BillyWeb Corp., a company specialized in multimedia
programming dedicated to teenagers, and Ibank, a financial solution provider,
join forces to offer teenagers a new generation of savings accounts that
utilize a customized debit card the BillyWebCard.

The Covefi Bank has chosen to join this project to allow teenagers to
learn to manage their own money, in a much friendlier, more appealing and
innovative manner, which currently does not exist in the traditional banking
world. This partnership in particular reflects the philosophy of the bank,
which is to anticipate the needs of its clients, including the younger
generation, and to respond to their expectations in the day-to-day management
of their financial assets. The new project focuses on three age groups as

11 year-olds and younger

The BillyWebCard account allows the 11 year-olds and younger to open a
savings account, with a gross interest yield of 5.25%. When the client signs
up for a new account, they are delivered a smart card using vocal-sound
recognition technology, called “secure-sound,” developed by AudioSmartcard.
This secure and innovative card does not allow its beneficiary to directly
withdraw money, but gives access, through Club BillyWeb, to many privileges
and advantages free tickets, TV shows, premieres, invitations to meet your
favorite star, and various discounts on the trendiest products available
today. To identify themselves and access the Club BillyWeb, the owner of the
card simply pushes the tiny button on the card, which is placed next to the
telephone. The card then emits an audio code, which is immediately recognized
by the server. BillyWeb then greets the card owner by his first name.

12-16 year-olds

The BillyWebCard account dedicated to the 12-16 year-olds is a young adult
savings account with a net interest yield of 4.75%. A real debit card, with an
original (BillyWebCard) design, is provided with this account. It allows its
owner to withdraw money at any traditional ATM. The card also gives access to
the BillyWeb Club, and acts as a privilege card. Each cardholder benefits from
many advantages free tickets, TV shows, premieres, invitations to meet your
favorite star, and various discounts on the trendiest products available

17 years and older

The BillyWebCard can also be offered to the 17 year-olds and older. They
benefit from an actual bank account and a savings plan yielding a gross
interest of 5.25%. They can also benefit from the same advantages that the
other cards have, including full access to the BillyWeb Club. They can also
apply for a traditional credit card, if they wish to do so.

BillyWeb Corp.

Specialized in the production of multimedia programming dedicated to
teenagers, the company BillyWeb conceives, publishes and produces content, TV
programs, games and other multimedia oriented products. BillyWeb Corp’s
(quoted on Nasdaq OTCBB BLLY) objective is to develop educative, innovative
and fun products and solutions for European and American teenagers.


Ibank creates and optimizes the remote client acquisition process of
banks, leasing and insurance companies. Ibank integrates the various remote
marketing sales networks (vouchers, telephone, TV, Internet) of the main
financial players.

Covefi Bank

The Covefi bank is a remote-based banking solution, of which its
shareholders are 3 Suisses (66%) and Cetelem (34%). It obtained the status of
a bank in 1992. Targeting individuals, it conceives, creates and manages a
line of banking products and services that eases the process of managing
money. It is accessible by mail, telephone, Minitel, and Internet.


Chase i-Card

Chase launched a new credit card featuring a rewards program and online attributes that include a prepaid MasterCard. With the Chase ‘i-Card’ customers will earn a 1% reward on each purchase made with the card, online or offline with rewards received in the form of a ‘Webcertificate’, the online gift certificate developed by Ecount. When a value of $10.00 in rewards is reached, Ecount will send an e-mail notification to the cardholder that a ‘Webcertificate’ reward has been earned. This online gift certificate is a re-loadable pre-paid online MasterCard debit card. The card has no annual fee and an introductory APR of 2.99% for six months on all purchases and balance transfers. The go-to APR ranges from prime +4.49% to +9.49%. The lowest rates are offered to relationship customers who qualify for the Platinum version.



TD Bank Financial Group today announced the
launch of a new e-commerce service for small to medium sized merchants. Online
Mart, powered by Bell Nexxia, provides a secure environment for TD merchants
to connect with customers on the Internet. This service provides merchants the
ability to process online credit card transactions, receive around-the-clock
technical support, and access a full complement of electronic services to
enhance merchant websites as their business needs grow. These electronic
services are also available to those merchants with existing websites.

