet payment processing capabilities
FEDS Asia offered the best solution available. By using the FEDS Asia
solution and combining it with MEPS and our own credit card systems we are
now able to offer our customers a secure, efficient and easy to use
Internet credit card payment solution that will establish UOB Malaysia as
the leading Internet merchant bank in the country.”

As part of the integration process with UOBM, FEDS Asia has
integrated its payment gateway technology with the Malaysian Electronic
Payment System (1997) Sdn Bhd (MEPS) system, the national electronic
payment-processing platform for banks in Malaysia.

About First Ecom.com

First Ecom.com Inc. has interests in both oil and gas exploitation as
well as being a global provider of electronic payment solutions through its
wholly owed subsidiaries First Ecommerce Data Services Limited and First
Ecom Data Services Asia Limited.

About First Ecom Data Services Asia

A wholly owned subsidiary of First Ecom.com Inc. (NASDAQ: FECC, BSX:
FECC, FECC BH), FEDS Asia provides banks and financial institutions with
universal, secure, cost efficient electronic payment solutions.
Established in March 2001, FEDS Asia is dedicated to delivering the
First Ecom payment processing solution to banks and financial institutions
within the Asia Pacific region. It is a provider of out-sourcing solutions
as well as licensing its technology to financial institutions wishing to
deploy in-house Internet payment processing solutions.

About United Overseas Bank Malaysia

United Overseas Bank (Malaysia) Bhd (UOB Malaysia) is a member of the
United Overseas Bank Group, Singapore.
Incorporated in Malaysia in 1993, UOB Malaysia now operates 25
strategically located branches throughout Malaysia and offers a full range
of commercial banking and financial services.

As part of the United Overseas Bank Group in Singapore, UOB Malaysia
is backed by the vast resources of the United Overseas Bank Group,
including RM129.2 billion in Total Assets (excluding contra) and RM14.1
billion in Capital and Reserves, advanced technological support and
international network of offices.

About United Overseas Bank Group

United Overseas Bank is a leading bank in Singapore with an
international network that comprises 277 offices (65 branches in Singapore
and 212 offices overseas) in 17 countries in the Asia-Pacific region,
Europe and North America.

UOB provides a wide range of financial services through its global
network of branches, offices and subsidiaries: commercial and corporate
banking, personal financial services, private banking, trust services,
treasury services, asset management, corporate finance, capital market
activities, venture capital management, proprietary investments, general
insurance and life assurance. It also offers stock broking services through
its associates.

UOB’s vision is to be a premier bank in the Asia-Pacific region,
committed to providing quality products and excellent customer service.
As at 31 December 2000, the UOB Group had total assets of S$66.3
billion and shareholders’ funds of S$6.8 billion. It also achieved a record
Net Profit After Tax of S$913 million for 2000, and ROE stood at 14.1%.
UOB is rated among the world’s top banks by Moody’s Investors
Service, receiving B+ for Bank Financial Strength, and Aa2 and Prime-1 for
long-term and short-term deposits respectively.

Asiamoney has ranked UOB as Asia’s 3rd Strongest Bank as well as the
Strongest Bank in Singapore. In addition, US-based Global Finance has
ranked UOB No. 62 out of 300 global banks in the publication’s annual
selection of the World’s 300 Safest Banks 2000, as well as named UOB the
Safest Bank In Singapore.


Finger Cards

Toronto-based Bioscrypt has unveiled a ‘V-Smart’ physical access device which provides for a contactless smart card and fingerprint reader solution. Bioscrypt’s ‘V-Smart’ is a contactless MIFARE read/write device integrated with a biometric fingerprint reader. The user simply presents the smart card and places a finger on the reader. The ‘V-Smart’ then compares the presented fingerprint with the fingerprint template stored on the smart card to verify the user’s identity. As the ‘V-Smart’ stores the template on the smart card, it eliminates the redundant wire requirements necessary to distribute the templates across the network of readers.



Bioscrypt Inc., a leading
provider of biometric authentication solutions, announced the latest
addition to the versatile VeriSeries access control product line, the “V-

Bioscrypt’s V-Smart is a contactless MIFARE read/write device integrated
with a biometric fingerprint reader. The user simply presents the smart card
and places a finger on the reader. The V-Smart then compares the presented
fingerprint with the fingerprint template stored on the smart card to verify
the user’s identity.

Incorporating Bioscrypt’s patented biometric authentication technology, V-
Smart is designed to offer a convenient biometric solution for large-scale
installations by taking advantage of the features of a contactless smart-card
technology. The fingerprint template is securely stored on the smart card
instead of the reader or server creating a “portable database”, supporting an
unlimited number of users.

As the V-Smart stores the template on the smart card, it eliminates the
redundant wire requirements necessary to distribute the templates across the
network of readers. For companies with multiple locations, this allows
employees to access multiple facilities without having to be enrolled at each
and every site.