“Online Mart is yet another example of TD’s commitment to providing
customers with a full e-commerce solution for their business needs,” said
Steve Phillips, Vice President, Merchant Services. “We’re pleased to offer our
small to medium-sized business customers the convenience of a Web-based retail
solution tailored to meet their e-commerce requirements.”

Online Mart offers TD Merchant customers the ability to

– build a secure online storefront that enables online transactions;

– track online orders and view activity reports;

– allow customers to link from TD website directly to an easy-to-use directory of Canadian retailers registered with TD’s Online Mart; and

– obtain a customized e-mail account and one unlimited internet connection

Online Mart enhances TD’s other e-commerce initiatives, including its
award winning online banking service EasyWeb and TD MarketSite, Canada’s first
business-to-business trading portal launched by TD in July 2000.
“Bell Nexxia has worked closely with TD to provide an innovative suite of
solutions, including, Internet connectivity, web-based email and custom-built
portal content around a Bell-hosted e-commerce environment,” said Randy
Reynolds, president of Bell Nexxia.

Merchants who have an existing e-commerce site can also benefit from the
services provided by Online Mart by choosing to add components such as payment
services. This service can be easily added on to an existing e-commerce site
to help facilitate the collection of payments and provide merchants with
reports and information that they can use to improve their product or service.

The new portal found at
( to link to the French version, Magasins en
ligne) outlines how businesses can establish or enhance their online presence
and also includes pricing information.

About Bell Nexxia

Bell Nexxia, a division of Bell Canada, provides total communications
solutions to national business customers and operates a state-of-the-art coast-
to-coast IP-Broadband network. Bell Canada, Canada’s national leader for
communications in the Internet world, provides connectivity to residential and
business customers through wired and wireless voice and data communications,
high speed and wireless Internet access, IP-broadband services, e-business
solutions, local and long distance phone and directory services. Bell Canada
is owned by BCE Inc. of Montréal (80%) and by SBC Communications Inc. of San
Antonio, Texas (20%). For more information please visit

About TD Financial Group

In Canada and around the world, TD Bank Financial Group serves
approximately 13 million customers in five key areas personal banking,
commercial banking, discount brokerage, investment management and investment
banking. A member of TD Bank Financial Group, TD Canada Trust, which includes
both TD Bank and Canada Trust retail networks, is Canada’s leading retail
bank. The industry leader in electronic banking and customer service, TD
Canada Trust is focused on building a better bank for Canadians.


Wireless NewCash

QualcommTel, a leader in wireless services, the Tiller Group, a privately held investment and technology firm, and MerchantOnline, a digital payment products and services provider, announced a strategic relationship to provide digital payment mechanisms to the global wireless marketplace. The relationship includes the purchase of a long-term license for MerchantOnline’s (MOL) NewCash technology, resulting in significant immediate revenue for MOL as well as an ongoing transaction-based revenue flow.

QualcommTel, working with other Tiller Group affiliates, will use NewCash as their base payments product, planning to add additional functionality to offer consumers and businesses a global, wireless suite of financial services which will enable them to pay anywhere, at anytime. These products and services will meet the needs of both the online and physical worlds, wireless as well as traditional consumer, business and government markets. “NewCash’s ability to support smart cards, wireless, stored value, ecash and additional functions provides us the flexibility for online and offline functionality through a single payment instrument,” said QualcommTel’s Chairman, Anthony Georgiou. “By using NewCash’s functionality as the core for our global financial product suite, we envision a vast array of technologies and services that will provide uniquely valuable financial services.” The NewCash system allows instant accessibility to transfer money online from or to anyone anywhere in the world 24/7/365 to family members, business associates or any other individual possessing a card. The NewCash system will allow instant use at millions of point of sale locations.

“MerchantOnline is excited to find a partner who has the vision and global presence to realize the potential of the NewCash system. Physical POS (point of sale) or the Internet, Beijing or San Francisco, this alliance will have a significant impact in the wireless and smart card arena,” said Jim Degracia, President and CEO of MerchantOnline.

About Qualcomm Telecommunications, LTD

Qualcomm Telecommunications Limited is a telecommunications holding company with shareholdings in telecom ventures world-wide including China and Russia where it deploys CDMA technology within the Russian Federation through Metrosvyaz, a company formed as a joint venture between Tiller International and Qualcomm Inc. of San Diego California (Nasdaq:QCOM). Also a shareholder is Leap Wireless Inc. (Nasdaq:LWIN) a spin off of Qualcomm. The shareholders have invested in excess of $200 Million to deploy CDMA in Eastern Europe.

About the Tiller Group

The Tiller Group is a diversified holding company with interests in natural resource development, real estate and telecommunications. Through Tiller International the Group runs an incubator fund specializing in developing its own high tech product portfolio. The company is the holder of more than 200 patents in, amongst others, RF SOI chip development for fourth generation mobile communications.

About MerchantOnline

Founded in December 1997, MerchantOnline () dba NewCash Technologies, Inc. provides a secure transaction network that enables businesses and consumers to use one payment system for both their real world and virtual world needs utilizing credit cards, ATM/debit cards, stored value cards, electronic cash and other payment technologies.



Despite a largely cash economy, VISA International plans to issue more than 2.5 million VISA Electron debit cards in Thailand over the next year. VISA projects it will capture a 3% market share this year in Thailand’s 2.5 trillion baht total personal consumption expenditure. Last year VISA’s PCE in Thailand was 2.5%. VISA also says it will double merchant acceptance over the next three years to 240,000 locations. VISA as 15 member banks in Thailand.


Concur Expense

Concur Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of Corporate Expense Management solutions and most recently named to Puget Sound Business Journal’s “Fastest Growing Public Companies,” announced that it has joined with Bank of America, one of the world’s leading financial services companies, to integrate Bank of America Corporate and Commercial Card data with Concur Expense, the world’s leading Web-based travel and entertainment expense management solution.

Customers using Bank of America Corporate and Commercial Card solutions may now take advantage of Concur’s corporate card integration technology, which delivers increased efficiencies and cost-savings through lower data entry costs, better information for analysis and reporting, improved corporate card compliance, and a seamlessly integrated T&E expense management solution.

“Bank of America’s Corporate Card solutions have achieved tremendous market penetration worldwide and Bank of America is committed to bringing innovative services to corporate business travelers,” said Steve Singh, chairman, president, and chief executive officer for Concur. “For more than seven years, Concur has integrated its solutions with financial products and services around the world to maximize our customer’s process efficiencies and return on investment.”

Concur Expense automates each step of the T&E expense management process — from expense report preparation and approval to policy compliance, data analysis, and reimbursement. With Concur Expense, companies gain new control over their T&E expense management process. Travelers prepare expense reports faster and more accurately, aided by the direct prepopulation of expense data from their corporate charge cards. Expense reports are automatically routed to managers, who can more efficiently approve expense reports on-line and receive immediate notification of non-compliant entries. Accounting is more productive because expense reports are delivered on-line and automatically link to financial and payroll systems, eliminating the need to re-key expense data. Easily accessible expense data allows the company to analyze spending trends and negotiate better supplier rates for additional savings.

About Concur Technologies, Inc.

Concur Technologies, Inc. is the leading provider of Corporate Expense Management solutions that automate costly and inefficient business processes, allowing companies to better leverage their most limited resources: time, money, knowledge, and energy. Meeting the needs of businesses of all sizes, Concur’s solutions include travel and entertainment expense management, employee requests for vendor payments, and time tracking and reporting, and can be delivered through licensed and Application Service Provider (ASP) models. Today, over 725 companies, including AT&T, Citigroup, Daimler-Chrysler, DuPont, First Union, and Pfizer, have licensed over 2 million employees to use Concur’s market-leading solutions to reduce costs, and increase productivity and access to data about internal business processes. Delivering on its commitment to excellence and meeting the needs of its customers across the globe, Concur leverages its strategic alliances with more than 50 world-class organizations such as ADP, American Express, Exodus, KPMG Consulting, Inc., Microsoft, and Microsoft Great Plains Business Solutions, and has successfully deployed its solution to more than 1.2 million employees worldwide. Concur also continues to expand its international market leadership with more than 50 companies deployed outside North America. More information is available via the Internet at .