“Bioscrypt is very excited about the release of V-Smart,” said Pierre
Donaldson, president and CEO of Bioscrypt. “By adding a smart card solution to
our extensive line of access control products, we believe we are providing our
customers with biometric solutions to meet their unique requirements.”
Bioscrypt works with an international network of distributors and OEMs to
advance its products and bring them to the market. A number of these OEMs
evaluated V-Smart and returned very enthusiastic responses, including HID
Corporation’s director of technology integration, John Menzel, “Two years ago,
HID and Bioscrypt combined proximity and biometric technologies in developing
the highly secure VeriProx product. Bioscrypt’s embedding of MIFARE technology
in their new V-Smart biometric product provides HID MIFARE card users with a
highly secure dual-factor verification solution.”

About Bioscrypt Inc.

Bioscrypt Inc. (TSE:BYT) is a leading provider of fingerprint-based
biometric solutions to organizations requiring a high level of security for
network, wireless and physical access. Bioscrypt provides strong
authentication through the use of a robust pattern recognition algorithm that
is used to bind a user’s credentials to their biometric, such as a
fingerprint. Bioscrypt’s biometric solutions are designed to enhance end user
convenience and reduce password management costs. Bioscrypt brands its
technology as “bioscrypt on board”, which signifies that Bioscrypt Inc.’s high
standards of biometric quality and security reside within that product. For
more information on Bioscrypt, visit the Company’s Web site at

Bioscrypt Inc., Bioscrypt, Bioscrypt Network, Bioscrypt Portable,
Bioscrypt Core-PC, Bioscrypt Core-Wireless, V-Pass, V-Smart, Veriprox, V2100,
MV1100 and and bioscrypt on board are trademarks of Bioscrypt Inc. All other
trademarks or registered trademarks referenced herein are properties of their
respective owners.


Card Spammers

`Spammers who collected consumers’ personal identifying information, including credit card information, by telling them they had to supply the data or lose access to the Internet have agreed yesterday to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that their scheme violated the law. The FTC charged that in mid-October 1999, Global Internet Federal Registry and Get Our From Under.com, Inc sent unsolicited commercial e-mail to Internet news groups notifying members that because of the ‘Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act’, consumers were required to certify their age to maintain access to the Internet. The messages directed consumers to defendants’ Web sites whereby they required consumers to provide credit card information. In December 1999 the FTC filed a complaint charging that the defendants’ representations were false and deceptive.



Hitachi and Dai Nippon Printing Co and six other firms have formed a new company to issue Mondex cards to be capitalized at 850 million yen. The other firms include: JCB, Nissho Iwai, Hitachi Software, Toppan Printing, Kyodo Printing, and TIS. Hitachi and Dai Nippon will each own 17.6% while JCB, Nissho Iwai and Hitachi Software will each hold an 11.7% stake. Toppan Printing, Kyodo Printing and TIS will each own 5.8%. The newly formed company expects to reach revenue of 1.7 bln yen by 2004.


Marshall to Blackstone

Blackstone (), one of the nation’s leading electronic providers of prepaid telecommunications products and services, Monday named John Marshall to the newly created position of president of Blackstone’s Prepaid Systems Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Blackstone Communications.

Bringing over 25 years of experience in the electronic payment industry, John was most recently senior vice president, office of the president, for Hypercom (NYSE:HYC) (http://www.hypercom.com), a leading global provider of electronic payment solutions that add value at the point-of-sale for consumers, merchants and acquirers. In his new position, John will be responsible for the overall direction, coordination and evaluation of the Prepaid Systems Group, including the day-to-day operations, sales & marketing, and long term strategic planning.

According to John, “The opportunity that Blackstone has to quickly bring two large, but separate industries together (prepaid calling cards and credit cards) and better serve the merchant, is a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity.’ I am very happy to be a part of the Blackstone team.”

The Blackstone POS terminal, utilizing the Hypercom ICE 5500, is revolutionizing the electronic transaction industry. By integrating the processing of all major credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover Card and Diners Club), ATM/bank cards and EBT (electronic benefits transfer) with the sale of prepaid cellular and prepaid calling cards into one, easy-to-use POS terminal.

Luis Arias, Blackstone’s president and chief executive officer added, “For the last several months, I have been trying to entice John to join Blackstone. I am thrilled to have him on board and look forward to announcing our major successes in the coming weeks.”

Blackstone has rapidly become one of the country’s largest providers of prepaid telecommunications products and services with over 300,000 retail locations nationwide. Established and headquartered in Miami, Florida since 1995, Blackstone is privately owned, and managed by a team of executives experienced in payment processing, networking, information services, oil & gas and prepaid telecommunications. Under their direction, Blackstone has developed ongoing distribution relationships with internationally recognized companies such as AT&T, VoiceStream, ADMA, Americatel, Cingular, Embratel, Hypercom, Qwest and Universal Savings Bank. Today, Blackstone is successfully merging two industries, prepaid telecommunications and electronic transactions, into one terminal to the benefit of merchants across the United States.

Blackstone POS are trademarks of Blackstone Communications Co., US and foreign patents pending.