Brodia & VPA

The Brodia Group, the global leader in deploying commerce platform and digital wallet technology enabling authenticated transactions on any Web, mobile or other network-connected device, announced today that it is implementing a new secure protocol working with Visa U.S.A., the world’s largest consumer payments system. Brodia is supporting Visa Payer Authentication, a new initiative based on Visa’s 3-D Secure Interoperability Standard that will make Internet shopping better and safer for both buyers and sellers on the Web.

Visa Payer Authentication, part of Visa’s Secure Commerce Program, is designed to reduce the risk of unauthorized use of a cardholder account and make Internet shopping safer for both buyers and sellers on the Web. Visa Payer Authentication uses technology from Brodia and other vendors to enable card Issuers to verify a cardholder’s identity through the use of a password and provide results to the merchant in real-time during the virtual checkout process. Brodia is supporting Visa banks and their cardholders as a standalone application that pops-up a browser window at the end of an online transaction. Visa Payer Authentication is available through Brodia’s industry-standard digital wallet, depending on the preference of the client.

In addition, through Brodia’s Payer Authentication Premium Service Pack, any Visa Issuer implementing a Brodia Payer Authentication offering will have the option to easily activate a range of additional premium cardholder services, including smart card support, an enriched, Web-based personal transaction portal, enhanced digital receipts, programmable card numbers, and integration with any existing card and bank online offerings.

“The online payments market is entering an upgrade phase. We’re excited to support Visa’s initiative in this regard to offer more secure online transactions that provide relief to merchants, consumers, and card issuers from the now well understood negative effects of fraudulent card use and repudiation,” said Brodia CEO Ron Martinez. “We’re especially proud to be offering the industry’s only stand-alone Payer Authentication implementation that is inherently extensible to provide a range of additional premium cardholder services.”

“Brodia’s Payer Authentication Premium Service Pack provides Visa’s Member banks that are implementing Visa Payer Authentication with the ability to authenticate transactions on the Web, and other network-connected devices,” said Jim McCarthy, senior vice president at e-Visa, a division of Visa U.S.A. “Visa is working with a variety of vendors to make Visa 3-D Secure a flexible turn-key solution for Visa Issuers, giving them the opportunity to use the service as other forms of electronic payments emerge.”

About Brodia

Brodia () provides the premier commerce platform and core applications to enable personal commerce, payments and identity management on any Web, mobile or other network-connected device. The Brodia Commerce Platform enables financial institutions, mobile carriers, developers and third parties to build products and extend their services. The company’s services are available through a range of the leading financial institutions whose collective customer base is in excess of 200 million. Brodia is based in San Francisco, and has offices in New York and London. The company’s investors include Bank of Singapore Limited, Capital Z Partners, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Draper Fisher Jurvetson ePlanet Ventures, Itochu Corporation, MasterCard International and Morgan Stanley Dean Witter & Co.


TSYS 2Q/01

TSYS reported net income for the second quarter of $26.0 million on revenues of $162.5 million compared to net income of $24.3 million on revenues of $150.5 million for 2Q/00. TSYS’ revenues do not include Vital Processing Services revenues. Bank card processing revenues for 2q/01 were $141.1 million, an 11.9% increase over last year. TSYS currently has 202.1 million accounts on file. During the second quarter, TSYS entered the EBT arena with the signing of a multi-year agreement with Lockheed Martin IMS to provide transaction processing, settlement and recipient call center services to meet Lockheed’s EBT needs. Internationally, TSYS is processing about 23 million accounts on file, is awaiting the last portion of the Royal Bank of Scotland’s portfolio conversion to be completed this quarter. For complete current and historical data on TSYS visit CardData ([][1]).




S2 Systems, Inc., a global provider of transaction processing, authorization and integrated solutions for the banking and financial services market, announced a joint initiative with ASB BANK to introduce an enhanced system for managing banking transactions.

The open architecture switching solution enables ASB BANK to expand service delivery, improve customer service, and significantly reduce the cost and complexity of transaction processing services. This implementation is the first of its kind in New Zealand.

The decision of ASB BANK to transition from proprietary systems to S2’s OpeN/2(TM) solution for Windows(R) sets a new price/performance and ROI benchmark in the banking and financial services sector. It also enables the bank to maintain high availability for its payments based transaction network and broaden its delivery channels — which in consumer terms translates into real-time transactions round the clock and expanded services. ASB BANK aims to sustain its position as New Zealand’s pre-eminent retail bank with the introduction of this system.

“ASB BANK customers expect us to be at the forefront of introducing advanced, interactive electronic banking and self-service applications,” stated Clayton Wakefield, ASB BANK’s Group General Manager Technology and Operations. “We’re introducing a number of significant technology innovations to our banking service and product range, so we need our system to be able to handle a large volume of transactions at peak times with no disruption to the customer. S2’s system allows us to do that.”

S2’s OpeN/2 solution for ASB BANK enables a higher level of ATM management, interchange and reciprocity transaction switching as well as stand-in capabilities during periods where the mainframe server is offline. The OpeN/2 solution is built to support transactions through ATMs and EFTPOS devices, as well as Internet, wireless and other emerging technologies, connected by open or proprietary networks.

“Our collaboration with ASB BANK sets an important precedent in New Zealand and validates S2’s next generation transaction processing solutions for banking and financial services,” said Stephen Clark, president and CEO of S2 Systems. “We expect this key implementation to precipitate a sea change in the region, with respect to open standards-based technology, and to encourage broader adoption of OpeN/2 as the global solution of choice for open architecture transaction processing.”

The bank’s implementation of S2’s OpeN/2 engine operating on Windows(R) servers will enable ASB BANK to handle peak transaction volumes with greater duration, speed, reliability, and scalability than existing proprietary systems.

“The ASB BANK project team worked hard to implement this system,” said Clayton Wakefield. “Since going live, we are pleased with performance. Additionally we are now testing against the critical benchmark of 99.995% availability for our key transaction network. This translates into optimal availability for our 24×7 business operations, enabling us to expand customer service, and differentiate ourselves by increasing the ways our customers can do their banking electronically.”

ASB BANK’s transition to open architecture allows it to utilise the power of Intel(R) state-of-the-art chip technology in its servers for easy access of relational databases, lower hardware costs, comparatively high throughput, and maximum availability. In addition, deployment of OpeN/2 in Microsoft(R) Windows NT(R) enables performance optimization, and scalability can be provided with additional servers, improving speed-to-market in the delivery of new services.

In the banking and financial services industry, it is critical to maintain high availability of ATMs and EFTPOS networks. Seventy-five percent of ASB BANK’s online transactions — handled by its payment gateway — are ATM and EFTPOS transactions. According to a report published by the Strategic Research Corporation last year, system outages can result in an estimated hourly loss of US$14,500 (NZ$35,740) in ATM fees.


ASB BANK is a full service, nationally operating bank with more than 115 branches and 300 ATMs throughout New Zealand. ASB is New Zealand’s pre-eminent retail bank and is well known for its practical application of leading-edge technology. The Bank offers retail, Internet, corporate and international banking, trading finance and investment services. ASB BANK has provided over 150 years of service to New Zealand and has been in the forefront of introducing advanced, interactive electronic banking and self-service technology. Fastnet internet banking, Bank Direct’s Net Direct and ASB Securities’ online discount sharetrading are the most popular online financial services offered by ASB Group. Visit the Bank’s web site at

About S2 Systems

S2 Systems, Inc. is a leading global provider of e-business solutions for the banking, financial services, retail and travel & hospitality industries. For more than 18 years, some of the world’s largest organizations have relied on S2 products to drive their high-volume e-commerce transactions. Today, our leading-edge technology enables businesses worldwide to implement Web-based initiatives that improve operational efficiency, enhance customer service and generate new revenue streams. S2 Systems is headquartered in Dallas, Texas and has offices in Atlanta, London, Paris, Maarssen, Stockholm, Dubai, Riyadh, Hong Kong, Beijing, Melbourne, and Sydney. For more information about S2 Systems, visit its Web site at



KING Products Inc. announced today that
its new release of King Payment Server software has received
certification from Vital Processing Services to process credit card
transactions in the USA using VISA II protocol.

KPS consists of a suite of modules designed to link a network of kiosks
via the public Internet, and communicate with the Vital processors by a
private Frame Relay circuit. The new release of KPS provides merchants with a
rich set of payment administration tools which include, among others, real
time authorization, capturing and batching settlements of Visa, Master Card,
Amex and Discover credit cards, transaction reporting, voiding of
transactions, and credit refund of settled transactions.

The Vital(R) certification will allow all Kingnet(TM) customers to extend
their means of online payments to various types of credit and loyalty cards at
a very competitive price. KING confirms its commitment to develop the most
comprehensive and powerful software platform for interactive multimedia kiosks
and public access terminals.

KING is a world leader in providing access to the Internet and online
services from public areas. Using interactive multimedia terminals and
payphones, KING provides effective and convenient interactive multimedia
solutions for businesses wanting to connect the public to Internet,
e-commerce, telecommunications, advertising and online services. KING, based
in the Toronto area, has sales representation in New York, France, Denmark and
Hong Kong.

KING is a member of the Ascom Group. Ascom is an internationally active
Swiss telecommunications, service automation and energy systems group, with
more than 10,000 employees worldwide and revenues of CHF 3 billion. Ascom
concentrates on providing innovative products, systems and solutions “for
enabling e-business” that are aimed at telecoms operators, service providers,
postal and banking services, operators of infrastructures, businesses and the
home user. The main markets are Europe, Asia, North America and Latin America.



EasyPark Ltd., a subsidiary of OTI announced that it has signed an agreement with Ahuzat Hahof, which manages the parking solution on behalf of the City of Tel Aviv, the largest metropolis in Israel, to expand the EasyPark program in Tel Aviv to include parking payment for parking lots and to implement a complementary system utilizing a SmartID Sticker to manage vehicle registration and parking permits. As a part of the agreement, the City of Tel Aviv will launch an aggressive marketing and promotion campaign to promote the use of EasyPark and SmartID Stickers.

Ahuzat Hahof has already placed an order for an additional 10,000 EasyPark cards and 10,000 new vehicle registration stickers to support this endeavor. As a part of the agreement, further space on the multi-application EasyPark smart card has been allocated for additional municipal services.

“We are excited by the opportunity to present the EasyPark solution in our parking lots, and street parking for the City of Tel Aviv,” said Jacob Meir, General Manager of Ahuzat Hahof. “We expect that the solution will be installed in every vehicle in the City, either through the SmartID Sticker or the EasyPark card, allowing residents to park either in the street or at a parking lot. We expect to distribute SmartID Stickers for 100,000 vehicles and at least 50,000 EasyPark cards by the end of the year.”

EasyPark utilizes OTI’s award-winning contactless smart card technology as the foundation for the easy-to-use cards. Drivers need only to turn the card on, indicate the correct city and zone codes, and display it within their vehicle. Turning the card off upon returning to the car, the driver is charged only for the actual parking time an efficient improvement over the existing parking system. The same e-cash value used for on-street parking payment will now be accepted at private parking lots. The card is simply presented at the gate when entering or exiting a parking lot. An entry time stamp recorded on the card is compared with the exit time automatically debiting the card only for the exact amount of time within the parking lot.

SmartID Stickers are permanently attached to the windshield of the vehicle, containing an OTI smart card chip with the vehicle’s current registration information as well as specific parking permits. For example, a Tel Aviv resident with a neighborhood parking pass is exempt from parking payment in that area, which can be verified by the use of a hand-held contactless smart card reader issued to all parking enforcement officers. SmartID Stickers are updated electronically with status and payment information as needed.

“We at OTI are happy to join forces with Ahuzat Hahof, which is the best partner to introduce a solution providing the ultimate convenience for on- and off-street parking for the citizens of Tel Aviv,” said Oded Bashan, Chairman, President, and CEO of OTI. “This is yet another example of the superiority of the EasyPark solution and its growing success.”

EasyPark is currently used in 27 cities with over 30,000 vehicles installed, and are purchased at a price of $25 each. Cards can be purchased at malls, gasoline stations, and at post offices. Further expansions proposed include toll road payment and other municipal payment options.

About Easy Park

EasyPark Ltd. was established in 1991 as a subsidiary company of OTI, and was selected as the winner of the Israel nationwide electronic parking card project in 1997. Together with Hayun Israeli Computers Ltd., an Israel-based clearinghouse, the company established EasyPark Israel Ltd. to manage the implementation and operation of this nationwide project and provide clearing services for the collected parking fees to the local Israel municipalities.

About OTI

Established in 1990, OTI (On Track Innovations) designs and develops contactless microprocessor based smart card technology to address the needs of a wide variety of markets. Applications developed by OTI include product solutions for mass transit, parking, gas management systems, loyalty schemes, ID and secure campuses. OTI has regional offices in the US, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Africa to market and support its products. The company was awarded the prestigious ESCAT Award for smart card innovation in both 1998 and 2000. Visit OTI on the Internet at


Miva Now

Miva Corp., the leading provider of e-commerce platforms for channels that target small-to mid-size businesses, Wednesday announced that Humboldt Bank Merchant Services will offer Miva Now instant storefronts to any merchant customer.

This powerful merchant acquisition system significantly reduces the merchant’s time and upfront costs associated with building an e-commerce site. It also offers HBMS a solid opportunity to increase sales of merchant services. HBMS promotes the Miva Now system with a compelling message: “Build your store now, start selling immediately — first 30 days free!”

New merchants connecting to Miva Now from HBMS can register and begin building their storefront in less than five minutes. A HBMS Merchant Account will average one to two days for set up. A small Merchant Account fee will apply. Contact HBMS either online () or via telephone by calling 800/682-0454. Upon successful evaluation, the merchant and their completed storefront are automatically transferred to a paid account with a Miva hosting partner.

“HBMS specializes in providing merchants with high quality, competitively priced credit card processing. Miva Now adds value to these services by helping our customers build their online storefronts quickly and easily and begin processing transactions,” said Jamie Savant, HBMS executive vice president. “Our goal is to reduce the time between creating a new merchant account and processing that merchant’s first transaction. Miva Now speeds this process for our new merchants and also gives our existing customers an effortless way to bring their businesses online.”

The Miva Now instant storefront network is built upon the company’s flagship e-commerce development software, Miva Merchant 4.0, and includes everything the merchant needs to launch a fully operational storefront, including modules for HBMS payment processing services. The new merchant enjoys a completely seamless and automated system that helps them to begin selling.

“We designed Miva Now to help late adopter merchants build their stores quickly and begin selling,” said Robert Hanczor, Miva’s VP of Marketing. “These new merchants understand the opportunities an e-commerce experience can create, but they require an inexpensive, flexible solution that allows them begin selling online. HBMS is the 25th largest merchant acquirer in the country and trusted Miva partner. Together we can reach more merchants, provide instant storefronts, and stimulate recurring transactions.”

The Miva Now program is simple:

— Merchant connects to Miva Now from HBMS Web site.

— Merchant begins selling products immediately at no cost during the evaluation period with Miva Merchant.

— Merchant’s completed storefront is seamlessly transferred to Miva hosting partner’s server upon a evaluation.

“Miva Now is a powerful product for Miva that strengthens relationships with our partners in the financial services industry like HBMS,” said Hanczor.

About Miva Corp.

Founded in 1996, Miva Corp. provides the leading e-commerce platform for channels that target small-to mid-size businesses. These distribution partners are at the forefront of servicing the exploding number of small to mid-size businesses using the Internet to expand their market reach. Channels can easily and quickly integrate the Miva platform of scripting, end-user applications and API with their existing services to deliver complete e-commerce solutions to these businesses. No other e-commerce platform company offers the ease of browser-based point and click, deep-down customizability and the reach to deliver integrated marketing services. For more information on Miva’s products, contact Miva Corp., 5060 Santa Fe Street, San Diego, Calif. 92109. Phone: 858/490-2570, fax: 858/731-4200 or visit Miva’s Web site at .